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  1. I agree, and I fear the worst might have happened particularly to Paul Starke last night but for the air fence.
  2. It's about time somebody told Troy Batchelor you have to ride anti-clockwise, what a waster. On the plus side, Jason Doyle rides in a different postcode most of the time. Sheer class in this league.
  3. Mimmo

    King's Lynn v Sheffield 23/06

    I'm not criticising anybody's comments, because you are obviously all entitled to your own thoughts. What I will say, is you like your sport, which is why you go, and share your views on here, irrespective of what I might agree or otherwise with. But what I would say is that please be grateful you/we still have a stadium to watch that sport we enjoy in, unlike the poor Newcastle supporters suddenly. Also the possibility that Birmingham, Edinburgh & Peterborough could all be nothing more than history next year. Yes, we're not getting the results that we want as supporters of our particular club, and yes, certain riders aren't doing as well as we think they are capable of. But like us, they are all human beings that have the same everyday problems in life like all of us, and we don't know how they feel on any given night. They put their lives on the line so that we can have an evening out doing what we like doing, and if their points are low, their wage packet is lower than they'd want, so their below par performances at the moment, aren't something they want or enjoy. Changing the subject. Regarding the comment Bald Bloke made about a foul mouthed woman shouting out the word of paedophile at a rider, is totally unacceptable, as is the few people on the home straight laughing and cheering because Craig Cook was forced to retire from the meeting through injury. I heard comments about the way he walked out on King's Lynn, and that's why they didn't like him. Pathetic even if that had been the case, but it wasn't, he was released, or sacked which ever way you want to put it. He didn't let the club down. We've got the Premiership Pairs coming up in 2-weeks time, where we are joint leaders, so lets get behind the riders who represent us that night, and show the team your support for the rest of the campaign, both on good nights and poor nights.
  4. Mimmo

    Isle of Wight 2022

    Good luck everyone for tomorrow and the rest of the season. You've put a very interesting and entertaining package of events together again, well done to you all.
  5. They would be in the Speedway Star if the results were forwarded to them. All the other Amateur results are.
  6. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    BassoRacingFan thinks different, and maybe he's right, but I agree with you. We will have to see how many kids this genius idea brings through the turnstiles I guess.
  7. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    Match result 45-45 Superheat 6-3 League Table Result 3-1 I can't understand why people don't take our sport seriously.
  8. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    I'm pleased Peterborough have won, but think this Superheat is a crazy idea. Might as well have a penalty shoot out after every drawn football match.
  9. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    Thanks Tellboy, I've decided to not bother. Appreciate your help,
  10. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    I think the A47 between Guyhirn & King's Lynn is closed somewhere Steve.
  11. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    LOL...I didn't say which team I wanted to come and support
  12. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Fair enough thanks.
  13. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Would Stefan Nielsen qualify, as he was riding No 6 for Sheffield, before they dumped him for a rider that is probably no better?
  14. Mimmo

    Panthers v Tigers 13/06/22

    I know this might be a long shot question, but with the Highways Agency using their usual lack of intelligence, parts of the A47 are closed at night from 8.00pm onwards, which coincides with long running works at Sutton Bridge on the A17 with it's traffic problems. Apart from hiring a helicopter, can anybody suggest a route from Peterborough to King's Lynn, without having to drive 15-20 miles out of my way please?

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