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  1. They've been like that for the last 15 years but we were treated better when Bratley was doing the negotiating and then Frost/Mahoney/Oakes/Swales had the wads to get their way on plenty of occasions I'd imagine. It's only the last 5 years that the tide has changed for whatever reason and unhelpful issues occur on a more frequent basis.
  2. Not really. Pretty basic stuff to have event catering at an event. It's somebody's fault that it wasn't there, even though the EoES call the shots on this as far as we know. Somebody who arrived early must have noticed. It's not the end of the world but unfortunately is a touch mickey mouse looking which is a tad unfair.
  3. But that's fine when you know but when was the last time you went to an event when catering was AWOL without good reason or notice?
  4. Nobody has ever mentioned silence in that respect and nobody is asking for a running commentary. When the ambulance has moved off track and is sitting well behind the pits then I doubt that that is the case at the EoES anyway. Of course life is more important than entertainment and thankfully life threatening and/or very serious injuries are rare, so for the most part it is entertainment with paying customers to keep happy as well as ensuring that injured riders get treated promptly.
  5. That's the problem during lengthy delays, people assume without actually knowing what the situation is. The one time that a roving mic and meaningful information would be useful and when I've been there it doesn't happen, although I bet thank you for your patience was uttered two or 3 times.
  6. The bit I don't get is when and why it became necessary to transfer to a County ambulance. Fortunately I wasn't at this so not affected but I have spent plenty of time sitting waiting on other occasions. I remember when, if there was a big crash, the ambulance would either drive round to the medical room at the back of the stand if my recollection is correct, or you'd see it driving out with blue lights flashing on its way to A&E. Surely the priority for injured riders in pain is to get them to hospital asap. Waiting for another ambulance is silly in such circumstances if that has to be the procedure. If we have two ambulances then logic dictates that one could go to A&E without delay. That's not a go at the club who do their bit if what you say is correct. What does need a bit more explanation is the reason for the convoluted procedure.
  7. We know. It says so in the news item: " But victory over the Witches on Sunday will give the T.Balfe Construction Panthers the best record of any of the second-placed clubs, and therefore they would take the last place in the semi-finals." - which bit don't you understand?
  8. Most teams are these days anyway even when at apparent full strength.
  9. Don't understand the last point but for the record:
  10. Piers Morgan‏ @piersmorgan - Welcome back Flappy Didn't know that he followed us
  11. Crump99

    Glasgow v Peterborough

    club supremo Rathbone (yup, YTS doing the ET press) said: “We spoke to Jack who would have fitted in as a replacement for Edward, but there were too many fixture clashes for him to even be able to consider it".
  12. Crump99

    Glasgow v Peterborough

    Thought that you'd be pleased Rodders? If it was important and efficiently organised the you'd have had Holder back
  13. Think we'll need points away from home, and come to that he didn't do his job at home when he was last here either.
  14. As long as you know what you're doing Neil that's all we need to know. It's the missing link of the last decade at the EoES.
  15. What could possibly go wrong? That's not a go at you Neil but every time you try to explain it just clarifies why speedway now sits between netball and lacrosse in the sporting importance list. When you say two kinds of green sheets I assume that you mean the real ones and the made up ones that the powers that be follow. It has to be complex or fans would understand it and be right all of the time, that'd never do

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