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    Rye House

    One of the most pathetic comments I have seen on here and thats saying something. Seems to me the older generation have stuck by the sport through thick and thin and have been responsible for introducing newbies (Grandchildren) along the way. As for the last part of the comment re Funeral services...is that funny?
  2. Rye House 2018

    I enjoy entertainment as long as we are winning, Take the wins away and another mediocre season beckons. I remember when we were pulverising all and sundry and getting the BP's and winning the League but there were calls for closer matches etc, Well we ended up with our fair share of close defeats at Hoddesdon, there may well have been some exciting racing along the way but all I remember is looking for where we were down at the bottom end of the table. No KK (and yes he does have his very poor meetings) and I see our season finishing again around End of august. Uninspiring is the right word and I would have been happier if Wells was included
  3. Rye House 2018

    Gotta disagree there. Some of those midweek meetings were very poorly supported compared to Saturday. But on the flip side some of those meeting were in a space of 10 days where we ran 5 meetings but i really don't think midweek would be the favourite of many at Rye. But that fixture list was awful regular meetings, even if they were Raider meeting may well help to keep supporters interested.
  4. To be fair I was at both rain offs and both times the rain came within 15 mins of start time and both times was far too heavy for the damage to be rectified. As a Rye House fan of many years I say Kings Lynn have been a decent club with a better than average race track and normally a pretty good team. I'll not knock the Club as I don't like to see any club go through the mill. Easy to kick em when they're down. As for tonight and the refund it's exactly what I thought it would be seems fair. On track I hope we do them big style but I still hope that next season they come back strong.
  5. I'd be amazed if its anything other than Eight quid off of the normal £17
  6. Rye House 2018

    Too early to pick a side without a clue what the Conference will decide, Same 1-7 So we carry one reserve on all away meetings? Unbelievable given that was the reason to get rid of Kennett
  7. So 25 quid to watch a poor KL side then the 2nd meeting off makes it another miserable evening. Irrespective of whether Poole are confirmed as 4th on Froday the meeting should be held. Speedway is already s laughing stock without saying oh yeah despite 8 weeks of the season being left we won't bother riding the last last meeting.
  8. Belle Vue V Rye House 30 Aug 2017

    Absolutely embarrassing from where I'm standing. Only time we gated we get a 5-1. Scott such a disappointment as the last month or so he has looked really quick but tonight he's a real shadow of his former self Even if we got fourth the other three would be lining up to ride us. The Bjerre's riding well and Ellis Perks rubbing it in makes it hard to watch. Funny comments from Poole supporters comparing Rye to Lakeside great at home rubbish away...30-60 loss for Poole at home to Rye oh how the mighty have fallen
  9. Rye House Vs Poole 28/8/17 7.30pm.

    A few clarifications I didn't suggest Perks / Morley was a swap. The point I was making if Kennett was got rid of because of his away form then Ben being bought in made no sense as whilst he was ok for home meetings his away form was never going to be great so that suggests there was naivety in that selection. Sedgman was bad? For Rye House? You base that on what 3 rides at Wolverhampton? Easy to say his sacking is just the way Speedway is. If he was so bad why sign him. Dave Watts career was over. You can't seriously suggest his performance in a very ordinary sub standard Australian Championship added to the previous seasons woes made his inclusion a sensible one Yes the management will be hailed as geniuses but it will be more by luck than judgement. Getting rid of Kennett may well prove to be a massive blunder as he will sit at No 4 for someone next year and if I were he then no way would it be Rye next year Yes Speedway is a sport where at times you need to be ruthless but get the team right initially and you have no need to make so many changes.
  10. Rye House Vs Poole 28/8/17 7.30pm.

    Having seen KK at Lakeside i didn't want him at Rye. Not a team player and his scores were below par and seemed dependent on his mood. Whatever has happened since his arrival its so far so good he seems a changed man and rider so i willingly admit i was wrong. Getting rid of Perks was a poor move and if the intention was to make us stronger away then how can the Promotion be right with their choice of Ben at Reserve which clearly makes us weaker at reserve away from home. Its been apparent for some time that Edward was weak at No 1 even in the PL last year and was unreliable in heat 15 in the lower league but he was bought in at No1 which was clearly a mistake. So he was got rid of because of an error by the Promotion in their team building not down to his form. Has Ben Barker been an improvement no i don't think so. The treatment of Sedgman was mystifying and pretty poor. In KK's first match against Swindon he was unavailable and there were few options available. In that defeat which in the scheme of things may well turn out to be the loss that rule us out of the playoffs Kennett's replacement (Barker) scored zero and KK's replacement got 2. In the cup match Perks and Kennett got 13 Pts between them so how well the Promotion have managed things is not as clear cut as everyone believes. So i do admit it when i am wrong but lets not kid ourselves that the Promotion have got everything right and their decision to have Kennett at No1 1 and include Dave Watt in the team were shocking decisions.
  11. Rye House Vs Poole 28/8/17 7.30pm.

    Leicester just won at Belle Vue so not a fortress. If Poole win at both Lynn and Somerset then i would be concerned. Lets not forget we need to have a pretty big upswing of form against Swindon as well. Poole have to be favourites but you never know. How is it in Poole's hands? Poole taking maximum points can get to 51, Rye can get to 53. So actually its in Rye's Hands but i d o make Poole favourites
  12. Given that i like many others will make the trek up to Belle Vue on wednesday i now have no idea whether the hotel i booked for wednesday night is needed or not. Having been made aware at Rye that KL away was the night after BV its not confirmed nor is there an alternative date, given that the KL owner also masterminds British Speedway is there any wonder that speedway has disappeared down the toilet faster this year. Hopefully he'll be in the pits at Rye on tuesday to answer any questions from the paying public Lets not forget how Rye House went out of their way (At the inconvenience to their own fans) to help Lynn for the original staging of tuesdays meeting as they were unable to raise a team . A suggestion that Rye are the problem without knowing that is the case is a little harsh on Rye House especially when the original date for the meeting at Lynn was off was due to a predicted "High wind". Joke club, Joke owner, total farce that may see Rye House lose out on the playoffs.
  13. Rye House V Somerset 23/8/2017

    Few things on last night. KK I have no idea why he performed so badly with Poole but having seen a lot of him in his time at Lakeside he hardly seemed the most animated team player around, his average didn't approach what it should have been either but lets not get too excited about last night. That Somerset team has a poor a 1-7 than you could wish to see. Had he got less than a maximum against those riders (Lawson apart) he would have been slated. One thing very apparent was his attitude in and around the pits, he was first out along with Barker to congratulate team mates and seemed as happy as i have ever seen, maybe its the new surroundings and things going well for him personally. I thought it was a poor move bringing him in but i eat humble pie so far. Favourites for the playoffs? No way. Rosco would be mad to pick anyone one else other than Rye given the way they have hammered us at every opportunity. As for the size of crowd it was nowhere near the first couple of meetings and i heard quite a few people talking about picking and choosing which meetings they will attend in the coming 10 days, obviously most will plump for the Poole match with the reduced admission but the Kings Lynn meeting could well suffer.
  14. King's Lynn V Rye House 19/07/17

    Understand your thoughts but if it was Financial it doesn't make sense. Own their own Stadium so they get all the funds plus the additional Food and Drink money. If they can't make a go of it then How do the likes of Poole and Wolverhampton survive when they are paying rental fees. Just think they have at least three bad eggs riding for them and that runs like poison through the team. Reckon with Schlein and Iversen in the team it would be a much happier place but thats an outsiders opinion as they are not my club
  15. Rye House 2017

    Nope not a true reflection. If you take that one meeting on its own and you believe the official word Edward was ill then night and scored zero. In fact he wobbled around for each of his rides never in danger of scoring a point. Watching that meeting it was evident that we were nowhere near Wolves and i doubt the team changes will make one bit of a difference anyway. Spot on. Perks was doing pretty well in the reserves races and any improvement from Robson won't be felt due to the loss of home points from Kennett. I think internal politics cost Kennett his place not a season average that at the end of 2017 would probably have been within a point or so of Harris. As for Perks the far superior reserve who will improve in time unlike his former partner. If thats is so please explain getting rid of Perks other than it being a numbers game. They have kept Branford who is clearly under performing Perks is outperforming him not just at home but away as well.