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  1. Not too fussed about the top bods getting into the stadium. That's the way that things usually work and I'm ok with that. I am concerned about who is excluded and why and who is let in at the expense of those excluded.
  2. Staff meeting Wednesday 26 should be a bit lively when the diagrams are handed out showing them where outside the stadium they are all parking.
  3. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    They didn't need to make it based on what we've been told so there is no rightly, but I agree that there is usually more to it than meets the eye. However, what does meet the eye is an inability to organise and retribution on those who took the p*ss or were abusive to staff at the expense of alienating their disabled customers who played ball and were not abusive, which I suspect was the majority. I don't think anyone in management did it for kicks but did do it out of ignorance, treating it as any other car parking problem. Neil Watson gave you their response to any questions.
  4. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    When they issue a statement that says: "We respect the fact that the above hasn’t been caused by everyone issued with a blue badge, and we do also know and understand this decision affects everyone that will attend our race meetings that are issued with a blue badge." That was a conscious decision which would to p*ss people off without seemingly trying a softer solution first. Is that jumping to a conclusion? Not based on the reasons given.
  5. Interesting point around that on Disabled Motoring UK relating the effect of the new 2019 eligibility criteria for Blue Badges: "These changes to the Blue Badge eligibility criteria (Hidden Disabilities) have come following an eight week consultation earlier in 2018. DMUK took part in the consultation and raised concerns over the possible effect the expansion would have on already limited disabled parking. DMUK urged the Department for Transport (DfT) to be realistic in its thinking. Just extending the criteria will not necessarily mean that more disabled people will benefit. Actually this change may have disastrous consequences for all Blue Badge holders, especially wheelchair users, as there is simply not enough parking to meet demand and concessions could soon disappear because of increased numbers. In light of this recent extension DMUK would like to see the government put more pressure on local authorities to enforce the scheme to make sure it benefits genuine Blue Badge holders and increase provision of disabled parking bays. The charity is very concerned that without adequate enforcement and more provision the integrity of the scheme will be undermined and of no benefit to any disabled person." Not sure what genuine Blue Badge holders means because if you've got a Blue Badge then surely you're genuine? I guess that they are aimed more at wheelchair users who always need a significantly wider access bay.
  6. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Lucky escape really. Surely it's not good to be associated with an operation that treats its disabled customers so shabbily, with weak reasoning and then isn't big enough to admit to a rethink to extract themselves from the mess they created for themselves.
  7. I suspect that there there are some fans unaware of this situation who will probably do the same.
  8. Rather irrelevant as it doesn't make a regressive uncaring decision any better. The disabled generally have a pretty hard time with often not too much to look forward to so they'll often go the extra mile, however difficult, for something that they enjoy watching if not getting to and from. Then responsible organisations make further reasonable adjustments to make their customers/visitors visits more pleasurable, they don't remove long term concessions without trying to fix any problems or giving a better explanation than what we've had from Panthers management. It's not an experiment for them to justify their backward step.
  9. I'd be tempted to post that on their social media feeds or whatever sites they have/use and ask the question again. That usually gets a response and action, Peterborogh Speedway excepted of course. Any responsible company/organisation doesn't, quite rightly, like that sort of publicity.
  10. And for Blue Badge purposes (in Peterborough anyway) you can potentially score 8 points in Moving around from 20 to 50 metres in an unreliable fashion (such as, not doing so safely (for yourself and others), to an acceptable standard, repeatedly (as often as reasonably required) and in a timely fashion) which then qualifies for standard rate mobility PIP and that transports to an automatic BB. I think all disability groups were shocked and unhappy with the 20m rule but theoretically someone can walk 20m but be classed as unable to walk if doing so has a severe effect on them and their daily life. The 20m would then be discounted (as would such distances in the other descriptors). Putting all that in writing though and convincing an assessor who basically reports on what they see in a controlled environment is virtually impossible as many poor disabled deserving souls have found out. Blue Badges can also be obtained without benefit entitlement under hidden disability rules and/or other circumstances where you need to evidence your case, once again, not easy which is as it should be to avoid abuse of the system. Your local council will decide if you are eligible for a badge. If you get enhanced rate mobility PIP then your BB is automatic without question anyway. I think that's right now but it's all a bit of a minefield now since George Gideon Oliver Osborne decided to save money by scrapping DLA when allegedly the transition to PIP over many years has been more expensive. Osborne never did get much, if anything, right!
  11. They have no disability awareness, hence going nuclear before engaging brain and managing the alleged issues identified, not that anyone thinks that they wanted to try. Given the age of some our side and ignorance of disablity issues then may I suggest that Mr Johnson's first target as overseeing the running of the club and also the commercial and sponsorship side is to get Age UK Cambridgeshire & Peterborough onboard to assist the club in these areas.
  12. Without a better explanation than the one given then I wouldn't be apologising. Direct action is a nice idea but you'd still be standing there at 5:30 with unfortunately nothing to show for your troubles. You'd all, amongst other actions at other times, have to be prepared to return home and tell them why. You're unlikely to do that if you've made the effort to get there so you'll be wiser next time, can communicate the situation to others who can then make a decision not to attend as per Blupanther on the previous page.
  13. He's already said elsewhere that one of the management team banned him anyway and even if that wasn't the case then while the current Blue Badge situation continues he couldn't attend anyway. Therefore it's not logical to suddenly roll over so easily without a better reason than that given.
  14. The current setting following one apparent discussion is tighter than a camel's arse in a sandstorm. There are times to say and do nothing and this was one because "not going to change" is a pretty pathetic stance, without better explanation, from someone who felt the need to start the thread and petition in the first place.
  15. "We respect the fact that the above hasn’t been caused by everyone issued with a blue badge, and we do also know and understand this decision affects everyone that will attend our race meetings that are issued with a blue badge." "We have over the years made preservations for internal disabled parking but unfortunately we cannot carry this on, and we will use the official disabled parking that is used at all Showground events." "Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope everyone understands the situation." I'm pretty confident that you fall into the first category here and therefore fully understand being caught up in this debacle? The EoES bosses apparently say that the club is in charge of its own event parking and from what the club has said in public (if not in discussion Neil!) they have unilaterally removed the welcome longstanding internal disabled parking reasonable adjustments for their customers when they infact could indeed carry on with the facility.

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