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  1. arnieg

    Smaller nation's leagues

    Finland - best source is http://www.speedway.fi/etusivu.php for further info you might try f-s-p on here, I've always found him very helpful. Ukraine - has no league. Most of their meetings are at Rivne. Their website is: http://speedway-rivne.at.ua/ I also recommend http://gorka-speedway.blogspot.co.uk/ (another BSF member) Slovenia - has no league and only half a dozen or so meetings in total. A 2019 league was proposed, but collapsed after a couple of fixtures. I think your best bet is the facebook account https://www.facebook.com/Speedway-Slovenija-358894047895931 (it is mainly filled with Polish news, but that is a reflection on how little there is to report) Slovakia - use Zarnovica's website http://www.speedwayclub.sk/ (the only track in Slovakia). The smf website http://www.smf.sk/plocha-draha-vysledky/ contains results and the Czech website http://www.speedwaya-z.cz/ gives full coverage of Slovak events Russia - http://speedway-press.ru/ gives pretty much complete coverage and the Russian speedway forum http://russpeedway.info/forum/ usually contains the mfr oficial scoresheets Italy - another one where facebook is the best source. Try: https://www.facebook.com/GPARacingSpeedway/ Norway - I struggle with Norway, facebook is probably your best bet https://www.facebook.com/groups/766676793459478/?hc_ref=ARR78gRM-WQSvMQ2CNAt-HsFt2_kPgyMio20H4jrKdSqthtJxYoIqvoN6se6pUhp-uQ&ref=nf_target Germany - I use various sources http://www.svg-veranstalter.de/Startseite/ http://www.speedway-forum.de/ (the German Speedway forum has excellent international coverage to), and the official German Federation has a results archive https://www.dmsb.de/active/motorradsport/bahnsport/ Unfortunately aktuellspeedway.se seems to have given up the ghost. Like sportowefakty it prided itself on speed of reporting at the expense of accuracy but it was very comprehensive. If you want anything specific, message me - I have a very comprehensive set of 2019 resuts culled from these and other sources
  2. There were 3 junior meetings last weekend and League one (their third tier) is up and running. These are meetings where crowds of under 100 ard the norm.
  3. Latvia resume action next week, and Russia the week after. At that point GB will be the only nation not to have staged a single meeting since covid stopped play.
  4. If the Govt are serious about this they will prevent Leicester City playing (@ the Kingpower as a minimum). If they don't do that then I would think it ok for Speedway practices to continue. (I also think that if they allow football to continue it gives anyone in Leicester who chooses to ignore the new restrictions 'an excuse')
  5. Shaping up to be the best meeting of the season so far by a country mile
  6. speedway-press.ru reporting that Daugavpils participation in Nice One League is in doubt. I imagine they'll cross their fingers and hope that quarantine restrictions in Latvia are eased in the next couple of weeks.
  7. arnieg

    Reading Speedway - Smallmead.

    Yes - and it didn't prove to be an ideal remedy.
  8. arnieg

    Reading Speedway - Smallmead.

    I have actually seen custard powder used on a speedway track - to mark out the white line (@ Poole)
  9. arnieg

    World U21 championships 2020

    Lenarduzzi and Goret seem to be rather eccentric picks. There must be about 15 young Danes/Poles better than those two. Even if this has been done as one rider per country (plus second Pole as they provided last year's champ) I'd have put Pacalaj (Slovakia) above those two. Slightly surprised that Kotlyar is the Russian pick over Saydullin. I imagine Chulpac will be the wild card. And only two Poles so no Chugunov.
  10. I'd expect another Pole ( instead of Vaculik or Zagar). Either Pawlicki or Kolodziej. Otherwise a pretty good list
  11. You are so right - forgot about those.

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