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  1. RobMcCaffery

    TV new deal?

    Just a quick follow-up with some facts. The BARB audience share figures for certain stations were as follows in September. Eurosport 1&2 combined 0.17 BT Sport 1-3+ESPN 0.58 - despite being premium channels they attract nearly four times as many viewers as the cheaper Eurosport. It is only when Discovery's Freeview channels are involved that the switch looks in any way attractive: Quest 0.91 DMAX 0.37 All are penny numbers in the overall TV market. For comparison here are the shares for the top public sector channels: BBC 1 20.37 BBC 2 5.48 ITV 16.98 C4 6.00 C5 3.94 So even Quest fails to reach 99.09% of viewers. DMAX 99.63%, Eurosport fails to reach 99.83% of viewers. BT Sport fails to reach 99.42 %. Just to put this all hopefully into perspective. We'rev looking at tiny audiences even if small amount now ,may watch the sport for free on Freeview whenever it is used by Discovery.
  2. RobMcCaffery

    TV new deal?

    "Marry in haste, repent at leisure" Well, five years anyway. ;-) Time will tell. I hope it works but 30 years' experience of this network suggests otherwise. Oh and by the way Quest and DMAX are indeed on Freeview. They are not dedicated sport channels and will probably only be used for overspill when the Eurosport channels are full of their priority sports. They're minor players, as the EFL is finding out with their highlights package even if they are available to more homes than Eurosport. I suspect only the diehard fans will go looking for speedway there or stumble across without switching channels because the viewer is on Quest or DMAX for their normal non-sports programming. But then, what would I know eh? Experience in the industry plus study of it for fifty years counts nothing against loudmouthed speedway fans out to make cheap shots ;-)
  3. So, presented with a totally unacceptable situation, we're supposed to meekly change channels and keep quiet? No. It doesn't work that way. Anyway, this isn't about the TV audience, it's about those who were relieved of nearly £20 on the night to watch a fiasco. When something is deeply wrong you do the sport a disservice by simply ignoring it. Those responsible have to be told quite firmly that this is NOT acceptable. We've had too many people either 'switching off' - for good or giving up attending live matches while those who are driving them away go unchallenged. There are 22 days left in the speedway season. Plenty of time to run four meetings without imposing last night's rip-off on increasingly disillusioned customers. If you spend a whjole season hyping up the play-offs to the detriment of the main season you HAVE to deliver, even if it takes six postponements before you get a usable track. I've seen 49 speedway Octobers so far and while you do get the odd run of bad weather I've seen plenty of clear months. I've even happily paid my money to watch speedway in November, once even for a challenge match! Forcing a farce through for TV is far more damaging than calling it off. We have people constantly banging on about the sport being ruined by bad decision making yet we're supposed to just shrug our shoulders and turn away from last night? Forcing meetings through on unfit tracks was all very well when speedway was cheap. It isn't now.
  4. So, all season long we're told to wait for the play-offs, it's all about qualifying for the play-offs, get your fixtures finished in time fpr the play-offs, risk your track's season finishing ridiculously early if you don't qualify for the play-offs, the play-offs are all, they're wonderful - and they're coming soon! Only two weeks to the play-offs. You change the team round, find new riders, and.....qualify for the PLAY-OFFS! Then you get tonight. And they expect you to pay nearly £20.......
  5. RobMcCaffery

    2020 Wildcards

    My comment was only appropriate if an SEC win WAS to become a route to SGP qualification. Until that happens, if ever, European riders have one route, like anybody else.
  6. Anyway, back to the speedway. I've just caught up with the relegation play-off. Given the huge difference in team-building standards between the top and middle tiers there was little chance of getting a competitive match. Despite this Klindt and Walasek made it interesting to see what points they could take off the mighty Gorzow. It does show what a great season Klindt has had. It was disappointing to see Sam Masters so far off the Ekstraliga pace. The fact that Poland have this fixture shows they don't always get it right over there, although the closer standards between middle and lower tiers do make their relegation play-offs rather more competitive. Still, it gave the Gorzow fans there a chance to welcome home their new World Champion. I've seen worse speedway meetings (*cough* One Sport Best Pairs *cough*)
  7. No, you've had your opinion opposed by expert opinion. It happens. Just avoid watching Polish racing and leave the rest of us to enjoy it. Why spoil it for others? Yes, you have the right to an opinion but using that allows others to use their equal right to oppose you. R&R does exceptional work to keep this group fully informed on what is coming up in Poland, what matches are on TV and where and how to watch them. His efforts do not deserve your childish, petulant sarcasm. There is no requirement to TOE any party line and it is deeply insulting to suggest that we are so feeble in character not to have our own points of view. You have yours. We have the right to find it foolish and ill-informed. Given the quality of your opinion and response to criticism it might be best all round if you just kept it to yourself. Why try to spoil the enjoyment of others? Does it make you feel clever or important?
  8. RobMcCaffery

    2020 Wildcards

    By entering two routes to qualification - an option open to all European riders.
  9. RobMcCaffery

    2020 Wildcards

    They've got some up and coming riders, but not many. Oliver Berntzon and Phillip Hellstrom-Bangs are worth keeping an eye on though I'm not sure how young the former is. With Andreas Jonsson retired there's not much depth. With the exodus of expensive foreign talent seemingly set to grow next year it could give young talent some space to develop. Too many teams over there are crowded out by Poles, many of whom simply don't deliver in Sweden.
  10. RobMcCaffery

    2020 Wildcards

    It was remarkable how he woke up in that final ride, as if he had only just realised the peril he was in - and then how, having set a target, his rivals all failed to better it in their final rides. His form in Poland and Sweden has been poor of late so there's obviously something wrong.
  11. RobMcCaffery

    2020 Wildcards

    Thanks. Interesting to see Drabik as third-ranked Pole in Sweden as well as in his home country with CMAs of 7.88 and 8.54 in each. Obviously riding as a junior in Poland and getting a soft heat in 2 in most matches helped his domestic average but it does illustrate his progress, finishing well above Dudek in both cases. It does make you wonder if Dudek hadn't secured a place in the top 8 in his final ride in Torun whether he might have lost out to Drabik for the third Pole wildcard? I agree with the surprise about Lindback but perhaps it was inevitable that BSI would want a second (spare?) Swede in the lineup. Mind you, they're happy enough to have one Brit. So much for the Poles' allegations of BSI favouring British interests..... Hancock qualified comfortably for the 2019 series. Allowing him to delay a year while he helped his wife battle breast cancer is basic human decency, even if the obsessed may have some problem with it.
  12. RobMcCaffery

    Grand Prix numbers

    Maybe ;-)
  13. RobMcCaffery

    Big decisions in November.

    You and The Weasel really need to keep up with your medication. A cheap shot but about what people expect from you. Sad really. I've done my bit for the sport - what have YOU done apart from be a prat on a forum? Does it compensate for being such an unpleasant moron? My goodness, I knew you were an idiot but not that your insults were THAT lame. Still, it makes me feel young - like being back in the school playground, on a day when they'd the kids visit from the local 'special school'. Try harder. Give it a few years and you might be able to crawl up to stupid. Good luck, but I'd prepare yourself for disappointment. Weasel, I see he made you laugh. I seem to remember having to deal with your stupidity a while back. I'm annoyed with myself for wasting my time on you. Won't happen again. Avoiding reptiles like this makes not being involved in the sport anymore a lot easier. Thank you both. Back on topic. Big decisions in November. Make your postings as simplev as possible so Debbs and The Weasel can understand them without their lips and fingers getting tired. Time to open a window......
  14. RobMcCaffery

    Grand Prix numbers

    I'm waiting for someone to ask Jason Doyle why he chose his racing number.
  15. RobMcCaffery

    Big decisions in November.

    Even if the BL sides hadn't dropped down and even if there was a surplus of riders I severely doubt that Barrow's budget was anywhere near adequate to sign any of them. Scunthorpe's problems were financial rather than due to rider availability. They really shouldn't have started the season. Yes both needed a third division. The effect of the BL migration wouldn't have hit quite that quickly but a league with Poole, Wimbledon and Barrow and Scunthorpe in it was inevitably going to have strains. This sad story had one personal aspect. I was NL Press Officer that year and had the novel experience of seeing my report on the withdrawals, forced or voluntary, on screen on Oracle within seconds of dictating it over the phone.

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