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  1. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    I thought that was quite low for kk,i was actually tempted by smektala under and exactly 9.
  2. Pretty awful meeting gate and go hardly any water put on later in the meeting and track deteriated massively could hardly see any racing the promotion need to seroiusly look at getting better prepared 4 day meeting or dont have them just 730 starts. Said from the get go swindon would be the stronger team full of gaters and we only have klindt who can,in all honesty our team should get to play offs but its a team that strikes me done on the cheap no real no1 which we needed since magic left. The only improvement i see in this team is the reserves thats it tbh....
  3. Can see us being stronger without worrall tbh,will be good to give the reserves some extra time on track as theyl be key at home this year. Can see this being a very tough match i will take 46-44 right now.
  4. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    Same for me 4/7 now does look a stand out bet.
  5. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    Half tempted with wright under and exactly 5,he doesnt go well round nss,also handicap of -12 looks a gd bet.
  6. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    Wolves-14 for me cant see abything but a big home win even with rr.
  7. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    Gone for kurtz under and exactly 6.
  8. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    Anyone having a go for 2nd match,like the look of zagar under and exactly 11.
  9. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2019

    Same for me lawson under and exactly 8.
  10. Paddy The Rebel

    Ipswich V Leicester Challenge 28.03.19

    Hit the nail on the head there,its just laughable,and even more so to new fans if they went...
  11. Paddy The Rebel

    2019 PL Improvers

    From the teams completed Belle vue Fricke plus Bjerre plus Bewley about same S worrall plus Wells same Lidsey plus Berge same Peterborough Cook plus Andersen same Harris minus B w dean same Wright plus Bjerre plus Barker plus Poole Holder same Kurtz plus Josh minus Klindt same Worrall plus Covatti plus Jakobsen plus Swindon Doyle same Batchelor same Ellis plus Musielak same Lampart minus Zach same Shanes same Wolves Schlein minus Masters same Thorsell plus Morris plus Howarth plus Becker plus Morris plus
  12. Paddy The Rebel

    Play off contenders

    Berwick - look to have a simular team to last yr bit weaker at reserve and thats it,so can see them near the play offs this year. Birmingham- looks woefull terrible team wooden spoon. Lack of heatleaders plus no senior reserve with league experience means no big scoring at top end or bottom. Eastbourne have a very strong spearhead,very good bottom end will get found out a bit away from home but all in all a very good team definate potential for improvement from bottom 3. Edinburgh- look a very good solid unit no real weak links in top 5 a no1 to get plenty of pts plus plenty of back up,a useful reserve in lawson can see improvement in lawson and some of top 5. Glasgow-dont go much on this team tbh, with the points theyve used on bottom 3 they look worse than eastbournes and theyve used about 1pt less,def not play offs. Leicester- good top end,good reserves and not a bad middle order think they should be close to play offs. Newcastle- very good top 2 for not much useage on pts very good middle order,Max clegg will be ok at reserve but phillips can be carried think will be close to play offs. Redcar-like this redcar team very gd heatleaders but not as strong at 2nd string,if they improve could well b a very good year for redcar,def play off contenders. Scunthorpe-think they look ok but not spectacular top 4 looks good but bottom 3 looks weak,play offs a tough ask. Sheffield- do look like the team to beat howarth and kemp on false averages could well add 4.5pts plus combined to averages proctor will be 1 of the best 3rd heatleaders,out and out no1 in King should see them near the very top. Somerset-very good top 5,def the best heatleader trio at this level,and decent back up in berge and kurtz,just the reserves where will be weak but the top 5 should see them through most meetings. Workington-like this team very gd no1 on a decent average plus decent back up in aarnio,wilson dean and campton will score points everywhere and lambert will be solid think theyl need bickley to improve this year. Overall Somerset Sheffield Leicester Edinburgh -in any order
  13. Paddy The Rebel

    Wolves 2019

    Do like wolves team looks very good on paper a strong top 4 anywhere they go and the bottom 3 are all very capable,def the team to beat. Atm 1.wolves 2.peterborough 3.poole 4.swindon 5.belle vue
  14. Paddy The Rebel

    Eastbourne 2019

    Wats all there averages? Looks a very gd team!!
  15. Paddy The Rebel

    Play off contenders

    Eastbourne Somerset Sheffield Edinburgh Alot of teams could well be in the mix. Think if Eastbourne get there heatleaders spot on theyl b team 2 beat good home advantage with lower order cant see anyone winning there,and top end will carry them away.

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