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  1. I'd definitely be up for paying for the subscription great idea!
  2. Paddy The Rebel

    Glasgow 2022

    Agreed think Poole got the better deal by far,Lawson will be riding over here for a while yet,and Imo is one of the best riders at this level if not the best.
  3. Paddy The Rebel

    Poole 2022

    Was just thinking the same,checking this thread the last few days has been deflating!!
  4. Paddy The Rebel

    Glasgow 2022

    As a Poole fan looking in on the the Glasgow have built,am a bit jealous tbh looks quality strength in every department and definite improvement with Brennan potentially going upto atleast 7,basso upto 6-7,think Nicol could we'll get upto a mid 6 aswell. And to take into Consideration that the reserves will improve no doubt also and that alone takes bundles of pressure of ostergaard considering he's coming back from injury and Cook aswell with so much scoring power throughout this team.
  5. Paddy The Rebel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    There both 4.00 just checked,and also checked there total and my team calculations were off haha,don't think it's a bad team definite play off contenders.
  6. Paddy The Rebel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Cheers bloom,that's surprising then as they are 4pts below the limit...
  7. Paddy The Rebel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    What are the averages for MacDonald and Ruml....?
  8. Paddy The Rebel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Interesting to see who Oxford sign as the 3rd heatleader as that top 2 and heeps is a decent start alongside a steady Kyle Newman
  9. Paddy The Rebel

    Poole 2022

    And considering we can use a tac sub in most of the away matches if needed,I wouldnt be to disappointed with that team so much firepower at the top end and if one of Kemp or the Cooks were at reserve they would get extra rides for whoever was at 2 or 4.
  10. Paddy The Rebel

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Thought his average was 7.10 according to green sheets...
  11. Paddy The Rebel

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Looks like Worrall starting at reserve and Lawson at No1 I think unless killer average higher than 7.37...
  12. Paddy The Rebel

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Reminds me a bit of pboro this year will always have a strong reserve,and anyone could be No1
  13. Paddy The Rebel

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    Looking like title favourites with that line up very impressive!!
  14. Paddy The Rebel

    Sheffield Tigers 2022

    That would be the team to beat strong 1-5 and reserves, impressive !!
  15. Paddy The Rebel

    Polish Extraleague Signings 2022

    I thought Lindgren and Madsen has signed multiyear contracts last season with Czestochowa

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