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  1. The scoring system in SoN and its whole procedure is crazy. Can you imagine a football world cup final finishing in 3 : 0 for one team...and then to decide who is to be crowned world champion referee decides to have a penalty shoot out...Can anyone imagine this? because I can't, and yet in Speedway of Nations we have exactly this. Those who invented this should have their heads examined.
  2. Tell me...what losing one of the best riders in the world on day one has to do with the final race...I will continue to say that the British were lucky because Lambert and Bewley benefited on Janowski's misfortune.
  3. and that doesn't make GB the best team in the world
  4. Very true...winning because of the opponent's misfortune is not a win...just luck. Neverthelss what counts is an entry the history books.
  5. ... and that is totally unfair !!! The scoring system is also unfair.... I will never understand why mending something that's unbroken.
  6. I also think that the track is fine...Lambert just proved it.
  7. Can anyone provide a link for those in Poland who would like to see British Final...thank you
  8. Anyone noticed the fact that we are having Polish _Russian final...is this a sign that speedway home moved from the West to the East...finally.
  9. Below you can read excerpts from an article written by Lukasz Kuczera in the Sportowe Fakty website https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/962437/malzenstwo-ktore-wygralo-polska-lige-klub-traktuja-jak-dziecko (…) Andrzej Rusko, president of Betard Sparta Wroclaw, the new Polish champion has been working in speedway for over 30 years. During this period, he created a tycoon in Lower Silesia, the richest club in Poland. It was the beginning of the 90s, when speedway in Wroclaw was declining, and then appeared a man called - Andrzej Rusko . An efficient manager and businessman who started to introduce ideas straight from the West. Ensuring support of Poland’s first private TV channel Polsat TV, which was a novelty at the time - the clubs did not have title sponsors, or bikes from respected tuners, gave the medals they wanted. Three years in a row, (1993-1995) the speedway riders from Wroclaw did not descend from the throne . On Sunday 26 Sept.2021, Betard Sparta Wroclaw became the Polish champion for the fifth time in history. Although the speedway traditions in the capital of Lower Silesia date back to the early 1950s, the club won all the titles in the Rusko era. It is hardly surprising, however, since he himself treats the club as his child. Sparta is our common child. Mine, Christine's and many other people. The child that was born grew and gave us a lot of joy - said Andrzej Rusko when the association he founded celebrated its 25th anniversary. During this period, he could always count on the support of his wife - Christine Kloc . It was she who took the lead when he decided to head Poland's football Ekstraklasa. (…) When Rusko was active in Ekstraklasa, the club found itself in a black hole. Back then, it fought to stay in the PGE Ekstraliga , had a worse squad, and the Olympic Stadium, which was reminiscent of the communist times, deterred fans. This worse period of Betard Sparta is remembered by Tai Woffinden . The Brit, a three-time world champion, joined the club in the 2012 season. As he says himself, Krystyna Kloc saved his career, because the people of Wroclaw stretched out a helping hand to him at the right moment. As Woffinden climbed the ranks of the world speedway, so did Betard Sparta I've waited 10 years for this. I just cried - said Woffinden after winning the gold with Wroclaw, For the last several months now Wroclaw is his home. He has bought a house 20 minutes from the track and moved in with his family. If Woffinden has been waiting for gold for many years, so did Rusko. Wroclaw celebrated the last title in 2006. After lean years, fat years have come. In recent seasons, they regularly appeared in the playoffs, but they always missed the dot on i. Ironically, each time they had on their way their biggest rival - Fogo Unia Leszno . The Wroclaw president’s dream was to celebrate gold in 2017 - it was the first season of competitions at the completely renovated Olympic Stadium. For the amount of PLN 120 million in Lower Silesia, they acquired one of the most beautiful speedway facilities in Poland. The activists also did a gigantic marketing job. Suddenly it turned out that 12-13 thousand fans can appear in the stands at every match. Currently, no one says that Wroclaw, as a city, is too big for speedway. On the contrary. Before this year's finals of PGE Ekstraliga with Motor Lublin, there were voices that if the facility had 30,000 capacity, it would also be able to fill it. In order to be successful, Andrzej Rusko had to deviate a bit from his policy. For several years in a row, Wroclaw attracted the stars of the young generation, who, with appropriate support, were to reach there a higher level. Before the 2021 season, Artem Laguta was brought in - one of the best speedway riders in the world, currently the leader of the general classification of the SGP world championship . All this would not be possible without the city's support. City’s President Jacek Sutryk is a huge fan of speedway. Perhaps in part because he rides a motorcycle himself and has a passion for two wheels. The city's involvement in the speedway sport is greater than in the times of its predecessor, moreover, Wroclaw is organizing the speedway Grand Prix cycle again - from which it gains profits. The presidents of other Polish speedway clubs say straightforwardly: it is currently the richest club in Poland, with a budget well over PLN 10 million. Andrzej Rusko has been in this business for so long that he managed to make enemies in it. Betard Sparta and its president have often been accused of doing everything to achieve success. First of all - it does not train its own riders, but only brings in juniors from outside. However, this is also changing before our eyes. For some time now, trainings with the youngest have been actively conducted in Wroclaw, the effects of which should be visible in the future.
  10. So which side won in the first match at Lublin ?
  11. I totally and utterly agree with you...waste of time!
  12. You are correct about the name...but Marcin Gortat is not Tungate's mechanic
  13. Were they asked to do it ? Everyone seems to be moaning about Zarnovitsa track, and why was it chosen to stage GP Challenge. It seems to me that as our speedway is a professional sport run by commercially oriented companies the driving force in this game is ...money! For promotors and riders alike. If BV would offer enough money to lure GP Challenge promoters I am sure we would see them staging GP Challenge.
  14. PolskiZuzel

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Sad news indeed. I was wondering about Phil's absence on this forum in the recent weeks/month. Now I know why. My deepest words of sympathy from Poland to his family.
  15. Now that the 2nd Lublin Grand Prix is over let me get back to Falubaz, who has no clue about myself and talks utter rubbish. I am not an emigrant, or educated at the primary school level, but the 1969 Poznan University graduate. My first speedway meeting that I watched in Bydgoszcz was in late 50's. Mieczysław "Mike" Polukard, Poland's first world finalist from Bydgoszcz, was my childhood hero, so anyone can guess how old I am. Whilst living in London, every Friday I cheered for Zuper Zenon and Hackney Hawks. For my retirement I returned back home to Bydgoszcz and still follow speedway worldwide..so don't believe anything Falubaz says...just ignore him.
  16. Falubaz forever.!!!..out of the Polish ExtraLeague.
  17. Probably those "better" tracks are not in position to stage GPS.
  18. There is Zmarzlik...and then there is Kubera.
  19. I disagree...Bartosz overdid in leaning on his team mate and caused this crash.Should be out in the re-run
  20. There is difference of opinion between two commentators, Tomasz Gollob in the studio and Miroslaw Jablonski at the track(both ex riders). Gollob saw Kenneth fault and Jablonski did not.
  21. If you look again you will see that it was Zmarzlik who started "showing off" towards Janowski, who just resonded with the same action leading to exchange of words at the pits gate. Nevertheless he (Janowski) should not have leave victory rostrum prematurly.

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