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  1. A massive thanks to belle vue speedway and every rider representing British speedway last night. What an incredible night of speedway to end the season. Everyone diddnt give an inch. Doyle a deserved winner and really proud ro see him do the hat trick. What a show that was.
  2. I hope so. Even id buy one and I have a season ticket would love to watch them back
  3. WHAT A MEETING THIS IS. Worth way more than the £10 I paid
  4. Beat a few established riders in the aces select meeting a few week ago. Beat Harris also. He will take a scalp or few today. The Palin we saw last night is not the real Palin I've seen plenty of times
  5. 6 rider races is not a new thing. The golden helmet does it every year. I think you are underestimating the width of the NSS. Kudos to the management for trying something new. And the riders agreed to ride in it knowing the format so they are happy. Also the prize fund (whatever that is) stays the same despite the current situation so fair play to the management for that
  6. Lidsey withdrawn. Doyle replaces
  7. Cavani was a free agent, because he had no club he had no rights for the free pass to travel around
  8. Did anyone buy thursdays stream as soon as it was available???? What booking number did you have??? Were on 8499 now. But obviously that includes all stream bought since the first stream
  9. the Line up is good in the circumstances, got no problem with it at all, I just really thought Doyle might ride so was a bit disappointed, no disrespect to the final 3 who have all shown dedication to british speedway this season when others have not.
  10. Kerr, stupid predictive text
  11. So the line up took a bit of a nose dive but under the circumstances its ok I suppose.
  12. Hahaha. I was sooooo wrong. Final 3 are Lawson Kerr Kemp
  13. Kyle howarth makes his return to track And Richie Worrall added 3 riders left
  14. Phil The Ace

    SON 2020

    This won't go ahead

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