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  1. arnieg

    Guest riders

    Redcar once named a team consisting of 6 guests and r/r for a fixture at Sheffield in 2017. Luckily for the sport's credibility it was rained off. When restaged Redcar only tracked 5 guests (+ r/r and Jonas B Anderson)
  2. It did happen occasionally, Damien Drozdz at Belle Vue for example. One of the benefits (from the Poles point of view) is that the u24 league gives 22/23 year olds not established in senior teams racing opportunities.
  3. arnieg

    Premiership Pairs

    http://www.speedwayplus.com/2019Rankings5.shtml for the 2019 figures, as you will see pre covid UK based riders dominated. For 2021 (note: the fractions come from 5 and 6 rider races counted as 1.33/1.67 rides, some minor competitions are excluded so figures are not 100% complete) It is noticeable that while UK riders still feature heavily in this table they are less dominant than pre covid/brexit times. rides 1 Ryan Douglas Australia 337.67 2 Sam Masters Australia 329 3 Chris Harris Gt Britain 310 4 Timo Lahti Finland 308.67 5 Bjarne Pedersen Denmark 295 6 Luke Becker USA 294.33 7 Adam Ellis Gt Britain 293.67 8 Jason Doyle Australia 285.67 9 Dan Bewley Gt Britain 283.67 10 Maciej Janowski Poland 278 11 Andrzej Lebedevs Latvia 270 12 Kai Huckenbeck Germany 264 13 Steven Worrall Gt Britain 263 14 Broc Nicol USA 263 15 Wiktor Lampart Poland 258 16 Leon Flint Gt Britain 256.33 17 Rasmus Jensen Denmark 256 18 Max Fricke Australia 255.67 19 Danny King Gt Britain 255 20 Nick Morris Australia 254.67
  4. arnieg

    Birmingham v Oxford Wed 18th May

    Not just rain but persistent rain for 4 hours. Accuweather thinks it might be a bit later so if they are right you might get 10 heats in. But the other main sites suggest a very poor outlook.
  5. arnieg

    Oxford v Birmingham Tues 17th May

    I think it is a measure of how well things have gone at Oxford this season (results excepted) that this positive comment comes after what was easily the worst meeting so far (both in terms of crowd and racing entertainment).
  6. I 've always thought 20 matches was too many. For example Ulrich Ostergaard's GSA on 30 June will still include four 2019 matches, hardly an indicator of current form. However 6 is clearly too few as it allows reserves to pick up a couple of big scores and shoot to number 1 (as happened to Nick Simmons(?) at Newport). Personally (and it is no more than a considered opinion) I think 12 matches is about right.
  7. arnieg

    Scunthorpe Scorpions 2022

    Edwards will go above Kinsley on 1 June, so no longer available from that date.
  8. arnieg

    Plymouth v Oxford 10/05

    50.72 52.57 52.91 51.94 50.50 51.91 52.41 52.41 51.50 51.56 51.72 52.57 52.16 52.50 51.59
  9. Given that after 6 away matches Troy Batcheor was second in the averages with 5.73 (exc bonus) I strongly doubt it. But I shall be cheering them on anyway.
  10. arnieg

    Double barrelled names

    Did Alan Guest ever guest?
  11. arnieg

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Again you seem to have missed the point. Planning permissions are public documents in the public domain so if there is anything granted in the last 50 years it should be easy to find. Secondly case law governing historic use where there is no recent consent leaves me pretty confident that Newcastle have established use planning permission. (And once established there is no requirement for continuous use)
  12. arnieg

    MSDL 2022

    Still no Luke Killeen
  13. arnieg

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    Those examples are not comparable. You've also misunderstood the Cov application which doesn't involve an appplication for speedway because that consent already exists. In my time (spanning three decades sitting on planning committees) I have been involved with planning applications for two brand new Premiership football stadiums.
  14. arnieg

    Newcastle vs Glasgow 8/5/22 4pm??

    You appear to have been misinformed

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