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  1. arnieg

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    I was there - see if you can spot me in the crowd! Three tac subs and a tactical joker ride used!
  2. Check the green sheets. Ellis is now 3rd heatleader
  3. I thought there was contact as Shanes went under Kennedy. However Kennedy was rebounding off the fence which he had clipped coming out of bend 4. And that in my view makes him the one who was less in command of his riding line and I therefore conclude the decision was correct. In fact all round I think Chris Durno had a pretty good night ( how many people spotted the lack of gloves?)
  4. I can picture the scene: Knock, knock [Door opens] Caller: Good afternoon, I'm calling on behalf of your local Labour party Resident: And what's your party's policy on Brexit, the single most important issue in politics today? Caller: [silence, face turns red with embarrassment]
  5. Typo on my part, it was ten. Not the only poor performer, I notice Dudek and Iversen had a very poor Tuesday evenings too.
  6. Did you notice which nationalities scored Lejonen's points: Poland 38, Australia 12, and Sweden just 1. (and that came from former GP rider THJ riding at reserve!)
  7. arnieg

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    You forgot alien spaceship landing on the centre green
  8. arnieg

    One League - Matt Ford

    This is nonsense on stilts. The UK Government and ONLY the UK govt determines immigration policy (outwith the EU) - and there is no reason whatsoever to think the current restrictive policy with regard to speedway riders will be relaxed regardless of whether or not we do finally manage to leave the EU. Only a General Election resulting in the election of a more pro- immigration party will do that and I can't see that happening.
  9. arnieg

    Another Saturday night

    "But whenever Monday comes you find me cryin' all of the time"
  10. Ah yes I forgot he was double booked. Shame makes a pick for Becker even less likely.
  11. Hjelmland, Lidsey and Fienhage for the wildcards I'd guess
  12. Gross misuse and manipulation of data You simply throw away Crump's results in the first 4 GP s.
  13. arnieg


    Very smooth tonight. Just one fall in the match, and that was on bend 2.
  14. That's a real blow for the lad, after a very impressive start to the season. Get well soon.

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