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  1. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Is Buster taking Peterborough on as well ?
  2. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    or even mildly interesting
  3. Well done to Poole. Next week KO finishes the season then we can look forward to 2019 and it all starting again, in whatever form.
  4. Decisions go for you, some go against. All part of life’s rich tapestry. Poole went for it early doors and it looked all over. Lynn to thier credit didn’t lay down and fought back. Had high hopes they were gonna keep it around the 8/10 mark. Then, fair play to Poole they found another gear and stretched the lead again. Is it all over ? Opening few Heats will be the key. If Lynn can half the lead in the opening half dozen heats then it’s very much game on. If not then Poole win the play-offs. Do others see this as a dead rubber ?
  5. 5/4 on 7/5.... too close to call now. Have Poole's odds come in since NKI was ruled out ?
  6. Lot of Passion there Shovvy, Will You be like me and follow that conviction and not bother turning up to watch either leg of the final ?
  7. Surely this can’t devalue Speedway ? Speedway that runs with 7 sevens in its major League and then after 6 months the 7 teams are whittled down to 4 who then ride 4 money spinning legs to decide who meets in the final shoot out. Where those loyal fans are ‘rewarded’ by 50% (circa) uplift in admission charges. So tell me, why are you lot moaning about it. There are choices in this world
  8. Maybe the best thing is to declare the play-offs null and avoid and just go with the League finishing order. Or is it just about the money !!!! Don’t bother answering that. Pleassse
  9. Quite right. Ellis is just going about his job. I thought they had closed this crazy loop hole?
  10. Now you are being silly Forever. That’s for afterwards not before. As I’ve said on this thread. It’s too close to call. NKI missing could change that. one thing for me if Kings Lynn do manage to grab thier first ever title at this level, it will be all about a Kings Lynn Victory as opposed to a Poole defeat.
  11. What will be will be. Just enjoy the final/s and accept the entertainment and the result for whatever it is. Just remember it starts all over again in April
  12. Just to put my view in. If my Auntie had balls she would be my Uncle. Which roughly translated means...... Never mind Jaw Jaw, next week it’s War War.
  13. Think i’ll Have a little tickle on that. Poole 7/4 is decent odds in a 2 Horse race. As a Lynn fan, for me I win whatever the result
  14. Is the backseat taken Trees ? Oh happy days
  15. That’s more like it Shovvy. No more of this you are the favs krap. You and I both know this one could go either way. One outstanding night from one of the Minnows could swing its. It’s thst evenly balanced. Kinda nice in a way to have no favourites in a final.
  16. Think we are looking very narrow on that idea. Saddlebow is a multi function stadium now. Back in the day when it was all about Speedway the track was in its prime. Cant see those days coming back.
  17. The interesting thing is Baggy, you could make a case for both teams winning this over 2 legs. I guess with the likes of Shovvy trying to yank peoples chains ( and people letting him) then it could be a long week.
  18. Nick Morris is a gamble as well, certainly not been pulling any trees up of late.
  19. For me the final all revolves around one man. He has been very 'average' (I'm being kind here) for Lynn all season. Listening to him on BT after last nights meeting he seemed to determine to end his season on a high. An on Form NKI, Lynn win. A No show from him and its all Poole's to throw away.
  20. All credit they were dead and buried being 12 points Down, On aggregate. Never keep a good man down. The Doyle decision in Heat 11 could have gone either way. If that had been at Somerset, then its all 4 back. Away from home, he gets chucked out. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Weak Refereeing. Thought Gary May and Doyle took it on the chin... No tantrums, just accepted it. All Credit to them.
  21. Will it be a guest or R/R that Poole have to use, or do they get the choice ?
  22. Lynn doing The Lambert Walk.... Hey
  23. Is there a curfew at Wimborne ?

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