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  1. arnieg

    Leicester 2019

    By my reckoning (i.e. I'm not discounting the possibility I may have overlooked a result somewhere) last night was Lions biggest away win since Sheffield in 1980 [50-28]. A result they also managed at Coventry in 1974. Not since 1951 have Leicester [Hunters] won by more than 22 points away - a 61-23 annihilation of Cradley.
  2. For Wednesday yes, but for the rest of the season the deadline is the 28th. (Not only are the green sheets confusing, some of the figures in column B [5% allowance for home guests] are wrong.)
  3. I've listened to it and Lemmo is wrong. Key point is he said Bjerre "might not be able to take his three programmes rides". This is not correct as Bjerre only needed to take three rides (before heat 15) and one of them could have been r/r in heat 10. PS The Colts team management at Kent last night left something to be desired as well.
  4. Can you elaborate, I don't follow the point Lemmo is making here
  5. Agertoft now has an official average of 4.00 ( the lowest a foreigner can go - his actual average is 2.13)
  6. arnieg

    Kent v Belle Vue 19th

    I saw him at Iwade last month, and he beat Jake Mulford so not completely hopeless. He is definitely improving this season and while I don't think he is ready for a regular NL team place I think the odd outing as an unattached 2 pointer is good for his career development.
  7. arnieg

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    2014 Greaves v Sarjeant - both got 12 month bans ( suspended)
  8. arnieg

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    But on the plus side Sam Jensen looks a good signing
  9. Brit under 21 winners would make more sense. However of the 4 finalists two are injured (Lambert & Brennan) and two retired (Thomas and Wajtknecht). That would leave semi finalists Kemp and Bewley as the Cardiff reserves.
  10. arnieg

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    'The cat ate his homework?'
  11. arnieg

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    If Cook's ban is upheld is there not a risk he could end up missing crucial play- off matches instead of the 'relatively' unimportant ones over the 12 days since the original ban.
  12. Looks like I owe Kyle Newman an apology. I saw Newman moving towards Andersen, I saw the lunge at MBA, but didn't spot that it was Dugard who had sprinted over to do the deed.
  13. But they do seem to have moved from picking the most promising young riders to just taking the local under 21 rider. ( e.g. Liszka in Wroclaw).
  14. The only people who come out of this with any credit are the SCB, who acted quickly and have handed down punishments that are stiff enough to make the protagonists think twice before behaving so stupidly again, but not so severe as to disrupt the remainder of the season.

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