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  1. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    The Jokes section is further down the board and that's a good one I might add
  2. Don't burst his bubble Neil, he worked bloody hard to come up with that pointless example
  3. Locally we're in famine mode Rodders when you try to remember what you're interested in, when you last watched it and when you're likely to see it again.
  4. I agree. The point you're missing is that sometimes it's better just to read, chuckle and move on
  5. If you choose to post and/or quote then expect a response, it's not rocket science.
  6. Thought I said it before a wheel was turned.: no hindsight in sight. I was also right about the last bit going by your previous post:
  7. 1. Hans Andersen R/R (BWD 0) (AS 1') (CW 0) (SN 2) You were saying!
  8. 4 pages, how many posts are there and how many are not speedway related?
  9. Polls close at 10pm though getting washed, dressed and outside so early in the day might be a bit of an issue for the Corbynistas. Tbh you'd be better mobilising for the next GE because Jezza's shambles of a party are scheduled to get less seats than a rudderless Tory party currently in self destruct mode. Sorry speedway fans: "a little bit of politics" as Ben Elton would say. This would have been interesting but the loss of Andersen for Panthers without suitable replacement has killed it but should enable Chapman's Witches fans to travel home happy.
  10. Brexit Party 1/6 - Labour 5/1: I think that Foxhole will be more fun
  11. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    He can certainly come back unfit and do more damage in 2 weeks that's for sure. Noodles has the medical figure but speedway riders are an unusual breed so a bit of strapping and couple of paracetomol should do it.
  12. I'll open it up again just in case something crops up. That'll keep our select merry band of men, and couple of ladies happy. Also can't miss Hodgy's Saturday pound
  13. Who ran your course, David Brent ("Never do today that which will become someone else's responsibility tomorrow")
  14. And another thing while you're on Did you read this: "one of the better sound systems in British speedway" Before we got the improved sound system and I used to moan about those speakers at the back and the crap sound levels, you weren't having any of it and always said that it was my ears
  15. It was left too long before anything was done. It didn't need lots of tractor racing but some of that outside line should have been brought back in earlier so basically I'd agree with that. The rain shower didn't help but neither did watering shiny concrete. It's a fine line though and it worked Thursday so why change was the reasoning I guess.

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