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  1. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    Well I have been following Rye since 1976 home and away through good times and bad and this period since Silver left is poor. That’s not glass half full nonsense it’s reality anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t have a clue.
  2. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    We were rubbish the only excuse for no tac sub was there wasn't one rider who would have scored better than the rider being replace thats how bad we were, the current team would struggle in the Championship or whatever its called these days
  3. Wolverhampton v Rye House 16/4/18

    Not surprised by the result but disappointed by what I saw on track. KK looked completely disinterested, nothing worse than watching a rider who can't be bothered to finish a race without coasting the last lap hundred yards behind third place Scott Nicholls a shadow of his former self will struggle at Peterborough let alone Rye House Chris Harris once a rider who went from last to first now a rider who goes from first to last in heat one and sends all the wrong signals Robbo I hope had one of those nights when little went right. Edward did ok but never looked capable of winning a race. Max Clegg looked out of his depth on a track I thought he would score reasonably well Aaron Summers looked our best rider which says it all Compared to Wolves we looked like a bunch of over the hill amateurs and the shabby shirts worn over multi coloured Kevlar's looked pathetic. All in all a 300 mile journey to watch a top half Premiership team wipe the floor with a team that would likely struggle in the Championship with little racing evident on track Given the state of the stadium and the team we are putting out seems like we are out of the frying pan into the fire since Silver was replace by the BMR mob. I hope things improve but I got big doubts
  4. Yes and let’s be fair to Len Silver that was the rule at the time across the sport not a Len Silver decision.
  5. Rye House 2018

    Well written Dave and I agree with more or less all you have said Couple of things though any TV money they were expecting seems to have gone now, but the exposure for the BMR name would still benefit but now they have sponsorship the BMR Rockets tag has gone. As a customer I really disliked the loss of the long bar it was somewhere to go in the colder weather before and after the meeting, what is left doesn't cut it. As for the move to what is now the premiership I was against it as I like regular racing and Saturday / Sunday was always best for me. We now are in a much poorer run league with fewer meetings without one proper race night. Wednesday has little appeal given that for most people it is a work night but more so that I won't be able to take my grandsons as at five and three they simply can't stay up that late during the week. But for me the last nail in the coffin could well be the motor cross track. Whilst I appreciate the need for income it shouldn't be at the detriment to existing fans and if the jumps obscure my view then enough will be enough
  6. Rye House 2018

    Agreed it’s a bit lit like not paying for team Kevlar I suppose, promoters choice though I doubt the Kevlars have anything to do with the lousy weather forecasts around Hoddesdon in the coming 10 days
  7. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    I stand corrected
  8. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    There it was on page 3 of the Speedway Star. I simply cannot believe the attitude of Lakesides Promotion and how they have the front to move up from the NL still owing money to the rider. Whether or not he is a soft touch is of no consequence the promotion are a despicable pair. They more than anyone know the risks riders face since they lost their Captain and the big bills that could follow up a couple of engine blow ups etc. For JC to say he had no idea is laughable. So much for the BSPA taking money from clubs when a new promotion join to cover such eventualities. You couldn’t make it up.
  9. Rye House 2018

    Well looking at the Poole team it seems unlikely that even with a KK riding at top form for every match we would get anywhere near them. Some would say i’m Negative but I can’t see our season going beyond mid September. Home points not a problem but as per usual over the last ten years where are the away points coming from.
  10. Rye House 2018

    Yawn shall we start a new Rye House 2018 thread or better still discuss contracts, Poole rider negotiations etc etc elsewhere like say in a thread of there own. God this forum can be boring when a thread is hijacked

    One of the most pathetic comments I have seen on here and thats saying something. Seems to me the older generation have stuck by the sport through thick and thin and have been responsible for introducing newbies (Grandchildren) along the way. As for the last part of the comment re Funeral services...is that funny?
  12. Rye House 2018

    I enjoy entertainment as long as we are winning, Take the wins away and another mediocre season beckons. I remember when we were pulverising all and sundry and getting the BP's and winning the League but there were calls for closer matches etc, Well we ended up with our fair share of close defeats at Hoddesdon, there may well have been some exciting racing along the way but all I remember is looking for where we were down at the bottom end of the table. No KK (and yes he does have his very poor meetings) and I see our season finishing again around End of august. Uninspiring is the right word and I would have been happier if Wells was included
  13. Rye House 2018

    Gotta disagree there. Some of those midweek meetings were very poorly supported compared to Saturday. But on the flip side some of those meeting were in a space of 10 days where we ran 5 meetings but i really don't think midweek would be the favourite of many at Rye. But that fixture list was awful regular meetings, even if they were Raider meeting may well help to keep supporters interested.
  14. To be fair I was at both rain offs and both times the rain came within 15 mins of start time and both times was far too heavy for the damage to be rectified. As a Rye House fan of many years I say Kings Lynn have been a decent club with a better than average race track and normally a pretty good team. I'll not knock the Club as I don't like to see any club go through the mill. Easy to kick em when they're down. As for tonight and the refund it's exactly what I thought it would be seems fair. On track I hope we do them big style but I still hope that next season they come back strong.
  15. I'd be amazed if its anything other than Eight quid off of the normal £17