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  1. Mimmo

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Yes you are right Richard, and I think Mike Bennett was the first to call Simon 'Rambo Lambo' in public.
  2. Mimmo


    He was twenty-seven I believe when he retired. Would you be kind enough ti change his surname to FORREST in your topic line?
  3. Thanks Chris, but I don't own a mobile phone of that type. I know it's unusual in this day and age, but apart from a Pay as you Go, that only provides me with calls and texts, that's all I can afford.
  4. My printer doesn't work, so that ruled me out of going.
  5. I wonder if the public are allowed into Amateur Meetings, such as those at Scunthorpe?
  6. Mimmo


    Oh how I wish Buxton could make a league return, I really miss my trips up from Norfolk on Sunday afternoons.
  7. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    I've never tasted one being a vegetarian, but I've seen quite a few thrown in the bin after a couple of mouth falls during my visits there. I did try their so called chips once, and they most certainly finished up in the bin. Dry & tasteless....horrible.
  8. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    You can't see the racing when queuing for coffee at King's Lynn, that system could never work in the UK.
  9. Mimmo

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Oh my goodness, have you ever tried that food at Peterborough.......thank goodness I'm a vegetarian. Twice in the past, my wife has suffered food like poisoning after having a burger there. It might be a coincidence of course, but I didn't think the thing looked properly cooked when she got it.
  10. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    As much as I want speedway to happen this year, as like all of us, I'm missing it very much, but as hard a decision it must be more for the promoters due to financial difficulties it might put them in, sense must prevail, and write the season off immediately, for the good of everybody.
  11. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    Seeing this on the British Speedway Website today ROBERT Lambert’s Speedway Euro Championship title bid is on hold – after Wednesday’s third round in Gniezno was postponed. The Great Britain star is just two points behind series leader Leon Madsen, with the overall winner set to claim a Grand Prix place for next season.However, Lambert is one of four SEC riders currently in isolation after a positive Covid-19 test was reported from a member of pits personnel at the Rybnik v Leszno fixture last Friday.It means they must be tested negative next Monday, after the incubation period, in order to return to racing, with the SEC due to resume at Rybnik on July 22 and the re-staging at Gniezno the following day. Surely we here in the UK have got to cancel all ideas of running this year, there is just to much uncertainty running rife.
  12. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    They didn't mention anything about minimum/maximum crowd levels or people that are presumably in the shielding bracket. I'm confused as to what they really do mean, and most importantly what would be safe for us good people. Life must come before sport etc.
  13. Mimmo

    Polish Speedway on TV

    Thanks Gringo, yes you're right, even though when you go through the programmer on the TV itself, it says today!!
  14. Mimmo

    Polish Speedway on TV

    According to the C64 TV Guide Lublin v Rybnik is on at 5.00pm tonight.

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