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  1. home straight

    Betting in 2018

    Yes. Shawn, who is rarely wrong when it comes to stats has shown that your original claim can’t possibly be true.
  2. home straight

    Betting in 2018

    I haven’t posted on the forum for a while now but I had to log in just to call mickthemuppet a massive liar!
  3. home straight

    Chris Holder

    I live within 15 miles of it, which would be far too close
  4. home straight

    Chris Holder

    I'd pay you to fark off if you moved here
  5. home straight

    Tai Quits Team Gb

    Steady on mate, I met Jacques at Poole once, I don't honestly think he's playing with a full deck. It's a shame really, poor bloke.
  6. home straight

    How Boring Is Scb

  7. home straight

    How Boring Is Scb

    That you've just pointlessly added to.
  8. home straight

    How Boring Is Scb

    On a Scale of 1-10, 1 being Richie Worrall and 10 being Antonio Lindback Circa 2004?
  9. home straight

    Wolverhampton 2016

    If they're going to end on a similar average then it absolutely isn't subjective. Barker is the better choice. Regardless of what average they finish on, be it 3, 6 or 9, if they both finish the same then Barker is better value as he start off lower.
  10. home straight

    Posf2 Poole V Coventry

    To everyone who is still grizzling about this. You are not entitled to, or owed an explanation on the details of Rod's accident. End of story. However, you should think about taking off the tin foil hat and getting out more, you're acting like a knob.
  11. home straight

    Poole 2016

    I don't know mate to be honest, I hadn't thought it through, just a gut feeling. Don't know anything at all about the visa situation.......
  12. home straight

    Poole 2016

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Chris sit next year out.....
  13. home straight

    Poole 2016

    I wonder if Peter Oakes needs some bricks.......
  14. home straight

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    As a Poole fan, I have to hold my hands up and say "we got away with one there" in reference to gogglegate. However, we've all been on both sides of dodgy reffing decisions, that's just the way it goes. Had the ref got it right on Monday, it doesn't necessarily follow that Belle Vue would have won. The whole trajectory of the tie would have been different from that point. What is for certain however is that Belle Vue's fans, riders and management were excellent last night and very nearly pulled it off, and can be proud of their season's achievements. Now, this may not be entirely popular with my co Poole fans, but I wouldn't be too fussed if the SCB removed the 2 points and declared Poole & Belle Vue joint Elite League Champions 2015. That way justice will have been served and both teams come away as winners.
  15. home straight

    Poole Vs The Aces For The Title

    Well things don't look good for Poole. Belle Vue cruised to an easy zero point lead on Monday making it virtually unthinkable that Poole will be able to claw it back. Sadly for the Aces fans, Monday will live long in the memory of all genuine speedway fans due to the unrelenting cheating by the home side. Firstly we had Worrall's pathetic attempt to get the race stopped in heat two, followed by Nielsen attempting to get Starke disqualified in the re run. Later we saw the Belle Vue start marshall physically wrestling Newman's goggles away from him on the start line in heat 12, in a desperate attempt to disadvantage the Poole man. Additionally, Crump was sent round to the Poole pits in a cynical attempt to bore them into submission. Then, finding themselves 13 points behind, the despicable Aces went out and actually rode well in order to get themselves back into the meeting. It really was a disgraceful show from Belle Vue and I suspect that most of the fans are absolutely ashamed of their club ahead of tonights formality. Fortunately, my club, the world famous Poole Pirates would never sink to such depths to win a meeting, and for that I am grateful. Anyway, I must dash, I've got to phone the travel agent and book my flight to Rome.

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