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  1. Mimmo

    Leicester NL 2019

    Thanks very much Lenny
  2. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Yes, the track and racing at Peterborough is the best I can ever remember, and it would be fantastic if the same could happen at the AFA.
  3. Mimmo

    Leicester NL 2019

    What time do the gates open on Sunday for the meeting against Stoke please, and how much are NL programmes? Thank you.
  4. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    With Simon being local and having a lot of friends etc., in the area, he definitely puts extra bums on seats, does a very good job, especially around the AFA, and a more loyal clubman would be hard to find. For me, I'd like to see him back in the side......just my opinion.
  5. It's a pain in the backside with Speedway Star not publishing the times this year, but here is what you want, in heat order. 58.81; 59.53; 59.79; 58.47; 58.50; 58.31; 59.22; 60.16; 59.16; 59.25; 58.88; 58.97; 59.87; 59.16 and 59.25
  6. Yep, 15-minutes to complete that race, and why do riders need to return to the pit gate for mechanical adjustments, each time it gets stopped for a tapes infringement. I think the time allowance in circumstances like that, should be one minute, and not the customary two. I agree with some comments about various racing lines having disappeared, which has reduced some of the excitement, but as Buster said, he's still working on that, and hopefully will be sorted soon, so Panthers fans can enjoy the racing they are accustomed too. Having said that, after Belle Vue, I still think it's the next best racing strip in the Premiership by a country mile. As for the meeting, I did enjoy it very much, and it was a sheer joy to see Kasper Andersen perform in the way that he did for King's Lynn, and hope that gives him the confidence to now move forward with his career. Will I return to the East of England Arena again this season, the answer is no. Tractor racing after Heats 2, 4, 7 and 10 (this admittedly was part of a 13-minute interval) just doesn't float my boat, and from a racing point of view, it didn't need it. I notice Hans N Andersen said in his programme notes, there are times the track shouldn't be graded, and that they need to be a bit more shrewd !! Mildenhall raced on a blistering hot afternoon the previous day, but didn't have to resort to these sort of delays, and produced some good racing. On top of that, we had a delayed start to allow late comers to get into the stadium, with one of the reasons being mentioned was the local football match. POPPYCOCK, would the football match have been delayed if some of the public had not been inside the ground at the scheduled kick-off time, of course they wouldn't, so why should the speedway? Totally unfair on those that had been inside the East of England Arena at 4.30pm when the gates opened. If the football kicked off at 3.00pm (I don't know if it did), it would have been over by approximately 4.45pm, which leaves more than enough time to get a couple of miles or so up the road to their next sporting choice. Just not acceptable for me I'm afraid. Anyway, I hope both clubs go on to enjoy a good season, and thanks for the entertainment between delays.
  7. Does anybody know what time the turnstiles open this afternoon please?
  8. It was a healthy crowd, but not as large as I thought it would be. Next Monday will be better against Ipswich I would have thought.
  9. Hopefully not collecting the money at the gate, otherwise the queue up the road ain't half going to be long, especially if those that have told me that they intend handing over a £1 in 1 pence pieces carry out that threat, which of course is silly.
  10. Maybe it's request from the Showground for some reason or another....just a thought.
  11. Mimmo

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    As a non-mobile phone user myself, I assume the majority that are, have to be on contract to get wifi, but those that have just a bog standard Pay-as-you-Go phone and text facility, are unable to take part in the voting. Many older people in particular can't afford these sort of packages, and that includes myself, as much as I'd like to be able to, as I feel left out.
  12. I hope it's in the morning, so we don't have to waste the day sitting around waiting, then we can do something else with our Easter Monday as well.
  13. I find National Development League meetings produce better excitement than the SGB Premiership more often than not, with times of course being slower. So I agree 100% with you on that one Star Lady.
  14. Mimmo

    Wolves 2019

    Maybe Niels-Kristian Iversen would help out short term.

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