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    Polish Winter 2005/2006

    Well, I don't know who TNT133 is, but little bird tells me he got his information from Pecyna himself :-)
  2. PolskiZuzel

    Ekstra Liga Grand Final - 25-09-05

    ... is that all ? :-)
  3. PolskiZuzel

    The Holta Kaspzak Incident In Poland

    Yes, he did...and the appeal body could not establish beyond any doubt that he did kick Holta, so they let him off. What a farce it turned out to be. To be honest I have had just enough ! One farce chasing another. How anyone can take speedway seriously. I can't anymore.
  4. PolskiZuzel

    Ekstra Liga Grand Final - 11-09-05

    Polish Tv can be had (free of charge) through digital (FTA free to air) satellite receiver costing around 50.00 GBP. You will also need a bigger dish than SKY, abouth 85cm, and an attachment to that dish, called LNB. Direct your dish on 13.0 degree East where you'll find Hiot Bird satellite, through which you will have literally hundreds free channels. Among them there will be Polsat TV channel which since beginning of this season has been covering Polish EkstraLiga speedway matches. Admittely the matches Polsat TV is showing are the re-runs at about 11.30 pm on Sundays. The original, live coverage is done through Polsat Sport, and for that you have to pay (in Poland) an annual fee. If you don't mind watching Polish speedway few hours later than the live show then Hotbird FTA satellite receiver is for you. Pitty that the season is coming to the end though.
  5. PolskiZuzel

    Ekstra Liga Grand Final - 11-09-05

    ...and, what i failed to add, Torun will be witout Crump and Smith who will ride for Belle Vue in the Elite League play-offs.
  6. PolskiZuzel

    Rename The Conference League

    I agree ! BTW, why is it called 'Conference League' ?What 'Conference" has to do with it ?
  7. PolskiZuzel


    (...) Andy Smith (Torun) and Rune Holta (Czestochowa) who ride on Polish licences. I am afraid you're wrong. They are both Polish citizens, i.e., hold Polish passports. So acording to the Law they are both Polish and have the same rights, and duties, as other Poles.
  8. PolskiZuzel

    Edward Jancarz Memorial Meeting

    Results: 1. Jason Crump 3-2-0-3-3 = 11 2. Robert Miskowiak 0-1-3-2-1 = 7 3. Maciei Kuciapa 1-2-1-1-3 = 8 4. Wieslaw Jagus 2-0-0-3-EF = 5 5. Piotr Paluch 1-1-0-2-1 = 5 6. Tomasz Chrzanowski 2-2-2-1-EF = 7 7. Kamil Brzozowski 0-0-2-0-0 = 2 8. David Ruud 3-1-2-0-2 = 8 9. Hans Andersen 1-3-0-2-2 = 8 10. Michal Rajkowski 0-0-1-0-1 = 2 11. Leigh Adams 2-3-1-3-3 = 12 12. Damian Balinski 3-2-1-2-2 = 10 13. Mark Loram F-0-3-1-1 = 5 14. Tony Rickardsson 2-3-3-1-2 = 11 15. Pawel Hlib 1-1-2-F-EF = 4 16. Rune Holta 3-3-3-3-3 = 15 Final Crump, Holta, Adams, Rickardsson
  9. PolskiZuzel

    Polish Speedway On Tv

    I am affraid you're wrong. Live speedway from Poland this year will be shown only on pre-paid (subscription) satellite channel Polsat SPORT. But not everything is lost though. If you can wait till later the same day (around midnight, I think), then the main Polsat channel will be showing re-run of a match that finished some hours earlier.
  10. Just to let you know that the tickets for the Wroclaw GP 2005 (30 April) are available online on :[COLOR=blue] www.e-ticket.pl/bilet_zamow0.php[/color] Just click on the centre of opening page where you see in a frame :Speedway - Grand Prix of Europe Wroclaw - 30.04.2005 (Poland) , and you will be taken further to chose a ticket.
  11. Hyde Park in Polish speedway ? There is no such a thing, but if you mean in the Polish speedway discussion board, then that is something something different. Being the British (English?) you should know what Hyde Park means (apart from being a park in London). It is a place where anone can say anything :-)
  12. PolskiZuzel


    There is is a goods news for those travelling to The Wroclaw's Grand Prix on Saturday April, 30. Ryanair have recently announced that from March 24th they are opening cheap flights between London Stanstead and the GP venue. So anyone planning to go there should visit www.ryanair.com and book their tickets. Apparently there is flight on Saturday 30th April, leaving Stanstead at 12:05 and arriving at Wroclaw at 15:10 (just in time for the tapes up). If in a hurry, you can be back at Stanstead by next day at 16:50. The return trip should not cost you more that 75.00 British Pounds.
  13. PolskiZuzel

    updates on transfers in Poland

    Are you sure he has a contract with Zielona Gora ? If so, when was it signed ?
  14. PolskiZuzel

    Eddie Jancarz

  15. PolskiZuzel

    Hans Andersen

    [/b]Following your reasoning, we should ask first how much the referee took from BSPA.
  16. PolskiZuzel

    Honours List

    To update your list of National Champions put the name of... Runa Holta as the 2003 Polish . We will know the new one next month.
  17. Janusz Kolodziej is the new Polish u-21 Champion. Robert Miskowiak, the hot favourite, led in the earlier stages of the competition, with three straight wins. In his fourth outing he was unlucky to fall, but given a second chance he managed only 3rd place. The title was decided in the last 20th heat. Kolodziej had to finish in front of Miskowiak, and although coming second behind Pawel Hlip, he did so pushing Miskowiak to third place. Another hot favourite, Marcin Rempala, fell heavily in his first outing and was taken to hospital where he was found to be bruised but nothing broken. As the scoreline suggests, out of 16 competitors as many as half, had a genuine chance of winning this final. This only proves that the Polish under-21 scene is more than healthy. The World u-21 final being staged this year on 11/09 by the Wroclaw promotion should be quite interesting . 01. Janusz Kołodziej .........13 .......(2,3,3,3,2) 02 Krzysztof Kasprzak......12+3 ...(2,2,3,3,2) 03 Łukasz Romanek........ 12+2 ...(2,3,2,2,3) 04. Robert Miśkowiak....... 11 .......(3,3,3,1,1) 05. Piotr Świderski........... 11 .......(3,3,1,3,1) 06. Zbigniew Suchecki..... 11 ........(1,2,3,2,3) 07. Adrian Miedziński ......11 ........(3,1,2,2,3) 08. Paweł Hlib ................11 ........(1,2,2,3,3) 09. Marcin Sekula ............6 ........(2,2,1,1,0) 10. Marek Szczyrba .........5 .......(1,0,2,0,2) 11. Mirosław Jabłoński ......4 ......(0,ef,1,2,1) 12. Michał Rajkowski ........3 ......(3,0,f,-,-) 13. Michał Szczepaniak ....3 ......(0,1,0,0,2) 14. Mariusz Pacholak .......3 ......(1,1,1) 15. Paweł Kowalewski ......2 .....(1,1,0,0,0) 16. Marcin Liberski ...........2 .....(1,1,0) 17. Dawid Stachyra ..........0 .....(0,0,0,0,0) 18. Marcin Rempała......... 0 ......(u,-,-,-,-) 01. Miedziński, Kasprzak, Hlib, Jabłoński 02. Miśkowiak, Romanek, Szczyrba, Szczepaniak 03. Świderski, Kołodziej, Suchecki, Rempała (w/u) 04. Rajkowski, Sekula, Kowalewski, Stachyra 05. Miśkowiak, Sekula, Pacholak, Jabłoński (d4) 06. Romanek, Suchecki, Miedziński, Rajkowski 07. Kołodziej, Kasprzak, Szczepaniak, Stachyra 08. Świderski, Hlib, Kowalewski, Szczyrba 09. Kołodziej, Romanek, Jabłoński, Kowalewski 10. Miśkowiak, Miedziński, Świderski, Stachyra 11. Kasprzak, Szczyrba, Liberski, Rajkowski (u) 12. Suchecki, Hlib, Sekula, Szczepaniak 13. Świderski, Jabłoński, Pacholak, Szczepaniak 14. Kołodziej, Miedziński, Sekula, Szczyrba 15. Kasprzak, Suchecki, Miśkowiak, Kowalewski 16. Hlib, Romanek, Liberski, Stachyra 17. Suchecki, Szczyrba, Jabłoński, Stachyra 18. Miedziński, Szczepaniak, Pacholak, Kowalewski. 19. Romanek, Kasprzak, Świderski, Sekula. 20. Hlib, Kołodziej, Miśkowiak, Liberski 21 Kasprzak, Romanek results from : www.sportowefakty.pl

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