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  1. SteveEvans


    My hopes on the AGM 1. A limit to the number of team changes each can make per year. This year was ridiculous. 2. Limit double up to British riders and foreigners who only race in the UK only. 3. Return the 3rd tier to a development league that pays only the basic pay rate (thus encouraging first and second tier venues to track a second team). 4. Have The Championship have more league fixtures and get rid of the Shield (give each club a more predictable number of fixtures, 10 league home matches is too low). Just my thoughts.
  2. SteveEvans

    Poole 2020

    Absolutely nothing lol! Looks like I responded to the wrong comment, I meant to respond to one asking why anyone would buy Poole Speedway! Haven't been on the forum in a while must be rusty!
  3. SteveEvans

    Poole 2020

    It's been a profitable business for years as it's been Matt Fords main living as far as I recall. No reason it can't become so again. Or, if it loses money and you have other business interests you can use the losses for taxation advantages potentially.
  4. Wolves Freddie Lindgren Luke Becker Broc Nicol Fill out 2-5 from the existing squad.
  5. SteveEvans

    One League - Matt Ford

    One big league would have to be run at a maximum of current Championship level costs. The bigger worry from the larger teams entering in would be driving up overhead. A fixed payscale is the best way to achieve this but considering the NL fails to do that it is easier said than done. The last think we want is an 18 team league that soon drops to 12 or less as costs get driven up. 18 team league, 17 home fixtures plus Cup of 1-5 gives a full season for all and variety. Perhaps run 6 man teams to ensure enough riders and extra races so those who DU can at least get some extra heats to make up the income gap.
  6. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Venues and overhead likely. One thing we have no idea on is hiw viable these events are for promoter, BSI and FIM. Bums on seats and all that!
  7. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Perhaps it would have been better to roll the SWC for 2018 and then during the competition announce the changes for an alternating SWC / SoN during the competition?
  8. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    I'm trying to plan my life around it. Bit difficult when I don't know where it is, when it is, how many riders we need, how many events and how much $$$ I will need to raise to make up the shortfall!
  9. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    We will patiently wait! The Under 21 rule might hike the cost for Team USA if we have to send one from accross the pond!
  10. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Manchester was quite full in 2016!
  11. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Stopping the competiton because Poland are the most likely to win makes as much sense as cancelling the SGP Series when Rickardsson was most dominant. This years competition was one of the best I have had the pleasure to be involved in. Three surprise packages in Russia. Latvia, and of course USA. Denmarks shock elimination GB winning easily in their semi final without Tai A packed out stadium for the final The idea of alternating SWC and Pairs would not be so bad. Speedway has an annual World Cup where in other sports its every four years. Perhaps every two years with Pairs in between would be more ideal?
  12. You sound like you don't like speedway very much!
  13. SteveEvans

    Coventry 2017

    I'm saying the team looks on paper as exciting as the 2014 Brummies or the 2016 Lions. Perhaps with the lower standard it will be okay but the selling point of the top league has been big name riders. Obviously Danny did great at the Brit Final and Cardiff last year. Kenneth is very much yesterdays man. For a team that has had many world class #1 it doesn't excite me much. A bigger name #1 and any 5 of 7 named and it would more.
  14. SteveEvans

    Coventry 2017

    Danny is a #1 at a lower level league team too. If its time to phase out the star names then run 19 teams at PL level. The variety would make up for the missing stars.
  15. SteveEvans

    Coventry 2017

    Perhaps this is just an indication of the leaue strength but this line up reminds me of Birmingham 2014 (poor and went broke) and Leicester 2016 (poor and went broke).

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