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  1. RobMcCaffery

    Poole 2020

    What the hell are you on? I didn't state for one second that they had any connections with Poole before moving Weymouth Wildcats in in 1985. I stated that the Stewkesbury Plan destroyed the NL that had existed during the 70s and 80s. Of course it came after then. Where the hell do I state that Stewkesbury ran Poole pre 1985? Do try to keep up. You're too busy trying to cause trouble to even think, that's clear! I was the Poole correspondent for Speedway Mail at the time! Perhaps instead of accusing me of not knowing the facts you might learn to read?
  2. RobMcCaffery

    Poole 2020

    Yes it was, just after the 1980s finished. It ended the National League and saw the recreation of British League Division 1 & 2. Mysteriously Poole found themselves moving from the old NL to Division 1. Many subsequently wished the Pirates had just moved up to the BL and left the rest of us as we were.Mind you it was nothing compared to what came later and the developing egomania of their supporters....and sponsors.
  3. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I've only just noticed your childish comment in the second part of your petulant rubbish. If you interpret my feelings to the forum in such an infantile way you really need to learn to read. I decided to just follow the international section because of the depressingly ignorant and hostile atmosphere caused by louts like you in the British sections. I have no feeling at ALL about my treatment by British speedway. You really must check your medication since you are clearly hallucinating. I was treated badly at one track and walked away from it. That is my right. I've been to plenty of others in my five decades as a supporter. I am fundamentally a supporter who was lucky enough to help the sport out in a more formal way. What I objected to was how speedway operated, not how it treated me. You really could start a fight in an empty room couldn't you? "Boo Hoo" Just what level of IQ do you have? It's like listening to the French castle defenders in Monty Python & The Holy Grail. You goimg to call my father a hamster next? Pathetic. Like all normal humans I get annoyed amd I make mistakes but thank God I'm nothing like you. I take part in these discussions to pass on my experiences to help to explain situations and to pass in my thoughts of how the sport can be improved. All you seem to want to do is boast and put down others. It's sad really, big man. Thanks for proving my decision was right, I'll leave you to bully those who dare cross your path to glory here. I've said elsewhere that all Poole can do to the CL is damage it. Certainly dragging people like you in is quite a start in that process. But, one tip, keep lying about me and I guarantee you will regret it. That is NOT a threat, just a warning. You've crossed the line.
  4. RobMcCaffery

    Poole 2020

    See Skidder's spreading the Poole poison to the CL thread. Hopefully it'll only be one season at that level and they'll return here without causing too much damage this time, bearing in mind they were the club that destroyed the 1970/80s National League with a disastrous merger under the "Stewkesbury Plan". Shame to see them polluting the atmosphere of a competitive but ultimately friendly league.
  5. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Changed my mind Skidder when reading your ignorant and hostile drivel and thought I'd have a little fun.Clearly that's not possible since you are such an arrogant piece of work. You will be totally out of place in the CL. This was my fear when I heard Poole were self-relegating - your unpleasantness along with too many like you at Wimborne Road can only pollute an otherwise relaxed and fun league. Hopefully it'll only be for a year since all you and your club can do is corrupt the league you're in. Keep signing the cheques, it clearly makes you a very superior person....
  6. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    They'll come to terms when the trauma eases. Eventually.
  7. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Oh dear, have we hijacked a Poole thread? Oh deary me. Keep up the good work....
  8. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    No no no, Crayford were the budgies! They used to sell toy kestrels on stands and some were waved by the home fans to celebrate wins. We used to ask them if their budgies could talk....
  9. Huge changes in 2022 then total reversal in 2023 when the bills come in?
  10. RobMcCaffery

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Only in Carlisle within the city walls with a bow and arrow. A separate adjudication is required for Berwick to prevent people shooting themselves ;-) Enough politics.
  11. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    In my 48 years in speedway one of the best groups of supporters for having fun and taking the rise out of the opponents (and me) have been Middlesbrough/Redcar fans. Poole will have to re-learn that we have fun in tier 2(BL2/NL/PL/CL)and leave the nastiness (on the whole) to the upper 'elite'. One reason I've always preferred this level - it's competitive but still fun. Some of the Poole fans who don't remember the 80s won't know what's hit them ;-) Here's an example. Local derby Rye House v Canterbury. Recent tensions on track with Barney Kennett 'putting it about' at Kingsmead. As he makes his way to the pits he is accosted by a Rockets supporter, who presents him with a large lollipop "Because he's such a big baby). The fun is rapidly running out in speedway. Time to lighten up and have some fun. Educating Pirates could be fun in 20.
  12. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    One trip to Redcar will soon sort him out ;-) We know what'll be on the breakfast menu.
  13. Krakow and Pila both out of racing this year. Most of the Ekstraliga teams on supervised conditional licences, including the champions, Leszno. Huge crowds and high income are great, as long as you don't have higher costs. Pila withdrew because the local council wouldn't subsidise this year's losses. Sometimes you need to look past the glitz.
  14. RobMcCaffery

    Poole Pirates 2020

    We lived with Ian Thomas's expert shenanigans for years in the second tier. I doubt whether Poole will be anything like their tier 1 version, well at least for a while.....
  15. RobMcCaffery

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Thanks for the clarification. The debate about the NSS pre-opening was pretty ill-informed on many levels, and coloured by naked jealousy from some fans that a track in Manchester could dare to carry the title National Speedway Stadium. In most situations like these there is a chance that they will be fulfilled, and equally a chance that they will not, which is why, as surely if you were trying to pick a winner in a race, you have to study 'form'. Having said that there's no reason why an appalling record can't change. I hope so much that in Swindon's case it does. It's a great set-up with a good fan base and a superb record of continuity in the sport. It would be another cruel blow to lose it, and we've had far too many of those.

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