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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Leaves 3.94 for last rider truly awful team being assembled,thought for a minute it was Newcastle team lol
  2. Belle Vue 2018

    Why dont u highlight ur pointless points in the Ipswich thread!! And discuss about how your massive chumps from last year,and how you will be again this yr lol
  3. Belle Vue 2018

    Constant sniping comments about Brady constantly comparing him 2 every tom dick and Harry!!,look at Davey Watt last yr Aussie championships dont mean a thing everyone thought he was a steal on a converted average of 7ish and didnt average 3 so your point about tungate and brady means didly squat !!!!!
  4. Belle Vue 2018

    Constant sniping dont you ever stop,boring zzzzzzzzz change the bloody record!!!!
  5. Poole 2018

    All this petty schoolkid behaviour our rider is better than yours,as someone said previously it's quite obvious that both have improved alot in the last 2 seasons which is good to see and in this league there's no reason both cant hold there averages atleast. I must say I was impressed with Morris 1 of the better riders to visit wimborne road.
  6. Poole 2018

    This thread is ok until gavan comes back on it then it goes into lets dig at every poole rider,you don't see any poole fans go on the Ipswich thread bleating on about how he's got beatan by him,he shudnt be beat by him hes a no1 and the other guy is a 2nd string blah blah blah why dont you focus ur attention on how ipswich are going to massive chumps again next season and win nothing again LMAO
  7. Poole 2018

    Not sure what to make of holder signing considering he didnt want to ride for us,time will tell lets hope it doesnt go like craperjack....
  8. Sgb Premiership 2018 Confirmed Signings

    Needs updating about a month behind!!
  9. Official Teams 2018

    Kyle Bickley to workington 2.00 average
  10. Poole 2018

    Agreed mate he obviously doesnt want to ride for poole so i dont want him in the team.
  11. Somerset 2018

    If wright is 2nd heatleader this team will struggle going to take some beatings away from home,looks mpre like a championship team if that team comes off.
  12. Poole 2018

    What crap news,wishing you all the best starman
  13. Wolves 2018

    Absolutley spot on.
  14. Lakeside 2018

    So who gets reduction in team as it comes to 42.88
  15. Leicester Lions 2018

    Danny king wont improve by a lot hell do well to get over 7.50,kyle newman is what he is dependable but will allways get injured so am not to dissapointed would rather have woryna on 4.65. But overall not a bad team so far,surely nilsson would be other heatleader leaving a no7 and thats it.