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  1. westhamboy66

    Eastbourne v mildenhall 14/7/18 OFF

    Awful decision. I was going but will now give my money to Lakeside or Peterborough. It’s a playoff for 3rd place which I doubt would have knocked any off the crowd. Just Speedway shooting itself in the foot yet again
  2. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2018

    Complete sense I was highly criticised for saying exactly this halfway through the first BMR season. Yes Len Silver had some faults show me someone who hasn’t. He had a great love and imensece knowledge for not only the sport but Rye House too. BMR have proved that the grass is not always greener. Just surprising that so many were taken in by BMR. Easy to blame the BSPA but the reality is BMR got rid of the long bar, they made spectating worse, they made the wrong decision regarding what league to run in for all the wrong readons. They accepted midweek racing and put out a sub standard team. The punters voted with their feet because of those decisions not as the result of the Annual conference
  3. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2018

    Don’t underestimate the damage fixed race nights have done to British Speedway. BMR are far from blameless and their naive attitude in ignoring the fans view hasn’t helped at all. They clearly learned nothing from Len Silver in their first season. As soon as the fixed race nights were announced BMR should have threatened to leave the league. Of course Swindon, Kings Lynn and Poole sit pretty with their race nights retained and tough luck for everyone else. I hope it’s not the end of Speedway at Rye but looking at the state of the stadium compared to the shiny KTM dealership building I take no pleasure in saying that BMR have never had a clue what they were doing.
  4. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2018

    Charles Wright now gone from Somerset. The sort of rider we could do with. Our top five so inconsistent away from home and for example our new No1 picks up 2 points away at Lynn. But you get what you pay for I suppose and in our case over the last three years not very much
  5. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2018

    Rather than jump in and talk replacements etc ....Best wishes to Edward speedy recovery
  6. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2018

  7. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2018

    True Max and NBJ were the only two. Not surprising with NBJ on a short term contract but on the night I thought there was a message there somewhere. Be surprised if come the next meeting Max is still there. Shame as what he really needed was a Championship team
  8. To be fair Rye house have found themselves in real problematic position. From the Off BMR wanted top flight speedway and they wanted their product on the Telly. Then came the collapse of a meaningful amount of money due to sky pulling out. Add to that because of the move they have now found themselves having to operate midweek speedway. Ever since i first went to Rye in '76 it has been a Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening track. Its quite clear supporters have voted with their feet and it simply doesn't work. So given that circumstance bringing in extra revenue is vitally important to keeping speedway running. The motor x track looks terrible and the stadium scruffy but the important thing is at the moment we still have speedway. Personally as long as we have speedway I couldn't care less whether I'm in a fild or a plush stadium. Decent facilities guarantees nothing. Ask Coventry fans. So I agree but keeping the place running is the most important thing
  9. Firstly I haven't mentioned Edwards injury because it is common Knowledge nothing strange or sudden about that. NO I don't think that Edward's average is acceptable (I assume thats what dandy means in your mind) However against Kings Lynn he was wearing a new Knee brace recommended to him by Scott Nicholls which has left him in a much better situation than before. He also requires surgery on his knee that he has put off until the end of the season. These are not my words but Pete Hill (Speedway Star) gave this info out. If you don't have a problem with Edward then why are you insinuating that there is something amiss with the scores you supply. Injured or not I am surprised that you are surprised that Edward scored well at Lakeside of all places. You may not be aware that riders do have favourite tracks and perform differently with absolutely no Rye House rider performing well at Swindon. Edward is in the side this year as a second string and any average around six will be acceptable which I think he will attain. Chris on the other hand is our number one and by his own admission he is having a terrible time of it and a number one with a six point average is exactly what got Kennett the sack. If you must be critical of one rider then be fair with your attitude to others in the team. I really don't think Chris needs any help in outlining the many different reasons for his form as he was pretty eloquent in his Facebook post. One last thing if you really want to get your point across to as you put it to a great servant of the club pop along to the pits next time, Edward along with his dad are always in with the fans during racing pat him on the back for a great performance against Kings Lynn then ask him face to face to explain why he failed at Poole and Swindon only to ride well when not riding for Rye at Sheffield and Lakeside. You could even ask him why he has been all Over the place this season. I'm sure you'll get an answer
  10. Think you have a major problem with Kennett. Star man without a doubt tonight and while knocking him you never mentioned the fact that he rode through the pain barrier after his grass track knee injury. Test Chris Harris who has been a shadow of his former self is excused because he is battered and bruised. Difference between the two is that Kennett doesnt get all over social media telling everyone about mechanical issues and injuries. You also say Chris Harris is a number one ...what is his average this season ?6. Kennett was sacked for under performance perhaps Chris will meet the same fate
  11. You fail again to be critical of Harris at No 1 and KK never bothering to finish a race when he's at the back.Knives out again for Kennett but everything else is rosy in the camp
  12. westhamboy66

    Rye House v Poole 14 May

    Making of a good team is a proper No1 who can regularly go out and win heat 15 and two decent reserves. Until the Promotion understand that we will continue to struggle. Ellis Perks was going far better than Max last year and got binned. Not Max’s fault but he is a long way away from being the quality we need. We were lucky tonight and that luck will run out sooner or later.
  13. Was a decent meeting disappointing from the World Champion had he been at his best Somerset could well have won. Unavoidable delays due to crashes and unsatisfactory starts. What winds me up is the need for the riders to return to the pits after heat stopped for unsatisfactory start. Each time there seems to be a 30 second wait for the 2mins to go on then the two mins are used up so so a heat that’s restarted five times is a complete waste of time. Quite why we continue with afternoon meetings I have no idea dust is inevitable and so watering after every two heats adds so much time to a meeting. On the plus side a great performance from Scott Nicholls the best he has ridden for us but on the whole it really shows how weak we are even after a last heat five one Somerset go home with a point
  14. westhamboy66

    Leicester vs Rye House 30/04/18

    If Kennett had started as badly as Harris then the knives would be out. There is no excuse for a number one to score a big fat zero. The same with Stuart Robson who hasn’t been go particularly well so far and is now injured. Sadly we can’t hang around for Robson and he should be replaced now. But of course if your face fit at Rye you will be ok. Made me laugh that some are calling for Freddie Lindgren when the promotion won’t fork out for race jackets let alone Kevlars. Sad state of affairs that the stadium is far worse now than under Len Silver with the club in the wrong league on a race night no one wants. Only one way this is going to end. And Leicester fans thought their past situation was bad

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