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  1. I wonder how many Blue Badge holders will stay away when push comes to shove. There's two here which would amount to a loss of £640 over the season, if we we able to be regulars. If only five cars with two people in stopped going, and were all Senior Citizens, that would equate to £6,400 and so it goes. It's a heck of a lot of money to be risking throwing away.
  2. Mimmo

    Rye House 2020

    No covered seating at my age would be no attending. Thanks for the info.
  3. Mimmo

    Rye House 2020

    So is there any under cover seating on the home straight please?
  4. Mimmo

    Rye House 2020

    Is the main stand still in its same condition, or have they started to make it accessible for old and disabled people, as the steps in the past have been way to steep?
  5. I had the same thing happen to my wife at a Tesco store.
  6. I can manage the walk myself, but as I've said on previous postings, my wife has advanced cancer in both her lungs, along with hip and breast, and has just started yet another 21-week course of chemo, after only finishing an 18-week course last August. She's trying as hard as she can to be independent and positive, and the thought of putting her in a wheel chair sends her into a negative mood, and that I don't want, as she must stay positive for as long as possible, even in her extremely dark days, of which there are many. Due to the side effects of the treatment, journeys in the evening are very tiring for her, and make her feel unwell. So anything over an hour from home is out of the question, which only leaves us with Peterborough. So this decision has taken away her one bit of evening pleasure as far as watching speedway is concerned, so I'm just so grateful for her sake, that Mildenhall still run meetings in the afternoon, which she can cope with, as the body isn't so tired at that time of day. We will both miss our visits to Peterborough, which along with Belle Vue (basing that on TV meetings we've seen) produces the best racing in the Premiership by a country mile. I know that I could still go, but I'll be buggered if I'm going to leave her at home on her own watching something we've both enjoyed as a couple for a great many years. I have a neighbour who kindly sits with her whilst I go to King's Lynn, as we both feel that I mustn't stop my life completely, as her illness affects and tests my mental strength beyond belief, so I do need a break, so that I can still be as strong as I can for her for the rest of the days and nights. So thank you Peterborough Speedway Club for denying people like my wife (it's bound to keep others away) that little bit of pleasure they need, as they fight their way through what life they have left. Be ashamed of yourselves.
  7. So I've made my final ever visit to Peterborough, which will deprive me of the chance of supporting my local club when they visit.
  8. Mimmo

    MSDL Destroyed by BSPA?

    I find this whole issue unbelievable, how on earth are we going to bring British Youngsters through the ranks? First the disabled people in certain numbers have lost the opportunity to watch speedway at a Premiership club, following the ban on Blue Badge holders taking their vehicles into long established parking areas, thus avoiding an impossible trek, now we put a block on young riders from entering the sport.....oh! dear, what is happening?
  9. I don't need to go into our problems again with Jan's lung and hip cancer, but I took her to Skegness for the day ( that's what I thought it would be) last Summer, but even with the Blue Badge, could find nowhere to park that was within manageable walking distance for her, so we had to turn round and come back home........140-miles of fuel wasted!!
  10. She's doing her best Neil, but is still talking of her disappointment in not being able to visit Peterborough anymore when she's feeling well enough. As I've said previously, she's still got Mildenhall to look forward to, where we've made a lot of good friends over the past 2-3 years, but of course watching the racing at the two different venues is like chalk and cheese.
  11. Thanks for confirming that you don't know Neil personally. I'll make no further comments on your in depth post, because I'm not in a position to know the truth, and nor do I want to. I know and like both Neil & Buster as people, and will leave it at that.
  12. Do you know Neil personally?
  13. Mimmo

    Danny Ayres RIP

    RIP Danny, you'll be sorely missed.
  14. Why are you showing such an interest in the petition, when it's obviously got nothing to do with you. I wouldn't mind betting that a lot of the Blue Badge Holders are old/oldish people, who are not terribly much into computers, and those that are, seem to look at Twitter these days (something I don't play with), so a great many will be unaware of what is going to face them on arrival at the first meeting. Luckily, the thirty-five people that have signed, know they can stay at home and save their money, by not having a wasted journey.
  15. My wife is in an advanced stage of cancer for both lungs, breast and hip, and recently finished an 18-week course of chemo, which hasn't worked, so has just started another 6-9 month course of a different chemo.which means she can only do short walks at a time without resting, which rules us out of ever going to Peterborough again. She's always loved her speedway at Peterborough, as do I to be honest, and now we'll NEVER be able to go there again. It's a very sad day for us and the great many others that are disabled, who have ploughed money through the turnstiles for 'X' amount of years, only to be thrown aside like this. There was never any problems with cars, disabled or not, parking inside Buxton and Stoke, so why should there be at Peterborough. It's far more dangerous leaving other stadiums where the public are mingling with cars trying to beat each other out of the car park. If we assume that say twenty cars with blue badge holders stop attending, and I'm sure it will be a lot more than that, there's usually a minimum of two people in each vehicle, that takes it up to forty paying customers, and let's assume they are all concession customers, that the club will lose throughout the season.At the moment, assuming they don't make the play-off's, they have sixteen home fixtures planned. Based on the 2019 admission price of £16 (they haven't disclosed the 2020 prices on their website, other than for season tickets) that equates to £10,240. All twenty cars pay £1 to park which equals £320, and lets presume that 50% of them buy a programme at £3 per head, which comes out at £960. That means in 2020, the club are going to lose in the region of £11,520. Can they really afford to do that?

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