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  1. spiegal


    A real old time favourite of mine as a school kid..is the old boy still with us ?...what was he like as a rider/person ??? Thanks
  2. My information from a usually reliable source is that POLAND is currently experiencing a worrying surge of COVID-19 and that the UK officials may well commence restrictions and travel advise from the end of this week....
  3. spiegal


    many thanks to the administrators......all changed with apologies
  4. spiegal


    My error...I will request that this is done..my abject apologies
  5. spiegal


    I cann recall him from when I was a very small kid and he came to Foxhall...immaculate machine and leathers...just wondered if there is anyone out there who knew him ?? He retired at any early age, and I met him briefly at Briggo Golden Greats..seemed a shy fella.
  6. That is the advice and information we had...That area is sadly now having far more cases..Thus we cancelled Wroclaw some weeks ago..also Gorzow and Prague...we are now considering Torun..we will ONLY travel if the FCO and local experts consider the area not under threat....life is too short to take stupid risks whatever the past enjoyments.
  7. Buying them is easy....claiming is something else....but by all means go ahead...
  8. spiegal

    ICE 2021

    very many thanks for your help
  9. spiegal

    ICE 2021

    very many thanks...have you any idea on the Berlin dates please ???
  10. One of the major problems which supporters seem not to understand is INSURANCE. Currently no UK Insurance company will cover any individual or company with anything even loosely connected or caused by Covid 19. That means if a hotel suddenly closed..infections ...stadium crowds...buses...Lets say something happens and you have bought tickets/rooms/plane seats..etc...you will not be covered...and nor will any hospitalisation...or treatment.....Everyone with a European medical card will get BASIC cover....and ONLY basic cover. All cancellations we have instigated have been covered by ourselves so no client misses out financially...But All this has cost us a large sum...but it could have been worse....we have full ATOL/ABTA cover and everything financial is Government guaranteed....worth thinking about. But above all GOOD HEALTH is not something you can gamble with
  11. spiegal

    Brandon Update

    That is absolutely correct. I seem to recall that an origination of a sponsorship is possibly around 20%...but any subsequent re-negotiation the commission goes down to 10%...again this is pretty much standard in all sports/commercial deals. Also 80% of a wedge is a bloody sight better than 100% of **** all. Again from experience the effort that Terrence put into ALL aspects of Speedway has far,far outweighed any rewards he has received. At times the BSPA was full of people who did nothing but grizzle and moan about their share, whilst doing absolutely nothing to improve their business or the overall good of the sport.
  12. I have absolutely no idea of where/when/how....but I would think...possibly Prague...LESZNO...BYDGOSZCZ...TORUN....possibly GORZOW...2 matches in each Polska rounds
  13. that would be fraud..misleading etc.....if they have cancelled the 2021 they cannot in law suddenly re-invent it..mind you it is speedway..
  14. spiegal

    ICE 2021

    Anyone please got any dates/venues for (possible) 2021 Ice championships ?? Thanks
  15. spiegal

    Maurice Morley

    I really enjoyed that observation. A great quote from a well known promoter..."Wally walked over and looked me straight in the ear "...(priceless)

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