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  1. I wrote this blog on my website, aimed particularly at people unfamiliar with speedway. Quite sure you will all have heard the arguments before, but hope the blog makes for an interesting read. Feel free to repost elsewhere. http://andyflavoured.co.uk/?page_id=709
  2. AndyM

    Speedway Blog

    Yes, I phrased it badly - I meant two before Loram but since PC! And with an attitude like yours, small wonder fans stay away in droves
  3. Honest summary. Now the promoters need to start thinking way outside their comfort zone and looking at ways in which the sport can be reinvented as a mass market sport so it works financially and in every other way.
  4. What you say is more symptomatic of how badly EL is organised than that it's wrong in principle to have a top league acting as a magnet for the top stars. When you try to run a top league on the cheap because the sponsorship isn't there and the fans haven't been attracted en masse but the riders want top dollar to bother turning up, inevitably these issues will arise. There are other potential business models but the promoters have yet to find them.
  5. AndyM

    Save Our Sport

    Not in the least. There's a big difference: football may have to accept lower payments at some point but the flow of TV money will not stop. Cricket, rugby, F1, golf, tennis and a few others can pretty much depend on there being a TV income at some level. Speedway can't. The TV coverage could literally vanish, and if not overnight then pretty quickly. We need Sky far more than Sky needs us, which is why we have no choice - we MUST plan for the day when it isn't there to provide funding.
  6. AndyM

    Save Our Sport

    I agree with most of the points raised on the thread, not least the fact that TV gives a point of least resistance to people who don't attend speedway any more - and TBH I'm finding hard to summon up enthusiasm myself this year, even without Sky Sports for company. The other point about the TV blood money is that one day it will stop. Don't know where, don't know when, but sure as eggs is eggs Sky will move on and start televising tiddlywinks or some other event in preference to speedway. Based on current strategy there is total reliance on the funding just for survival, regardless of money to pay for development or improving facilities. There is no Plan B if the Sky tap is suddenly switched off, no contingency whatever. If it were to disappear, EL would die overnight and presumably some sort of merger with PL would follow for the remaining clubs and big names would be lost forever, along with many more spectators. What are the promoters doing to stave off this possibility?
  7. AndyM

    Greatest Come Back Of All Time

    I remember the Aces coming back from about 14 points down to win at the Shay, many moons ago, but not the one you mention. Pretty sure the score was 15-3 after 3 heats then about 22-8 after 5. As I recall we ended up winning quite comfortably!
  8. AndyM

    10 Years Time

    I doubt it will exist in its current form. The supply of riders will have dried up, no continental worth his salt will bother with the UK, our promoters will have given up the ghost in the face of rising costs and dwindling audiences, Sky will have taken their money to sponsor tiddlywinks or whatever the next craze happens to be, and what will be left is demonstration matches between scratch sides, plus the occasional GP. Unless someone has the courage to see the truth and make radical changes without delay...
  9. If he's fit and well, put him on a fast bike and his guile and experience could easily make up for loss of reactions. Think he might surprise a few people, not that he would ever do it. Quite sure he makes way more money with his other business dealings!
  10. AndyM

    What Me Miss About 70s Speedway

    What I miss most about speedway in the 70s: Hyde Road, best track ever! Big home crowds, week in week out The wealth of different teams - more variety Riders were characters in those days The amazing skills of the likes of PC and Mort The sheer passion and excitement of speedway
  11. It would depend more on the size, shape and preparation of the track, and also the track location and fans there (ie. Gollob performs 100% better in front of his own fans on a Polish track)
  12. AndyM

    Speedway Yellow And Red Card

    Riders get excluded already. And the point is to incentivise them to behaving within the rules for the good of all, so they don't get "disqualified". Refs need the power to punish them effectively, which as this thread reveals they currently don't.
  13. AndyM

    Speedway Yellow And Red Card

    The ONLY thing that will stop teams and/or riders misbehaving or using unfair tactics, if they have a mind to do so, is an immediate penalty that handicaps them in the match. The exclusion of a rider from his current and following race without the right of replacement (yellow) and from the whole meeting (red), with further penalties for riders who consistently attract "cards" would make a difference, though clubs would hate it.
  14. AndyM

    Speedway Yellow And Red Card

    As I recall the first time I suggested this was in a letter to the SCB in the early 80s. It's so obvious it stands no chance!!
  15. AndyM

    History Of Track Surfaces

    Therefore more shale = bigger crowds? I agree that more shale is one of the factors that will tend to improve quality of racing, and there's not doubt that perceived lack of entertainment has persuaded some fans to give up watching the sport... but we must be careful to avoid over-simplifying the argument. There are a whole range of factors influencing entertainment value and crowd size, which has been in decline over many years. We have to look at every aspect of the sport, and do research to determine what would attract spectators to come to speedway and keep on coming. Focus too heavily on one item and we may be distracted from many more. And while we're looking at shale, how about considering the type of shale. At Belle Vue in the old days, there was a heavier grey shale rather than the sandy variety all tracks use now. It was grippier and gave a better quality of racing, as i recall. It probably cost more but was worth every penny. Can promoters still get the same stuff nowadays?
  16. Two points here: what you consider to be "one crackpot spouting nonsense" may not be the consensus view - how do you know this is not a widespread view, and given that very few people write to the SS you can't judge on that basis; and secondly, why should a reasoned letter by one fan offering a contraversial point of view differing from the norm not be printed? Sounds like you want to censor people because they disagree with your views rather than allowing open discussion.
  17. And so can everyone who reads the SS, for publication in next week's edition. Are you suggesting the editorial team only publish letters with which they agree?
  18. For the same reason that this forum is open for people to express their minority views, even if the majority think they are loopy for doing so? Everyone is entitled to their opinion!
  19. AndyM


    Well said! Would that everyone acknowledged their mistakes in such an open way. Credit to CMV06
  20. While I think the entertainment value in speedway could be vastly souped up, does anyone really go to see start line girls? If you want a glamour parade, buy a glamour magazine!!
  21. AndyM

    John Perrin Has Died

    I had several run-ins with John during his stint as Aces promoter, but while his gruff style of communication and some policy decisions did not win him any friends I have absolutely no doubt his motives in trying to keep the Aces of Clubs open were absolutely genuine. At least he stayed the course where many would have given up. RIP
  22. AndyM

    If I Had A Cafe...

    Nice attempt at an analogy - doesn't always work but near enough. The promoters would probably say they are digging deep to keep the cafe open for the few customers that remain when economically the cafe is trading insolvent, let alone investing in a future new cafe. But then there are lots of other cafes nearby and they can't honestly compete or keep the few customers that remain...
  23. AndyM

    Has Speedway A Future

    We do have young talent but we don't develop or market that talent to maximum effect and don't honestly seem very bothered that we can't get riders into the top 3-4 in GP circles. Given a young lad who can deliver genuine results through the world rankings AND be a pin-up for the papers, you may have a case... so where does all the top motorcyling talent go?
  24. AndyM

    Has Speedway A Future

    I've long been saying that unless radical action were taken, British league speedway is destined to be uneconomic, unattractive to crowds and unviable, though sadly we lack the visionary strategist to take us forward. You would have thought the GP circus had at least some of those skills, but it too appears to be heading for the doldrums. It comes down to a simple question of whether the sport believes sustainable recovery is possible and whether anyone actually gives a toss to try turning the sport around. If not, it could quite easily be dead within 20 years if costs continue to rise, long-term attendance trends continue on a downward spiral, and media/commercial interest is not aroused. Brutal but true.
  25. (1) Family. My dad started going to Coventry speedway, sometimes taking my mum along too, in the post-war years. He didn't go for some time after national service, getting married, having kids etc., but later on took me when he thought I was old enough, starting in 1971 - which just coincided with the golden age of Belle Vue speedway (we moved south of Manchester in 66.) Needless to say, I was soon hooked! Great times...

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