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  1. Mimmo

    Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Any updates on the weather I Leicester would be most welcome, as I want to travel up from Norfolk. Thank You.
  2. You're quite right, the Dragons Speedway Club have booked the venue for this Sunday.
  3. I've been producing averages for the MDL & NJL for a few years now, plus of course the SDL. They've always appeared on Facebook, British Speedway Website and appear in the Peter Oakes Yearbook every year. I've only stopped posting NJL results, because some people don't agree with me not including bonus points, which is the official way, and the fact the Tsunami who I assume posts them in an official capacity.
  4. Mimmo

    Buxton v Stoke 7th October 3pm.

    Good Luck today 'Hitmen' go for the double.
  5. I'll be surprised if King's Lynn didn't make it through now, but at the same time, I wouldn't under estimate Belle Vue either. An injured animal is always the most dangerous. It should be a belter of a meeting, and I for one am very much looking forward to it. If you're coming, put on a double layer of clothing, because it is really cold in King's Lynn today. COME ON YOU STARS.
  6. Mimmo


    I counted three genuine passes all afternoon, ignoring the run-off. You're right with your comments about fallers. There were only three of those, and they came in Heat 1, 4 & 7 Once again ignoring the Run-off)
  7. Mimmo


    For what it cost, it must be the worst programme in many a long year. Dragons Speedway Club and Lydd produce programmes nearly as good, and you usually make a minimal donation for one of them.
  8. Mimmo


    You're right there.
  9. Mimmo


    What a terrible advert for National League racing that was. I have a passion for racing at the level, but that meeting was a complete waste of money....IMO.
  10. Mimmo

    NJL Fixtures

    Berwick 24 Edinburgh 12 Carmarthen v Belle Vue - RAINED OFF TWICE, STILL TO BE RIDDEN Reading v IOW - RAINED OFF 4-DAYS AGO Reading v Weymouth - POSTPONED ON THE 25 AUGUST DUE TO LACK OF MEDICAL COVER
  11. DRAGONS MEETING AT LEICESTER – 19 AUGUST 2018 THURMASTON 30: 1. James Jessop 3-2-2-R-2-3-1-2 = 15 2. David Smith N-F-1-0-2-2-1 = 6 3. Roger Butcher 2-0-N-N-N-N = 2 4. Richard Hudson 1-2-2-0-1-1-0 = 7 GLENFIELD 35: 1. Alan Spencer 2-1-3-1-2-2 = 11 2. Mike Osborne 3-3-3-3-3-3 = 18 3. Chris Rogers 2-0-0-1-0-1 = 4 4. Keith Hill 1-0-N-0-1-0 = 2 RATBY 34: 1. Mark Anderson 1-3-2-3-3-3 = 15 2. Philip Hill 0-1-F-N-N-N = 1 3. Edward Hopkins 0-1-2-1-R-N-2 = 6 4. David Chiles 1-3-1-3-2-2 = 12 SHEPSHED 42: 1. Rob Muir 0-1-1-2-2-1 = 7 2. Andy Coles 3-2-F-N-N-N = 5 3. Chris Pullen 3-2-3-3-R-3 = 14 4. Paul Robinson 2-3-3-2-3-3 = 16 1. Coles, Butcher, Hudson, Muir 2. Osborne, Spencer, Chiles, Hopkins 3. Pullen, Robinson, Anderson, P.Hill 4. Jessop, Rogers, K.Hill, Smith (NS) 5. Chiles, Jessop, P.Hill, Butcher 6. Robinson, Coles, Spencer, Rogers 7. Osborne, Pullen, Muir, K.Hill 8. Anderson, Hudson, Hopkins, Smith (Fell) 9. Spencer, Jessop, Smith, K.Hill (NS) 10. Robinson, Hopkins, Muir, P.Hill (Fell) 11. Pullen, Hudson, Jessop (Ret), Coles (Fell) 12. Osborne, Anderson, Chiles, Rogers 13. Osborne, Jessop, Spencer, Smith 14. Anderson, Muir, Coles (NS), P.Hill (NS) 15. Chiles, Smith, Hopkins, Hudson 16. Pullen, Robinson, Rogers, K.Hill 17. Robinson, Smith, Hudson, Coles (NS) 18. Osborne, Chiles, K.Hill, Hopkins (Ret) 19. Jessop, Spencer, Hudson, Rogers 20. Anderson, Muir, Pullen (Ret), Hopkins (NS) 21. Anderson, Chiles, Jessop, Hudson 22. Robinson, Spencer, Muir, K.Hill 23. Pullen, Jessop, Smith, Coles (NS) 24. Osborne, Hopkins, Rogers, P.Hill (NS) CLUB CLASS HANDICAP CHALLENGE 1. Saul Bulley 2-3-2-3-2-2 = 14 2. James Chattin 3-2-3-2-3-3 = 16 3. Ed Trevaskis F-0-F-N-N-N = 0 4. Graham Knowler 1-1-R-1-N-N = 3 1. Chattin, Bulley, Knowler, Trevaskis (Fell) 2. Bulley (12-metres), Chattin (25-metres), Knowler, Trevaskis 3. Chattin (12-metres), Bulley (25-metres), Trevaskis (Fell), Knowler (Ret) 4. Bulley (12-metres), Chattin (25-metres), Knowler, Trevaskis (NS) 5. Chattin (12-metres), Bulley (25-metres), Trevaskis (NS), Knowler (NS) 6. Chattin, Bulley, Trevaskis (NS), Knowler (NS) YOUTH CHALLENGE 1. William Cairns 3-2-3-3-3-3 = 17 2. Freddie Fox-Baron 2-3-2-2-2-2 = 13 1. Cairns, Fox-Baron 2. Fox-Baron, Cairns 3. Cairns, Fox-Baron 4. Cairns, Fox-Baron 5. Cairns, Fox-Baron 6. Cairns, Fox-Baron
  12. Nicholls out for Leicester as he broke his ankle at Glasgow last night.
  13. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    I don't understand why people don't let the Chris Holder issue drop after all this time. None of us really know what happened that night, we can all assume, but we don't know, as there's usually two sides to every argument. What's done is done and can't be changed. As a person, Mr Holder would seem to be a man with a kind heart, when you think back on how he put his life on hold at the time of the tragic Darcy Ward accident, and he doesn't deserve this continuing criticism in my opinion, irrespective of whether he was the instigator of the troubles last year or not. There are so many nasty and evil things going on in this world to worry about. without something as petty as this continuing grudge, life is to short. I'll probably get a lot of negative comments thrown back at me now, but I shan't respond. I'm entitled to my opinion as we all are, but once stated, it's over and done with.
  14. Or could Leicester on the 5th be a double-header??
  15. No, that was the 12th JJ. There are no results on Dragons FB page. I did put a request on there some days ago, plus a PM to one of the organisers, but have had no response. I'm always quick to post results on the odd occasion I attend a meeting, for which I always get a thanks, but alas it's all it a bit one sided!!

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