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  1. SteveEvans

    One League - Matt Ford

    One big league would have to be run at a maximum of current Championship level costs. The bigger worry from the larger teams entering in would be driving up overhead. A fixed payscale is the best way to achieve this but considering the NL fails to do that it is easier said than done. The last think we want is an 18 team league that soon drops to 12 or less as costs get driven up. 18 team league, 17 home fixtures plus Cup of 1-5 gives a full season for all and variety. Perhaps run 6 man teams to ensure enough riders and extra races so those who DU can at least get some extra heats to make up the income gap.
  2. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Venues and overhead likely. One thing we have no idea on is hiw viable these events are for promoter, BSI and FIM. Bums on seats and all that!
  3. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Perhaps it would have been better to roll the SWC for 2018 and then during the competition announce the changes for an alternating SWC / SoN during the competition?
  4. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    I'm trying to plan my life around it. Bit difficult when I don't know where it is, when it is, how many riders we need, how many events and how much $$$ I will need to raise to make up the shortfall!
  5. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    We will patiently wait! The Under 21 rule might hike the cost for Team USA if we have to send one from accross the pond!
  6. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Manchester was quite full in 2016!
  7. SteveEvans

    Swc 2018

    Stopping the competiton because Poland are the most likely to win makes as much sense as cancelling the SGP Series when Rickardsson was most dominant. This years competition was one of the best I have had the pleasure to be involved in. Three surprise packages in Russia. Latvia, and of course USA. Denmarks shock elimination GB winning easily in their semi final without Tai A packed out stadium for the final The idea of alternating SWC and Pairs would not be so bad. Speedway has an annual World Cup where in other sports its every four years. Perhaps every two years with Pairs in between would be more ideal?
  8. You sound like you don't like speedway very much!
  9. SteveEvans

    Coventry 2017

    I'm saying the team looks on paper as exciting as the 2014 Brummies or the 2016 Lions. Perhaps with the lower standard it will be okay but the selling point of the top league has been big name riders. Obviously Danny did great at the Brit Final and Cardiff last year. Kenneth is very much yesterdays man. For a team that has had many world class #1 it doesn't excite me much. A bigger name #1 and any 5 of 7 named and it would more.
  10. SteveEvans

    Coventry 2017

    Danny is a #1 at a lower level league team too. If its time to phase out the star names then run 19 teams at PL level. The variety would make up for the missing stars.
  11. SteveEvans

    Coventry 2017

    Perhaps this is just an indication of the leaue strength but this line up reminds me of Birmingham 2014 (poor and went broke) and Leicester 2016 (poor and went broke).
  12. SteveEvans

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    No it doesn't
  13. SteveEvans

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    He may not be entirely wrong. That said, they did put themselves in a position by selling the opening night event almost a year ahead. It is not uncommon for construction projects to hit delays and snags, this had been experienced many a time with all of the red tape and slows on the NSS outside of the clubs control over the years. The Swindon model seems to make more sense, run in the old stadium until the new one opens, even if it is during the season. That would have meant no big gala opening (unless they held off to 2017) but it is something in hindsight which may have saved them.
  14. SteveEvans

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    The tickets went on sale 11 months before the event. Quite possible revenue from sales or a portion of helped the club with bills in 2015. Not an uncommon business practice so long as one can deliver and still afford the deliver the product later.
  15. SteveEvans

    British Based Polish League Team?

    I definately think we need a Champions League of teams of similar strength. It may be tough to do that with the difference in leagues, not to mention riders who race for two teams. But you could have two groups of four, with 2 from Poland & Sweden and perhaps 1 from UK, Denmark, Czech and Germany. Semi Finals for Top 2 and a grand final in Torun day after the GP. It could be a cool thing!
  16. SteveEvans

    Wolves 2017

    I would agree. Reserves are no longer protected and will have harder races again.
  17. SteveEvans

    Wolves 2017

    Freddie 10.09 Harris 9.21 Masters 8.88 Proctor 6.68 Manzares 5.43 Klindt 5.42 Clegg 4.04
  18. SteveEvans

    Wolves 2017

    Masters is a must.
  19. SteveEvans

    Belle Vue 2017

    The old stadium next door was packed to the rafters last Sunday for F1 Stox. Seeing the crowds they get at Coventry for a sport that pays low end prize money this should be looked into a revenue stream I would suggest. I would bet the stadium would be full and get in bigger crowds than speedway. Speedway alone may not be viable even with a clean slate. I was hoping the former owners would get their say. As I suspected, the opening night was the killer blow. Here's the bit I don't get though. David G blames the contractor and council. Now, in the fact that they did not present a product, he may be right. However, they cannot be blamed for the fact that the opening meeting was called off on the day or the loss of revenue. It was up to the experts (the promoters) to ensure that the track was ready to go and if not, they could have cancelled ahead of everyone being in the stadium. That would have given them time to restage the meeting without the flap of travelling fans, petrol and hotel costs. I was informed at the ACU by two of its most senior members two weeks before the meeting that there was no way the track would be ready. As an analogy, if I had someone build me a house to live in, I'd sure as heck test that the floorboards were safe and sturdy before we move in and the kids start jumping off their beds! If I didn't, it wouldn't be the builders fault if my kids got hurt or worse - as a parent I am responsible for the home enviroment. Having worked in the business world a while it is not uncommon for construction projects to fall behind schedule or need to be corrected. However, the fact that tickets were on sale about 11 month ahead for a race at a stadium that was no more than a construction site with a targetted completion date is a huge factor. The monies paid in Spring of 2015 could well have been used for 2015 season bills, or even clearing 2014 debts, for example. Had the event been a pay at the door deal then it wouldn't have created the mess it did. But it was an opportunity to raise revenue a year ahead, not an uncommon business practice but a very bad decision in retrospect. The responsibility for the insolvency of the business lies 100% on whoever within the promotion gave the go ahead to run the meeting versus cancelling ahead of the day and the ensuing disaster. The track was handed over, it should have been extensivey tested and approved and the meeting cancelled at the first note of the problem. Rescheduled a month later, all would have been fine. I do not feel that DG or CM are bad people at all. Mort is a wonderful guy, I don't really know David. But big business mistakes can cost and this one was a whopper.
  20. You say the play offs devalue all that has gone before it? I see it that fans who don't grasp the concept over value all that went before it!
  21. Off the cuff.. Run 20 heats as no, but put top 3 on points straight to final. 4-7 do a Last Chance qualifier for the last spot. Points would be 6,5,4,3 for final, with 2 for 2nd and one for 3rd of LCQ. Go back to old GP Challenge format - run it after final round, include the bottom 7 in GP plus 9 qualifiers. Top 7 go to next years series, no nominated wild cards! Qualifying format an Intercontinental final to determine the 9 to join the bottom 7. 5 from Overseas Final (Brits, Aussies, Yanks, Kiwis) 5 from Scandanavian Final 6 from Continental Final (Poles, Germans, Czechs, Slovenia, Latvia, Italy, etc) These finals are fed via National Championship qualifiers like the old days. The qualifying races would therefore have TV appeal (especially the challenge)
  22. Monday and Wednesday make sense given the main issue we have is double up riders missing inflicted from our own rules - no PL on these nights! It therefore defies logic that two teams moved from guest free home nights to Thursday and friday this year! The biggest issue in British speedway now is teams with missing riders. A team without identity is the result! There is an issue with the Danish League on wednesdays but we are not talking a lot of riders there. If you look back to the league 10 years ago, how different it is! 2006 - 11 teams, 20 league fixtures plus play offs cup and Craven Shield, plus opening challenges 2016 - 8 teams, 14 league fixtures plus play offs and teams that frankly would struggle to get 30 points in 2006. If fixed race nights raise the quality of riders and mean less are missing, its a positive step. Otherwise I would say a 21 team Premier League (at current PL level) sounds the next best bet at least with quantity of meetings and diversity.
  23. SteveEvans

    Barry Hearn....

    Haven't read all of this but a few bullet points; 1. The current league structure was created in 1997, so in its 20th season. 2. Since that time top line speedway in the UK is unrecognizble 3. Both leagues have less teams and less variety than back then, EL being more drastic 4. Long term supporters generally know full well its not what is was 5. It's still a thrilling spectacle on track an any level when done right. 6. The situation of continually missing riders, more created within the PL / EL double up than overseas leagues, is the biggest departure from ideal within the sport There is often talk of a independent body to run the sport. Not sure that' s what needed, more I would suggest the league hires a consultant who is paid a fee from all teams for his pay and expenses. His job is to grow the sport, work on media, PR, giving clubs suggestions to increase attendance. If older fans have diminished through drifting away or passing away, perhaps the emphasis needs to be new fans? New fans wouldn't have the better times to compare to but could be sold the product as is. These days there is more competition for your entertainment $ but speedway is definately unique and sellable. I think promoters are often too spread thin to really work the main thing they need to concentrate on - bums on seats (not trophies) As far as 20/20 cricket and darts go with all their extra frills, oddly enough, speedway had such first - 2nd half races, match races, test matches and big individual contests to name but a few.
  24. SteveEvans

    The Heat Leader List....

    This subject covers what's wrong with speedway. The article is well written by a great journalist and good friend. You have to be a fan of the sport to understand it fully though. Any outsider is going to be bemused by this, like "WTF is this?" It's a bit fawlty towers really - every episode Basil creates his own problems and complications. This is the heatleader list described. The emphasis needs to be long term vision and an increased fan base. Any rule which counters that has no place.
  25. SteveEvans

    Rye House 2016

    A rider like Max Ruml would be a great long term investment. He's at the top of the American domestic scene. He hasnt had as much UK experience ahead as some who came before (as the Dream Team is in mothballs right now) but he has aquitted himself well in SWC events all considered (a last to first blast at Vojens saw the race stopped with a fallen Russian). He's need patience to begin with but has such talent, scope to improve and showmanship, not to mention the grooming he;s had for over 5 years from Billy Hamill. Whenever he decides he is ready the club who signs him will be very lucky as its going to be show time!

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