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  1. Phil The Ace

    Poole 2019

    Wells signs in place of NBJ
  2. Phil The Ace

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Great signing for lambert
  3. Start of the year we got lucky when bjerre wanted a Peterborough return but buster said he wasnt a heat leader no more which opened up a pathway for us to get bjerre to return. So has bjerre prove bluster wrong??? Here are his stats against the 3 bluster teams He has had 44 races scoring 107*5 3333333333333333333333333332*2*2*2222221*1*1111R Can anyone work out his average against just blusters teams
  4. His kevlars had something mose on so assume it him. Very very good. Deffo one to look out for.
  5. Best wishes to all riders. We did our job. Who was the 15 year old Dane practising after the meeting. He looked like he had mega talent
  6. Well this gets interesting. Wells guesting against us. You just know what's going to happen now
  7. We've been stuck in the 70s for 40 years
  8. NBJ rides in place of aarnio. How does he normally go here???
  9. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Kind words. Thanks. It was a very good meeting tonight.
  10. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue 2019

    Are u david Gordon???????
  11. So what happened with wright and howarth. Very good mates them to usually
  12. He is so blinkered its untrue. As u say. He embarrasses us
  13. Peterborough is the best in the world great track, great viewing and great facilities. Not all belle vue fans wear tinted glassea
  14. Yea. Every time we have had an fim event, fans have never been allowed in for practice unfortunately
  15. Remember if your coming it's a 7pm start

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