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  1. briggo

    Time for a change?

    As a buyer and subscriber also from day one, I think it logical to extend the timeframe. As a lapsed speedway fan who stopped attending in 1978, to fill in the gaps in the 80's and hopefully now the 90's would be a real boon. Just don't forget the 70's along the way, other than that go for it................
  2. briggo

    Pete Munday R.I.P.

    Very sad news. Pete was in the Robins team when I first started watching back in '71. Always good to watch. RIP Pete
  3. briggo

    BBC Sports Personality Stitch Up

    SPOTY has always been rigged. I have heard from a reliable source that there was a successful campaign to get Justin Fashanu in the winners circle. The Beeb quashed the results that year of course, and he never received the winners trophy. RIP Justin
  4. briggo

    George White rip

    Bought my first motorcycle from George Whites on Manchester Road back in the 70's, nice bloke. RIP George
  5. briggo

    Tv Times 27/7/63

    Looks like Odd Fossengen, Pete Smith and Ole in his '72 Wolves leathers
  6. briggo

    Bulgaria's Best

    Wasn't there a Rudolf Valentinov in the 80/90's?
  7. briggo

    Time For Top 5 Russians

    You never saw them together in the West, so just added to the myth/mystique........then they toured together over here in '74 I think
  8. briggo

    Time For Top 5 Russians

    I'll go with : 1. Igor Plechanov 2. Emil Sayfutdinov 3. Gennady Kurilenko 4. Boris Samorodov 5. Valery Klementiev Bubbling under are Vladimir Gordeev, Grigori Khlynovski and Viktor Trofimov
  9. briggo

    Time For Norway's Top Five

    Henry and Helge?
  10. briggo

    Time For Norway's Top Five

    I would go for the following : 1. Harrfeldt 2. D Lovaas 3. Holta 4. Eide 5. Stangeland (a bit of Swindon bias there) Honorary mentions to Oyvind Berg, Odd Fossengen, Ulf Lovaas and Tormod Langli.......... Was there also a Tom Godal in the 80's ????
  11. Ray Wilson. A top world class rider in his time, but, in all the years I saw him race, he never did quite do it for me
  12. Tony, have you done a feature on Bobby McNeil or Jan Andersson?
  13. briggo

    Swindon Autodrome

    Sotonian, you are correct. It is just across the road, that is of course if you can navigate the Blunsdon bypass
  14. briggo

    Bbc Recordings Of The Internationale At Wimbledon

    It's probably the usual story with the Beeb and Speedway archives, the recordings were wiped or destroyed. I'm sure ITV covered most of these in the 70's.....I do recall Simmo winning the 1974 Spring Classic and the1976 Internationale when Fred Dinenage was hosting WoS.
  15. briggo

    Teams Tradional Race Nights

    I used to travel up from Swindon on Saturdays (I was at school during the week) to see a lot of Arsenal and Chelsea games in the late 60's and early 70's. I'm sure that on travelling back from the games from Paddington and passing Reading, that the Racers would very often have a meeting at Tilehurst. I can even see the big old fir trees that used to skirt the back straight next to the railway line. As previously posted, Reading ran on Mondays didn't they?.............but these were definitely Saturday meetings.......confused

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