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  1. Jayne

    Stoke v Brummies NL Sat 1st Sep

    The 8 day rule does apply but only to a rider making a guest appearance and Max was riding for his own team last week.
  2. The switch was agreed with Laurence and you are incorrect In saying that the NT didn't have a deadline. If I remember correctly at the time of racing the NT match Bham were in with a chance of qualifying for the final.
  3. They do but a lot will depend on their play off dates now due to the cancellations last week. We had provisionally agreed 14/10 with Cov and 21/10 with Eastbourne before last weeks cancellations.
  4. So why did they ride on 16th Sept? - there was no suggestion then of going home despite the rain.
  5. hope not and its on the 21st October
  6. Preview updated now with prices added.
  7. Jayne

    Play Off Run In

    It is true, both Eastbourne and Coventry enquired about the possibility of racing at Buxton on 16th. As we were not prepared to choose one team over the other I referred the matter to the authorities only for Eastbourne to say they couldn't come after all, so the date was offered to Coventry. Eastbourne were also offered the possibility of Stoke on 16/9 but turned that down for the same reason.
  8. What's happened to James Shanes?
  9. Jayne

    Completing Fixtures

    Its a fine balance between finishing the season too early and having outstanding fixtures. What happens to the rest of the year if meetings are done with by August for those that aren't in the playoffs? No easy answer we have tried the Trophy competition at the end of the year but that didn't work well either.
  10. Jayne

    Completing Fixtures

    Stoke weren't keen on visiting Buxton on 16th September as they are at Eastbourne the night before - hence the TBC. This date has now been utilised by Bham in order for them to get their fixture in before the cut off (weather permitting). The Stoke match will be run on a date to be agreed in Oct.
  11. Jayne

    Birmingham 2018

    We were asked if we would move as our fixture with Stoke doesn't effect anything.
  12. Jayne

    Birmingham 2018

    Stox at Stoke on Saturday but don't worry think you are having our date instead.
  13. Jayne

    Buxton V Coventry 18/8

    Meeting off - its been raining since around 6am and isn't meant to get much better until around 4pm.
  14. Jayne

    NLRC 30-09-18 (Leicester)

    Buxton haven't screwed anyone over. We along with the rest of the league had an email yesterday telling us the date had been changed to 30/9 so we took the opportunity to utilise the 23rd to arrange a rained off meeting. Check your facts before making unfounded comments - I await your apology.
  15. Jayne

    Stoke v Kent

    You can providing that rider has already made an appearance for you. Unfortunately, due to rain offs Paul hasn't made his debut yet for Kent.

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