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  1. Looking at the results here http://www.speedway.org/history/96.htm#1996 It looks as though the 5 vacant positions went to the next 5 in the Scandinavian Final (Ronnie Pedersen, Klingberg, Holta, Ylinen and Laukannen) with Riss and Furlanetto who just missed out on qualification to the Continental Final (which was raced on the same day as the Inter-Contnental) replacing Laukannen and Lemon in the final line up. Of the riders who got a second chance only Riss got through to the next round.
  2. arnieg


    Over Christmas there was a reference in Speedway Star (Peter Oakes: winners & losers) to the recommendations of the 'way forward' group (Louis, Lemon, Dickson etc) for the future of British speedway being rejected by the BSPL. Does anyone know what those recommendations were? And what was the argument for throwing them out?
  3. arnieg

    Temporary Plan for 2021?

    Well unless the league structure changes our local track for Premier League speedway will be the ever so handy Peterborough! Guess our paths will mainly cross at Kent and Eastbourne
  4. arnieg

    'the Donald' Trump

    Her husband is a billionaire, and in her short time in the Senate she appeared to have one sole interest - enriching her own family. So not a particularly attractive candidate. Incidentally the other defeated Republican candidate is mired in an insider trading scandal, so it is not hard to see why ovefundinfan's relatives get so pissed off by politicians.
  5. arnieg

    'the Donald' Trump

    And yet in the recent Georgia elections the voters had a clear choice between the Republicans, who gave them $600, and the Democrats who had wanted to give stimulus cheques of $2,000. They voted for the Dems, and as a direct consequence, thanks to the change in Senate control, they are now getting the extra $1400. So maybe politics can matter.
  6. arnieg

    Best Fact About Your Team

    Tilehurst, 3 July 1962 - six years before speedway came to Reading
  7. arnieg


    I very much doubt you would get very far with that. Most of the case law involves poaching of employees (so not relevant) and a key phrase in all the analysis is 'without good reason'. I think the BSPL could argue that "to avoid the total bankruptcy of the sport" was a good reason.
  8. arnieg


    The whole point of running a company is that directors are NOT personally liable. Besides contracts are with individual clubs not the BSPL.
  9. But this week's speedway in Brisbane was called off because of covid - so all is not back to normal. I'm sure anyone promoting a speedway meeting down under is still worrying about all the time and money invested being written off because of a local lockdown. And for spectators there are still covid restrictions to cope with, e.g. https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/what-you-can-and-cant-do-under-rules/major-sporting-events
  10. arnieg


    Thanks to my pre Xmas issue arriving very late I received my third new edition in 8 days! And a most unexpected article - Dave Lanning and his balls!!
  11. arnieg

    2021 Season

    It is pretty obvious that they spent December working on plans for 2021 with an Easter (or thereabouts) start, and now they need more time to rework those plans.
  12. arnieg

    Worldwide town and city game

    I'd allow Arlington, Eastbourne or Polegate
  13. arnieg

    Worldwide town and city game

    How about narrowing it down to places with a speedway teaam, that would narrow it down a bit. Ylitorno
  14. arnieg


    Microsoft Teams/zoom or similar. Which begs the question who will be the first promoter to attend the AGM in their underpants?
  15. arnieg

    'the Donald' Trump

    Jan 7th will be HUGE, ...its the BSPL AGM. Maybe Don is hoping Rob Godfrey and co will ride to the rescue, (under the new 74 million vote limit Biden will be forced to give up 7 mill votes to another candidate. And Donald has been granted a special dispensation to include Sydney Powell as a guest lawyer)

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