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  1. Four qualification rounds will take place on May 1st and 8th. The competition will be hosted in Plzeň - Czechia (01.05.), Debrecen - Hungary (01.05.), Pocking - Germany (08.05.) and Rivne Ukraine (08.05.). The SEC Challenge, as the final qualification round, will be held in Krsko (Slovenia) on May 22nd. TOP 5 of TAURON SEC 2020 will automatically participate in next year's competition, this means that Robert Lambert, Grigorij Laguta, Leon Madsen, Mikkel Michelsen and Bartosz Smektała
  2. Not convinced Bydgoszcz are that strong. Tarnow & Gdansk look as good at least. Think Krosno could be massive spoilers.
  3. The same one who was going to single handedly win the league for Poole but flopped about 14 years ago?
  4. There's usually an option on posts to this forum which contain pasted text to "use standard text size" or something like that. Very useful
  5. Didn't look at Polish div 1 results, obviously, but Zengota was a Ekstraliga heat leader before his injury.
  6. Not enough meetings to assess the effects of almost 2 years on the injury list then. Hope Bydgoszcz show him patience.
  7. Zengota, talented rider. When did he last ride though?
  8. Oops Is there a Polish league one team building thread, if there is I can't see it.
  9. Fairly sure I saw NKI had joined Unia Tarnow on Instagram.
  10. Were Doyle & Lindgren stats obscured by Czestochowa's cancelled home fixtures? Did Lublin operate RR for a rider for a lengthy period? If so were Laguta & Mikkelsen used wisely and their RR rides in heats they'd surely win? How teams lineup their 1-5 can also affect this. I don't know. I do know I'd rather have Lindgren & Doyle in my team than G Laguta & Mikkelsen.
  11. Nothing wrong with Grigorij Laguta but I don't think he's quite in the same bracket as the genuinely top class riders - Zmarzlik, Woffinden, A Laguta, Madsen, Janowski, Sayfutdinov, Vaculik, Doyle & Lindgren. At 36 he's unlikely to improve too. So Lublin don't have an out & out #1 they have a very good second heat leader and 4 third heat leaders. With the best tail in the league they should be very competitive. Kasprzak & Berntzon in the GP's will be out classed, but they qualified by rights. I can only assume the Polish riders fall out with the National team boss is how Kasprzak was nominated for the GP challenge ahead of Piotr Pawlicki & a few others
  12. Nit picking. They don't have a GP rider of which there are 15, so all things being equal most teams will have 2 GP riders.
  13. They don't have a top 2! They have 5 better than average 3rd heat leaders.

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