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  1. oldtimer

    Somerset 2020

    I'm looking for the Somerset thread, can anyone direct me ?
  2. oldtimer

    Somerset 2020

    Not just Somerset !
  3. Great idea which should have been done long ago, season holders also get £1 off programme or food, so that's a decent saving over season.. Cannot see price of ordinary admission, 2019 prices on web site, interested if there is an OAP discount or discount for NHS people, because due to an new opportunity I may be attending a few matches in 2020.
  4. oldtimer

    Somerset 2020

    And Newport
  5. oldtimer

    Somerset 2020

    It's not just the top riders that gets the crowds to Cardiff it's the great atmosphere, noise, exciting music a seat etc, all of which are missing at many tracks
  6. oldtimer

    Somerset 2020

    Sadly I agree with every word, apart from bin the points limit.
  7. oldtimer

    1032 Error

    Has anybody in last few days been unable to access this Forum? Had a 1032 configuration of server error when trying to bring up the web page. Thought it was my PC but works Ok today.
  8. oldtimer

    Somerset 2019

    And the reason is you need over 45 points to win a match, if they start next season on a 38 limit you will have to lose half the current riders.
  9. oldtimer

    Somerset Vs Scunthorpe 29/5/19

    No League action for 3 weeks now, seems a strange way to arrange fixtures.
  10. good question, if Somerset want to attract bigger crowds, why not reply on here and give the reason?
  11. oldtimer

    Somerset v Redcar 15th May

    Very sad to read last few comments, no OAP concession is just one reason I have not returned, don't want to pay more for less, also the presentation has not been good for many years, when I used to attend. There used to be an atmosphere in the early days, but fun things like the jingles and rider music when they won, I asked Deb about it once but was told you are the only one that wants it changed. Also the interval, sometimes 15 minutes or more just when things were close and exciting with 3 heats to go, you were left standing around, not everyone wants more chips. The music is rubbish at all the speedway tracks I have been to, must be something about paying royalties for anything that's not 20 years old. The loudspeaker system needs to be better but that costs money and there may be a problem about neighbours complaining, however appropriate music creates an atmosphere that's why you get music in cinema films and TV programs, and playing old Elvis and country music adds nothing. Somerset obviously don't want to lose money, but other tracks who don't own there own stadium seem to manage somehow, so assume Somerset better off than some. No excuse for the weeds other than you have to pay someone to maintain the place.
  12. oldtimer

    Rebels vs Pirates

    I agree the gap is huge,it's certainly killed off any promotion and relegation, remember that ? I remember a few seasons back (,before i stopped going 5 or 6 years ago) when Rebels were in the second division, the current Poole side would have been a second division side, we had Nick Morris, Josh G, and Doyle, now you are paying more for a lot less with a 38 point limit. At the end of season with the team average risen to 45 or more and riders on a false average compared to their ability, you will weaken it further the following season.I wonder how many pensioners still go with no OAP discount? When i last attended, apart from Najjer all the people i used to see an stand with 20 or even 10 years ago no longer attended, and they can't all be dead. very sad !
  13. oldtimer

    Rebels vs Pirates

    If I remember correctly the first meeting 20 years ago was also rained off. It's been snowing near Cheddar.
  14. oldtimer

    Somerset 2019

    Anybody know who is riding in both teams for Rebels v Poole ?
  15. oldtimer

    Somerset 2019

    Look on the bright side, should have plenty of exciting last heat deciders.

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