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  1. I don't have any heat details for the Boston 13 Mildenhall 29 meeting on the 19 July 1987, but the scorers were: - BOSTON: Phil Hill 6 Norman Citryn 4 Tony Yates 3 Peter Clegg 0 Ian Clegg 0. MILDENHALL: Mark Chiswell 8 Paul Blackbird 8 Mark Blackbird 7 Lee Farthing 5 Terry Durdin 1. Same story for Boston 24 Peterborough on the 25 May 1987. Scorers were: - BOSTON: Wayne Dunworth 6 Tony Yates 6 Jamie Young 6 Peter Clegg 6 David Bradbury 0. PETERBOROUGH: John Bostin 8 Andrew Stokes 5 Roger Horspool 3 Andrew Giddings 2 Eddie Bales 0. BOSTON 19 STOKE 22 - (21 June 1987)W BOSTON 1. Wayne Dunworth 2-F-3 = 5 2. Ian Clegg FX-N-N = 0 3. Peter Clegg 3-2-2 = 7 4. Tony Yates (C) 1-1*-0 = 2+1 5. Norman Citryn 3-2-0 = 5 STOKE 1. Andy Sumner 3-3-3 = 9 2. Matt Cartmell 1-N-1 = 2 3. David Stanford FX-1-1* = 2+1 4. Bobby Duncan 2-3-2 = 7 5. Wayne Holt 2-R = 2 1) Sumner, Dunworth, Cartmell (F.Rm), I.Clegg (FX) 66.3 2-4, 2-4 2) P.Clegg, Duncan, Yates, Stanford (FX) 65.0 4-2, 6-6 3) Citryn, Holt, I.Clegg (NS), Cartmell (NS) 70.0 3-2, 9-8 4) Sumner, P.Clegg, Stanford, Dunworth (Fell) 66.4 2-4, 11-12 5) Duncan, Citryn, Yates, Holt (Ret) 68.0 3-3, 14-15 6) Dunworth, Duncan, Stanford, Citryn (he replaced Ian Clegg) 66.0 3-3, 17-18 7) Sumner, P.Clegg, Cartmell, Yates 67.0 2-4, 19-22 WITH REGARDS ANYTHING INVOLVING MILDENHALL, TRY SENDING JASON GARDNER ON FACEBOOK A PM, AS HE HAS PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THAT CLUB.
  2. Mimmo

    2001 scorecards?

    Jonas, I've scanned the Boston v Somerset race chart, it's to big in size to upload on here. If you want to PM me an e-mail address, I can send it to you as an attachment. Regards Mike
  3. Mimmo

    Rye House 2020

    If they do reopen eventually, what covered seating will be available that is disabled people friendly?
  4. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    We're exactly the same Meg, my wife isn't allowed to leave the house other than for chemo at hospital for the double lung cancer, amongst others. We've never been offered a food parcel, but would say "No thank you" if it was offered, because as you say, with people delivering or offering to gets bits 'n pieces for us, that would be unfair on those that genuinely need it. Hope you're keeping well.
  5. Mimmo


    I know that I've already praised the Speedway Star to way beyond infinity, but I MUST praise again. I have every Speedway Star since 1959, and quite a few before, and throughout those 61-years, I've never seen a better publication than what they are producing at this moment in time. PHILIP RISING, ANDY SKEELS, PAUL BURBIDGE, MICK SMITH, JEFF DAVIES along with DAVE FAIRBROTHER, take a bow, because you deserve it, you are all a credit to your profession. So once again, a MASSIVE thanks from the bottom of my heart.
  6. I'm hearing it's already pouring with rain across the South of England, London, Devon & Oxford, and it's forecast to reach East Anglia by 10.00am, so I doubt that there will be any cricket. Like Richard, I'd not heard it was starting today either.
  7. My wife is suffering this badly, because as she has double lung cancer and is currently on a 21-week course of chemo, she's not even allowed to leave the house for a 10-minute stroll. Now with the government saying that social distancing will have to remain in place for the rest of the year, we've been told that must remain within the confines of our own home for that length of time. I won't go out and leave her on her own, so we're both prisoners for the rest of 2020, and I'll find that mentally difficult, there's no two ways about that.
  8. Mimmo

    Speedway and the NHS

    I'd like to see every multi millionaire/billionaire in this country, treat every one of the NHS key workers to a free holiday in the sun, once this is all over.
  9. Mimmo

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    You obviously didn't go last season then..LOL!!
  10. Mimmo

    scam callers

    Certainly not for Peterborough.....eh Rob?
  11. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everybody involved in producing the Speedway Star, despite the current crisis. To be able to fill nearly fifty pages with things to read about our beloved sport, even if a certain amount of it is nostalgia stuff, is a credit to them all. With businesses dropping by the wayside at a fast rate of knots, I think it's important that we speedway supporters do our bit to keep the company going, and at just £3 a week, is that really asking a lot, when you consider a match day programme usually costs £4 these days. I appreciate that social media provides most of the information we require these days, but this is about trying to keep the only weekly speedway publication up and running, even if we only take up 6-month subscription for £60 until the current coronavirus crisis is hopefully behind us. Such a lot of the older generation who need the help of those who are more able bodied to be more flexible in the way they are living their lives with shopping etc., don't have access, or can't afford the luxury of the internet, and rely either being at meetings to keep up to date, and purchase their magazine from the Track Shop, or use the subscription service. So please, if you are of the younger generation, and can afford it (It's cheaper than a Smart phone package), take out a short term subscription and help the elderly and vulnerable. I don't work for the Speedway Star, and these are purely my personal thoughts and feelings. Thank you for reading this, and if you don't agree with my posting, then please don't post negative comments about it, as I'm thinking of the older generation that to a large extent keep our clubs open as most promoters will tell you, and at the same time, it keep the staff of the magazine in employment. STAY SAFE EVERYBODY
  12. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    My letter to Tesco Customer Service today, I sent a similar one to Sainsbury's too. Good Morning Mr Lewis, As a follow up to my e-mail to you late yesterday afternoon, I put the TESCO promise to the test this morning of putting aside one hour from 9.00-am -10.00am for the over 70’s and vulnerable people to do their shopping. I visited the store in Hunstanton, Norfolk only to find nearly as many younger people shopping as those of us that were supposed to have that privileged hour. As expected, it was a total pull the wool over your eyes job, nobody will realise to any great extent that we lied and had no intention of going along with our false promise, is the approach I feel the company that you work for is taking. Although they did have a reasonable stock of fruit and veg, the bakery was empty, no pasta, no eggs and guess what…...no toilet paper!! I asked a senior member of staff where the toilet paper was, and he said that they don’t take delivery until after 10.00am, so I said “What’s the point of the company that you represent, offering us an hours grace, which isn’t being adhered to anyway, when you don’t have the items that we desperately require until after our privileged window to shop. “Don’t know mate” came the reply, “I know no more”. Older people in particular start to develop weakened muscles and in a lot of cases bowel diseases and leakages (my wife suffers the latter badly for a few days after chemo), and not only want toilet paper and other toiletries of that nature, but it is an essential item to them. Things like that are about cleanliness and not having to walk around with dirty and stained underwear, causing you to smell. I know this is getting a bit heavy and personal talking like that, but it's vitally important, because that sort of thing could spread diseases, and we've already got enough of that with the coronavirus disease. I've got the impression, that all the major supermarkets are loving this coronavirus thing, in as much that they’re making millions out of all this bulk buying, by the selected few who are in the right place at the right time. Like yesterday, I would appreciate your comments on today's communication please
  13. I've invited the Monster Girl to come and sit the next 3-months or so out, but strangely, I've not had a reply yet. For a serious answer, staying indoors for the most time, wandering round the garden, and taking a drive to the cliff tops along our coast, but not getting out of the car. I do have to take my wife to hospital for chemo still though. Let's hope we all stay safe.
  14. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    Okay, thanks for that.
  15. Mimmo

    Corona virus

    This ACU Statement would suggest the 30 April rather than the 15 April quoted by the BSPA. Coronavirus (Covid-19) - ACU Statement Update 17/03/20 Tuesday March 17, 2020 at 10:46am Statement on Covid-19 On behalf of ACU It is with regret that the ACU are suspending all competition and social activity until 30th April 2020, but this will be constantly reviewed. This is in response to the emerging guidance issued by HM UK Government in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. All permits for events during this time will be cancelled and reimbursed in full to the organising club/ promoter. As the National Governing Body would ask all ACU Members to act responsibly and follow the Government’s guidance during this difficult time. We have a responsibility and duty of care to our staff who will be working from home, so please be patient with any queries you may have. As of writing (17th March 2020) HM Government have advised:

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