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  1. one point from our 6 and 7 against paid 20 for them,can see were our seasons heading,and if our guest rode like that for there own team there would be changes there. dissapointed yet again failing to deliver again
  2. well this is one reason my sons and myslef no longer go to speedway just follow from armchair now,who runs this sport anyway?? a wishey washey sport now run by wishey washey people
  3. Was going to come to this match but not now due to bspa stupid rules making team weaker. It's only the public who suffer like the same for Berwick at Ipswich , and what next Newcastle get a fine putting out a under strength team !!!
  4. Well 3 off us were planning to go but not now due to team strengths could turn what should have been a good night into a farce for tv viewing. Be interesting to see how they explain it on sky makes the sport look a joke.
  5. mark43


    i totaly, agree. my 4 year old son behaves better,hes suposed to be world. champ, of speedway, not world champ of temper tantrums. he needs to behave, is speedwaya family sport, should he not set a example, like tony r, or any of the other riders who had things go against them, well i think, mr crump is the worst champ we have had for years,just my view tho, the way he behaves, not good for the sports image tho

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