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  1. Does anybody know if this meeting took place please, as I'm eagerly wanting the results from all the different classes?
  2. DRAGONS MEETING AT LEICESTER – 19 AUGUST 2018 THURMASTON 30: 1. James Jessop 3-2-2-R-2-3-1-2 = 15 2. David Smith N-F-1-0-2-2-1 = 6 3. Roger Butcher 2-0-N-N-N-N = 2 4. Richard Hudson 1-2-2-0-1-1-0 = 7 GLENFIELD 35: 1. Alan Spencer 2-1-3-1-2-2 = 11 2. Mike Osborne 3-3-3-3-3-3 = 18 3. Chris Rogers 2-0-0-1-0-1 = 4 4. Keith Hill 1-0-N-0-1-0 = 2 RATBY 34: 1. Mark Anderson 1-3-2-3-3-3 = 15 2. Philip Hill 0-1-F-N-N-N = 1 3. Edward Hopkins 0-1-2-1-R-N-2 = 6 4. David Chiles 1-3-1-3-2-2 = 12 SHEPSHED 42: 1. Rob Muir 0-1-1-2-2-1 = 7 2. Andy Coles 3-2-F-N-N-N = 5 3. Chris Pullen 3-2-3-3-R-3 = 14 4. Paul Robinson 2-3-3-2-3-3 = 16 1. Coles, Butcher, Hudson, Muir 2. Osborne, Spencer, Chiles, Hopkins 3. Pullen, Robinson, Anderson, P.Hill 4. Jessop, Rogers, K.Hill, Smith (NS) 5. Chiles, Jessop, P.Hill, Butcher 6. Robinson, Coles, Spencer, Rogers 7. Osborne, Pullen, Muir, K.Hill 8. Anderson, Hudson, Hopkins, Smith (Fell) 9. Spencer, Jessop, Smith, K.Hill (NS) 10. Robinson, Hopkins, Muir, P.Hill (Fell) 11. Pullen, Hudson, Jessop (Ret), Coles (Fell) 12. Osborne, Anderson, Chiles, Rogers 13. Osborne, Jessop, Spencer, Smith 14. Anderson, Muir, Coles (NS), P.Hill (NS) 15. Chiles, Smith, Hopkins, Hudson 16. Pullen, Robinson, Rogers, K.Hill 17. Robinson, Smith, Hudson, Coles (NS) 18. Osborne, Chiles, K.Hill, Hopkins (Ret) 19. Jessop, Spencer, Hudson, Rogers 20. Anderson, Muir, Pullen (Ret), Hopkins (NS) 21. Anderson, Chiles, Jessop, Hudson 22. Robinson, Spencer, Muir, K.Hill 23. Pullen, Jessop, Smith, Coles (NS) 24. Osborne, Hopkins, Rogers, P.Hill (NS) CLUB CLASS HANDICAP CHALLENGE 1. Saul Bulley 2-3-2-3-2-2 = 14 2. James Chattin 3-2-3-2-3-3 = 16 3. Ed Trevaskis F-0-F-N-N-N = 0 4. Graham Knowler 1-1-R-1-N-N = 3 1. Chattin, Bulley, Knowler, Trevaskis (Fell) 2. Bulley (12-metres), Chattin (25-metres), Knowler, Trevaskis 3. Chattin (12-metres), Bulley (25-metres), Trevaskis (Fell), Knowler (Ret) 4. Bulley (12-metres), Chattin (25-metres), Knowler, Trevaskis (NS) 5. Chattin (12-metres), Bulley (25-metres), Trevaskis (NS), Knowler (NS) 6. Chattin, Bulley, Trevaskis (NS), Knowler (NS) YOUTH CHALLENGE 1. William Cairns 3-2-3-3-3-3 = 17 2. Freddie Fox-Baron 2-3-2-2-2-2 = 13 1. Cairns, Fox-Baron 2. Fox-Baron, Cairns 3. Cairns, Fox-Baron 4. Cairns, Fox-Baron 5. Cairns, Fox-Baron 6. Cairns, Fox-Baron
  3. Nicholls out for Leicester as he broke his ankle at Glasgow last night.
  4. Mimmo

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    I don't understand why people don't let the Chris Holder issue drop after all this time. None of us really know what happened that night, we can all assume, but we don't know, as there's usually two sides to every argument. What's done is done and can't be changed. As a person, Mr Holder would seem to be a man with a kind heart, when you think back on how he put his life on hold at the time of the tragic Darcy Ward accident, and he doesn't deserve this continuing criticism in my opinion, irrespective of whether he was the instigator of the troubles last year or not. There are so many nasty and evil things going on in this world to worry about. without something as petty as this continuing grudge, life is to short. I'll probably get a lot of negative comments thrown back at me now, but I shan't respond. I'm entitled to my opinion as we all are, but once stated, it's over and done with.
  5. Or could Leicester on the 5th be a double-header??
  6. No, that was the 12th JJ. There are no results on Dragons FB page. I did put a request on there some days ago, plus a PM to one of the organisers, but have had no response. I'm always quick to post results on the odd occasion I attend a meeting, for which I always get a thanks, but alas it's all it a bit one sided!!
  7. Mimmo

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    I'll bow to your knowledge on that one, but it could still six of one, and half a dozen of another.
  8. Mimmo

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    Good point Neil.
  9. Thanks Gemini, I don't know why Dragons results are so difficult to obtain, they should be pleased to go public with them.
  10. Mimmo

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    I'm afraid it has been put back by an hour for that very reason, and like yourself, I know of some people that have been left disappointed, as they can't now make it due to having to be at work. In my wildest dreams, I can't believe Norwich v Ipswich would have any effect on the speedway attendance.
  11. Mimmo

    Does this league have a future ?

    Couldn't agree more.
  12. We've also got Leicester to fit in again following the original abandonment.
  13. Raining in Heacham & Hunstanton area at the moment. If you are travelling from this area, be warned that there is a burst water main on the A149 at Sandringham. Traffic lights have been set up, and delays are quite lengthy.
  14. Mimmo

    Bob Dugard RIP

    Such fond memories of watching Bob race around Wimbledon in my younger days. The pairing of him and Trevor Hedge were so powerful in those days. His passion for speedway in general, not least his own club Eastbourne, is possibly only equalled by Len Silver. Both real characters in this great sport of ours. RIP Bob, and thanks for so many treasured memories.
  15. Mimmo

    bronze helmet

    BRONZE HELMET 2015 08.04.15 Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) beat Max Clegg (Cradley Heath) BIRMINGHAM 26.04.15 Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) beat Tony Atkin (Buxton) BUXTON 03.05.15 Jack Kingston (Mildenhall) beat Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) MILDENHALL 04.05.15 Ben Morley (Kent) beat Jack Kingston (Mildenhall) SITTINGBOURNE 11.05.15 Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) beat Ben Morley (Kent) SITTINGBOURNE 15.05.15 Ben Morley (Kent) beat Darryl Ritchings (Coventry) COVENTRY 25.05.15 Danny Ayres (Kent) beat Scott Campos (King's Lynn) SITTINGBOURNE 01.06.15 Zach Wajtknecht (Birmingham) beat Danny Ayres (Kent) SITTINGBOURNE 03.06.15 Zach Wajtknecht (Birmingham) beat Tony Atkin (Buxton) BIRMINGHAM 16.06.15 Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) beat Zach Wajtknecht (Birmingham) BIRMINGHAM 06.07.15 Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) beat Danny Ayres (Kent) SITTINGBOURNE 17.07.15 Zach Wajtknecht (Birmingham) beat Daniel Greenwood (Coventry) COVENTRY 29.07.15 Zach Wajtknecht (Birmingham) beat Jake Knight (King's Lynn) BIRMINGHAM 05.08.15 Max Clegg (Cradley Heath) beat Zach Wajtknecht (Birmingham) BIRMINGHAM 26.08.15 Max Clegg (Cradley Heath) beat Josh Bailey (King's Lynn) BIRMINGHAM 06.09.15 Max Clegg (Cradley Heath) beat Liam Carr (Buxton) BUXTON 09.09.15 Robert Branford (Rye House) beat Max Clegg (Cradley Heath) BIRMINGHAM 13.09.15 Daniel Halsey (Mildenhall) beat Kyle Hughes (Rye House) MILDENHALL 27.09.15 Daniel Halsey (Mildenhall) beat Ryan Blacklock (Buxton) MILDENHALL N.B. When a rider wins the helmet, it becomes the property of his club rather than the individual himself, thus allowing a team-mate to defend it, if the current holder is unavailable at the meeting in question.
  16. The start time for this meeting that I was looking forward to, has been switched to 6.00pm. But due to that change, I am unable to attend. Why oh why don't clubs just stick to original dates and in this case times, so we can organise our lives properly. There are more things in life than just speedway.
  17. Parking was a complete chaos for an exceptional amount of day trippers arriving by car on Saturday. Cardiff City Council in their wisdom have changed the car park I use by the police station from ALL DAY to 5-hours maximum with no return in 3-hours. All the streets around the area were also reserved for pre-booked visitors, something that's never happened before, and I still can't find anything on the internet offering such a facility. Even coach drivers were left dumbfounded by what they found, so don't know how they got round that. After going round in circles for I would think about 90-minutes, one poor couple who had come from Manchester, were in tears saying they would have to lose their money and return home. People like unofficial traders didn't give a hoot if they got fined £50 for exceeding the time limit, as I heard one of the say that they only needed to sell five flags to cover that penalty. I've been to every GP at Cardiff, but will never go to another one. Newport or P&R isn't an option for my wife who can't walk to far with double lung cancer.
  18. I've tried uploading the latest stats onto the BSF, but unfortunately I'm being denied the chance to do so, as the files are to large. Facebook is accepting them okay, and they are on the MDL Facebook page, but if don't use FB, then there's nothing I can do from that point of view. If you want to PM me your e-mail address, I can try sending them to you like that, if you want to see the up to date information. Cheers Mike
  19. If you check the MDL Facebook page, you'll find I posted all the averages, results and league table up to and including the 30th June. So in answer to the question posed by 'adonis', yes somebody does care, and I spend endless hours trying to publicise these details for all three junior leagues, plus the British Amateur Riders' League thank you very much.
  20. Mimmo

    Leicester Lions 2018

    That's one hell of a crack of the whip. I think having Connor Mountain in for James Sarjeant will be to their advantage, especially as he represents Coventry on that very circuit. Pleased to see Scott Nicholls (and the others of course) regain a SGB Premiership place.
  21. Mimmo

    The next wunderkid?

    Scott Campos. For a serious answer: Drew Kemp
  22. Mimmo

    Lydd Speedway

    Quite right, with those dates being 29 July, 5 August, 23 September and 21ctober.
  23. Same for my wife at the tail end of May Steve, the only difference being they wouldn't send an ambulance out until the next day(!!), and to this day, she's still suffering.
  24. Most certainly the worst stadium in the Premiership in my opinion, and in view of the nasty accident my wife had trying to climb those dangerous steep steps in the main stand, it's a venue I never intend visiting again. It's a shame, as over the years, I've attended hundreds of meetings there, but these past couple of years, it's become an unpleasant place to visit.

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