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  1. Mimmo


    I understand what you are saying, and agree with you, so you have made the point without me rewriting it. My reason for not understanding is due to a brain disease, and yes I accept many younger people also suffer the same sort of health issue, so it's not an age thing.
  2. Mimmo


    I've been into a company named Hughes Electrical today with my nephew, and it seems that Samsung TV's have a Discovery+service App plus Eurosport, then as you probably know, you click that, register and pay the £59.99.
  3. Mimmo


    Can't even remember that, as I rent it. Didn't have the available cash to buy one.
  4. Mimmo


    I've just looked at my TV module, and I've never realised there was an Apps button. I've pressed it, but there is no mention of Discovery. There is also nowhere on the TV where I could plug a stick in, which I think is something somebody mentioned.
  5. Mimmo


    To be honest, so am I.
  6. Mimmo


    Sorry Bagpuss, what is a Sky platform? I've got a TV and a BT Box, that's all I know or understand. I couldn't even set the BT box up myself, and BT charged mt £133 to come and do what took them barely 5-minutes, which took up almost all of my reduced weeks State Pension.
  7. Mimmo


    I have BT Sport at the moment, which expires in January.
  8. Does anybody know, if the thousands of older people in the UK, that don't have access to phone etc, or understand modern technology, can purchase a package in the same way we currently do with BT Sport.so as to be able watch the Grand Prix on their TV sets from 2022 onwards please. It's a serious question, and one that will affect me if you can't, as families want to sit and watch it together in their living room, not individually on mobile devices. Thank you, if anybody can provide the answer.
  9. Mimmo

    Swindon Stadium

    With Swindon declaring they won't be running in 2022, and Wolverhampton saying they won't operate in such a small league next year, unless a few Championship sides opt to move up, if you can really calling moving up, then the Premiership would appear to be dead in the water. If it is, how would that affect the Eurosport contract, as they don't seem interested in covering Championship meetings.
  10. Mimmo

    Dave tattum RIP

    Always sad to lose any human being. Thanks for the many happy memories you provided for me. R.I.P Dave.
  11. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I'm so pleased to see him wearing the King's Lynn colours tomorrow. I'm sorry that issues led to him leaving in the first place.
  12. The whole junior thing is a bit of a mess to be honest. It seems no 'Official' result sheet was submitted for uploading on the SCB site. Birmingham raced at Redcar in the Shield, but once again no result sheet has appeared. Redcar staged a Northern Junior League Match on the 27 August, but the referee has failed to name who the visitors were, which I've now found out to be Berwick. If people in official positions (and it's not promoters or team managers fault) can't be bothered, how on earth do they expect the public to support these events. It's the same with the British Youth Championship at Leicester on Bank Holiday Monday, referee Dave Watters has forwarded the result sheet from the 500c Class, with just three riders, and hasn't bothered with the other three classes, which is disappointing for the lads who rode, as I'm sure they'd like to see their names published both on the website(s) and Speedway Star.
  13. Mimmo


    I've had it confirmed that it was definitely a Shield match.
  14. I've checked it out, and am told that as Belle Vue aren't in the MSDL then it must be a PJL meeting, although it was staged on the 26 July and not 28 July as I first reported.
  15. You are right, it is the same. I'll get it checked out, as Craig Ackroyd (Referee) reported it as a Premier Junior League meeting.

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