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  1. Anyone got any news/ideas etc on where the GP Challenge will be in 2022 ??? No even sure that the new owners intend staging the event...but views would be apprecaited....thanks
  2. Many thanks...have been able to pass the tickets onto a supporter and he has repaid the original owner....Thanks so much for all your help.
  3. Not absolutely sure...but POSSIBLE may have 4 GRANDSTAND SEATS for BOTh days......client sadly may not be able to come due to family illness.....will know more Friday...4 seats together......07850.1672522....or email tours@tptours.co.uk
  4. spiegal

    National League 2021 - has it been abandoned?

    The NL was (in my opinion) deliberately dismantled by 2 individuals who had their own agenda. It was the ONLY league which was 80% solvent...Len Silver warned his fellow promoters about this..backed up by Barry/Martyn and myself..Now look where we are There are many many riders out there who can "put on a show"..they have been discarded..and in my personal opinion time will show how much damage to the sport in this country has been caused by these misguided actions. It is not too late to totally refigure the League structures..almost too late ,,but it needs a brave far seeing group to seriously re-structure the leagues. fans are not interested in speeds..how much is spent on engines,clutches,tyres to make the sport quicker..and more expensive and subsequently less entertaining..Equally they don't want a sport of "wobblers"..There is a medium....All riders should be contracted through the holding company...teams constructed like Denmark of graded riders.racing against riders of equal grading from stars/medium/juniors...and 3 races at the end of a meeting on a similar basis We have to start somewhere...sooner rather than later
  5. spiegal

    Philip Rising R.I.P

    Phil was a great journalist. H was a man who didn't suffer self serving short sighted "johnny cum lately"..hence his contempt of the recent governership of British speedway. We were friends for 40 odd years..always great company and he was actually very shy .# An evening in his company along with Frosty..Oaksie, Scoop, Scotty, Clarkie, Mike Patrick, Terry, Briggo, Ole, etc..magical.. Rest well my Sarasota golfing mate...you were a class act Jimbo x
  6. spiegal

    Leicester vs Poole 24 July 2021

    With all the space available, t is possibly the worst designed track of recent years. there were no restrictions, an entirely blank page...
  7. spiegal

    Why speedway is failing

    Added to that it simply isn't entertaining and not good value for money...In USA you get over 30 races..loads different ages..bikes..a great nights value and only $15..just over £10...the answer is reasonably sensible..but needs courage and intelligence
  8. spiegal

    Wroclaw 2021

    We will NOt be taking the risks with Wroclaw. There remains some doubt on attendance restrictions...but with the delightful femme fatale in control in Berlin, there remain huge doubts about quarantine on arrival throughout Europe. Already similar restrictions exist in Sweden & Denmark. If..and it is a BIG IF..the new covid gets hold in mainland Europe you would imagine that more severe restrictions may well occur.....makes everyone glad that we have been so successful in our vaccine programme.
  9. spiegal

    Whats actually going on?

    That would be a clear case of "Restriction of Trade"...totally illegal under UK law...for many years British Speedway has lived in fear of a rider or an outside interest testing the whole system in the courts.... every rider is self employed and cannot be restricted where he can sell his skills.
  10. spiegal

    Witches v Stars 3rd June

    Buster has no interest in Ipswich....the deal fell through over a year ago.
  11. spiegal

    2021 GP Series Dates

    I doubt it very much...I would think July at best
  12. Hotel prices for an event date are like Turkeys at Xmas...the hotels are in business entirely to make money..they are not a charity, and whatever you think, had you owned one your attitude would be exactly the same. A room when the Rugby International is on can be in excess of £700 plus breakfast.
  13. spiegal

    Tomasz Gollob

    I have had a heart attack (20 years)..and Sepsis (3 years)...believe me the 2nd was loads worse than the former....I wish Tomek well
  14. spiegal

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    Should be a real capture for the Aces...a good young man as well
  15. spiegal

    ICE 2021

    That is very sad..an iconic place enjoyed by hundreds of us Brits over the years. Thanks for advising me

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