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  1. oldtimer

    The need for reserves?

    You could have a max 6 rides for reserves but a rule that a reserve can take more rides if the other reserve is injured or if more than one rider is injured.
  2. oldtimer

    The need for reserves?

    I have never understood why reserves are allowed 7 rides, it's a farce when a rider can be in nearly half the races. If you have two reserves with a max of 6 rides each, that would give you 2 rides each outside of their programme rides, if you had a rider injured in the first heat you have only got that riders 3 other rides to cover and you would still have a spare ride in the rare event of a reserve having a tactical ride.
  3. That's the problem Rebels have 3 reserves.
  4. I was just going to suggest that
  5. First visit to Oak Tree in about 3 years, surprised by the large crowd, much bigger than I remember when used to attend every week, obviously the cost has not put people off. Track looked great, and improvements in the music, louder, you could actually hear it, and a better choice of tunes, no long interval after heat 12, and only a few track grades. Not the best meeting I have seen but the Doyle, Cook clashes were out of the top drawer. Belle Vue deserved to win having most of the heat wins and if Cook had not touched the tapes and Bewley new how to gate they would have won easier.
  6. oldtimer

    Chanpionship Pairs Somerset Friday 20th

    Have not been to Somerset for couple of years, but there was toilets in club house and next to track shop.
  7. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Just watched the behind the scenes video, Doyle said a rut in the track, and need more dirt on outside as it's a white line track, however Najjer said there has been outside passing, want to know the track is Ok before I venture down again and spend my hard earned money. Any reliable track condition opinions?
  8. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Do we definitely know it was a text message? It was a pity the centre green interviewer did not ask Gary that question.
  9. oldtimer

    Somerset 2018

    Blimey ! and people accuse me of moaning.
  10. oldtimer

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Why don't you sign Charles Wright?
  11. oldtimer

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    That's good to know, thought not much passing on outside was mentioned on latest Somerset speedway portal, must have misheard
  12. oldtimer

    Somerset v Poole Prem A. 20/6/18

    Changes seem to make team weaker. Will make a visit when track sorted out, mostly gate 1 against Wolves and comment that outside line not working, hope they get it sorted.
  13. I always thought the winner of a race was the rider who finished first.
  14. Using him at reserve meant you could use him as many times as you wanted, Bewley does not have experience for this level.
  15. The bottom line is it was a stupid way to decide who won, if it was not a 5-1 or a 4-2 then the winner of the race should have been the team that won, just as stupid was a warning on the first day carrying on into the second day, they got rid of the joker in the old team event and have replaced it with two jokers. In this weeks Star Rob Painter says, "he wants to see speedway on the back pages of national newspapers and is working very hard to do that" If that's the case he can count himself lucky that the press currently ignore speedway as the headlines would have been. GREAT BRITIANS SPEEDWAY TEAM FINISH WITH MOST POINTS AND FINISH FIRST IN FINAL BUT LOSE THE COMPETITION." Not a great advert for the sports credibility is it?

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