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  1. Don't you know the song, "There's only one Lukasz Sowka" ?
  2. Further additions I've seen Krystian Pieszczek Victor Kulakov Vadim Tarasenko Patrik Buri (Slovakia) Dominik Moser (German 19 yo) Lukasz Sowka Emil Grondal
  3. As TDM says, check http://www.speedway-forum.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=85414 5pm start, 20zl entry, 10zl concessions/ladies Would arrive a bit earlier as there were big queues for tickets at start time last year as they only opened the grandstand to start with. Don't expect Bydgoszcz GP standard racing for your 20zl but you might see a couple of rough diamonds and some riders you'll never have a chance of seeing again. Rico
  4. In My View By Phil Rising

    Shakes head, if only you'd got it up to 88mph, it would have been a different outcome ! Rico
  5. Cook becomes a Dudek fan for the rest of the season me thinks. Well done!!!! Rico
  6. Robins V Lions...3/8

    My first trip along the m4 for a while and glad I went. Meeting had a bit of everything and the racing was better than I have seen on most of my previous visits to the Abbey. Best move of the night probably Nicholls cutting through the Swindon pair on bend 4. Good to catch up with JD. Rico
  7. Heartily concur. I'm guessing that whoever reported him to the SCB decided he was the only one that could/should be punished. Would that have been the referee reporting him for missing rides on two minutes or would it have come from another source ? I can only assume that it wasn't the referee, otherwise anyone failing to make the two minute time allowance twice in a meeting has a potential 28 day ban hanging over them. Why weren't Lambert and Huckenbeck given the same sanction for refusing to race in heat 9 ? Because they only missed the two minutes once and came out and rode again? Holder came out for a TR ride after his first 2 minute exclusion iirc. I can only conclude that someone has used their influence to sanction a punishment on Holder, which I think is an abuse of their position. Rico
  8. Pedersen 50 less Sajfutdinov 100 more
  9. Poole 2017

    Would that be around the time the DVD is released ?
  10. I will have it all on lindback less than 8
  11. Harris 50 more NKI 80 more
  12. I am just glad it appears Lunna's Perm wasn't there to witness this or there would have been all hell to pay. Or was it?