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  1. Depends on what nationality Loktaev is that week.
  2. To Doyle and Iversen presumably. The question is if Vaculik isn't third then who will be? Morris, Fricke, Cook, Thorssell, Kasprzak, Holder... There are plenty of credible candidates.
  3. arnieg


    I think they have been wondering that for a long time, but it is only in the last year they've chosen to do something about it.
  4. arnieg


    Agreed A further problem is that the SCB/ACU seem to be taking more of an interest (probably a good thing in itself) meaning that BSPA 'decisions' are being relegated to 'proposals' and subject to ratification - thus creating even more uncertainty.
  5. arnieg

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Most councils allow more public participation than Rugby, but them's the rules we have to work with. I think the committee members will be more inclined to listen to someone who lives in Brandon or Binley Woods.
  6. arnieg

    Umbrella girls

    That is a monster-ous suggestion!
  7. I thought it was his brother Tom Combobulation they were after signing.
  8. arnieg

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I would send objections to the council now, but hold off on e-mails to councillors until there is a date for consideration of the application and an officer's report to comment on (that could easily be a couple of months away - ask the planning officers when it is likely to be scheduled for). I would imagine that Tony Gillias will not sit on this one! For now I'd try and engage councillors in the wider issues of Coventry Bees survival (e.g. finding new sites) and keeping the councillors for Brandon itself up to date on developments. (Watch out for changes to the original application prior to determination by the planning committee)
  9. arnieg

    Lakeside 2018

    And I thought you were numerate and understood statistical distributions. A very poor attempt to justify your wildly inaccurate statement.
  10. arnieg

    Lakeside 2018

    Your first sentence is plain wrong. Life expectancy at 65 is a further 17 years on average. So well over 50% of 65 year olds will still be alive. See https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/lifeexpectancies/bulletins/lifeexpectancyatbirthandatage65bylocalareasintheunitedkingdom/2014-04-16
  11. arnieg

    Edinburgh 2018

    Just wondering.. If Luke Becker is not a good candidate for discretionary recommendation for a visa , then can someone give an example of who would be? There must be some cases as otherwise there would be no point in having the discretionary provision. The decision looks perverse and misguided, however maybe this is about the politics of brexit.
  12. arnieg

    Umbrella girls

    Yougov shows that there is lukewarm support for this - 41 to 35 with 24% don't know. However when you look up the detail it is clear that support is strongest amongst the young, women and Londoners. That leads me to suspect that there would be a majority in favour of their retention among speedway fans given the demographics. There are things I feel strongly about, but this just isn't one of them.
  13. arnieg


    Without planning laws it would be even easier for developers to buy up stadiums and redevelop as residential or commercial property. The fundamental problem is the basic laws of economics. Speedway (and many other leisure activities) simply can't compete with the financial returns available for other land uses.
  14. arnieg


    Several tracks opened for business in 1940. There were even plans for a league. But then on May 10 Germany invaded France (followed shortly by Dunkirk) and activity reduced sharply. West Ham and California both shut up shop in May. Aside from Belle Vue who ran a full season, Rye House (11 mtgs), Oxford (8) and Glasgow White City (6) also staged more than a couple of meetings.
  15. arnieg


    So 2018 update: It is now (well once 2018 is underway) tied at the top - 77 seasons each for Eastbourne and Coventry. Other major change is Wolves move up three places to 8.

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