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  1. I remember Nagy, Long Eaton & Matousek. Think I saw Nagy ride once - at Loomer Rd I think, went to Long Eaton once Saw Matousek many times, he wrestled his bike around a track rather than rode it - always exciting at Dudley Wood & Brandon, quite scary at Monmore. Didn't visit Owlerton until early naughties, so never saw him there
  2. You can't do that, didn't Latvia eliminate Denmark in Denmark a few years ago - back when it was Speedway World Cup? Imagine if the next bright young talent is Italian (for example), you've got to give the rider opportunity & experience against the best riders. Sándor Tihanyi & Zoltán Adorján used to make the World final every year in the late 80's haven't heard of a Hungarian rider for years. Same can be said of Norway. And New Zealand dominated for a period before my time.
  3. EoESg has issues but not the track. Looking forward to life without Dudek & visiting Gdansk for a festival of dull racing in 2022?
  4. Dunno what has happened to Daugavpils track since I visited 3 years ago, was decent then and have usually enjoyed the racing from there when watching it on TV but that was awful. Gonna be even worse tomorrow, they can't rectify that mess in 20 hours. Believe track was reasonable until 17:30 local when practice took place, which damaged it, no time to fix it. Let's hope they can get it in a state to practice on over night & practice is early. Aussie's will win by a country mile, Latvia should get second spot. God knows on the others, Grobauer will barely rev his engine faced with that, Castagna might enjoy it, Perry Barr wasn't quite that bad when Kent/Leicester visited but it wasn't far off.
  5. Jesus, they must be desperate Absolutely useless, have had the misfortune of watching him too often this season.
  6. Because i wasn't even talking about the meeting, I was looking at the league positions, points available etc. etc.
  7. What me? I didn't attend. Only stated facts.
  8. Scunthorpe have finished their league matches with 33 points, Birmingham can equal that with big wins home/away v Diamonds, but look at the +/- points difference. Playoff hopes ended last week. And haven;t even factored in what Kent can do. No-one can seriously expect the Brummies to get any league points from their visit to Ashfield?
  9. And Barker & Roynon would be in my favourite ever Brummies septet, yet they're riding to stop Brummies overhauling Scorpions! It would take two unimaginable big wins over the Diamonds for Brummies to make the playoffs in all honesty! Without even considering Kent.
  10. So no 50 minutes delays for Tractoring? R/R for Shanes when he is third in averages is an advantage in terms of score, less so entertainment. Do the scores of Castagna & Grobauer mean averages mean they'll swap positions any time soon, if so Brummies are stuffed.
  11. Hope all who attend enjoy. If I have a strange desire to watch an hour of tractoring I'll watch Clarkson's Farm.
  12. Assume Grobauer is still out also so who guests?
  13. Col

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Just tell Andersen & Harris to stop scoring when you have the last two home matches wrapped up.
  14. Weather forecast for Wednesday is dry.
  15. Col

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Not like they've been riding together recently, Douglas has been at reserve.

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