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  1. We have a family cxld from THE CARDIFF MARRIOTT...3 rooms now available on 2 night package...Cost £259 p.p., b/b for 2 nights....loads cheaper than Hotel's own site....call us..TPLUS..(01473) 730000...or email..tours@tptours.co.uk.
  2. spiegal

    Cardiff 2022

    Thank you so much Tim......as always a haven for those in "schtuk" !!! Many thanks James
  3. spiegal

    Cardiff 2022

    we have 2 elderly clients who wish to buy cardiff tickets..we can do this for them but how do they get the documents They do not have any mobile phone..but they do have an email contact Would some kind person please advise best way round this rediculous situation ?? Regards James
  4. spiegal

    Ipswich 2022

    Better when we had Bert Edwards or Junior Bainbridge
  5. spiegal

    Ipswich v Peterborough LC

    that is absolutely correct.
  6. I visited REDCAR for the first time on their opener. Not often would I wax lyrical about a promotion, its stadium and the way they do their business, but this was an eye opener and an example of how to PROMOTE. Redcar offer a great product, a neat,clean, stadium and racing surface. All officials smartly attired in quality uniforms. A stadium with great viewing, well signposted and extremely supporter friendly. They plainly give Sponsors great value for money and run their show to a high standard. Well done to the promotion, the fans and an excellently balanced team Thank you for making me most welcome, and I hope to return again James Easter
  7. spiegal


    I arranged BOTH visits....both teams were great to deal with...one of teh Russian support team was a solid KGB man...the riders hated him
  8. My contacts in Aussie said absolutely no chance...interesting that nothing has been said..I would surmise that 2023 will see something..but its a problem where to hold it and with the travel costs being so high I would think that any possible destination would have to be combined with at least 2 other venues....its a huge gamble and thus far I would doubt that no event has washed its face
  9. as an interested onlooker...are MONSTER still sponsoring as there seems a noticeable lack of their logo around the events ?
  10. spiegal


    Has anyone out there got an email contact for MARMANDE please...tried everything and getting nowhere Reply please to my email james@tptours.co.uk Thanks
  11. spiegal

    Belle Vue 2022

    Adrian Smith in my experience of dealing with him is a highly gifted businessman..adroit, erudite, smart and honest exactly what the sport needs on the top table.....I do wish Lemmo well, he is a smart operator, knows the sport inside out and will do a good job at B. Vue.
  12. spiegal


    There is a law now called Restriction of Trade..whatever the BSPA might or might not say..such a ban would be illegal..unless it deliberately flauts uk civil law.
  13. spiegal

    British Speedway statement

    In my (humble) opinion the ONLY individual I would entrust to running this sport would be ADRIAN SMITH who is at B.Vue. Smart of mind, intelligent, erudite, has business acumen, impressive when dealing with possible major sponsors,TV, media...great qualities which currently very sadly lacking.
  14. spiegal

    Torun gp 2022

    we don't stay in Bydgoszcz
  15. spiegal

    Torun gp 2022

    In fact 80% already sold out..was there last week

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