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  1. tigerblues

    New Rider For Sheffield

    Me too. Despite his injury problems I'm very surprised he's been without a team since he returned from injury.
  2. Yeah, actually Bjerre and Doolan racing each other was one of the highlights of the meeting. Give over, riders like Kauko Nieminen are experienced enough and have rode the track enough to get it right. Stop looking for excuses. Fantastic result to get through to the semi final, certainly wouldn't have predicted that, this team is looking really promising so far.
  3. Really happy with last nights performance, Steady was outstanding and Facu really is looking promising, unreal use of all the track to pass especially round the 1st and 2nd bends. Joe thankfully looks to have sorted out whatever slowed him down in the first meetings. Ricky and Hally are both looking good, I didn't feel they would be adequate support for Steady but if their form continues like this I could well be eating humble pie. Koppe's still finding his feet, but still showed flashes of promise and it was great for Jake to get some points on the board which will hopefully boost his confidence a bit. Another pleasing thing about last night is the team spirit seems spot on, the lads seem to have gelled really quickly and Steady is a great captain. Couple of good results so far, hopefully we can keep it going. Already feel a hundred times more positive about the club than I did at any point last year!
  4. There were 1 or 2 good races, whether or not the track changes have done enough remain to be seen, as mentioned it was incredibly slick. Very happy with Sheffield's performance, our top 3 did everything asked of them, Facu looked better than his points suggest and I suspected beforehand that this track might not be one he takes to immediately. Damo did ok, battling performance, got out of shape again once or twice but I'm confident he'll come good. Joe's looking a little slow but if it's something he can sort out in the workshop then it's better to get it out of the way now than further into the season. Jake wasn't always on the pace but it's early days and we knew he was going to need time. Great to get a point from our first meeting, onwards and upwards hopefully.
  5. tigerblues

    Sheffield V Birmingham 28.03.13

    We took a beating as expected, but the team definitely showed some promise. Facu looks a real prospect, so entertaining, can't wait to watch him progress. Some good races considering the scoreline and weather... and how good is it to have Steady back home in a Tigers racejacket
  6. I'll be there tomorrow, is the car park at Leicester still free? Not sure how confident I am for this one but there were some encouraging signs last night so we'll see.
  7. Apologies if I've missed this on here already but what time does the car park/gates open? Hopefully coming down but never been before so want to get there in plenty of time.
  8. tigerblues

    Plymouth 2013

    Delighted to see Schrammy fixed up, poor machinery as well as coming back from a bad injury meant we didn't see the best of him at Sheffield, but never ever saw him give any less than 100% and in a tough season for the Tigers, that was very much appreciated. Wish him the best of luck.
  9. tigerblues

    Sheffield 2013

    I think I read in the Speedway Star last year-ish that Garry would like to get involved in a more "technical" role rather than being an actual team manager.. not sure if what Spinny says about a business changes that but I'd like to see him involved in that way alongside 1 team manager.
  10. tigerblues

    Sheffield 2013

    Albin now confirmed. Huge gamble, especially with Koppe already in on an assessed 5.00, hopefully it pays off.
  11. tigerblues

    Sheffield 2013

    Hefenbrock could be a good shout, rode very well for Somerset at Sheffield when they beat us in 2011. I know he rode last year but not very much I don't think, so not sure how he is fitness wise. North's potentially a decent rider, usually whinging about something though, that said certain Sheffield fans might take to him in that case
  12. Sheffield in 2005 (Wilson and Compton)?
  13. tigerblues

    Berwick Survival.

    Same bloke who couldn't tell the difference between Ashley Morris and Seb Alden!
  14. Unlucky for Somerset having to find someone less than 24hrs before the meeting.. Hally might not be a big hitter like Doyle and Cook but he certainly knows his way round the EWR as well as anyone. Looking forward to it! Weather still looking ok?
  15. tigerblues

    Sheffield 2013

    If the promotion are saying we've lost fans to Redcar then I can't see why they'd try and run on the same night as Scunny.. personally I hope we stick to Thursdays!

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