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  1. Mimmo


    Plus Iwade, and Lydd is a lovely little track.
  2. Mimmo

    Whats actually going on?

    The IOW are the most forward looking club at any level, that I can remember seeing for many a long year. We're not privy to whatever the issues were to cause Messrs Bishop & Widman to withdraw from the BSPL, but whatever they were, the Board of Directors should have worked their socks off to ensure the club could continue to provide much needed entertainment for those that live on the Island, along with the holidaymakers. The sport just can't afford to keep losing clubs like this, and I just hope that sense prevails, and they can be welcomed back in 2022, because speedway is dying on its feet, at a fast rate of knots. Gutted for all you people across the Solent, along with all your sponsors.
  3. Mimmo

    Mildenhall 2021

    Ian PEEL Born: 19 April 1960, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. Career record: (1979) Boston.
  4. So sad to hear of the passing of Olle Nygren earlier today. RIP Varg Olle.
  5. Mimmo

    Roy Zeal

    Roy William ZEAL Born: 6 February 1907, Newport, Monmouthshire, South Wales. Died: ???? Career record: (1936) Cardiff.
  6. Mimmo


    I don't think an App on a phone would attract a younger person to attend a speedway meeting if they don't already do so. If you like speedway, you're already there, you don't need it. If you don't like speedway, you wouldn't have it on your phone in the first place, and if you've never heard of speedway, it wouldn't be on the phone either. I stand by the guy who sells the programmes at King's Lynn, and he sells them by the box load at £3 a time, so there is still a big demand for the printed matter, as a lot of peple like a keepsake, and hopefully that will always be the case. I'm sorry, but modern technology is killing this world. You've only got to look at the amount of shops that are going out of business (forgetting the pandemic) because people buy on-line, thus putting shop workers out of work. The same goes for a lot of factories, which are maned by robots these days, and I think the council workers are already out of work looking at all the pot holes in the roads. I really do fear for the generation that are entering this world now, because by the time they leave school, there will be no jobs out there for them, which will just lead to more and more crime. Just my opinion.
  7. Mimmo


    First, I hope clubs NEVER do away with a payable programme, but if they did, I'd just print a score sheet and keep it that way, with the collections of programmes that I have from down the years. At the moment, and have done for years, printed a score sheet to fill in at the meeting, but have ALWAYS bought a programme too, to fill in the next day.
  8. Mimmo


    Why do people always assume everyone has got a smartphone....they haven't.
  9. Mimmo


    I was typing my post as you were Ray, so we must have just watched the news on BBC.
  10. Mimmo


    BoJo is talking about the possibilty of summer, hope for goodness sake that isn't right!!!
  11. Mimmo


    Okay, so we've read about the Youth Policy, Premiership & Championship Leagues plus Eurosport, but nobody has mentioned the equally important NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE, as I'm sure stand alone clubs like Isle of Wight, Mildenhall and Plymouth if they don't join the Championship would love to know what's going on.
  12. Mimmo

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Yep, he's 50 in October. Sullivan is 46 tomorrow. Crump is the youngster at 45.
  13. Mimmo

    Lewis Bridger Returns

    I'd rather he finished up at Leicester as I don't think King's Lynn would suit him at all...........yet I get a nasty feeling!!!!!
  14. Mimmo


    They're hoping to build the new Southampton Speedway Track between Locks Heath & Fareham. Infill land just off the M27 is now in the process of being bought by a former policeman, and planing permission is going in shortly to build the speedway track . Infill land means houses can't be built on it, and noise issues wouldn't be a problem. The initial plan so I'm told would be for use as a training track along with amateur meetings, which are becoming more and more popular.
  15. Mimmo


    I think I've got a kitchen arriving for a new bungalow that I seem to have bought.

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