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  1. RobMcCaffery

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Feeding time at the zoo, I see - the reptiles coming out from under their stones. Have your twisted fun.
  2. RobMcCaffery

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I am charlie17, but with the right people. They give it out, they get it straight back at them. Prefer it if they had the brains to behave themselves.
  3. RobMcCaffery

    Freddie Lindgren music video

    I remember going to a meeting with Shawn and Maurice Ducker about promoting the record. It must have been about making a video for it which didn't happen . A long time ago. I had a few copies knocking about for a while.
  4. RobMcCaffery

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I am pretty sure you didn't. No I don't have an attitude problem, just a problem with those who keep niggling away at people which I have noticed with you for a while now. You begin to see a pattern of behaviour in people. As for whether my approach here is different to my approach in life? Of course it is, I wouldn't let someone like you and several other forum members anywhere near me in real life. Ironically Swindon's my nearest track but it isn't the kind of place I'd want to spend to much time or money at. Not the nicest or best-informed of supporters, rather like Poole.
  5. I answered him fairly but since he didn't like the answer he's been like a dog with a bone. My comments about perception of disability are not aimed specifically at members of this forum, but if the cap fits.... I hate conflict but given the attitude of too many people on this forum if they don't like what they read they turn nasty on the messenger, often because they either can't understand what they are being told or who just want to give someone a good verbal kicking.That's not me, but if attacked I will defend myself. All I am trying to do is explain some matters based o my experience of "the other side of the fence". It's an attempt to help people, like everything else I've done or tried to do for the sport. What gets incredibly frustrating is to run up against the "Oo duz he fink ee iz" mentality which causes many to hide behind false names. That is not my style. . Once I've said my piece I block them and walk away. Life is too short to waste time with the ignorant and/or malicious. Now despite your typical efforts to stir matters up this thread is about rather more important matters. And before you say it's my fault for mentioning pitstop84, I was telling him he's wasting his time. So are you. I've had enough problems with your attitude in the past. I'm wondering now why I took you off block. That's easily resolved, eh?
  6. Disability is someone else's problem....... ...... until it's theirs. (I note pitstop84 is active in this thread. If any of his comments are aimed at me, in view of his comments elsewhere, he's wasting his time - firmly on block. Life's difficult enough without people like him.)
  7. RobMcCaffery

    Possible Odsal news

    And the rest of the Men In Black. Terry rides on!
  8. RobMcCaffery

    Possible Odsal news

    I did hear there was consideration to rename the Rockets after their move out of Rayleigh "Herts County Rockets" on the basis that nobody had heard of Rye House. Must be the same logic that forced Stoke to race as Chesterton the previous season. Anyway, Arlington is nowhere nea\r Eastbourne, Armadale nowhere near Edinburgh, High Edge nowhere near Buxton (already dealt with).Brandon is not in Coventry, West Row is not in Mildenhall. Reverting to your point about the Hammers, how about similarly Kent? Where on earth was Trelawney? ;-) What IS in a name as long as riders get to ride and supporters get to watch. I know I've still got the Rockets racing at Rye House, or will have soon but it would warm my cooling heart to spend one night, even for just half a dozen heats cheering on a team called Rayleigh, no matter who was riding for them, at whatever level. You never forget your first love, eh? Yes it would be meaningless but in a world with famine, war and a rising tide of intolerance and ignorance, isn't all sport, just a bit of fun, or should be? One of legendary football manager Bill Shankly's few mistakes was to say of his sport "It's not a matter of life or death, it's more important than that". No.
  9. RobMcCaffery

    Ipswich 2020

    Money, money, money isn't just an Abba song ;-)
  10. Thank you for an excellent summary. I've just had my reassessment at the hands of a paramedic. The whole thing, beyond the 20m rule is so very subjective. You get points allocated for example on how easily you can prepare and cook a meal. The assessor asks you questions then gives you a score out of 8. It was worrying that I might lose my benefit (the first and only I've claimed in 40 years) and/or my Motability car which would leave me pretty well housebound. Struggling to get the 20 feet from the interview room to the front door of the office block I think contributed to 12/12 on that point. Reverting to the Showground, I know how far it used to be from car park to stand at Alwalton and know the pain I would suffer in covering such a distance now so the chances of me going there were poor even before this latest staggering decision on blue badges. Yes, some people abuse them, yes it is questionable whether some should have them but for many of us they are a lifesaver. There's plenty of other speedway tracks. There's plenty of other sports........ There are plenty of other interests run by people who have heard of the Disability Discrimination Act..... What's pathetic is that a sport that needs every supporter it can find is allowing one track to effectively turn many away. All I want to do is watch some live speedway. I've put a lot of effort into trying to help the sport over the years. A bit of consideration now would be a pleasant but not expected surprise. Having said that, there's the guy who stands near the turnstiles at one track, looking out for people like me who might need a little help and steps in if they're struggling. I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten his name :-( Ironically he's a Scunthorpe supporter......
  11. I expect to see live coverage on Eurosport and possibly some highhlights on Quest. Time will tell. You never can be sure of what Eurosport will do. It has a 30 yeear tradition of making schedules up as they go along, due to the high level of live sport, especially events which take long periods to run, such as tennis, cycling and winter sports, all of which can cause substantial timing overruns.
  12. RobMcCaffery

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I'm glad you have so much spare time. Did you not find it laughable? Might have been an idea to share this gem here. Better late than never and it's never too late to savour deep irony. To get back to the point, whether the track was built on the original footprint or the revised one of a few yards away, anyone thinking there won't be serious noise problems is living in dreamland. And at that point I shall leave you all there. This is becoming a circular argument and being abused by those more interested in scoring points off others. Sweet dreams!
  13. RobMcCaffery

    Freddie Lindgren music video

    At least we know where the mute button is. ;-)
  14. RobMcCaffery

    Possible Odsal news

    Maybe they could come up with a more meaningful name, such as "Stars of the League", or "Cearns's Dons"?. Showmanship? Giving the public what they want - naaah, what do they know". I'm sure it's not Silver's choice. I still remember warmly Rayleigh v Jack Millen's Anzacs in 1972.... What harm does it really do calling a side racing in a second half with minimal publicity Outer Hebrides Hawks? Talking Scotland I remember a side being tracked in the SJL at Blantyre called Darvel because the riders concerned either came from or practiced in the area. No wonder the Tigers had to move to Shawfield. Or take rugby. Just where does this side called "The Barbarians" play their home matches? I'd be interested to know what would happen if someone offered Scunthorpe ten grand to sponsor a challenge match against Boston ;-)
  15. You can feel sympathy to him without treating him as a saint.

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