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  1. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Glad you can find them, the new Svemo site is horrible.
  2. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Do either Agertoft or Thomsen have Allsvenskan rides in 2020? @Ghostwalker That would be the next logical step for them, I'd imagine.
  3. Col

    Fantasy Team

    Does NKI count for either Ipswich or P'boro? Wouldn't have any of the currently signed Witches or Panthers in a "Fanasty Team" at a push I'd go for Andersen or Covatti I guess., I'd go for Lidsey over Bewley from this years Aces septet as I think there is more improvement to come from him this year, average wise. But I'd like Bewley to prove me wrong.
  4. Col

    Fantasy Team

    Now everyone do it without Doyle! I'll start. Iversen, Lambert, Bewley, Becker, Lidsey, Perks which left enough for Grajczonek. Dead on 42.5 I think.
  5. Col

    Prediction thread

    The only like for like comparison you can make between Kildemand and Batchelor is .... Elitserien 2019 Peter Kildemand 1,368 Troy Batchelor 1,063 Batchelor rode Nice League 1 rather than Ekstraliga in Poland.
  6. Is there anywhere that lists Eliteserien averages now? The Svemo website used to be easy to negotiate, now I can't find anything.
  7. Col

    Prediction thread

    Without knowing who will fill the final berths at Ipswich & P'boro, difficult to judge. Swindon - the bottom end is looking a bit feeble, but Perks should improve further and good on Swindon for giving a young Brit in Rowe a chance. The danger is that Jensen is not able to maintain the level he achieved during a spectacular breakout season in 2019. An injury to Doyle will be hard to overcome. Play-Offs, yep. Sheffield - Solid top 5, guessing the hope is that there is improvement in Holder because can't see much improvement anywhere else in the team but no real risks either. Play-Offs, yep. Belle Vue - Interesting team, could Kurtz finally become a genuine #1 is the first question. Can Kildemand rediscover any of the form he showed a few years ago another big question. Don't think there is much more to come from Worrall if I'm honest but there certainly should be from Bewley & Lidsey. Play-Offs, likely. Kings Lynn - same old, same old. Lambert had a poor 2019 but better back up from the start of the season this year in Cook & Riss will help. Jorgensen, Proctor & Kerr are uninspiring signings and suspect Hartel will struggle. Play-Offs, maybe. Wolves - If Morris can rediscover his form from 2017 then Wolves might do OK but the likely improvement at the bottom end may only make up for the 2 points the team starts below the limit. Masters, Thorrsell & Schlien are not going to improve and none of them are genuine #1's. Play-Offs, unlikely. Of these septets can only see Swindon, Sheffield & Belle Vue potentially winning the play-offs.
  8. Col

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Batchelor won't dip much if at all, he's where he likes to be at Swindon with no pressure of being #1. Sheffield will suit him more than Poole. Jensen could dip, he had a breakthrough year in the UK. Beyond that he was still pretty feeble in the Eliteserin when I saw it on TV. Haven't seen other two riders mentioned at all In top tier still more to come from Ellis (hopefully) &. Perks (certainly), I think. Swindon should make the playoffs. Injuries aside
  9. Col

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Get the white coat brigade out, 2 points under the limit Finally, CVS & Grizzly have lost the plot.
  10. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    For Brummies. Adam Roynon & Kyle Legault. What a season that should have been. Injuries to that team drained my enthusiasm.
  11. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    It's all my fault for saying Wright is worth a gamble on a 4.00 average. For the record I never saw Silver ride often, a couple.of visits to Dudley Wood in Swindon colours & a few Brandon British Final Sundays aost. I eas never convinced he was ever in control of his bike.
  12. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    "Hi-Ho" Andrew Silver. I'll keep my thoughts to myself. Suffice to say give me James Wright everyday of the week.
  13. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I think James Wright on 4.00 starting at reserve is a gamble worth taking. Doesn't look as though Danyon Hume will be a 2020 Pirate, they're look for some young Aussies to complete the team.
  14. Col

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    But wouldn't have started at reserve!

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