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  1. Does anybody know what time the turnstiles open this afternoon please?
  2. It was a healthy crowd, but not as large as I thought it would be. Next Monday will be better against Ipswich I would have thought.
  3. Hopefully not collecting the money at the gate, otherwise the queue up the road ain't half going to be long, especially if those that have told me that they intend handing over a £1 in 1 pence pieces carry out that threat, which of course is silly.
  4. Maybe it's request from the Showground for some reason or another....just a thought.
  5. Mimmo

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    As a non-mobile phone user myself, I assume the majority that are, have to be on contract to get wifi, but those that have just a bog standard Pay-as-you-Go phone and text facility, are unable to take part in the voting. Many older people in particular can't afford these sort of packages, and that includes myself, as much as I'd like to be able to, as I feel left out.
  6. I hope it's in the morning, so we don't have to waste the day sitting around waiting, then we can do something else with our Easter Monday as well.
  7. I find National Development League meetings produce better excitement than the SGB Premiership more often than not, with times of course being slower. So I agree 100% with you on that one Star Lady.
  8. Mimmo

    Wolves 2019

    Maybe Niels-Kristian Iversen would help out short term.
  9. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Yes, I do realise that.
  10. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I always find the SS an excellent and enjoyable read, even though you can find a lot of details on the internet before it's published. Same can be said for Newspapers, Ladies magazines such as Hello, almost any type of magazine in fact. Someone said in an earlier posting that they thought it was overpriced (I think that is what was said, but apologise if it wasn't) at £3, but in comparison with anything you purchase off the book/paper shelf in your newsagent or supermarket, it's par for the course. If we want to talk about things being overpriced, then that has to be speedway programmes surely. Speedway Star at £3 has got to be far greater value for money than a Speedway Programme at £3. Most clubs programmes have a page written or ghost written by more than one of its management team, all saying the same thing about that you've already read on the internet, to quote other posters on here. You have a Supporters Club Page that is the same every meeting, with the exception of a few lines. You have Rider Profiles that are generally lifted from the British Speedway Website. You have Guest writers who contribute their thoughts on various matters, some current, some talking about things that happened 30+ years ago, and so it goes on. They do provide excellent photos from people like Phil Hilton, Steve Hone, Derek Leader and many others, but so does the Speedway Star. So the 2019 line-up has finally been confirmed, which I can see some people are happy with, whilst others are not, but that's human nature, and I'd be surprised if any club in the country could say that every last one of its supporters is happy with their named line-up, although Berwick seem to be an exception to that rule usually. Am I happy with our line-up for this season....yes. I would like to have seen a new face to support Robert, but it obviously wasn't meant to be, so the curent side will get my 100% support.
  11. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Oh dear Clive, I know and agree where you are coming from, but not another anthem like that damn silly King's Lynn one we had last season.
  12. Mimmo

    Somerset 2019

    I wish Valentin the very best of luck having been given the chance to race in this country, but what a kick in the teeth for riders like Mason Campton and Simon Lambert who have no club to ride for, through no fault of their own.
  13. I haven't been able to get any riders points for 2010 I'm afraid, so this is from 2011 onwards. NORTHERN JUNIOR LEAGUE RIDERS' POINTS 2011-2018 Archie Freeman 239 Corban Pavitt 221 Josh Embleton 204 Kieran Douglas 187 Sam McGurk 177 Jordan Palin 176 James Hitchen 175 Ryan MacDonald 170 Gavin Parr 159 Kevin Whelan 157 Carl Basford 153 Dale Lamb 153 Luke Harrison 150 Daniel Phillips 144 Elliot Kelly 143 Harry McGurk 143 Lewis Millar 135 Kean Dicken 133 Leon Flint 130 Gregor Millar 121 Kieran McCoy(aka Taylor) 119 Ben Basford 110 James McBain 105 George Rothery 103 Ryan Morris 97 Kyle Bickley 96 Tommy Fenwick 96 Jack Wright 94 Luke Ruddick 84 Dan Gilkes 82 Alex Goldsbrough 81 Paul Bowen 77 Max Perry 71 David Morgan 70 Peter Johnson 63 Rob Shuttleworth 57 Stefan Farnaby 56 Mark Mclkenny 55 Luke McKenna 54 Lloyd Ditchburn 52 Joe Lawlor 52 Sheldon Davies 50 Liam Carr 47 Blair Smith 42 Jay Farish 40 Chris Hay 40 Kyran Lyden 39 Sam Darroch 38 Jack Bell 36 John MacPhail 35 Dale Pate 35 Ben Rathbone 35 Steven Morris 32 Kevin Keay 30 Danny Smith 30 Jack Flynn 29 Andrew Sturrock 28 Tom Spencer 28 Brenton Barnfield 27 Jamie Halder 27 Rikki Anderson 20 Gary Flint 20 Beau Stonehewer 20 Ace Pijper 19 Connor Lamb 18 Bailey Fellows 17 Greg Mackie 16 Arlo Bugeja 15 Adam Kenyon 15 Caydin Martin 15 Brady Mudgway 14 Kyle Deans 13 Matt Williamson 13 Callum Gill 12 Max Clegg 11 Daniel Mitchell 11 David Pye 11 Liam Little 10 Michael Neale 10 Glyn Picken 10 James Cartmell 9 Marty Rathbone 9 Montana Jowett 8 Lee Baldwin 7 William Cairns 7 Emerson Jones 7 William O’Keefe 7 John Atkinson 6 Jake Isherwood 6 Alex Wilson 6 Jack Hall 5 Phil Learmonth 5 Adam Barber 4 John Gaskell 4 Rachel Hellowell 4 Ashton Vale 4 Connor Coles 3 James Culbert 3 Dean Douglas 3 Joe Fisher 3 Freddie Fox-Baron 3 Dan Thompson 3 Joe Thompson 3 Ben Trigger 3 Luke Whitehead 3 Luke Woodhull 3 Andrew Blackburn 2 Sam Chapman 2 Kris Forster 2 Archie Wareham 1 Stephen Whitehouse 1 Daniel Woodward 1 Lewis Winthrop 0 Compiled by Mike Moseley.
  14. Mimmo

    Somerset 2019

    Simon Lambert is a loyal club man, and excellent in the pits with other riders. He's British and deserves a punt.

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