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  1. To be fair, the other meetings thus far have been run quickly and efficiently and this just had the usual organisational and big crowd issues, coupled with lack of urgency in running problems associated with a Bank Holiday meeting at the EoES. On a normal night it will not be like that so don't base your view of returning on what went on yesterday.
  2. I'll not even entertain the first paragraph because I don't want you to keep digging that hole, you might never get out. As regards the EoES: for 30 years on a regular weekly basis we were the prime valued user of the site with only the annual agricultural show otherwise taking place that I can recall. A change of administration with different priorities in a shrinking showground being sold off for housing, the consequent reduction in access roads, the Arena springing up and much more use of the site gave the perception (and fixtures, health and safety issues would probably bear that out) that speedway is now an afterthought and source of regular, if not particulary significant income. Annoyance isn't the right word but they certainly wag the dog as no home fixtures from July 15 to Sept 2 indicate. The product has been dummed down for years, that's why people talk about survival. The tracks were always fine but the rider quality has got worse. You can have your most perfect track in the world but if you're not putting out riders of sufficient quality to do it justice then the product will be poor. That's the key that we wasted over the Sky years which is why speedway is continuing down the Hahnenkamm.
  3. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    True but I prefer fast with extra bite and the potential to improve further on that. That's what Chapman has bought to the EoES in 2019 so I'll settle for that at the moment.
  4. I said that it changes the dynamic however it is done. Doing it by moving the inside worked perfectly well and improved a track that already provided tremendous action. Whether moving the fence out, if it could have been done, would have had the same effect is open to question. The thing that is missing is proper banking but that's never going to happen.
  5. Not sure what difference that makes; width is width and changes the dynamics however it is done. It was done to give David Howe his home shot at the World U21 title and done within the confines of what the EoES allowed, if that's cheap as you say then it is what it is. When Mercer and crew arrived as EoES administrators shortly afterwards they got upset about sponsor boards on the fence and number of cars allowed inside the showground so basically you're lucky that it's as wide as it is because I doubt that those works would have happened afterwards. More importantly, given the shrinking showground and the running problems we've had over the last 15 years you should really just appreciate that you're still able to visit one of the best speedway locations in the country. I'd worry about improving quality on track before I'd worry about shapes and stuff.
  6. Hopefully I'll never have to put my trust in your leadership in a combat situation. I know which I'd be happier facing armed only with a rifle
  7. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    Rather interesting strategy if true given that his fellow co-promoter was an apparent significant part of that previous management team
  8. I thought that is was in a jeep, Kenny Everett style
  9. Owner of the finest collection of Peterborough golf balls to be seen in the Czech Republic.
  10. That's the one although I seem to recall that it wasn't so much that NBJ turned right rather that he didn't turn left. Others said that Allen shouldn't have gone where he did in the first place so it was a case of you pays your money and makes your choice along tribal lines.
  11. Think that the stand somehow upsets his sense of direction. It wasn't so long ago that he turned right (IMO - not everyone agreed) and caused (can't recall who it was) someone to have a very nasty high speed crash as they headed towards the bar.
  12. Amen to that. I thought the clock in the car had bust again when I checked it driving out. Top effort from all concerned thus far
  13. He's not wrong though.
  14. Jeez, how wide do you want it. You should have seen it before it was widened for the 2001 World Under 21 Championship.
  15. The point is that he didn't disappear in that context. I'm well of what you're saying, we had to suffer Kenneth Bjerre 3,3,2,1,0 for enough seasons.

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