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  1. Early ending season for us this year so need to make sure that doesnt happen again. I think this will be the nucleus of the team. Then just fill in the blanks Fricke 8.81 Kurtz 7.54 Bewley 6.31 Lidsey 5.16 Assuming limit will stick at 42.50 it leaves 14.68 for 3 riders Do we go top heavy or get good reserves. I'd take hans on a 5.79 average and possibly keep Etheridge 4.35 leaving 4.54 for the final rider (jordan stewart maybe) Fricke Kurtz Bewley Hans Lidsey Etheridge Stewart
  2. Phil The Ace

    Sheffield 2020

    Might aswell start it. Both holders to lead the charge. Josh g backing them up. Add howarth and it's a decent start to team building.
  3. Phil The Ace

    One Day World Final?

    Cardiff definitely shouldn't be removed from the calendar for Manchester, Manchester should be added to the list with Cardiff
  4. Phil The Ace

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Just do the supporters cup meetings, a challenge match against your nearest club, and a couple of open meetings for each club with british based riders. If any sort of team matches run then we will have to get used to have guests and R/R, this is unpresidented and I have no problems with it. Also I would let clubs run whatever night they want. I rekon end of july/August we may see speedway
  5. Phil The Ace

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Josh g gone back also. Todd kurtz said he's going back so assume Brady will to. Should imagine most If not all aussies have flown back home
  6. Phil The Ace

    Ipswich 2020

    How did crump look
  7. Phil The Ace

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    speedway will survive yes, unfortunately some clubs wont survive
  8. Phil The Ace

    Corona virus

    from what I hear promoters aim to be back up and running end of june,/beginning of july... no cup competitions, just do 1 home and 1 away, for 1 year only I should think they can extend the league to late November even December if possible
  9. Phil The Ace

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Yes, but this is going to hit them far worse than ever before. Through no fault of there own,
  10. Phil The Ace

    Will the premiership start on time?

    So, say the season does get cancelled and somehow clubs survive and start again next year. What happens????? Would you build a new team or have to stick to the 7 riders you had for this year????
  11. Phil The Ace

    Prediction thread

    At P&P brady said its ice to have a smooth track as his own track. He will definitely feel more confident in himself
  12. Phil The Ace

    Prediction thread

    Hes going to be based at lemons for aces matches. Wont be much travelling at all
  13. Phil The Ace

    Will the premiership start on time?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the government will compensate any sport clubs affected by this mass gatherings ban if it comes to that
  14. Phil The Ace

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Douglas also going back home
  15. Phil The Ace

    Will the premiership start on time?

    Seema like some of the aussie riders are going home. Sounds to me that the whole season will be scrapped this year. Thus causing maybe clubs to close and riders to retire
  16. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Like oystercard he cant leave the country due to closures on there boarders
  17. first rider to be confirmed is none other than Belle Vue legend Jason Crump
  18. Phil The Ace

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Dont blame buster, I have a feeling the EoES are trying to force Peterborough out
  19. Phil The Ace

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    If he can ride the show ground like he did when I saw him last year then he will score a few points. A terrific talent who as probably just added a few of us to make the journey down to see him
  20. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    It was bailey that he had a strop with
  21. Phil The Ace

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Jack smith replaced connor bailey for first 2 meetings of season as connor goes home for his sisters wedding
  22. Phil The Ace

    Prediction thread

    Only have to look at the odds for Sheffield to know how long nicki will be there
  23. Phil The Ace

    Prediction thread

    From what I hear NKI is only foung a few ml ths till bjerre can come. Regarding nicki the word on the street is he will give it a few months himself. If hes enjoying himself he will stay. If it's to much he will drop UK. Hope he does stay though Personally I think he will enjoy himself and therefore stay all season
  24. Phil The Ace

    Prediction thread

    Is there any improvement in them though, they have a 40+ year old and the rest are high 30s except for tungate, unless your hancock you don't Improve at them ages, hope im proved wrong, only time will tell

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