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  1. arnieg

    1948 season new applicants

    No - California reopened in 1948 but never applied to join the leagues (until the SAL came along in 1954). The Reading application was for Tilehurst. A couple of attempts were made to stage speedway there pre-war and further efforts in 1963/64 before it finally opened in 1968.
  2. arnieg

    Confirmed Signings for 2019

    Rode in several British Youth championship rounds this year, typically scoring similarly to Corban Pavitt. Also rode in NJL http://www.spensites.co.uk/ekrstats.html
  3. arnieg

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I assume that a good chunk of the debt waivers have arisen from intra group loans to finance the renovations at Ashfield. Where available capital allowances will be transferred around the group and used to reduce the profits for tax purposes. The on going revenue losses should be available for group relief with the caveat that HMRC could seek to disallow the offset of losses on the grounds that the speedway subsidiary is not 'trading with a view to a profit' [note that is not the same as trading profitably]. I have experienced a challenge on these grounds when acting for a speedway client however I expect Glasgow/Allied Vehicles are better placed to resist such a challenge.
  4. arnieg

    NL AGM 2018

    It appears to be a new rule that wasn't in the post AGM press release. However it is not a ban on such riders, but a restriction to ONE per team. ( at least that is my understanding of the situation today)
  5. arnieg

    Wolves 2019

    Not to be confused with the US Open (champion Aaron Fox), the AMA American Championship (won by Billy Janniro) or the US National Championship (also held by Billy Janniro) !!!
  6. arnieg

    Belle Vue 2019

    Bellego (British GSA 6.11) and Freddie Jakobsen (5.04) are the closest comparisons. So an assessed average of 5.00 hardly seems too high.
  7. arnieg

    1948 season new applicants

    After the Second World War, austerity was the watchword of the day. It wasn't just food and clothing that was rationed, entertainment was too. With people desperate for something to contrast the dull daily grind speedway flourished. In 1946 over 600,000 people went through the turnstiles at Wimbledon. The 12 league teams reported an aggregate profit of £160,000 (equivalent to £4.5 million today). Seeing the opportunity to profit from the sport's new-found popularity, dozens of applications to open new tracks reached the speedway authorities. By the start of 1951 the number of league teams had risen from 12 to 37. Potential new applicants had to overcome two hurdles. The first was to get a licence from the Speedway Control Board, but permission was also required from the Home Office. The Government feared that leisure activities might undermine industrial production and frowned on weekday tracks in particular. The list of applicants for 1947 makes interesting reading. Among those granted permission were pre-war venues such as Harringay (the original Racers) and Southampton, and new tracks like Cradley Heath. Among the unsuccessful applicants were Charlton, Crewe, Peterborough, Yarmouth, Staines and Reading. The following year Reading again appeared on the list of 18 applicants for a licence to stage speedway. Among the hopefuls were Leicester, Worksop, Poole, Coventry, Romford and Leeds. Come 1949, and again Reading failed to get a licence, unlike Swindon and Oxford. Swindon, originally granted an open licence, replaced Hull in the league mid-season. 'Tears & Glory' - page 10
  8. Yes Higher average than B Kurtz, Milik, Kildemand and Thorsell in last season's Polish Extraliga Can't see him riding here though
  9. arnieg

    Swindon 2019

    NO. 2016 finishing ave 4.65 2018 starting GSA 4.65 But Lampart has been away long enough that he might get reassessed, but I can't see a good argument to do so.
  10. All five of them rode in the NL/CL and did so as Aussies/ New Zealanders ( with dual nationality?) Schlein and Davey have since become naturalized British citizens. The other three I mentioned ( plus Nick Morris) still seem to ride as Australian/ New Zealanders. In the past the SCB rulebook has referred to holding a British passport as being the acid test. How the definition is drawn this year remains to be seen.
  11. arnieg

    Birmingham 2018

    I hope it works out.
  12. arnieg

    Leicester NL 2019

    Why Not?
  13. arnieg

    Leicester NL 2019

    Apology accepted
  14. So does that mean Schlein and Davey get the reduction but Todd Kurtz, Heeps and BWD don't?
  15. arnieg

    NL AGM 2018

    I think the decision was made several month a ago, long before any consideration of 2019 race days.

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