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  1. arnieg

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    But surely the ESC applies only to schedule E BIKs, so as a DI/II man I was outside its scope.
  2. arnieg

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    It is a grey area. The point about the HMRC tests are that no one factor determines the outcome. Speedway riders would be one of those examples where there are half a dozen factors on each side of the argument and only a foolhardy idiot would predict with any certainty the outcome should it go to litigation. (I used to be self employed, despite 90% of my income coming from my previous employer for doing much the same things as I had previously. I remember that when the Revenue questioned my status one of the arguments I put forward in favour of self-employment was that I did NOT get an invite to the office Xmas party. And what was this job? I was training tax consultants!)
  3. arnieg

    Speedway books and magazine

    I think I can lay my hands on one of those!
  4. arnieg

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Many riders reach their peak after passing 30 nowadays. So Robert Lambert has plenty of time
  5. arnieg

    Ipswich 2020

    But who would they be watching? Let's assume that Poland will be staging speedway every weekend in an effort to squeeze in as many meetings as possible. So Kurtz, Lidsey and possibly Kildemand and Bewley will want to be in Poland
  6. arnieg

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I can't see what this link is supposed to show, can you explain?
  7. In addition: 1 Poland, Sweden, Denmark etc will also be trying to squeeze in a few fixtures 2 Some Australians won't bother returning for a short season 3 Airline schedules will probably still be in a state of disarray
  8. arnieg

    Somerset 2020

    Becker should be a great signing, but is there a potential issue of clashes with Czestochowa fixtures?
  9. arnieg

    0-0 ?

    I suspect you are thinking of this one I mentioned on page 2 of the thread
  10. arnieg

    0-0 ?

    No but Gem is nearly correct. 1986 Long Eaton won 65-0 in the circumstances she describes, against Mi........... . . . . . .....ldenhall
  11. arnieg

    0-0 ?

    Just come across one in Poland. Junior Team Championship, Leszno, 23 July 2019 Ht 7 Szczotka fell and the other three riders returned to the pits thinking the race had been stopped. It hadn't so the other three were excluded for leaving the track.
  12. arnieg

    World U21 championships 2020

    When does he turn 16?. I was very impressed when I saw him last year.
  13. arnieg

    Rye House 2020

    Worth checking out - but not sure about that speedway historian guy

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