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  1. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Lidsey and bewley both practised today
  2. Phil The Ace

    2019 Press & Practice Dates

    Yes 25th oooops
  3. Phil The Ace

    2019 Press & Practice Dates

    Belle vue is monday 26th march, midday on track
  4. Phil The Ace

    Swindon Stadium

    The brick wall they are making, is that what is going to be behind the air fence
  5. Phil The Ace

    Swindon Stadium

    Glad to see the work being done and hope it produces good racing but from this angle. The corners look a little narrow to me
  6. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    He can do lost of not all the activities. It's just a speedway bike he cant ride
  7. All you have to do is speak to matej himself or Morton and he will tell u when he did his (so called messing about) he diddnt take his full wage guarantee. He diddnt purposely set out to score any low scores and he was heartbroken more than most. Zagar actually cares about belle vue. And rode alot of the time without being paid like most others did. I for one welcome matej back and cant wait to see him ride NSS again
  8. Zagar , schlein, Bellego, Kerr and worrall now added
  9. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Unfortunately hes not back yet. Hes in poland with the club now but not riding as of yet. That's smektala. Regarding bewley still no update. The PCMT line up will tell us all what we need when lidsey and bewley are not involved
  10. 7 riders announced so far Doyle Bjerre Batchelor Riss Howarth Garrity Lawson Assume the other 5 aces riders will be in it leaving 4 riders to be named. Dont think bewley is quite ready yet so not included him
  11. Phil The Ace

    Newcastle 2019

    A few more will be gone Stevie worrall is in I hear
  12. Phil The Ace

    Kings Lynn 2019

    On paper it is a very poor team for me. But as we all k ow. Things ain't won on paper and this team very nearly won it all last year. So dont right them off just yet.
  13. Phil The Ace

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    End of the day. Lawlor was at his work place so to speak. Got very drunk and caused some aggro. Most if not all people would get sacked from there employers if you was to do something similar. It's very unfortunate for Joe and very lucky for Kyle. As it goes I do think Kyle would eventually have gone to Glasgow but I'm pretty sure Glasgow was going to wait till 1, see if chessell was fit enough to start season if not Kyle would be in. Or 2, they would have give both lads the first month and if 1 of them struggled then kyle would have been in. But I bet the other 8 or so clubs would have done the exact same thing to which ever reserve started poorly. So good luck Kyle and lets hope little Joe learns from this, he wont make the same mistake again
  14. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Oh yes. Just noticed now you have pointed it out. Not sure what she does though because commercially we are not very good at it
  15. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Not heard of any Helen. There is hayley who does press releases, christine does the admin. And I've never heard any Helen that works for us. Mark's wife Emma does help out though

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