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  1. Polish and other match videos 2018

    You have had it explained to you already. Speedway For All was a very useful service that carried 30 minute edits of Polish meetings showing all heats. Speedway Portal is a UK service that just carries interviews. They are entirely different. It is Speedway For All that has featured in this section of the forum, not Speedway Portal. Just because Speedway Portal puts this stuff online it doesn't mean that anyone watches them apart from fans of the tracks 'covered'. Fans can be 'weird so and sos' but not necessarily for the reason you have chosen to use here. Please feel free to thoroughly piss off Holsted.... Anyway, back to the matter in hand rather than this irrelevance, it is amazing that Speedway For All survived so long.
  2. The CMA works on a basis of riders taking four rides a meeting. Seven riders taking four rides each covers 14 heats. Say you have seven 6 point riders in a team. The total average would be 42, under the limit. Then two riders take a heat advantage in heat 15...... A combined team average of 42.5 converts to 45.53 over 15 heats. (15/14x42.5).
  3. Swindon Stadium

    I visit Devon frequently and the plight of Torquay United obviously gets a great deal of media coverage there. For those who don't follow the lower reaches of football Osborne runs that unfortunate football club which has during most of its existence played in the bottom tier of the Football League. For the first time in its modern history they are on the brink of relegation to their lowest status, National League South, two tiers below their traditional level in the Football Lleague. All kinds of promises have been made which will sound familiar to speedway supporters. There's the purchase or lease of a stadium in a prime development area, the running-down of the venue amidst talk of a shiny new replacement stadium. Recently his business has taken back control of the pub adjoining the ground. The newspaper report refers to Stadia UK's 'record in running leisure facilities'. Funny, to the outsider it would seem their principal activity, rather like the GRA is to groom stadia for highly lucrative redevelopment. One of the promises is to sort out the Gulls' training ground, which apparently is literally bogged down by poor drainage, again a familiar concept to those familiar with the tattier end of the Abbey Stadium car park, once also a planned site for development.The football club itself is supposed to move from residential Plainmoor to a new site further out of town. People are getting a touch suspicious in Torbay. In some ways I'd respect them if Stadia UK came out and admitted that they simply want to redevelop stadia and stop putting up smokescreens. Hopefully Torquay United will prove to be a step too far. Despite their status football matters to communities, and not just the local market and will get noticed well, outside their area in a way that speedway has never been able to. I suspect that serious journalists, and not from the sports desk, will be taking an interest in the business as the situation in Torbay worsens.
  4. I find One Sport and their events an irrelevance that clutter the international schedule. Your assumption that by being a British Speedway supporter that I must be a fan of an American (IMG) owned business is a shocking misjudgement. Indeed it seems that this is a line being pushed in Poland these days, judging by Sportowe 'Fakty' where BSI are portrayed as working in league with British Speedway against the interests of Poland. I think you'll find that most British supporters couldn't give a damn about BSI and I'm pretty certain the BSPA would have even less sympathy! Portraying poor old innocent Polish Speedway being bullied by the nasty Brits is morally and intellectually bankrupt. BSI are nonetheless running the premier international events. I have my reservations about the revived World Pairs but the SGP decides the World Championship. That's a little more important than seeing which sponsor wins a curtailed 15 heat 6 pair tournament mainly staged on minor circuits. Whether or not BSI or the FIM are doing an acceptable job is also irrelevant to me. I enjoy watching the Grands Prix but speedway for me is a team sport and my real interest lies purely in the major leagues. I've seen the sport over 40-odd years bend over backwards to stimulate the sport in minor countries and I am still waiting for those efforts to bear any fruit. The 'tail wags the dog' in speedway and the needs of tracks that stage maybe three or four meetings a year often seem to be a greater priority than those in the major nations. The blunt truth is that these efforts aren't working and the developed speedway nations are paying the price! Of course the links between business and sport are there. The question is having the right balance. Just what ARE One Sport achieving, apart from being parasites? I am not here to justify the actions of any speedway organisation, and ceretainly not BSI or the BSPA. Been there, had the T-shirt nicked. ;-) Right now in Britain we have rather more pressing matters - trying to keep our 90 year old sport from collapsing. I'll watch tomorrow's pairs but only out of a deep love for watching speedway. I've watched and worked in the sport at all levels since 1971 and still love it deeply, despite some of the deeply depressing people, some of which were downright crooks, that I've had to deal with over the years. Sometimes I wonder why, especially when reading this forum, bit I still just love watching speedway, but preferably a team match. As you can imagine I can 'smell' bull (trying to keep it polite) from a long distance after all these years and if people are out to pull the wool over people's eyes I'm not the best target.
  5. King's Lynn v Belle Vue 18/04/18

    Lambert looked good in Poland at the weekend. Hopefully he can make real progress this year.
  6. Poole v Swindon SGB Prem A. 18th April 2018

    Maybe Poole need to look to Poland? There was a promising young lad who scored 12 for Torun at the weekend. Goes by the name of Chris Holder... Perhaps they should give third division rider Greg Hancock a call..... .....to see if any kids in that league need some paid practice.... I'm sure it's a one-off tonight, but that doesn't take away the pleasure of seeing the complacent boasting followed by a pratfall.
  7. Charlie Webster - Malaria

    Not the place or time for past grudges. The girl was close to death for quite some time. I think she has gone through enough.
  8. Former Sky Sports pit interviewer and Sky Sports News presenter Charlie Webster has just appeared on BBC News' Victoria Derbyshire programme in her new role as a campaigner to fight malaria. She had a serious, life-threatening attack while on a charity bike ride to the Rio Olympics in 2016. I thought some might be interested in what happened to her. Sad to hear she was so close to death.
  9. RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Simply the greatest speedway rider I had the privilege to watch, and thankfully meet in person. He won the first race I ever watched in the First Division at Belle Vue in 1972. He looked unbeatable that night, and a huge contrast to the other riders, from the leathers through to his dominant armchair style. Ivan was a star and a lasting one, not just a few season wonder. Later I was to have the honour of commentating on his British farewell meeting at Hyde Road and very nearly was assigned to cover his home New Zealand leg of his farewell tour. Sadly that wasn't to be but at least I can say that I have attended a business meeting with him. He was equally a class ahead in that arena. i was lucky enough to meet many world champions in my time, but only one mattered, only one was I star struck by, Ivan Mauger O.B.E. The best in so many ways. Rest in peace, free of that appalling illness that also claimed my mother, the death before death.
  10. No you get the stick because of your arrogance and complacency and seeming inability to realise that childish gloating only offends those with a brain. You hide behind "prove it" and try to comfort yourselves that "the haters are just jealous". No, there are serious concerns about Poole's role in the current collapse of British Speedway. The sport has lost credibility here and the never-ending 'pure coincidence' of rules being changed to suit Poole's needs is a root cause. You boast about being champions. Try behaving like champions and you might finally get some respect. Blind faith isn't supporting your club or sport.
  11. Rye House 2018

    Only after Jack (Mr.Loyalty 2017) Holder pulled off the nastiest piece of fencing since they demolished Exeter in his fourth ride.
  12. FIM Longtrack Live on You Tube

    Equally many people in speedway prefer to watch and support a team, be able to watch all the action and have no interest in motorcycles. Speedway is a team sport that happens to use motorcycles rather than a motorsport and also has the odd individual championship as an extra bonus
  13. FIM Longtrack Live on You Tube

    Good, he came across as likeable, just a victim of the mentality that speedway is just another bike sport and followed by the same public.
  14. 09/04/18 Premiership Wolverhampton v Swindon

    When you have such huge gaps in the fixtures it makes sense to run meetings profitably in good weather than struggle through in front of a pitiful crowd and lose a packet. Supporters have seen too many 10 heat scrambles or call-offs once they've paid their money and avoid meetings when the weather is doubtful. Decades of neglecting customers and "we've not had a drop of rain all day" messages are now coming home to roost.
  15. It's been raining a lot lately......