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  1. Not knocking Joe Screen, but he never reached the heights I expected when I first saw him ride.
  2. Really? I remember a 16 year old Joe Screen visiting Dudley Wood & Monmore a few weeks after his 16th Birthday. The sport has moved on from then admittedly, in terms of professionalism and I haven't seen much of Bewley. Then again, what ultimately became of Joe Screen?
  3. NKI was poor at the Belle Vue 90th Anniversary meeting but bike gremlins were part of that & he won his last ride (beating Doyle if I remember correctly), much improved the following day at Sheffield for the Simon Stead farewell meeting.
  4. Looking at the end of 2017 season averages. Huckenbeck would. As would Gomolski.
  5. Thanks for the press conference video, I particularly enjoyed the way Kildemand avoided answering the question of his availability for the rest of the year.
  6. Well that points dropped for the Pirates against a pretty poor Belle Vue. Nothing will ever become of that Bewley fellow.
  7. Maybe asking allot for a continental rider new to the UK to do much at a wet Hoddesdon.
  8. So having moved house recently I am having to go through all my old programs which have been happily living in a box in my loft for many years. While looking through them yesterday I found several Coventry programs from the late 80's/early 90's (not 100% sure which season without checking) and on the front cover appears to be a drawing, which has obviously been taken from a photograph. However it photograph from which the drawing is almost certainly of Sam Ermolenko & Ronnie Correy with a Bee's bib. I will have to take a photo next time, but why would Coventry not use a drawing of a photo containing their own riders!
  9. Belle Vue 2018

    Paul Starke in for the injured Damian Dróżdż, 28 day replacement.
  10. It's strange. Your local track is Monmore, you go to Owlerton it seems massive. Monmore is still my local track but I have been once in 10 years (PK farewell). Visiting only NSS & Polish tracks of late, I get to Sheffield and it seems small. Vaculik was class above when he needed to be, his defeat of Kurtz & NKI in the final was expected, the only rider that may have troubled him but would have needed a 20 yard head start to account for his gating deficiencies was Howarth who looked very fast. His points don't say much but Bellego looked very quick & brave. Never thought Owlerton would suit Andersen & despite the points he scored he didn't look comfortable. Not sure what happened to Doyle, there wasn't any real any coming together between Pieszczek & him that I noticed, but spent 5 minutes on the centre green then rode back with his leg sticking out. For his first 5 rides with other riders on the track in the UK & on his first visit to Owlerton, Pieszczek looked promising.
  11. I enjoyed the meeting but my god they dragged it out. I'm sure I've seen a tractor complete as many laps in a night. Steve Worrall was superb, might have got 15 points if the heat he was off the useless gate 4 wasn't so tough. Superb double pass in heat 10. Also enjoyed Wright all night, superb going between TB/CC in heat 9 and going wider & wider trying to get the better of Doyle. Bachelor's battles with Bjerre, Doyle & the disappointing Tungate were good. Bewley defeating Doyle & then in a match race Nicholls. Take a bow, young man. Jacobsen was decent, showed speed although a bit unsteady at times. Congratulations Jason Doyle, shame he gated in the final.
  12. Was disappointing night for Neils I'm sure, but he beat Doyle in his final ride.
  13. Niels-Kristian Iversen Danny King Krystian Pieszczek Chris Holder Sam Masters Jason Doyle Martin Vaculik Chris Harris Hans Andersen David Bellego Kyle Howarth Jacob Thorssell Lasse Bjerre Todd Kurtz Is the list I can find, Josh Bates was also mentioned but is he going to be fit? Still missing 1.