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  1. Poole 2018

    Think it's the other way round.
  2. Poole 2018

    When I started going.
  3. Poole 2018

    Going down that route what about the Knott family?
  4. Poole 2018

    I find it disappointing that Mike Golding is not being mentioned in your thread Mike. He was part of the team that swept in so refreshingly in 1999. Hope people don't forget that.
  5. Poole 2018

    Appreciate you putting this on here. Fed up of trying to explain there is a problem with tidal water.
  6. New shale

    To be fair give him the equipment and he will sort it.
  7. Poole 2018

    At last count twice a day.
  8. Poole 2018

    Believe it or not it does.
  9. New shale

    Poole don't have that amount Buster used
  10. Poole 2018

    Neil is back on board so some continuity
  11. Swindon seemed a lot more at home on the track than Poole. Cannot use track as an excuse, Poole were poor but also Swindon did look good.
  12. Poole 2018

    Track was very dry early afternoon
  13. New shale

    Yep pure bullsh#t
  14. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    Well other promoters who attended have a different account. You can keep blaming Poole though bet they don't mind.
  15. Thursday night speedway at swindon

    You couldn't be more wrong.