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  1. Cruel Blue, Cruel Even if it’s true
  2. Maybe your idea of ‘Special’ is seeing a young lad travel halfway across the World only to then be sacked after 2 meets. Now that must qualify as ‘special treatment.
  3. Is it only ‘Special’ when there is overtaking involved.? Can we not enjoy a race where a rider defends a lead ?
  4. And he won’t use different shale cos it’s naff for Stox ? There lies the rub. Having said that when he has put on a big meet, ie World Team Cup. The racing has been first class. Different shale brought in for the occasion?
  5. What was wrong with the Track at the Showground, last season ? Did it really need the major overall that Buster appears to be giving it ? Buster spends ages going around and around at Saddlebow and all he has created is the worst track at Lynn we have ever seen ( in terms of racing)
  6. Reminds me of a Bank Hoilday at Rye House. How on earth does any promotion think that is acceptable ?
  7. Seems like Poole are ok on the road, but at home, oh dear. Says on thing. The home track isn’t fit for purpose. The Wimborne track has had a ? Against it now for a few years. Is it still the same guy preparing it ? If so rather than sack riders maybe Ford should look at getting someone in who knows what they are doing. As the saying goes, at least Poole will be able to concentrate on The League now.
  8. Yeah Gavlar got that well wrong. Hadn’t factored in a Bewley zero. Had him down for at least an 8. Belle Vue will come good once Bewley is up and running and the Aussie kid finds his feet.
  9. Belle Vue to take this one 4/5 point margin
  10. Haza, without a doubt you are entitled to yours
  11. Is there more than Kings Lynn as a problem to Anderson? As in what kind of scores is he knocking up for Sheffield. If he is not hitting 3rd heat leader/2nd string scores at that level then maybe there are bigger issues. I thought I read he was better prepared for this season than ever before with a full time mechanic onboard. All seems to point to issues with the lad himself. Maybe an intensive ride out with say Rob Lambert over a couple of days around Saddlebow could be a make or break for lad. If there is then no marked improvement, maybe both parties should shake hands and go thier seperate ways.
  12. Sullivan and Crump up against each other was a joy to behold. I remember one Peterborough/Lynn meeting where they both gave each other total respect and room. Think they met 3 times during the meeting with Sullivan winning the individual match 2-1, but the number of passes each made on the other one was to many to keep track of. Happy Days
  13. First bend as I recall..... Pre Airfence’s
  14. Just looked it Baggy. Ronni did ride one meeting for us in 2002. You are correct it was 2001 he rode. Did 10 meets. The rider i think you couldn’t remember was Jernej Kolenko. Wasnt the best season, summed up with Fast Freddie Eriksson ending up 3rd in the averages on 6.33 Kugelmann rode in 01 (1.83 average) not 02
  15. Didn’t we start with a Pole at 4 Artur ? He was junk. Also didn’t Nicki P’s brother (Ronnie) ride for part of that season ?
  16. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    If it was ITV then it would be Anglia West ( Anglia is split into 2). Not as expensive as you would think. Sky advertising I would suggest is using something called Adsmart, which targets its audience.
  17. Ken Middleditch Ltd looks to have a healthy balance, wouldn’t you agree ? Do you mean my private pensions (which I’ve paid into) or my State pension ( that I’ve paid into) ? Tell ya what i’ll Let you know if and when the time comes for me to ‘Benefit’ from them. Speedway has been good to Neil, unlike certain other people. Always good to put something back, would you not agree ?
  18. Is he donating the proceeds to Charity or trousering it ? I’m sure the guy has enough assets etc to see him enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, going forward. Why not donate it to something like the Benfund to help guys who really need. The likes of Garry Stead, Joey Owen etc?
  19. I see Middlo is being granted a benefit meeting next year. Is the guy really short of a few bob or is it just total greed on his part.? I mean how much will he net out of it after paying 40% tax on it ?
  20. semion

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Think a few Linnets Football fans who like thier Speedway or vice verse Speedway fans who like thier Football might be pleased with this. Kings Lynn FC are away to St Neots Kick Off 3pm.
  21. No guarantee per meet but maybe a decent amount up front as a signing on fee ?
  22. Never saw that one coming ( did anyone ?). Didn’t even follow it on updates. What is going wrong at Poole? ( after reading Shovvys post). Added to the No Team unit look about then with the Kevlars. Has Matt lost interest ? Well done The Stars on that result
  23. Shame you weren’t going T, you could have done the job
  24. Anyone who has a pen whoever does it the post match interview cannot be any worse than the one given by Campos after the Poole debacle
  25. I have often heard Poole fans claim they are the Manchester Utd of the Speedway World. i wonder if Paul Pogba has to bring his own shorts and socks to a game ? Old Trafford ... Theatre Of Dreams Wimborne Road.... Theatre of Mean. Ragbag Utd to win this one by 22-24

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