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  1. arnieg

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    You can do whatever you want (within the limits of generally accepted accounting principles) with rider assets as long as you have a clearly stated and consistently applied accounting policy. Normally that policy is to write off transfer fees against the P & L account in the year of acquisition but I can provide an example of a publicly listed company in a comparable business that capitalised its expenditure on transfer fees and then amortised the cost over the lifetime of the player's contract. (Tottenham Hotspur plc circa late 80s)
  2. arnieg

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    Hand up here. [ACA] You can therefore trust everything I have said on this thread.
  3. arnieg

    Play off contenders

    I intended too quote the whole rule, cut and paste error on my part. Would the MC use its power - well that is pretty much impossible to second guess
  4. arnieg

    Play off contenders

    And a further problem is 16.3.3 A rider in a Team's declared 1 - 7 at the end of the previous season and not included in that Team’s new season’s initial declaration may not be subsequently re-introduced into that Team from the 2018 Rulebook
  5. arnieg

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    That's the value of the pies, they're down as antiques
  6. Sometimes google translate really excels itself. https://speedwayekstraliga.pl/xxix-plebiscyt-tygodnika-zuzlowego-bartosz-zmarzlik-najpopularniejszym-zuzlowcem/ Pop that into google translate, and you get this: Awards for representatives of PGE Ekstraliga in the XXIX plebiscite of the Tygodnik Żużlowy weekly: National Event of the Year - Individual Polish Championships in Leszno The nicest Slagger - Grzegorz Zengota Fair Play - Piotr Pawlicki Revelation of the Year - Wiktor Lampart Scenic Horse - Bartosz Zmarzlik Junior of the Year - Bartosz Smektała The most popular PGE Ekstraliga Trainer - Piotr Baron Activist of the Year PGE Ekstraliga - Piotr Rusiecki Activist of the Year of the league - Jakub Kępa Foreigner of the Year - Tai Woffinden The 10 Most Popular Dwarves: 1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 2. Maciej Janowski 3. Patryk Dudek 4. Janusz Kołodziej 5. Piotr Pawlicki 6. Bartosz Smektała 7. Maksym Drabik 8. Jarosław Hampel 9. Piotr Protasiewicz 10. Jakub Jamróg
  7. arnieg

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Unless the rules have changed Kerr won't be at reserve. In past years the 2.5% reduction has only applied in determining declared seven, not riding order.
  8. arnieg

    Somerset 2019

    Yes noted. The Rebels team looked top heavy to start with and now looks even more vulnerable. Atkins and Rowe are both promising young talents but they really need to be riding with a strong first reserve to take off some of the pressure. It means that Grobauer will be very unlikely to get a spell at reserve no matter how badly he struggles.
  9. arnieg

    The name's the same!

    The ex-swindon rider https://speedway.com.pl/riders/damian-balinski/ His brother: https://speedway.com.pl/riders/dariusz-balinski/ and his nephew: https://speedway.com.pl/riders/damian-balinski-2/
  10. arnieg

    KENT 2019

    I would presume that Kent speedway have also appealed the previous decision. That is what usually happens when the planning ctte misdirects itself. If I was the applicants agent I would be telling the planning officers loud and clear that they should accept the new application ( which would allow the council to determine conditions) rather than allowing the previous application to go to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol ( who would probably approve it without conditions)
  11. arnieg

    Somerset 2019

    I have little time for Spelman or Dromey, or delicate little snowflakes who throw around words like 'treason' simply because someone has the temerity to disagree with them.
  12. arnieg

    Somerset 2019

    Actions speak louder than words. As the author of the 'hostile environment' policy while at the home office the one thread that has been consistent throughout May's politics over the last nine years is her resistance to migration, it has driven her entire approach to negotiating Brexit and is in part responsible for the mess we are currently in. ( Germany is not without its problems at the moment, but you are probably better off there than being back in the UK.)
  13. arnieg

    Somerset 2019

    Statements from May aren't worth the paper they are written on. Without seeing detailed regulations it is impossible to say with any certainty. Secondly May is VERY clear about limiting the number of new arrivals. If so I don't think speedway riders will be ahead of (say) healthcare staff.
  14. arnieg

    Somerset 2019

    But it is not clear if that is linked to the transitional period in the May deal. If so then it may not apply if the May deal falls. And doesn't the transitional period to end of 2020 relate to EU citizens already in the UK applying for settled status?
  15. arnieg

    Somerset 2019

    Yes iris123 says eu citizens will be treated like other foreign nationals. So Grobauer ( like Luke Becker last year) would not get a work permit as he did not finish in the top four of his national championship. Hope this helps you to understand the situation

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