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  1. Paddy The Rebel

    Sheffield 2019

    I rekon Danny King, ipswich in top flight plus sundays are free no poland i think.
  2. Paddy The Rebel

    Leicester Lions 2019

    Completely hit the nail on the head top post.
  3. Paddy The Rebel

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    I heard u were changing youre username to Jason Doyle racing next lmao
  4. Paddy The Rebel

    Kings Lynn v Poole Playoff Final 2nd leg 10/10/18

    Get in there 2018 Champions can only beat whats in front of you,the boys done good tonight was close in the end but had confidence in them #piratepride
  5. This comment doesnt surprise me in the slightest sums u up and the bspa chairman !!!!!
  6. Paddy The Rebel

    Wild Cards 2019

    1.Dudek needs no explanation 2.Madsen should be in gp series best rider outside the series been winning hts for fun in poland and sweden plus won euro championship with ease. 3.Vaculik unlucky with injury and with gp win i think will just get in 4.Not sure could be Lambert,Fricke,Zagar i think they should go with 1 of Lambert or Fricke give them some experience. Pedersen has been in the mix in some gps but hasnt won enough hts and often looks like hes struggling plus he aint getting younger,dont think he should get wildcard like holder.
  7. It doesnt show a lack of intelligence as u pee off everyone on this forum ur just a complete tool,no one likes you. Its impossible to have a debate with you because your allways right as u seem to think andi dont care what brady has done at poole last 5 meetings or at kings lynn id rather a full poole team to rr or guests any day!!
  8. How does missing kurtz give Poole an advantage u complete moron!! You dont half talk some crap stick 2 talking about ipswich matches oh yh i forgot your season is finished hahaha now do one!!!!
  9. SS How come for belle vue cook a heatleader was rr and musielak guested for 2nd string bewley
  10. No wonder they accepted it as he fell down like a sack of spuds right in front of me hardly got touched and laid the bike down more like weak riding from a world champ,everytime rider got close in 1st bend he shut off....
  11. Wow what a merting had everything swung 1 way then the other rider injuries loads off rr rides irr rides,plenty of cracking racing,and Chris Harris you beauty what a last lap of speedway awesome pass never seen a meeting like it,get in there pirates forever!! ☠☠
  12. It did go back to ptw but now been changed back to paddy the rebel long story lol.
  13. Totally agree with this we worked better with him at 3 as we were allways weak at 3and4 now josh and klindt are there seems to be alot better why change...??
  14. Paddy The Rebel

    Betting in 2018

    Kk under 7 now appeals as its a wet track.

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