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  1. It has been announced that Poland are hosting the final event of the SEC calendar. Any rumours for dates of the other 3. Guessing another Polish location, a Swedish & either a German or Latvian?
  2. Hope he can rediscover his 2017 form following the move, Lublin may be challenged for top spot after all.
  3. Col

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    I still think if a Pole deserves a permanent wild card pick, its him. Of the current crop of Poles the one who I think is least reliant upon gating is Piotr Pawlicki.
  4. Shows how cruel sport can be. When the first 6 Lions team was originally announced I was keen to go to a few fixtures, it being the now (sadly) second closest Top Tier track to me. And many had Leicester down as potential 2018 champions. The injuries to Vaculik and Bates have meant I have no intetest in visiting & the Lions chances of avoiding the Wooden Spoon look as likely as them sneaking into 4th.
  5. Great reception for a worthy champion. Thanks to SS for the video clip & well done Pugwashers for the cheers.
  6. Thanks. Is there anywhere that lists averages?
  7. Is there a website for the Polish Nice Liga 1?
  8. Watching last nights Speedway via Freeview since Virgin Media think I should pay extra for FreeSports (WTF) you can tell the difference in quality with what I'm used to. Strange that Masarna are struggling with that team.
  9. I only got home in time to see the last 3 heats all of which involved a dramatic & crucial final bend pass. Was almost as dusty as the German round of tha pairs. The Polish meeting that is on after Lejonen v Vetlanda is hard work due to the commentary.
  10. Any chance of some H2O on the track?
  11. Col

    2019 Sgp Qualifiers

    People tend to forget that in 2015 when he got injured riding the in SWC Hampel was 3rd in the SGP rankings after 3 rounds, having made both finals. The first GP of the year only lasted 12 heats.
  12. My apologies, must just be the Swedes who start in late May. Our (UK) domestic speedway is supposed to start in March weather permitting, so even early May seems late to us.
  13. Considering both the Swedish & Danish domestic leagues don't start running until late May, there as ample time to run an International event before they begin.
  14. Or if they trail by more than 4 points a 5-1 takes all? I enjoyed this format, I don't see why the SON couldn't start the International Speedway calendar & the SWC end it, or vice versa with the GP's in the middle.
  15. Col

    Poole 2018

    Didn't think that was the issue, thought Lemon selected Fricke ahead of Holder, presumably as Fricke rides for the two clubs who hosted the events.
  16. All hearsay, but I think Sheffield & Ipswich kicked up a fuss as they are traditional Thursday night tracks. Not sure on Foxhall availability but perhaps that is the only night Owlerton stadium is available due to greyhounds?
  17. No, what is laughable is that the BSPA agree to only ride top tier meetings on a Monday & Thursday so the other leagues have priority on the others nights, then they change their mind and run meetings on a Wednesday.
  18. 2006 - Adam Shields 2010 - Ben Barker 2011 - Mads Korneliussen 2013 - Morten Risager 2014 - Rory Schlein 2015 - Danny King
  19. Best possible result. Lambert 1st, Bewley 2nd. Happy days.
  20. If Bewley or Lambert win would they be youngest British Champion?

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