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  1. westhamboy66

    Corona virus

    Mate you are wasting your breath on that idiot
  2. westhamboy66

    Corona virus

    One of the most pathetically stupid, ill informed comments I have ever seen. I truly hope you will get it so can correct your idiotic comment when you are fit enough.
  3. westhamboy66

    Danny Ayres RIP

    From the first time I saw Danny at Rye House in a second half it was obvious with experience he would develop into a decent rider. What wasnt obvious was how popular he would become. I followed most of his career at Kent and more latterly at Mildenhall. Not only had he become a very accomplished rider but a true showman and crowd favourite. It's very sad what has happened and there is nothing else to say but my thoughts are with Danny's Family and Friends
  4. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2020

    There are other routes which include the north circular the A10 M11 A128 A414 each of which from where I live near Arena Essex are bad enough on a weekday night but twice as bad on a Friday hence all the problems travelling to Lakeside on a friday night. The obvious answer is weekend racing as has always been the case prior to the BMR Fiasco
  5. westhamboy66

    Rye House 2020

    Would be great to see a return but only in the right League and race night. From my perspective ever since I saw my first racing at Rye as a seasoned supporter of the Sport Rye House was and to my mind always a place to take the kids. Now I have grandchildren who are hooked on speedway they had a great time on Saturday nights and there were plenty of other kids there too The suicide of Wednesday night racing killed it as the kids were missing as the crowds tumbled. Friday is still midweek, ok so kids are not at school Saturday morning but there is so little time to get ready and join the car park that is the M25 on Friday evenings. it would deter so many prospective fans. For me with less dirt on the track to accommodate the current bike setups there is more dust and while it was a problem in the 70's and 80's its now a real deterrent for afternoon races. The NL would be the perfect level to start with for a couple of seasons to test the water and make sure the novelty didn't wear off. Personally i'd be delighted to see Kevin Joolly in charge and a shame that trolls queue up to knock him much in the same way Len Silver was hounded out.
  6. westhamboy66

    Craig Cook Ban Dropped

    Nonsense, if you had been there you would understand One rider was the cause, one rider used violent conduct, one innocent member of staff was assaulted by that rider, given that a video emerged then the decision was a disgrace. The reason the other two riders chose not to appeal was if it had been seen as frivolous the ban could have been extended. It must be embarrassing having that rider connected to your club. I was there I assume you wasn't. I am not an Eastbourne supporter nor have I an axe to grind with the rider who caused this unsavoury incident and bought our once great sport into disrepute. Amazing decision given that Mr Vacher was there for the incident Few have little respect for the BSPA now I have zero respect for the SCB
  7. westhamboy66

    drop outs

    Completely agree though sometimes the clubs that do that are their own worst enemies. As soon as BMR took over at Rye when Len Silver was more or less hounded out by the supporters. I was castigated at the time for being unhappy. But why on earth would a club like Rye House move out of the division where they had a reasonable amount of success to a league offering fewer meetings and moving from a weekend race night to midweek. Yes they were lured there by TV exposure for their brand but completely disregarded their fans base and the negativity shown over Wednesday night racing. The demise of Rye House was down to the Owners guiding the club not the BSPA
  8. westhamboy66

    lakeside 2019

    I trust you are serious when you say that Rye is much much worse for viewing than Arena? There are many like me who live close to Arena but chose to go elsewhere because Arena was simply the worse track in the country in two very important ways 1 The viewing apart from the tiny bit of the back straight was just far too far away from the track and 2 Quite importantly the track never cut it as a race track, too flat poor shape etc. It’s always sad to lose a club but the Arena track well...
  9. Perhaps the choices of guest for the first leg will be decisive. I hope not. Mildenhall have gone about their business very well this season but you simply can’t allow for injuries at the back end of the season. I’ve seen a lot of Stoneman this year and he has been very impressive and If the reserves can hold their own 19 points is well within the Fen Tigers. Looking forward to a pretty decent meeting
  10. How about they allow Newcastle supporters to use the ticket at Newcastle then Lakeside reimburse Newcastle. Equally those who want to leave after the first match pay for the double header then be reimbursed the difference at the turnstiles as they leave. Everyone happy no one ripped off or is that logistically too difficult for a Speedway Promotion to cope with.
  11. westhamboy66

    How to sack a rider

    Payback for Garrity after the way he treated Rye House and all they did for him
  12. westhamboy66

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Given that Dugards Grandfather passed away yesterday did you expect him to be riding?
  13. westhamboy66

    Medical Cover

    As a London Ambulanceman I can tell you that there is no order on the form of a queue with Preference given to NHS Ambulances. Often with the abuse of Ambulances cut fingers , drunks , headaches etc are just some of the patients that arrive at A&E in the back of an ambulance, and if for example a St Johns vehicle arrived with a patient in a serious condition they would be seen immediately to make them wait just because they were being conveyed in a non NHS vehicle would make zero difference
  14. westhamboy66

    Medical Cover

    For me last night at Mildenhall took the biscuit. At the last two meetings at Kent I have been robbed of Eight races with no compensation. On a lovely sunny evening I thought at least there would be zero chance of an abandoned meeting. So heat 13 sees the paramedic struck in the eye by flying shale and unable to continue. Quite why she was watching from the pits I have no idea as I was under the impression the paramedic had to be on the inside of the track. Of course accidents happen but this has now become farcical. No wonder Speedway cannot attract new fans let alone keep the few that remain

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