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  1. A group of us went along to this and the meeting had a bit of everything. Delayed start by over 45 mins due to more grading being required. Difficult track conditions in the first few races, resulting in 2 riders falling separately in heat 2 and one being 'not under power' resulting in the 3-0 Some decent passing in a few races A good sized crowd, a lot of which left at heat 13 Some scary crashes and wild riding at times Home junior Curzytek would be GP standard if there were half lap races Despite the aggregate score getting close on occasions I didn't think there was ever much danger of Lodz not having the upper hand and when Jeleniewski (who looked a complete novice in his first ride) started scoring they were always going to have enough. Drodz tried hard but didn't perform like a number 1 against strong away heat-leaders. Huckenbeck was very competitive and justified his 'late' inclusion at the expense of Hans Andersen.
  2. Kyle Howarth at 2 according to Polonia Bydgoszcz.
  3. Maybe the person raising the question bumped into one of our group after a Torun GP a few years ago - we were at the back on the 3rd / 4th bend and got soaked as the wind blew the rain horizontally through a gap in the stand and we all got a tad wet.
  4. You could faintly hear the war-cry in the TV coverage - that video is much better
  5. There didn't seem to be any noise coming from the crowd through the television coverage on Saturday, which I'm sure wasn't the case. I thought the sound overall was odd on Saturday night - might have been the wine at my end I guess
  6. It's the final round of the U21 World Championship on the Friday night in Pardubice - I assume that's why the wildcard/reserves are erm odd. I assume Miedzinski will be unleashed upon anyone who threatens Zmarzlik's title
  7. I believe you are correct, however both Laguta's did make it into the country in 2016 to ride in the SWC race-off in Manchester.
  8. Rico

    SGP 2020

    You have to think Grigory Laguta would add something to the series.
  9. Rico

    Warsaw 2019

    Zielona Gora and any other club Torun and Bydgoszcz was always interesting before the Bydgoszcz downfall.
  10. Rico

    Warsaw 2019

    I would imagine as the season develops and the contenders for the title emerge the number pick will become more interesting as if you pick after your rival you can effectively decide which gate you will race against them - e.g. championship leader is in gate 4 in heat 12, you could ensure you had the inside of them. Of course it could also involve a lot of overthinking for very narrow gains. Rico
  11. Rico

    Premiership Supporters Cup

  12. Rico

    Warsaw 2019

    Done that trip a few times - works nicely, very relaxing way to travel . Rico
  13. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    1 more club for Buster to buy and that's 4 out of 7. Makes the votes of the remaining 3 pointless as and when required
  14. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    I think (hope) that's an usually badly worded statement. I am sure the intention was something different
  15. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    You wait until a Russian troll farm fixes it so that Simon Lambert rather than Robert Lambert is nominated

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