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  1. Whatever it was... I thought came off Milik's bike, which would make sense as his bike packed up down the back straight.
  2. I am guessing because Milik won the semi from gate 3? Was convinced Lambert has passed Sayfutidnov as they passed me entering lap 3. Fair play to the Russian for hanging on to second. Something fell off Milik's bike at the end of the semi & it packed up on the way to the pits. One of the track graders picked it up but didn't return it. No idea what it was.
  3. Kildemand wasn't happy about something at the of heat 10. Gestured at ref. No replay on big screen in stadium strangely.
  4. In stadium snack is deep fried garlic bread. Initially shocking but become quite moorish.
  5. Both exclusions looked correct decision from the Grand Stand. If Michailow had been excluded the locals wouldn't have been happy, every other person is wearing his tshirt.
  6. Ukrainian? Someone just went past with a yellow & blue non Swedish flag.
  7. In the stadium, don't think Pawlicki is here couldn't see his pit while wandered past. Replaced by a Latvian who's name is familiar from past SWC's - Locotev.
  8. Changed for Polish TV apparently. Start time 19:30, hmmm, should make it but landing in Vilnius just after midday.
  9. Does anyone have details of the league match on Sunday - SK Lokomotiv Daugavpils v Car Gwarant Start Gniezno
  10. Cracking meeting Gorzow v Wroclaw. Milik & Janowski keeping Zmarzlik in third was probably the pick of the heats.
  11. Disappointing meeting, Lejonen's heat leaders were rubbish. It got better after heat 8 before that it was from the gate.
  12. Racing much better than I would expect at Wimbourne Rd.

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