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  1. arnieg

    Ipswich 2022

    One could argue - all season. But they seem to have done very well with six third heat-leaders and a rising star.
  2. arnieg

    Wildcards 2022

    If the wildcard picks go the way the hive mind on here seems to think (and I'm with the crowd here too) then we will be as close to the top 15 as we have ever been. 14 of the predicted riders are in the Polish Ekstraliga top 20 averages., only Freddie Lindgren is outside the top 20, but his GP form clearly justifies his inclusion. Of the 20 top riders in the Ekstraliga two are under 21 reserves who should be discounted because their averages are inflated. That leaves in order: Kolodziej, N Pedersen, J Holder and G Laguta as the only ones not likely to be in the GP series next year. I could make a claim for any of those four, but none would be overwhelming.
  3. It got called off at end of July. Has it or is it going to be restaged?
  4. arnieg

    No change next year?

    Although such reports are not always 100% reliable or impartial! I find rainfall radar a useful tool, but ultimately there is an element of judgement and an element of luck.
  5. arnieg

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    And so it goes, one by one, slowly but inexorably the sport we love fades into oblivion.
  6. arnieg

    Redcar Vs Leicester 10/09

    Both looked pretty good to me in the Under 21 at Redcar.
  7. arnieg

    Visa's and Immigration Rules

    I always believe everything Rob Godfrey says without question, for is he not the wisest oracle in the universe?
  8. arnieg

    Visa's and Immigration Rules

    Given that the chair of the BSPL is reportedly having visa issues with Tero Aarnio (who at the start of the season was reigning national champion) the answers would appear to be no and nobody knows.
  9. arnieg

    Wildcards 2022

    Lambert 10th Bewley 27th
  10. arnieg

    10.09 - Scunny v Poole

    Unless I have missed something that would either imply that: A] Tero's visa expired end of August, or B] He's been riding on the wrong paperwork all year and just been found out. Neither reflect well on the Scunny promotion
  11. Stand by for a novel featuring guest suspects and murder replacement
  12. C Final: Elliott Kelly (3 pts in heats), Chris Watts (2), Nick Laurence (0), Chris Widman(ns) (2) B Final: Ryan Terry-Daly (8), Charles Powell (8), Connor King (6), Danno Verge (5) (ns) A Final: Jason Edwards (10), Edward Kennett (12), Henry Atkins (8), Connor Coles(fx) (8) Coles fell on the final bend of the Final while leading. There was a 55 minute delay while Ruth Holder-Smith, a faller in one of the support races received medical treatment.
  13. 9th in ekstraliga averages - massive step backwards - what planet are you on?
  14. He rode better than well, I thought he was tremendous. Three critical points taken off opponents including a pass of experienced top five rider (Sarjeant) - an impressive haul for a 'NDL makeweight'
  15. For the 3 declared tonight the average is just 724.

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