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  1. Emali, I am only direct with those who force me to be. This forum is full of loudmouthed idiots and if they don't like me, well quite frankly I could not give a damn. In fact I'd be worried if they did. There are some excellent people in this forum who post valuable information and insight. Sadly they are drowned out by the utter morons like you and Ben91. I just want to enjoy the sport I love. I have enough friends in the sport to be totally unconcerned by ignorant abuse from someone cowardly hiding behind a stupid name. I do hope idiots like you ignore me since it saves having to block you. Unfortunately I now have to. It's certainly not my loss. When I look at a posting like yours it only reminds me how many here just aren't worth helping, as I was reminded on the night. Shame this discussion had to take place on a Berwick-related thread. It's a track that I've always enjoyed visiting over the past 40-odd years. Lovely people. You could take lessons from them, whoever you are. Apologies to the decent people in the forum for having to deal with these cases of human waste. I obviously won't be making further comment. I didn't want to now but given the offensive nature of your post in the absence of moderation in the forum I've had to let you know that you crossed a line.
  2. That is your interpretation. I was simply expressing frustration that having taken the trouble to find out what was going on there was a succession of people lazily coming into the conversation and asking what was going on. If they'd bothered to read a few posts back the answer was there. Now I am direct in my approach since I don't believe in wasting time, especially on some of the people you get in here. You choose to interpret that in the way you choose. It was not intended that way. Most of what I post here is an attempt to inform or explain things to people and it is deeply frustrating to have that goodwill walked over by the lazy and stupid. If anyone has a go at me they can expect to get it back with interest. It's necessary given the nature of too many people in this forum, most of which is utter rubbish. There are some excellent contributors posting useful information here which is why I still use it. Sadly too many are like you. You're on ignore now so hopefully this is the last I will hear from you.
  3. Despite refreshing the website and Facebook page the first I heard about the alternative stream was a posting in the comments section of Speedway Updates. By that point I had no need to keep checking so I assume that they were both updated afterwards. It's all very unfortunate, as was the cancellation of the semi and final. Perhaps it might have been wiser to announce their cancellation earlier, say prior to the last four heats, when it surely must have become clear that the curfew was going to be broken. That way we could have realised at the time that Bewley's fifth win had earned him the title. Given the power problems they did well to get the meeting on. Sadly the draw meant a very large proportion of uncompetitive races followed by a remarkable situation of having four unbeaten riders in heat 16. As I've said elsewhere it was a frustrating disappointment, no doubt also for Berwick Speedway and the streaming company. I have fond memories of trips to Shielfield Park. I'm just disappointed to have been let down this time.
  4. After the fiasco in Lublin and the frustrating disappointment at Berwick, my goodness I needed that! Superb end to an awful year. Thank you Belle Vue and everyone who made this excellent finale happen.
  5. RobMcCaffery

    Polish Extraleague 2021 signings, rumours etc etc

    Reminds me, I must get my copy of this week's Star autographed......
  6. RobMcCaffery


    I felt sympathy for that poor laptop ;-)
  7. With Ben91's permission, my thoughts. (Don't worry lad, get someone to explain them to you). I really have a soft spot for Berwick, but even allowing for the power supply problems that wasc awful. It was only bu chance reading the comments on the Speedway Updates that I found a working link. The meeting ambled along with no sense of purpose or urgency and we were rewarded by the cancellation of the key final three races. Yes, they'd had problems but they didn't seem to be trying to make up for the delays. I was dreadfully disappointed by the TV coverage - lousy sound, poor camerawork including the key rerun of heat 16 out of focus and a poor choiuce of support for Goddard. I've donated because I believe passionately in the future of streaming in speedway. I love my trips to Shielfield Park and was happy to get an 'extra' trip up there. Speedway can be wonderful. Sometimes it can be awful. Sadly this was the latter. I won't post more because it'll only annoy Ben 91. Hrey Ben, I'll take a day off easily - I'll just think of your inane postings and that'll help. There is one condition - you take a month off......................
  8. It'll be much longer before I bother to help someone like you. Idiot.
  9. So, could you not work out that the problems hadn't been resolved yet? Okay, stupid of me to try to help people - you're on your own now...
  10. Read earlier messages please. The answer is there.
  11. You will do at least until the revised 7.30 start time caused by the stadium power problems.
  12. You Tube showing countdown to 7.30 pm.
  13. RobMcCaffery

    Jason Garrity

    With luck - and common sense, now a part of speedway history - the one that all keep well clear of. I don't need to be a disabled person myself, as I sadly am, to know how despicable these c rimes were. No excuses. His speedway skill's irrelevant Thank goodness he's gone.
  14. RobMcCaffery

    SON 2020

    Thanks. My memory is obviously longer than I thought.
  15. RobMcCaffery

    SON 2020

    The Worralls have both raced in Poland's League 2 in recent years with reasonable success. I think it was for Rawicz. They missed this season though.

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