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  1. Should be a very good crowd. Coach load of aces fans. And a coach load of berwick fans. And berwick fans make lots of noise. So hopefully will be on our side seen as we have jye
  2. Originally I was. But the hotel in cardiff that I had booked for 2 days cancelled on me at short notice so ended up just getting the 1 night on saturday at cardiff. So will be a drive to Swindon and a drive home then drive to cardiff on saturday unfortunately. Otherwise it would have been a full weekend
  3. Yep. Like yourselfs theres a coach full. I'll be there. But driving down
  4. They dont even go to the home meetings anymore
  5. Another 20 point defeat I'm afraid
  6. Phil The Ace

    Poole 2019

    We thought that when we took him to wolves. But......
  7. Phil The Ace

    Poole 2019

    Is it true ricky wells has stood down from Poole. Anyone else heard the same
  8. I can vouch that acef does attend every meeting. And is not one of the alias
  9. We could have just used the rr anyway. Which qould have resulted in bjerre getting a ban and we could have used s guest thursdsy. So no difference really by saying he was injured
  10. Nope. We dont get a facility. If we use rr bjerre gets a ban. Might aswell get the ban. Only 2 matches left
  11. It looks like kenneth will miss the meeting as his flight doesnt land till half 7. (If that's the flight hes on)
  12. I know a handful and all you got to do is look on the various social media sites like facebook and twitter
  13. I must say aswell. There are 60 Swindon fans travelling up. Fantastic support and will show us up. They will outnumber us today
  14. There are loads stating they are not going. Will be the smallest ever final crowd. Not sure why. As you say. It's a final. And a chance to win a trophy. I'll be at both legs. Come on aces
  15. We scored more at Peterborough than swindon did. So in my head that means an easy belle vue win.

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