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  1. oldtimer

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Changes seem to make team weaker. Will make a visit when track sorted out, mostly gate 1 against Wolves and comment that outside line not working, hope they get it sorted.
  2. I always thought the winner of a race was the rider who finished first.
  3. Using him at reserve meant you could use him as many times as you wanted, Bewley does not have experience for this level.
  4. The bottom line is it was a stupid way to decide who won, if it was not a 5-1 or a 4-2 then the winner of the race should have been the team that won, just as stupid was a warning on the first day carrying on into the second day, they got rid of the joker in the old team event and have replaced it with two jokers. In this weeks Star Rob Painter says, "he wants to see speedway on the back pages of national newspapers and is working very hard to do that" If that's the case he can count himself lucky that the press currently ignore speedway as the headlines would have been. GREAT BRITIANS SPEEDWAY TEAM FINISH WITH MOST POINTS AND FINISH FIRST IN FINAL BUT LOSE THE COMPETITION." Not a great advert for the sports credibility is it?
  5. Thought Pearson was much better at Belle Vue, less shouting.
  6. Is it just me or are more adverts popping up in contributors posts?
  7. I didn't know the top two went straight through to the final, you would have thought Nigel would have reminded us.
  8. Rebels had Wajtknecht for a while if my memory is correct, shame we could not keep him as a good score tonight and he is a local lad from Bristol.
  9. Explanation of the problem from management, wrong type of shale, very unfortunate but probably an unforeseen problem. Sure it will soon get sorted, probably an expensive thing to put right. Statement said management is always willing to listen to supporters, so here goes, bring back the rider jingles, the two minute announcement, the fanfare before each heat and drop the interval after heat 12.
  10. I thought this new track man was supposed to listen to riders, which Ez apparently didn't, what is his experience what tracks has he done before?
  11. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Unless my memory fails me when we were in the Conference League, or whatever it was called, the second field was often full. Question, do you need top class riders or a cheaper version.
  12. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Excellent video of press and practice evening, Doyle's remarks about Debs backside made me laugh, good to see Ian (Statman) getting recognition. Team looks good and hope Gary buys the Kevlar's.
  13. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    phone number was off Rebels poster I have from about 10 years ago. Mike Manning audio were sponsors
  14. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Many thanks for that
  15. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Don't see how you can leave any sponsor's off they all want to be seen, any I assume sponsors were consulted first.

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