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  1. Here’s a one out of left field pay riders across the board based on their average if it increases there rate increases if it decreases their rates also does the same make it a performance related deal
  2. First and foremost I thought this forum was about opinions based on the principles of free speech, secondly where in my post do I have a go at Newcastle speedway and thirdly if you had bothered to read this post you would have noticed that someone else has already mentioned one league and I was agreeing, and by the way I also dont get the ss anymore so could not have read the article. I do care as a matter of fact as I have attended speedway most of my life but with resources and family time a bit short I want to be entertained for my money so I have drifted into other entertainment on a Sunday which is my choice that all my family enjoy which is what speedway as a whole has to fight for and not just take it as a right, this is speedway as a sport, how may teams have turned up at brough this year full of guest r/r or conference riders without any consequences which will have an effect on the home team crowd, the sport as a whole is a mess and this is what the whole post is about and it needs sorting out before it dies. i have watched polish and Swedish speedway on the free channel on sky where the leagues have the best riders in the world riding and I have really enjoyed it and the racing has been spot on
  3. I think one league has to be a good shout as the class difference between the two leagues is non existent as the pl teams are full of cl riders anyway, how may of the worlds best riders ride here?.let them ride abroad, get our house in order make it a stronger product. i haven’t been to any meetings this year for the first time in years as I just wasn’t bothered and looking from afar at teams full of guests and conference riders to replace the ones missing is really going to get me back, do I expect anything to happen ............before to long there will be no speedway........Nero and Rome springs to mind
  4. Don’t care what anyone says it was a cracking result you can only beat what’s in front of you well done
  5. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle v Workington Knock out Cup.8 July 6.30pm

    4 weeks???? Got to feel for the promotion how are they supposed to build momentum and get it advertised especially with the kids holidays starting soon, speedway as a whole is not doing itself any favours
  6. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle v Workington Knock out Cup.8 July 6.30pm

    Nobody on here trolling mate just asking a simple question and making a simple statement which if I remember right we live in a free state so we’re allowed to do so, I’ve paid my money to watch for over 25 years but due to family reasons I haven’t been this season but what that has to do with you I dont know
  7. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle v Workington Knock out Cup.8 July 6.30pm

    Beaten by a 4 man team we are carrying to many passengers at the mo, what’s the crowds like at the moment ???
  8. robbieblackadder fan club

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    I have to admit for all their experience weathers and Wilkinson have been really poor and should be doing a hell of a lot better Wilkinson especially and if anyone was going to be replaced I would be looking at those 2 before anyone
  9. robbieblackadder fan club

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    I think we all agree he’s not a no 1 and been put in a difficult position but the way he was passed in the ht5 and a 3 point score while the rest of the other 6 managed 37 it’s shocking don’t agree with the comments with regards to you know what your getting, this isn’t a Lindgren bashing as I’ve defended him plenty in the past but any other rider in any other team would be in for serious criticism for a performance like that and he should not be spared that because it is simply not good enough for someone of his experience,as I’ve already said he’s been put in a difficult position due to the team build up but it should not be used as an excuse to get 3 points especially as captain
  10. robbieblackadder fan club

    Scorpions vs Diamonds - 08.06.18 19.30

    To be fair as the highest average rider in our team 3 points just doesn’t cut it
  11. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle 2018

    Are u trying to say rose didn’t really want to ride for Newcastle
  12. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle 2018

    Supposed to be Lindgren but I guess that’s only in home matches
  13. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle 2018

    It is what it is regarding loan fees but a very poor signing and leaves us with only 1 heat leader and a team of reserves and second strings
  14. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle 2018

    Can they get fined for an under strength team is there a minimum stipulated by the bspa......hardly likely to get the fans swarming back
  15. robbieblackadder fan club

    Newcastle 2018

    And that makes us stronger.......how........if true

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