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  1. I was there in a wheelchair an great idea but not at Glasgow hardly seen a thing more abled bodies blocking view so unless they restrict to disabled and carers/family won't work also too low just got covered in shale.
  2. i would prefer Sam to be over here by now but red tape is in the way not really Edinburgh fault. Not sure if Vissing is a temp signing to start to see if the red tape can be sorted out but it isn't looking good for Sam this year
  3. sunrise

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    RIP so tragic thought with his friends and family
  4. Thoughts with his family and friends RIP
  5. Well done Sir Fish Anymore news on Craig Cook gutted he is injured
  6. sunrise

    Hull Vikings: Will They Ever Be Back?

    I am in Hull a few times in the year and the feeling I get is that Hull Council are not interested. I think the nail was hit on the head when they built the KC stadium speedway could have been added to that but was ruled out. Really don't know where they could stage it now.
  7. sunrise

    Leigh Adams

    Thinking of Leigh and his family hope your recovery is a success
  8. sunrise

    Bspa Will Love This

    They have that option already..the ref caan fine a rider if they look like they have stopped the race on purpose to get a rerun...also can give a fine if they think a rider isn't getting up quick enough for the race to continue. Andrew Tully was fined for that reason at Glasgow (think last season).
  9. sunrise

    Matej Ferjan - Rip

    RIP totally shocked at the news thoughts are with his friends, family and his team mates too
  10. sunrise

    Craig Cook

    he has been excelllent this year for Edinburgh can see him challenging kevin for the No1 jacket sooner rather than later Worky's loss is our gain
  11. totally clueless ..I will not be paying for it
  12. I have sky sports and get Premier too
  13. sunrise

    Ian Thomas

    RIP Mr T you will be missed
  14. sunrise


    They did tangle on the 1st bend however by the time the red lights went on Ryan was coming out of the 2nd with Howe. Larsen was good all night so not a suprised him winning it

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