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  1. Has that made you feel better after the football? Your continual bitterness towards Edinburgh is rather dull without explanation. Don't think any Monarchs fan went along tonight with any great confidence. Look at the bandits reserves.
  2. I doth my cap to you r&r. We were always going to see a reignited Zagar tonight but imo you priced him too high to make him of interest to anyone but his most ardent fan. I didn't have enough faith and paid the price. If I could have replaced my suggestion after seeing the riders eyes doyle would have been a big lower. Thanks for running the comp. Until next year........
  3. I've gone to Torun by many different modes of transport but, not being a motorcyclist, this has never been a consideration - I do however wish you well on your journey, should be fun. I'll try not to mow you down on the a-bahn from Berlin. Rico
  4. First match I've watched on Freesports, previously I've just watched the Polish commentary edited highlights. Wasn't expecting much after reading your comments above, but I thought it was a decent enough match, with some good action and quite a few passes/close battles. As for the much maligned commentator, again, he wasn't as bad as I expected after reading some of the comments on here - given he's doing it on his own and got to fill in for a couple of hours it could be worse ! The fast forward button did mean me not listening to much between heats though. His pronunciation of some of the names is erm interesting to say the least. Rico
  5. That was grim watching. I didn't bother hanging around for heat 15 after 14 pretty much ftg races. I dont recall a genuine pass all meeting. Reminded me why I don't pop along the m4 very often to the Abbey. Hoping for some redemption at Somerset tomorrow night.
  6. Holder 100 more Hancock 100 less
  7. I was living the dream as pawlicki went clear in his first and laguta ran a last, but in the end just grateful to still be in the competition as it could have ended much worse.
  8. Pawlicki 4 - 6 More 100 Laguta 9 - 11 Less 100
  9. World cup draw has been known since December I believe Rico
  10. Laguta 150 more Holder 50 more
  11. In the event of a rider being injured on day 1 of the final, can they be replaced by another available (over 21) rider on day 2 or is it only the U21 reserve rider available as their replacement ? Rico
  12. So glad I watched it on delayed coverage and it only took about an hour of my life up. Absolutely awful meeting, format might work with equal standard teams. Cringey watching Danes celebrate beating the mighty Slovenia to attain their final place. Dire fare all round tonight. Tuesday should be better on a decent track. Final may be better still with more equal sides. Rico
  13. Zmarzlik 100 more Janowski 100 more

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