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  1. Mimmo


    I ordered and paid for something from a company in June, and still haven't received it. As they are ignoring my e-mails, they are obviously a fake website.
  2. I agree with Steve about going back to basics. It's going to be extremely difficult for everyone, Promoters, Riders & Fans alike. With so many out of work, with the situation getting worse all the time, and I'm sure that we're still quite a long way from being safe despite the vaccine, it's a very worrying time for everybody involved in our beloved sport.
  3. Mimmo


    Thanks Steve. That would rule any chance of us visiting if hopefully speedway does reopen there.
  4. Mimmo


    Is it far for disabled people to walk do you know?
  5. Mimmo


    Fingers crossed that we do get speedway back at Oxford, but the thing that puzzles me is where will everyone park, if it's proposed that around 100 houses/flats be built on the car park.
  6. Mimmo

    Eurosport 2020

    If that's the case, I will not be renewing my BT TV deal. As for Eurosport, I'll wait and see who the commentators are before I give any thought on taking them up.
  7. Mimmo

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Wimbledon FC should have moved in there, ample room for their crowds, and left Plough Lane alone, and not trod all over Kingstonian!
  8. Mimmo

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    I guess nobody is ever going to win this debate. I agree that the REAL Wimbledon (A club I once supported too) is now Milton Keynes. But I can see the other side of the discussion too, although as I said, I don't agree with it. I can see it being a financial disaster for them, and whilst I despise the past, I would feel sorry for the supporters of AFC Wimbledon if that should happen.
  9. Mimmo

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Been to one sporting event which I enjoyed, but can't really say I'm interested in going to anymore, anywhere this year.
  10. Quite agree hammer1969. I'm asthmatic, which is getting worse by the year, although still very much controlable, and although I wear a mask in shops etc; I do find they hamper my breathing after a while, and I start to panic. I've tried Face Shields, but find they mist up all the time. So whilst I'll wear one at King's Lynn next Sunday, I'll have to keep lifting it up to get some fresh air, which I have to do in shops.
  11. Mimmo

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Yes you are right Richard, and I think Mike Bennett was the first to call Simon 'Rambo Lambo' in public.
  12. I've sent you a PM Rob.
  13. Mimmo


    He was twenty-seven I believe when he retired. Would you be kind enough ti change his surname to FORREST in your topic line?
  14. Thanks Chris, but I don't own a mobile phone of that type. I know it's unusual in this day and age, but apart from a Pay as you Go, that only provides me with calls and texts, that's all I can afford.

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