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  1. Either Pieszczek is the new Bob Kilby or Ronnie wasn't watching the starts
  2. And was considerably more entertaining than anything I saw at Blunsdon last season.
  3. I would expect it to be tax free as it is not 'customary' or contractual to give team managers a testimonial. I also have some sympathy for Neil given the issues with his original testimonial. But if we are going to have testimonials (other than for riders) then why not start having them for fans?
  4. arnieg

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I assume that without local journalists to supply match info the Star are now relying on the BSPA website. The SCB official results reproduced there do not include race times.
  5. arnieg

    Swindon Stadium

    And the prize for the most predictable news story of the month goes to....
  6. arnieg

    2019 Regulations

    I think as a general principle the fewer differences between the leagues the better. It makes for a simpler easier to understand rulebook. As there us no compelling reason for making these different in the NL I think they should be harmonised.
  7. arnieg

    2019 season starts and ....

    Yes never mind if God exists, does any interest in speedway still exist?
  8. arnieg

    KENT 2019

    I'd agree. My view is that there is considerable merit in pursuing an appeal, and I think the chances of success are good. These things are never guaranteed but I think a well argued case ought to persuade the Planning Inspectorate that Swale council has misdirected itself.
  9. arnieg

    Provincial League Riders Championship

    With difficulty. Belle Vue stadium management (note not the speedway club) agreed to host the event before the PL and their riders were blacklisted. The SCB attempted to threaten BV with expulsion from the league, but by then the NL position was so weak (Norwich were known to be closing) that the Aces simply threatened to go PL and the SCB folded. (Despite the blacklisting still being in place the Aces rode two late season challenge matches on PL tracks without any repercussions.)
  10. arnieg

    KENT 2019

    Let's see what the published minutes give as the reason for refusal. The way the discussion ( and the planning officer's report) have gone lead me to conclude that an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate would have a high chance of success. It would not however help with this season's fixture planning.
  11. arnieg

    Forgotten Europeans...

    How about South African Mark Frost, he's certainly a forgotten European!
  12. arnieg

    Kings Lynn 2019

    But what about the dead ex-fans? Shouldn't Buster being more to attract a zombie audience?
  13. arnieg

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Hopefully the travel fiasco that was my trip to Landshut last July will not be replicated and I will be joining you in Berlin tomorrow.
  14. arnieg

    How Many...

    Hungary - Zoltan Adorjan Latvia Andrzej Lebedevs Russia Ilya Bondarenko Estonia Rene Aas East Germany Gerhardt Uhlenbrock Czech Republic George Stancl Czechoslovakia Jiri Stancl Croatia Jurica Pavlic
  15. arnieg

    Speedway Related Co Finances

    You can do whatever you want (within the limits of generally accepted accounting principles) with rider assets as long as you have a clearly stated and consistently applied accounting policy. Normally that policy is to write off transfer fees against the P & L account in the year of acquisition but I can provide an example of a publicly listed company in a comparable business that capitalised its expenditure on transfer fees and then amortised the cost over the lifetime of the player's contract. (Tottenham Hotspur plc circa late 80s)

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