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  1. Rico

    Premiership Supporters Cup

  2. Rico

    Warsaw 2019

    Done that trip a few times - works nicely, very relaxing way to travel . Rico
  3. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    1 more club for Buster to buy and that's 4 out of 7. Makes the votes of the remaining 3 pointless as and when required
  4. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    I think (hope) that's an usually badly worded statement. I am sure the intention was something different
  5. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    You wait until a Russian troll farm fixes it so that Simon Lambert rather than Robert Lambert is nominated
  6. Rico

    AGM November 2018

    New ‘Premiership Supporters Cup’ with 1 race ‘fans nominated’ via social media – Full details to follow but 1st event provisionally scheduled for 8th April A gimmicky, nonsense idea, open to so much abuse. What planet are the people who dream this up on ? This is not the engagement that fans want/need imo
  7. Rico

    Anyone remember Dalle Andersen?

    Spoke briefly with him at Cardiff this year, having a meal with @Zetters Looked a great prospect when he first came over, fantastic style.
  8. Rico

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Isn't there a whisper that Madsen may take out Polish licence or nationality, whichever is relevant to counting toward the quota?
  9. Mon Pirates, get this sealed before The Apprentice starts at 9pm
  10. Grw123 and gavan (among others) are making this Poole victory march almost enjoyable. Complaints about the track tonight, woah, wait till you see what is served up on Wednesday. Don't think this is over if mpt is fit to ride Wednesday, but it will be tough for kl to retrieve tonight's damage if he is out. Rico
  11. Rico

    Denmark 2018

    I am certain that was the case last year also when Fjelsted were victorious.
  12. The Somerset team manager admitted to doctoring the track on TV Shame as it spoilt the entertainment value of the meeting.
  13. Has that made you feel better after the football? Your continual bitterness towards Edinburgh is rather dull without explanation. Don't think any Monarchs fan went along tonight with any great confidence. Look at the bandits reserves.
  14. I doth my cap to you r&r. We were always going to see a reignited Zagar tonight but imo you priced him too high to make him of interest to anyone but his most ardent fan. I didn't have enough faith and paid the price. If I could have replaced my suggestion after seeing the riders eyes doyle would have been a big lower. Thanks for running the comp. Until next year........

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