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  1. arnieg

    Transfer Window

    So Pawel Polski gets injured, and is replaced under the long term injury rule. His team then make their two permitted changes. And then Pawel Polski reappears for his Polish team. Bet that will cause a few raised eyebrows.
  2. arnieg

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Nope the national championship was over three rounds, the last being at Auburn in Seltember. Last weekend meeting was NOT the National championship - it was for determining the two riders who will get places in the GP qualifying rounds. Details here: https://www.speedwaybikes.com/res2019_w/FastFridays-20190921.htm
  3. arnieg

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Just? Four months ago by my reckoning
  4. arnieg

    Poole Pirates 2020

    The Perris meeting is the meeting to determine American representatives in the GP qualifying rounds. The American championship (AMA - the one that is relevant for work permits as opposed to the ones at Costa Mesa or Owego) results are here. https://www.speedwaybikes.com/res2019_w/FastFridays-20190921.htm Dillon Ruml doesn't qualify for a work permit. Don't think you'll get Janniro and Max Ruml/Manzares hardly set the PL alight last time they rode here.
  5. arnieg

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    He was at one of the 2018 SDL matches at Eastbourne and admitted it was his first speedway meeting since 2008. He goes to a lot of indy rock concerts these days.
  6. arnieg

    Kent Kings 2020?

    The Jan Graversen paradox! After his track record was retimed on DVD it was removed from the Leicester programme
  7. arnieg

    Reading blocked from Entering NDL

    They are actively looking. There have been a few positive noises, but of course that is a long way from actually opening a new track.
  8. arnieg

    I know there were 2 Gordeevs' BUT....

    Look at British touring teams in Australia. Often labelled England, despite featuring Ken McKinlay and in some series the label changed from test match to test match. So they were described as British Lions in tests 1,2,5 & 7, English Lions in tests 4 & 6 and England in test 3.
  9. arnieg

    I know there were 2 Gordeevs' BUT....

    But he was never Russian, just as Jimmy McMillan was never English
  10. It's the equivalent of the British Youth championships. Last years result: https://www.speedwaybikes.com/res2019_w/Industry-20190811.htm Note a certain Mr Hancock among the riders.
  11. arnieg

    2021 season

    So you are proposing a Premier League of three teams then? That will work great!
  12. arnieg

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Thorssell has not improved over the last four seasons if you look at his Swedish average in the Elitserien: 2016: 1.611 ( per ride = 6.44 CMA) 2017: 1.438 2018: 1.270 2019: 1.396 Taken together the two sets of figures strongly suggest a rider who has plateaued
  13. arnieg

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Care to watch this and eat some humble pie http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.37658
  14. arnieg

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I do hope the Thompson's do well, but realistically they were nowhere as good as Flint was in the previous season's NL as a 15 year old, and he averaged 3.42 this season for Berwick and was generally thought to have done well.
  15. arnieg

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Too soon to say, but unlikely to be any changes until 2021 at the earliest. If Priti Patel is to be believed then it is likely only a handful of top foreigners would be allowed in. But it is quite possible that Boris may trim to the centre and any restrictions will be fairly modest. Either way I wouldn't rate the chances of riders like Jakob Bukhave and Emil Grondal having much of a future in GB.

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