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  1. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    Feel 4 ya, my ar$e... this is the first change that Edinburgh have made based on form in nearly 3yrs...I'd say were one of the more tolerable promotions in the current era... Workington have been known for team changing when riders have been scoring more points than what Jye has so be prepared for a visit from Carlisle Glass if you want to start hurling those pebbles... Indeed... Good luck Jye and thanks for your efforts...
  2. Nutz

    Plymouth Remain Open!

    Fingers crossed for all Devils supporters and riders that it can be saved at the last minute... Sad times:(
  3. Nutz

    Track Records

    Ok, think I've finally got this up to date as much as I can find or as much as some of the teams websites allow... Can't believe it's so difficult on some teams sites to find this information and on some, it's not even listed!!!! Anyway, if you find a glaringly obvious mistake, please feel free to let me know and I'll try now and keep on top of them when a record is broken...
  4. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    I'd love to, but my belly button is needing de-fluffed that night!
  5. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    lmao... You really need to get out more...
  6. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    Whereas what you should be having sleepless nights about is how to finally get through a meeting at Derwent Park with speedway bikes doing more laps than the tractors...
  7. Surprised no-one has mentioned Tungate at Scunny last year on - I think Josh Auty? That to me is the definition of dirty riding - there's no doubt his move to take a fellow professional off was intentional and was rightly banned for his actions. As an aside, didn't Jason Doyle get thrown out of a meeting at Somerset for attacking (I think Tom P Madsen) when he was lying on the track?
  8. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    Two great openers for both clubs... I've said on a number of occasions that speedway should have an "FA Cup" style tournament throughout the season which involves all the teams from all 3 divisions... If - for example, Stoke were to draw Belle Vue, then the lower division club would automatically race at home... with maybe a proportion of the probable increased gate going to the higher league club to offset the fact of not having a home leg.
  9. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    Agreed, back in the day when speedway was based 90% skill, 10% speed... However, I don't see which one of Glasgow's string quartet fit into the Owen/Hunter/Beaton/Emerson mould...
  10. Nutz

    7 Places Up For Grabs

  11. Nutz

    Edinburgh 2016

    Newcastle look solid as do Workington depending on who their last man is... However, Ipswich and Glasgow don't look so strong...Glasgow are far too top heavy of which I'm struggling to see which one of them (possibly Worrall exempt) will increase their average... None of the other 3 look likely to give any sort of consistent back-up. I'd be surprised if this is the septet that finish the season... Ipswich look about as interesting as an evening with Nicola Sturgeon... On paper they look ok, but it's not won on paper... To me, the best team so far that's completed look to be Sheffield if they can steer clear of the dreaded injuries... As for Edinburgh... last two seasons are always going to be hard to follow after losing our talisman and high scoring second string... However I trust the management to at least pull one surprise out of the last remaining places and we'll be there or thereabouts at the business end of the season. Could THJ be our 3pointer - if we used his Armadale average????
  12. Nutz

    Workington 2016

    It's funny how people just look at one rider's past performances and base his future on them without seeing the bigger picture... Signing Campton (who I don't think is a bad rider at all on an average he should maintain) means Workington start with who should be one of the best reserves in the league in Adam Roynon. If - and it's a big if, he can steer clear of injury, then I'd expect him to exchange places fairly soon with Campton in the top part of the team and that keeps Workington with one exceptionally strong reserve throughout - something we know is pivotal to being right in there at the business end of the season.
  13. Nutz

    Official Teams For 2016

    Sam Masters back to Edinburgh - confirmed on the official Edinburgh website (Ave. 8.98)
  14. Nutz

    Official Teams For 2016

    Edinburgh confirm the return of Erik Riss on an average of 5.22 (On the Champions' website)
  15. Nutz

    Rye House 2016

    In truth then, this is surely a masterstroke signing as if gating is his only ace, Rye will suit him down to the ground...

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