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  1. Racing wise that was worse one of the season. Out on a whimper
  2. Also Dale Allit threatened summer's itnhis team are at Somerset for final. At least allit as now apologised. So fair play
  3. His engine blew against Somerset in the bt meeting. Struggled for speed since then. 10/10 for effort. As u say. Just no speed
  4. Well done Lynn. 2 feet in the final. Deserved place Allit what a twit, etheridge had no right to moan but what Allit did was disgraceful. It was simply words between mechanic and rider but he waged in grabbed James by the throat and launched him into fence. Then he was twerping on till after heat 15 arguing with people. Except for fricke and etheridge that was embarrassing. Clear out needed
  5. Well if u read before I posted u will see who I was on about.
  6. What we will loose from Craig's rides we will gain from bellego Instead of R/R. I'm fairly confident of a win. Lynn have not faced us with a scoring reserve yet. Berge as been terrific and jye should beat simon Lambert. We need to take advantagebwhen NKI and Lambert are not out and stop 1-5s against in heat 13 and 15 which I centre Lynn doing again
  7. Decent guest. And at 2 aswell. Right way to go. Very good changes
  8. We could do rr for cook a musli for beeley
  9. Possible broken wrist for cook. Should make it easy for Lynn now. He was flying lately. Irreplaceable. We can get batch who will do anything to beat Lynn though
  10. Nope. Won't get any this weekend or Monday. Every page will be united and city related. All sports outside football get next to no coverage
  11. Pre advance ticket sales are way below standard. In one way in quite happy at that because I hate the glory hunters that come out the woodwork for play offs and act like they been all year. But the club need a big crowd so where are you
  12. I tested this on a highlight one and it wouldn't let me. But I'll give it a go thanks
  13. currently in Dubai, meaning I can't watch it on my BT sport app or even the speedwaygp app/website. I would appreciate if someone could post a link up of a foreign channel so I can watch it. Thanks in advance
  14. Coming to cheer on the Aces against @KLSpeedway on Monday night? Dine in the Peter Craven Suite for £7.50, choose from Lasagne, Vegetable Lasagne, Beef Bourguignon or Pie, Chips & Peas, no need to pre-book, just pay on the night. https://t.co/4HJnsR3pP1
  15. For the Somerset fans. And congratulations to you for making it through to the final, there was another race (heat 12) where your rider BWD did a max fricke from the meeting before but diddnt get a mention because of heat 13, Well.if you go to my twitter I've just posted the vid. Very good by BWD. @philtheace

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