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  1. Col

    Wolves 2018

    Had it been staged last week.... Check out @FromThe1stBend’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/FromThe1stBend/status/1054432380990169088?s=09
  2. Col

    Wolves 2018

    I agree completely, there are no other meetings this evening in the UK so surely there must be 4 other riders available.
  3. Col

    Wolves 2018

    LINE-UP: Ricky Wells, Ashley Morris, Steve Worrall, Sam Masters, Nicolai Klindt, Paul Starke, Kyle Howarth, Jason Garrity, Chris Harris, Seb Niedzwiedz, Nick Morris, Richard Lawson. Reserve: Drew Kemp.
  4. The Germans? I could have done it quite easily but I binned the spreadsheet.
  5. Pawel Przedpelski, Daniel Kaczmarek, Jonas Davidsson and Daniel Davidsson all signed for Piraterna according to SGP site.
  6. Well they're a bunch of happy clappers who seem to think that League Speedway in the UK (and all other clubs) is only here so they can win the league every year, by any means neccessary. Sadly the BSPA agree.
  7. Replacing who? Buczkowski? Edit .. Iversen signs for Piraterna. Guess that is who Zengota replaces.
  8. Col

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Grudziądzki retain Lindback, A Laguta & Pr Pawlicki?
  9. Col

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Falubaz - Pedersen, Dudek, PP, MJJ and Vaculik?
  10. Col

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Even with G Laguta replacing one of Jonsson/Lambert/Michelsen unless Lublin can find a Polish U21 star at reserve they are going to struggle. Pedersen done deal elsewhere?
  11. If that is what is agreed, then it needs to adhered to by our top tier clubs. Any clubs wishing to hold meetings on a Thursday (I am thinking Ipswich & Sheffield) either ride in the top tier or change their race night.
  12. Is standard of racing all that is important, what riders can earn & how convenient it is, will probably play as large part.
  13. Col

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Lublin still need a couple of heat leaders, one of them Polish. And a U21 Pole.
  14. Col

    Warsaw 2019

    I think I paid £19, but very early purchase.
  15. Col

    Warsaw 2019

    It is certainly not a straightforward process. Try buying tickets for NYC Rangers, it's even worse.

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