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  1. Canadian Star

    Hemsley: King's Lynn A Race Track No More

    Well, well, well, never seen so many experts on here ! Cant speak about the new Leicester, haven't been have friends who have. Most of them like going there, they say there;s a good atmosphere ! As for Buster, what all you budding stadium owners need to understand is that most of the income at Kings Lynn comes from Stock Cars, not speedway. In order to facilitate both sports, Buster laid concrete down around 2005, trying running cars in the winter with a grass centre green, it gets a little 'mucky'. To make money from a stadium, you need to run as many profitable events as possible, throughout the year, the concrete allows this to happen
  2. Canadian Star

    No Sky This Year?

    It still irks me to think about how Bernie Russell hijacked the tv deal and did a Bernie on the rest of the promoters In the good old World of Sport days, the tv money was shared amongst all tracks, and helped to keep some of them in business. Very soon speedway will implode I hope, it will return hopefully with a new and independent governing body, and perhaps a semblance of fairness might break out, we live in hope some of you might say be careful what you wish for, but the end of the day speedway in its current format will not survive, I am grateful to each and every one of the promoters who continue to dip into there own pocket to keep the sport going. Most of those same mugs will come back for more, under the new administration, whenever that happens....and it is going to happen.......sooner or later. In the meantime I have a few "friends" eyes in the sky who lend me some speedway, not a penny to Bernie from me.
  3. Canadian Star

    Poole V Kings Lynn 28/05/2014

    Well I don't come on here much these days, cant be bothered with the likes of people like the one in exile Excellent result for Kings Lynn, disappointing for Poole, i'm sure Matt Ford will react to this, As several people have mentioned long way to go yet, but for now looks like our best chance of winning league since 2000. Remember Kings Lynn have never won the English 1st division, its been 50 years in the making, surely no one would begrudge a little success now and then would they ?
  4. Canadian Star

    Speedway At The Crossroads

    No good hoping to get any sense from that tart from the South Coast, the attitudes emanating from down there are exactly what is ruining the sport. I was in favour of keeping the turbo twins intact, simply because they were draw cards in a product very much devoid of any other interesting fayre. The fact remains that there is a need for a degree of equality, within the League and certainly we need the top riders to be here if possible. Once we have decided we either can or cannot afford the best, by that I mean the league or the sport as a whole. Then we must go forward and somehow make speedway attractive again, we need to find a way to make speedway the close racing spectacle it once was, don't ask me how, but that is the basis point to which we must return, or we might as well put the shutters up. As others have said, 15 minutes of racing featuring a smattering of world class riders duelling with Premier League reserves who are about half a lap behind, doesn't seem to be working. We must have equality of some kind. We must have a quality that enough people are prepared to pay to come and see. I agree that in an ideal world, every club would have the riding staff and financial clout that Poole have at there disposal. it would make for an attractive League, and you cant knock them for trying, but it isn't in the best interests of the sport. Sadly the best interests of the sport have been neglected badly both here and throughout Europe since 1978, but for a few brief years in the early 80's the sport has continued its serial decline in this country especially. We now have a new English World Champion, this presents both an opportunity and a risk, lets hope the promoters take advantage of the first option.
  5. Canadian Star

    Elite League 2014

    The sad reality is I have become so disillusioned with the sport I really come on here anymore. Frankly I don't have any real idea as to how our sport can be saved. All I know is it stills needs a new independent administration, such as should have happened years ago with the late John Berry. The Sky/TV money belongs to the sport not to Bernie Russell, at least it should have done, sadly like Bernie Ecclestone, that money is now so tied up in the hands of one person, it is unlikely ever to return to its rightful owners. The product has become so watered down, it is unsurprisingly no longer able to attract sufficient spectators to make it viable. Speedway is only surviving in two scenarios. 1 where the promoter owns his stadium and retains all income from turnstiles catering parking and merchandise and has other activities to supplement income. Or 2 where the club is owned by a rich benefactor/ wealthy business owner who uses the sport as either a tax loss / or plaything - ie doesn't need to make a profit. Thus very few Promoters are actually in a stand-alone situation, this unrealistic scenario presents itself is manifested at the AGM each year. I love speedway racing and will continue to do so, we have a new English World Champion, lets hope somehow this might help in someway to keeping the sport alive in GB, sadly things don't look very promising
  6. Canadian Star

    Speedway On Sky Sports In Jeopardy

    Never fair ladies and gentlemen, Mr Terry Russell will look after us, after all he has speedways best interests at heart, doesn't he ?
  7. Canadian Star

    True Fans

    Shadders it greatly saddens me to see the continual decline of our once great sport, to the point where i can barely manage to take an interest anymore. However it wouldnt be a total shock to see the Stars back in the Premier League with the Rockets (sponsored by Wimpey) and of course the Witches of Foxhole. Imagine, we could renew hostilities with our good friends from Hoddesdon, the Border Trophy could be resurrected with Leicester and of course home and away Good Friday with the Witches. In a word mouthwatering Hope Luke Bowen is back on track soon
  8. Canadian Star

    True Fans

    It was me Shads, you aint seen me in a while, how you doin me old fruit ?
  9. Canadian Star

    Bike Seized By Police

    i often start my bike on the road, i look both ways make sure no one is coiming, off i go, no one gets hurt, no harm done, where's the problem ? Been around speedway bikes for 40 years, most riders have started there bike on the road at some point havent they ?
  10. Canadian Star

    King's Lynn Speedway

    Remember speedway is a business first and a sport second, Buster is entitled to decide wether he wants to lose money....or not. Dont be worried about next year, Kings Lynn will do very nicely again, as long as Buster is in charge there. You have to give credit where it is due, between Keith, Jonathon, Rob Lyons and also Mike Bennett - the show at Kings Lynn has been a successful one for several years now.
  11. Canadian Star

    Tony Millard Appreciation Society Autumn Newsletter

    Remember " form is temporary class is permanent" Cant wait to here the legend again
  12. Canadian Star

    Coventry Speedway Up For Sale

    An excellent post
  13. Canadian Star

    Coventry Speedway Up For Sale

    Sad as this is, i have to agree It doesnt matter who you support, none of us can really condone or approve of the way that speedway racing is being administered in this country can we ? Anyone who doubts this should take another read of John Berry's first "confessions" book, the problems we are now encountering have been coming for a very long time. There was a time when British Speedway had sufficient clout to prevent all of this, sadly now we have gone too far down the road of self interest, that we cannot recover. I remain committed to seeing the current administration end ASAP, a new fair and equitable administration to be formed " truly in the best interests of all of the sports riders, officials and supporters". To all those who mistakenly believe there's nothing wrong - shake your collective heads !
  14. Canadian Star

    Where's Tatum?

    Whatever happened to Tony Millard ? remember form is temporary class is permanent ! Bring back Tony, i thought he was great, him plus PC were the best
  15. Canadian Star

    Elite League Pairs

    I say bring back Tony Millard remember form is temporary class is permanent ! Not pleased to see so much bickering continuing on here, i know it was probably the worst winter in living memory for speedway, but everyone got to the tapes eventually, even Nicki Pedersens back, all we need now is Crump Gollob and Hancock and we have the best league in the world again. There has to be a few positives somewhere surely ?

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