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  1. I'll make a very rare return for this. Welcome back Ghostwalker, you've been missed.
  2. I have some good news. I've found an independent distributor who has a deal with the BBC and has already published Jossy's Giants, a children's BBC series about a young football tea,m. I am very surprised that someone's taken it on but it could be worth the OP contacting them, Simply Media. It would dseem likely to be the only chance. The website is https://www.simplymedia.tv/
  3. I walked away from this conversation, and indeed shortly afterwards from posting on the forum as a whole because of the sheer exhaustion of having to deal with the uninformed and vindictive. Now I don't put you in that category, but noticing the revival of this thread it caught my attention so I've read your comments for the first time today. I was trying to do 'rearingtogo' a favour - to point out the problems that would almost certainly make the campaign a waste of time. With your experience you should be well aware of rights clearance, for individual actors, writers and also music composers which makes distribution of old drama series complicated and expensive. In view of this it is only the very successful 'safe bets' that tend to be revived on TV or video. For anything that had low viewing figures on initial broadcast the risk is ever higher. A case of a children's TV programme that ran for one brief series and did not have a particularly high impact in terms of reputation (outside speedway) or viewing figures is unlikely to be so revived - the risk of sales failing to cover the costs are substantial and the only hope would be finding a business to take on the challenge for non-commercial reasons. Now there is nothing to stop 'rearingtogo' spending time 'tilting at this particular windmill' but I was trying to get the point over that the chances of success were low. I was trying to inject a note of realism. If it works I would be delighted. Unfortunately I was otherwise engaged at uni when King Cinder was shot so I would love to watch it and see the friends of mine who acted as extras. Yes, you don't get anything without asking. However you can waste a lot of time and effort asking for something that is highly unlikely to succeed. As a footnote, in my commentating days the firm I worked with played it very straight regarding rights, using only copyright-free library music for opening and closing titles, even on the Screen Sport programmes. At the same time another company was receiving praise for including chart music and even TV clips to spice up their product. Now they may have paid the rights for this content but I doubt that the speedway market could have the substantial budget required to pay for this. Maybe they did? We were criticised for a lack of ambition. We knew it was a case of following the law. Performing rights and copyright itself are seen as an irritating technicality by those who do not work in creative media but as you will surely know they can be a huge obstruction. They do however ensure that creative talent get paid their due. They can also be used to prevent actors from being reminded in public of work that they would prefer to forget. So yes, ask away if you wish but there's no harm in giving those concerned some professional advice. Sadly the forum prefers gossip to reality or actual knowledge which is why this return to posting will strictly be a one-off. I enjoy your postings Martin which are well above the usual standard here. If only more were like yourself and the likes of Halifaxtiger I would be a keen contributor. Now I simply read and save my breath. I'm enjoying the sport far more now.... EDIT-Regarding Mr Clemens posting, Talking Pictures so far have deals with Fremantle, the current owners of Thames TV and the owners of the Southern TV archive. So far they have not shown any BBC material, but of course things could change. Would their first BBC programme really be an obscure children's TV programme from 42 years ago? As with the main body of my postingit might be worth asking but extremely unlikely. That's not being negative, that's trying to be informative.
  4. RobMcCaffery

    Rye House 2018

    Here we go again, having to put you straight yet again. . I started out as a fan of the Rockets at Rayleigh in 1971 and was a loyal supporter for the next three decades. In 1999 I was part of the team that revived the Rockets and despite ill-health presented all of the Rockets' 'home' meetings that season. In 2000 the Silver promotion took over from us and that meant the return to Rye House as part of his management team someone who I detested even more than nasty idiots like you. I worked at Mildenhall and Boston/King's Lynn during 2000 then moved to my current home, about a 250 mile round trip to Rye House. With the management still including the person I refused to have any dealings with I stayed away and tried to build a new life away from speedway. Sadly my love of the sport saw me start going again, to tracks local to me in the west country and west midlands. When BMR took over I was delighted at now being able to return to Rye House, Unfortunately ill-health and an inability to work ruled out £50 trips (fuel and admission). Despite recent hospitalisation I was keen to get to the track this year and was all set to go over in July. If I am such a poor 'fan' how come I was asked to write a substantial part of the eulogy for Kelvin Mullarkey's funeral, which I would have delivered in person had I not been 400 miles away in Cornwall convalescing from my latest hospitalisation. You really are scum.
  5. RobMcCaffery

    Rye House 2018

    My best time to go to speedway is at the weekend. Right now, the only weekend tracks that are within 100 miles of me are Stoke and Coventry (at Leicester)!
  6. RobMcCaffery

    Wolves 2018

    Yes, names may increase the crowds but by how much? Enough to cover their costs? Will they use their best efforts or bikes or just use Britain as paid practice? Anyway, ask Rye House fans what they think. They probably won't be alone by the end of this wretched season. I really wish Wolves and their fellow elite good luck in their star-studded four team league. Should be fascinating to see the 'names' back - every week..... As ever the supporters of clubs like yours live on in dream land where everything has a simple, easy solution that can be summed up as "If only everyone were as perfect as us".
  7. RobMcCaffery

    Rye House 2018

    I'd be intrigued to know what alternative they think is possible. Perhaps they could just go off and run their little fantasy while the rest of speedway rebuilds on sane lines? That's three times now my Rockets have died. My worry this time is that it is the stadium leaseholders involved and any replacement future promotion would have to deal with them rather than a third party, as is usually the case in speedway. One promotion goes and a replacement does a deal with the landlords. It's not so easy this time. I tried to prepare people for the worst..........
  8. I watch Sabmar's coverage frequently. It's just about acceptable if you don't mind the very limited quality, constantly inaccurate captions and general feeling that it's made by amateurs. Still, it's only speedway, doesn't deserve having it done properly eh? Let's just do it on the cheap and hope the punters are desperate or easily pleased, eh? Lovely jubbly!
  9. Many years back I appeared before the National League/Division 2 BSPA Management Committee to propose a scheme to indeed take broadcasting 'in-house' and produce programmes for sale to the network. The response was "But we don't know how to do it". I'd rather hoped they'd got the point that they'd need to hire someone who did..... I doubt very much whether the attitude has changed. It would be interesting to know how Sweden is coping with the lack of a TV deal this year. They have a deal to sell matches to Poland and Britain with the Swedish (and international) markets covered by pay per view. One small point that is ignored by most BSF people, probably because of its subtlety, is how promotion of speedway on BT Sport treats it as a major sport, slotting in promos alongside their European football and Premier League matches and their Rugby, either sharing ad breaks or being promoted in the ad breaks of those matches. For example, during the Champions League Final, watched by about 3 million people, a record for pay-TV, there was at least one promo for the Rye House v King's Lynn match the following Monday. Just as you can have guilt by association so you can have credit by association. Anyone watching BT Sport's premium events would have no doubt that they covered speedway and see promos that made it look like one of their top sports.Of course you could pay for such publicity - if you could afford it. The last time I tried to explain this one BSF charmer responded "Well it was a crap meeting" which does rather sum up the BSF and perhaps speedway as a whole. Unless something gives direct cash in the hand its benefits are too hard to understand.
  10. RobMcCaffery

    Any Chance Of A Brafield Revival?

    If The Groveway was unviable they did a damn good job of hiding the fact when I worked for them!
  11. RobMcCaffery

    Rye House 2018

    Okay, you win. I regret trying once more to help the BSF. I will remove all postings on the matter and you can all whinge on about how nobody ever tells you anything and maybe work out why? EDIT: - There, all gone now. Apologies for disturbing the ignorance.
  12. RobMcCaffery

    Any Chance Of A Brafield Revival?

    I announced at the Groveway in 1985 and it seemed to be doing no worse than any other track and closed due to stadium availability, I believe. Elfield Park was a different matter.
  13. "Improvements" we're made but most had to be taken down, for example the 1980s home straight scaffolding 'stands'. Len Silver widened the track by scrapping the dog track but more recent developments have appeared to be abortive. The main stand's access was questionable in 1974 and certainly hasn't improved since . I constantly had to read out safety warnings about people blocking stairways at the then lease holder's insistence . Every meeting would see their representative burst into the box shouting that the meeting was off unless people moved. All part of the delights of trying to help your team........
  14. It was an emergency bolt hole for the trackless Rayleigh Rockets in 1974 and really not a lot has changed. It was there or oblivion.
  15. RobMcCaffery

    27•06•18 - Premiership - Rye House v Swindon

    Expectations. It only takes one promoter to give in and the costs rise. Are you really so naive to expect promoters can simply name their price to riders they really want? Polish pay rates change what riders expect to be paid elsewhere. Think it through instead of blindly dismissing a point you're unable to understand please.

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