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  1. Christine Hawes

    Sheffield v Ipswich 27 June.

    Thought the same - he also caused accidents at Oxford last week and got away with it!
  2. Christine Hawes

    Gorzow GP round 5 Saturday 25th June.

    We remember it well. We often say Tatum wouldn't have ridden if it was slightly wet and he certainly wouldn't have turned a wheel in the first few heats tonight!
  3. Christine Hawes

    Oxford vs Glasgow 22nd June

    Agree about the refereeing. Nicol should definitely have gone. Brilliant meeting though.
  4. Christine Hawes

    Platinum Jubilee

    They came over us one year. My daughter was at a friend's at the time. Lubos Tomicek was there too and thought we were being invaded!
  5. Christine Hawes

    Sticker Album

    Surely they could do a Scalextric speedway or Top Trumps - how many accidents, how many tapes exclusions (James Sargent !must be top), how many points etc!
  6. Christine Hawes

    Russian riders

    Why is this in the Injured Riders thread?
  7. Christine Hawes

    Prince Andrew

    No but that photo wasn't either - it was in Maxwell's!
  8. Christine Hawes

    Prince Andrew

    I have photos of speedway riders with an arm around my daughter - doesn't mean any relationship going on. It's a natural reaction to put an arm round when asked for a photo. Not saying he's innocent but this photo proves nothing.
  9. Christine Hawes

    Potential stadiums

    Passed by Smallmead Reading this afternoon and commented what a waste of a speedway track. Sad to see it as it is currently.
  10. Christine Hawes

    Wolves vs pboro semi final 1

    Crowd are on their feet says Tatum - unless they're in the restaurant/bar what else can they do at Wolves?
  11. Christine Hawes

    Kings Lynn Stars v Sheffield Tigers 19/08/21

    I remember that meeting. The Oxford riders purposely went out to prove that the track was rideable even if a Cradley rider had unfortunately been injured.
  12. Christine Hawes

    Great Days Out/Places To Visit In UK

    Oxford is closest to me but I hate it for shopping. The new Westgate shopping centre is not good for anyone with.mobility problems - nowhere to sit and take a rest. I avoid it as much as possible!
  13. Christine Hawes

    Great Days Out/Places To Visit In UK

    Loved this trip when we did it a few years back. Was looking to do it again but prices had rocketed!
  14. Christine Hawes

    Great Days Out/Places To Visit In UK

    Did this trip a couple of years ago and agree it's a good day out.
  15. Christine Hawes

    A Question of Sport

    Jason Crump

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