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  1. As Dudek has the same average as Jakobsen how is it decided who rides at reserve? He is legitimately averaging less than the others. Team managers discretion I assume? Piotr Pawlicki 1,917 Oliver Berntzon 1,697 Maciej Janowski 1,600* Artur Czaja 1,385 Jacob Thorssell 1,345 Patryk Dudek 1,217 Frederik Jakobsen 1,217 Joel Kling 0,862 * assuming this is assessed from last year due to one appearance as Pawlicki as acquired an average from only two.
  2. No. I have never been to Saddlebow Road or the Adrian Flux Arena And I tend to avoid stadium food where possible at all stadiums, vastly over priced and usually rubbish. The same can usually be said for beer. At the end of the day it's a week night, most people will have work the next day, so they're not going to be drinking allot and if people have no choice but to eat stadium food they'll have done so as soon as they get there surely.
  3. Surely the cost of fuel for the tractor racing out weighs the pittance gained from beer & burgers?
  4. 5-1ed twice. Heat 15 & when in as a TS.
  5. Did Grizzly Adams just describe tonight's result as "reasonable"? Dreadful is closer to the truth. Poole without a #1 & a reserve that doesn't look close to scoring. Opportunity missed. Becker is the only Wolf who can be happy with his evening.
  6. The track isn't as bad as the Wolves performance. At least the weather looks decent, down there next weekend.
  7. Why did Wolves release Nichollls? Morris is making an awful Thorsell look reasonably quick.
  8. OMG a pass!! After 5 heats & 3 laps without a whiff of one.
  9. Shall watch this, out of hope rather than anticipation.
  10. Trying to remember exactly, but the seats on the first turn at both stadiums didn't have back rests. There was certainly no seating at Byggoszcz on turns 2, 3 or 4 just terracing. Not sure I had license to wonder around as much at Leszno.
  11. Not convinced the stadium at Leszno is any better than Bydgoszcz, they held the last World Cup there.
  12. How big is the stadium in Pardubice, surely that would be a better track to have the Czech GP?
  13. How are Poland doing in the Cricket World Cup? Ever won the Football World Cup? No? How about Rugby? Any F1 World Champions?
  14. Think Madsen might have dampened his fire, that was harsh.
  15. Heats 10 (Doyle v Sayfutdinov) & 12 (Czestochowa 5-1 over Wroclaw) were good stuff. Fingers crossed. At least they're not messing about, could be finished by 20:15 at this rate.
  16. I hope they are less liberal with the water after heat 8.
  17. Yellow, Blue, Red, White is the order of the day.
  18. As far as value for money goes, two adults can go watch Częstochowa for less than £15. 35zł a ticket.
  19. Thank god for Oliver Berntzon, would have been allot more snoozy if he hadn't performed. But a more entertaining meeting than I'd expect from Vetlanda.
  20. So the weather forecast for the west midlands is not looking brilliant this week, with a yellow weather warning in place. That said working in Wolverhampton City Centre and living just over 5 miles away I'm fairly convinced Wolves v P'boro could have gone ahead last night as heavy rain didn't hit us until after 21:30. Do we have any team news? I assume Bates won't be on the Lions team sheet following his recent absences through injury.
  21. Oliver Berntzon is named as Wildcard, Pontus Aspgren and Kim Nilsson as track reserves.
  22. Have purchased tickets for this today.

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