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  1. Beat the bookie GP prize competition 2018

    Thanks again for doing this r&r like this comp alot :-) Lindgren 80 more Have just edited pick if thats ok.
  2. Ipswich v Lakeside 21st April

    I thought 1 fan would have a view on Ipswich loss tonight obviously not as he is more interested in poole lol Looks like another trophyless season at foxhall gavan lol hahaha
  3. Betting in 2018

    Having a go on Emil over 9 tonight looks decent value
  4. Betting in 2018

    Like the look of swindon-8 tonight should beat Lynn fairly comfortable.
  5. Betting in 2018

    Gone with the rest looks good double Ellis plus 4 and Jorgensen over tungate. Good luck folks.
  6. Belle Vue V Poole SGB Prem. A. 16th April 2018

    If killer wanted to do a full season of take him in a heartbeat over Sundstrom fact!!
  7. Belle Vue V Poole SGB Prem. A. 16th April 2018

    Exactly my point u saying that regarding covatti is the same as u questioning any poole rider not giving them time so why don't u focus on Ipswich chumps again witches lol hahahaha
  8. Belle Vue V Poole SGB Prem. A. 16th April 2018

    2meetings and your classing judgement on them now your a class clown,how about we judge Ipswich on there start to the season with there flaky Italian,unreliable heeps and over rated German rider,do 1 u twit!!!!
  9. Betting in 2018

    3rd time lucky this season I hope I've gone for R.lambert under and exactly 9. Good luck folks.
  10. Betting in 2018

    Gone for hampel over 10pts heats look slightly easier than emils. Good luck guys.
  11. Betting in 2018

    Good punting by the time I saw it it was to late.
  12. Betting in 2018

    Ive gone for Fricke under and exactly 11 looks a decent bet to me.
  13. Looked like he was knocked unconscious hopefully not 2 serious fingers crossed.
  14. Agreed how much more evidence did the ref need with his spokes not there lol
  15. Belle Vue 2018

    Would make even more sense now bit of a strange move Mark Lemon didn' do this to start off with.