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  1. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Should Tai Woffinden Ride For Team Gb ?

    Robert72 meets up with Tai Woffinden at the pub in order to clear the air............................... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmWK0DAdSqk
  2. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    How Boring Is Scb

    Agreed. I particularly liked him in Please Sir!...... :D
  3. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Belle Vue 2016

    It looks like the promotion is already on the contractors' case................ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wkl5PvDnqZM Dramatis Personae - Basil Fawlty - David Gordon Manuel - Chris Morton The Major - Buster Chapman
  4. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House 2016

    For my liking, BMR's tenure contains too many similarities to BSI's tenure at Reading (including changing team colours and nickname without considering the views of supporters) and we all know how that turned out............................. People have made their views of John Sampford very plain in the past. Given what's happened since BMR bought the club, John being given the heave-ho is no real surprise to me but the timing is appalling on several levels. Given the awful last few years for the Rockets generally and the experience since BMR's bought the club, it hardly breeds confidence or enthusiasm.
  5. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House 2016

    I guess that Klindt does not, after all, "share the excitement of our future plans at Rye House." Nor that he "wanted to work together and have fun tgether, and be more than the sum of the individual parts............................" Current and future employers take note!
  6. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House 2016

    Wasn't NBJ a Len Silver signing in his role of responsibility for Rockets team matters? With what appear to be the circumstances surrounding Len's departure as implied in his public statements, is this an indication that now the new owners have formally taken over the promotional reigns they are now seeking to establish 'their' team and move away from 'Len's team? Mind you if that means no Bowen or Boxhall, I shan't be crying into my beer. Be interesting to see what side they eventually announce but 'not requiring' NBJ for 2016 is consistent with Warren Scott's statement regarding the signing of Lambert being “just one part of our plans for the future." It implies he was signed with a view to 2016 and it is likely that he and Edward will spearhead the 2016 team. With NBJ being such an entertainer with the potential to 'do a Linus' next season and it being obvious that his departure would be something that many supporters would be disappointed about it isn't good PR for Rye House not to have made their own announcement however brief about NBJ's departure. Uncle Lennie was often criticised on this forum regarding a lack of proactive communication with supporters so maybe BMR aren't so much more media savvy than the octagenarian Mr Silver!
  7. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    British Speedway Promoters Meeting

    Only those dumb enough to turn up and pay the admission. Buyer beware!! STOP PRESS - The Elite League was today confirmed as being on a life support system. Mr Fraud described its condition as "satisfactory." Hmm. A few years ago didn't Mildenhall & Rye House get shafted because other promoters didn't like the fact that Jon Armstroing & Steve Boxall were doing well. Still, it couldn't happen again could it?
  8. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    British Speedway Promoters Meeting

    And the BSPA think that this will have Sky reaching for the cheque book??????????????
  9. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House 2013

    Nelson must be greatly heartened by some of the remarks on here. Rye House supporters will recall the exciting racing he provided in 2011 and the tremendous improvement and potential he showed. if I recall correctly the court case in 2011 that was the subject of so much interest and misinformed speculation by the usual 'experts' actually involved residents of Canterbury and I am not aware that Nelson lived there. I'm looking forward to seeing Nelson race for the Rockets in 2013 and wish him and all of the team the very best in the season ahead. Congratulations to Jason B on another NZ championship - thanks for posting the result Lord Skid.
  10. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Ss Special ... Your Views

    Unfortunately I very much doubt it. Firstly, the AGM had already happened when the Star published them, secondly the promoters are perfectly able to read this forum at any time and could have done so prior to the AGN and thirdly when have they ever taken any notice of the paying public? I bet they also didn't talk to any PL riders before terminating payment for most bonus points!
  11. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Pl Bonus Points

    Spot on. What genius thought up this idea? It goes against the whole concept of team speedway. Hadn't they got anything better to do at the BSPA conference? Rather worryingly, having clicked 'Like' on Orion's post, I have found that I now have something in common with Jepsen Jensen Racing. Oh dear!!!!!!
  12. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Ss Special ... Your Views

    How about the Star doing a similar edition posing relevant questions to one rider from each 2012 team?
  13. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House 2013

    We may not win the league next year but with Josh on board we could take on anybody if due to rain offs the title is decided by a game of scrabble......(delete double points ride and insert triple word score....)
  14. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House V Berwick Pct 2nd Leg) 28th October 6pm

    It was deliberate so I guess that means it isn't a typo. In fact the whole of my post was completely tongue in cheek (pretty much like everything I post on here!).
  15. Cheekee Raylee Monkee

    Rye House V Berwick Pct 2nd Leg) 28th October 6pm

    I'll be at the main entrance on Sunday with a petition calling on Len Silver to stay until he is 150 years old. Shadders, on 21 October 2012 - 05:42 PM, said: "Sadly, Mr Silver will have to do without my £16 after his character assassination of me in the Herts Mercury. " Me & Westhamboy will have a toast "To absent fiends......"

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