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  1. spiegal

    Cradley v Mildenhall

    i really no longer give a flying **** what people think of me..seen it..done it..and hardly regret a minute of my 40 odd years experience. However I will always defend kevin...nobody works harder at a promotion ..he works long long hours, passionately cares about his team and the sport in general. his knowledge of bikes, engines and riders is amazing, and to my experience has always acted in a totally honest way. People may not enjoy his approach, indeed at times that can be understood, but i would defend his name and reputation without question. His Financial honesty is without question, riders love Mildenhall because they get exactly what he promises them, he keeps his word, and his home spun logic is entirely praiseworthy Believe me being a Promoter is a thankless task..the old adage.."How do you make a small fortune at Speedway...you need to start off with a big one" People like Kevin jolly are few and far between, unlike many I would name...Mildenhall fans are lucky..and the really nice factor is that they do value and appreciate him James
  2. spiegal

    Mildenhall v Brummies NL Sat 9th Aug

  3. spiegal

    Mildenhall v Brummies NL Sat 9th Aug

    I know that everyone at Mildenhall sends their most sincere best wishes to both Sam woods and Tom Bacon. two of speedways most pleasant genuine guys. Both accidents were truly horrific and one can only imagine with horror what the result would have been without an air fence. We are hugely indebted to teh brilliant work of Jason Gillingham and his team of medics who were cool, calm and superbly professional. Initially we think that Sam woods has a broken arm and some minor additional fractures..bad enough, but Tom Bacon hit teh turn 1 air fence at full speed with no time to get the cut-out to cut down the speed impact. Initial diagnosis is possibly fractures in his back....as I said we wish both boys a speedy return to health. Our thoughts also go to their team colleagues, the management of the Brummies, and all fans . They have had a dreadful season with injuries, and they have our respect for some great matches this season. Not the Saturday evening we were all looking forward to. James
  4. spiegal

    Colts v Mildenhall

    That is exactly what happened. It was a superb meeting, well run, well organised, on a great racing track..well done Andy Meredith...no sides gave an inch, but all riders took part in teh right, competitive spirit. Belle Vue has always been a name where it has always been a pleasure to take part. thank you Adrian, Lemo, Andy and everyone for making us welcome and providing all supporters with a fine advert for Speedway JAMES
  5. spiegal

    Vaclav Verner

    Vaclav was as about as hard and single minded on the track as would anyone from the "old Eastern Europe" However a nicer, more friendly amusing and warm human being it would be hard to find He was at Peterborough with us at one stage and was universally popular. Vaclav was a wonderful friend and i for one will miss that huge smile. James
  6. spiegal


    Once again our apologies for calling off the 10 March open practice. We did advise all those booked 1 week previously that teh weather had damaged the track and we were unwilling to risk people's money So we have re-scheduled our OPEN PRACTICE...now SATURDAY 24 MARCH...1000AM...£40...STRUCTURED PRACTICE...INSURANCE INCLUDED please contact Kevin on 07767. 460907...or kevin.jolly1958@gmail.com to confirm your place.. Thanks
  7. spiegal


    Having due regards to the 7 day forecast and ground which is full of frost, we have decided to CANCEL the proposed 09/10/11 March days of practice. However we have decided to agree a new date, with consideration to the BEN meeting and our Stock Car landlords. We will now be having our Official Press/practice day on Friday 23 March......with open practice day on Saturday 24 March...and meet the riders at the STADIUM at 7.00pm on the Saturday evening...full details on the web pages. Sorry to change so earl but we gave full consideration to the detailed forecast and requirements of riders and fans.. James
  8. Just to advise any riders looking for a pre-season skid, we have 2 full days available at MILDENHALL..Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th March...1000am to 1600hrs. Open to both professional and amateur riders...Track time structured for all standards....limited to just 30 per day...cost £40 per day incl insurance. Fuel and catering available..Please contact Kevin on 07767.460907...or email at kevin.jolly1958@gmail.com......p.s....the chippy will be open both days..
  9. spiegal


    I have discovered details of Rons Cremation...please go to the LOWESTOFT JOURNAL issue...a full page on Ron..Cremation will be at WAVENEY CREMATORIUM...01 MARCH..Midday...please pass this on JAMES EASTER
  10. spiegal

    Denmark 2018

    Has anyone got a link to the fixtures please ???
  11. spiegal

    R.I.P Nigel 'NODDY' Fordham

    Many thanks...have passed this onto my friends at Mildenhall
  12. spiegal

    Denmark 2018

    many thanks Tim
  13. Have the 2018 fixtures from Denmark been published yet please ??
  14. spiegal

    Confirmed Signings For 2018

    have you signed Ted yet ???
  15. spiegal

    Is there a new NL Coordinator

    Not while I am about they won't !!

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