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  1. spiegal


    Extremely kind of you....but to get anything radicle through..it needs a degree of understanding, patience and forward thinking within the congregation.
  2. spiegal


    There was an old adage in Speedway years ago...you make your own stars within 2 months....Always listen to what your customer wants..imo people want 1. Entertainment. 2. Value for money 3. racers not riders..4. decent toilets and food. 5. team members who are yours and neither borrowed or racing for another uk team. 6. A Team..not made up of seven people whose name you can't even pronounce. 7. get rid of race times..it impresses nobody and puts nobody on the gate 8. Standardised equipment..Obviously riders wouldn't like it..but if it saves money they will quickly come round...9. Never let the tail wag the donkey..10. The NL concept is the road map.....entertainment again..
  3. spiegal

    Danish metal league 2021

    Very many thanks Tim
  4. spiegal

    Danish metal league 2021

    Any idea out there when the DMK will issue the fixtures for 2021 season please ??
  5. spiegal

    Philip Rising

    very best wishes to the legend that is "Riso"....good fella, good friend, excellent "journo", fine golfer, good footballer, superb host ...lousy joke teller !!!...Happy Birthday old dear x
  6. spiegal


    The Mail services are not good enough t be called Crap. We at Travel plus suffer hugely from mis delivered postage..late delivery of secure 1st class..you name it they **ck it up. I would however question whether their so called "customer relations" can ever reach te depths of the legend that is known as "BT"..once we were cut off for 2 weeks without notice,warning,,claiming we hadn't paid them..incidentally we pay by direct debit. !!..amazing..we were given a special number to chase told to call them at 1630hrs..only to later find out that their office closes at 1600hrs !!!
  7. spiegal

    Zenon Plech RIP

    When I was running Team Australia in 1980's we always met up and raced with Zenon. It was Communist times and never easy in Polska but Zenon always helped me and teh boys. he was great fun as well as being a superb racer. Every time we rocked up in the "new" Poland he was always around, always with a smile, and warm handshake. This is a sad sad loss to the sport, to his family and all those of us who were fortunate enough to know him. ...It's been a pleasure old friend..rest in peace..
  8. any idea when the Sweden fixtures will be published please ?
  9. Anyone got any possible news on likely 2021 in czech please ?
  10. spiegal


    First time ever n 50 years...no magazine...ah well these things happen
  11. spiegal

    2021 FIM Long Track

    Brilliant..many thanks
  12. spiegal

    Jason Garrity

    POULTEC is a really genuine, well run and thoroughly professional organisation. The owner is a former Grasstrack rider who knows all the pitfalls. I would be more than happy to send any son of mine there as a start on the sport.
  13. spiegal

    Jason Garrity

    I always find it disturbing that so few riders actually make any real, consolidated money to help them set up business or invest. The numbers who actually go on to achieve something positive in a new career after racing is minimal. Even world champions have been known to trek around begging favours. Famous names from the past often seem totally unable to hang onto their money in sensible manner...Obviously there are exceptions but given teh dangers and subsequent decent prize money, the end result is surprising.

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