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  1. spiegal

    Zenon Plech RIP

    When I was running Team Australia in 1980's we always met up and raced with Zenon. It was Communist times and never easy in Polska but Zenon always helped me and teh boys. he was great fun as well as being a superb racer. Every time we rocked up in the "new" Poland he was always around, always with a smile, and warm handshake. This is a sad sad loss to the sport, to his family and all those of us who were fortunate enough to know him. ...It's been a pleasure old friend..rest in peace..
  2. any idea when the Sweden fixtures will be published please ?
  3. Anyone got any possible news on likely 2021 in czech please ?
  4. spiegal


    First time ever n 50 years...no magazine...ah well these things happen
  5. spiegal

    2021 FIM Long Track

    Brilliant..many thanks
  6. spiegal

    Jason Garrity

    POULTEC is a really genuine, well run and thoroughly professional organisation. The owner is a former Grasstrack rider who knows all the pitfalls. I would be more than happy to send any son of mine there as a start on the sport.
  7. spiegal

    Jason Garrity

    I always find it disturbing that so few riders actually make any real, consolidated money to help them set up business or invest. The numbers who actually go on to achieve something positive in a new career after racing is minimal. Even world champions have been known to trek around begging favours. Famous names from the past often seem totally unable to hang onto their money in sensible manner...Obviously there are exceptions but given teh dangers and subsequent decent prize money, the end result is surprising.
  8. spiegal

    2021 GP Series Dates

    that indeed is a concern..6 months away...but Polska is in a bad way at this ttime..
  9. spiegal

    SON 2020

    Absolutely correct...the lack of planning and foresight over the years has been one of the major problems
  10. spiegal

    SON 2020

    more chance of PUTIN working for the Samaritans....speedway riders ride for the money...championships/trophy awards mean even more money
  11. spiegal

    SON 2020

    Logically why should he ride ?...the money is poor...the team is dreadfully weak...there is absolutely nothing to be added to his reputation.....he will be a big draw on TV..with "Monster" getting good publicity....put your house on him not riding
  12. All GP events financially are based around revenue from TV and its associated feeds and advertising...its too late to re-arrange all the requirements of the event.....
  13. Right now I am thinking of a word that sums this amazing viewpoint up.....ah yes..I can recall one....
  14. that is not the argument...if you live in much of the UK the above is not a possibility, its a certainty..good job you are not cyclopian !!!
  15. Lets sincerely hope that you are not unfortunate enough to get infected...if you are...then can we all assume that you will not bother the NHS nor any medical practitioner, nor take up a bed, instead rely totally on your own beliefs and confidence ??..In that case I would stand corrected

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