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  1. Well, I definitely won't be attending if Brummies are only tracking 4 riders in a league where the other teams have 7! Seems strangely quiet for too long.
  2. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    Lasse is still riding? Kenneth, along with Broc Nicol. It's not Woffinden & Jakobsen, but probably the best available. Bjerre maybe a few years beyond his peak but will be a solid heat leader on a track he knows. It's getting to the now or never stage for Nicol's European career, which he must realise. Had enough time to become accustomed & more opportunities than the average Brit his age is ever afforded.
  3. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    It'll be Bjerre & Nicol.
  4. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    There are almost no "small tracks" now Kirky Lame, Arlington & Purfleet are gone. Some riders couldn't be bothered to try to learn how to ride them then..... Why would they now? Give me a EoESg or NSS over Monmore, as a spectacle, but racing at "small tracks" is more interesting to watch than a follow the leader fest at a big (Swindon) or slick medium (Poole/Brandon) track. Big.Track.Common
  5. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    Tungate is infuriating!
  6. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    Things that fester too long in the same place go stale. That had happened with the Worrall's at Belle Vue. If he'd have returned, Cooke would have filled that 7-8 rider gap nicely.
  7. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    Most of the riders listed are past their peak, but teams need experience. The exception is Jensen but I have no idea what he has done in the last few years. He isn't in Ekstraliga which is the only foreign league I watch & keep an eye on regularly.
  8. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    If BV can get NKi & Jakobsen I'd go with that, seems unlikely though. NKi & Nicol doesn't fit, Zagar & Nicol does. I think. NKi has had a few injuries & has suffered but is still a good racer & quick around NSS.
  9. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    Yep Finished above Doyle in GP series last year, Fricke is young enough to continue to improve, Doyle on downward spiral. Fricke was best Aussie in SoN, Doyle was poor.
  10. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    No pressure then!
  11. Col

    Belle Vue 2022

    A 17 year old German with no British experience on a 4.00 average. Risky. I hope the lad has a Championship club lined up. Fricke will probably top the averages, decent back.up in the form of Wright & Kurtz, Brennan will improve. Think Aces need a couple of solid middle order scorers.
  12. Leicester have 3 solid heat leaders who are not quite yet on a downward spiral & 4 riders with bags of potential who have some experience at least. Could be break through year for any of those 4.
  13. That septet looks head & shoulders above any other announced team
  14. Col

    E Winner and Div 2 league fixtures

    Ugh. I'll have another date hunt then!
  15. Riding at 3 suits Shanes more than riding at 2. Shanes can't gate, so he will come last in heat 1 every time Number 2's night is over earlier than number 3's, because he can gate Shanes has more chance of picking up points in later meeting as the dirt line develops.

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