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  1. Most in the UK though have had Oxford University-AstraZeneca (viral vector). Dr John Campbell (of You Tube fame) had double Pfizer-BioNTech (mRNA) so, with respect, I think that he's better qualified than yourself on medical issues.
  2. And here's another one. What's going on and for what reason? I wouldn't trust the Tories to run a bath (to quote Orion's view of a good friend of mine ) so no I don't think that they are bright enough to factor a non-pandemic in to their plans after winning a Brexit election. Yes they are out of control, power hungry and unchallenged now so that is a concern. The stats and reality have never stacked up from day one so we may have some common ground there. I don't know anyone personally who's had it although friends, family & work colleagues do. So if you believe that bit then you also have the vaccine scare posts. I don't know anyone who's had anything more than a bit of flu like symptoms for 24 hours or bit of tenderness at the injection site, but looking at the posts on here you'd think that it was napalm
  3. Whatever the goal is, is conspiracy theory nonsense though. Keeping what lie going for what reason? You and your like minded colleagues would sound more credible if you could be more specific with the consistent evidence (not the odd Facebook/Twitter post or YouTube video) to back up your worldwide master plan theory. I don't get that all of these people who know are sitting on their hands and will come out of the bunker, unable to get the news out beforehand, and will surface when its too late.
  4. So what do they and you think is going on?
  5. So throughout the world the objective of doctors and nurses is to save and maintain life but your saying they are ignoring that and presiding over an experiment that they know does the opposite but they will not jump ship and speak out unless forced. Don't buy that I'm afraid. So where is the evidence from these previously sacked people who have nothing to stay quiet for now?
  6. I'd prefer to ask if you believe that there are no doctors or nurses in the world unable to find a way of breaking ranks or finding a method to tell us your perceived reality?
  7. 46/7 and getting stronger and fitter Guess you're a youngster (no it's not a question). The two certainties in life are death and taxes. Of course if you're a speedway rider that includes being flung off your bike at high speed several times a season. It doesn't matter how fit and strong you are, at that age you no longer bounce or fix quickly as he's already proved in 2021.
  8. Crump99

    Peterborough Panthers 2021

    Stupidest post of the day award. Well done, even tops the loonie's Buzz post
  9. Never heard of them but of course heard the conspiracy terms. Not buying that. I'm more concerned about Extinction Rebellion and the Tories disastrous net zero/green agenda which could allow many of those objectives in by the back door anyway.
  10. So what is it all about and who coordinated it all?
  11. Which bit of exception and not the norm don't you understand. It's not about allowing, it's an attempt at an explanation that you said that you wanted. Get all promoters to evidence and justify their call off decisions to the powers that be and then they can decide a way forward.
  12. 48/72 hours can be justified depending on the forecast and other associated local administrative issues. That doesn't mean that it's right and should be seen as a normal course of action because the first priority is to make sure that the fixture goes ahead if possible. I can't speak for speedway generally, if that's what you're getting at, but Peterborough have had to make a call a few times this season and based on the available evidence at the time they did what they had to do without the benefit of hindsight.
  13. Well the rain has arrived now so it's just how much and how long. The forecast has changed again so it looks even more like the right call now.
  14. If they still have to make a decision early to avoid rental charges then a decision has to be made based on the forecast which wasn't great although it looks like it make blow over with a little bit of wet stuff and not much more. Another date could see Ostrich fit or a guest option but Lynn shouldn't have been a problem even with r/r.
  15. Not forgetting the wasted opportunity provided by Skysports and their Elite League, or that we had Frost and Mahoney at the helm who had the money to do much of what you say is needed. These two should have upped the profile of the sport to take it to another level but both saw that aspects of the sport can't be changed full stop so it gets the product it deserves, which is ??? - well I'm sure that everyone has their own opinion.

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