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  1. Get involved in a sport that often couldn't organise a drinking competition in a brewery then I'm afraid that it comes with the territory.
  2. It's Oct 15 and the priority is to get it done asap. What's gone is unfortunately irrelevant at this time of year.
  3. And it was only qualification. You haven't won anything. He was replying to post asking for such a response so you perhaps need to read that again! Victory parades are for meeting on the night winners. Panthers are consistent on that so still potentially best runners up don't qualify.
  4. Of course it is. Never engaged brain on that one. Rather straightforward so will hide my previous
  5. Given the circumstances I suspect that the effort was to just get the meeting out of the way. If it was in their power then I'm sure that the promotion would prefer the option of Fridays and dirt but it isn't. Riders at this level can't ride a consistent track. Only the other week it was reported that they wanted more dirt but we were then told that they couldn't ride it
  6. Of course if you didn't go you'll remember the former although over the last 5 years they seemed a million miles away anyway.
  7. As much as I'm unhappy with the timing and some of the explanation I think that that's a fair summing up. Initial enthusiasm wanes, reality sets in , priorities and circumstances change over time. The work done over 4 years should not be underestimated and without that we wouldn't be here now anyway. Neil doesn't come out unless he's sure of his ground and I doubt that he is at the moment
  8. Shame that you didn't meet the Panthers team that finished top of the league table instead of gloating about beating a patched up select side. For accuracy though, for a team that finished 9th of 11, that Scorpion in the graphic should have its tail/sting removed - couldn't let that pass irrespective
  9. Crump99

    Panthers up for sale.

    To be fair though he didn't mention crowd and I'm sure that most would agree with the general observation. You and I both know that most Panther fans would prefer that, even if a pipedream, but Sundays and the sustainable, allegedly, lower league hasn't drawn the punters in when it mattered although there are other reasons for that.
  10. Crump99

    Panthers up for sale.

    We've been saying the same at Peterborough for 15+ years though and here we are in crisis, possibly terminal this time, and what has changed? Not a lot and the product has got worse although I think that I saw somewhere that Chapman wrote in the Kings Lynn prog that the product is fine. We'll agree to disagree on that then which brings us back to presentation (inc effective running of the meeting), communication before and during the meeting and general promotion. After balancing the books and putting the team on track, those are the bits that often seem to get lip service. Probably Bratley was the best at that but he lives local and is born and bred but was ignored by Frost and Rathbone who couldn't do it from a distance, and if it was delegated then whoever was charged with the task didn't do a good enough job. Hopefully if we survive to 2019 then we get someone who appreciates what's needed.
  11. You can't expect people to turn up given the circumstances. Anyone interested in purchasing the club will realise the situation, have done their homework and will ignore Saturday.
  12. That's true, thinking about it, such an animal wouldn't look out of place at the EWR so they'd probably dress it up as a scorpion and enlist it as a mascot to work for its Whiskas!
  13. Nicholls might be fit by the time it takes place
  14. At least they could have got an adult to do the graphic. Funniest looking Panther I've ever seen, more like the resident stray moggy that lives at the EWR!
  15. Crump99

    Panthers up for sale.

    That's life at the EoES now though. It tends to break promoters after a few years due to lack of control and the drain on the finances. Due to the latter I said that it was a disaster for the club when Frost left and the chickens are coming home to roost. Rathbone doesn't cite either as a reason for selling up but I'd say that it was a significant factor.

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