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  1. briggo

    Jan Andersson quits tuning and retires

    I was there too back in '75 when he made his debut, and he won his first race.............against Sheffield me thinks as I'm sure it was Carl Glover he beat. Great rider.
  2. briggo

    How Many...

  3. briggo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    Don't forget Ralph Waller!
  4. briggo

    Fourteen Favourite Swindon Riders

    Of the Robins I have seen : Briggs, M. Ashby, Hitch, Broadbank, Keen, Munday, Bouchard, Andersson, Kilby, D.Ashby, McKnight, Stangeland, Hunter and McNeil
  5. briggo

    10 Favourite Polish riders.

    Of the Poles I saw ride, my favourite 10 would be : Plech, Jancarz, Woryna, Waloszek, Szczakiel, Mucha, Wyglenda, Bombik, Glucklich and Cieslak
  6. briggo

    10 favourite Australian riders

    My fave 10, saw these ride at some point in time : Airey, Boulger, P. Crump, Herne, Middleton, Sanders, Curtis, Street, Titman & Monk
  7. briggo

    10 favourite American riders

    My favourite 10 are : McKnight, Autrey, Woods, Keeter, Hancock, Nutter, M. Bast, S. Bast, K. Moran and Penhall Was never a fan of Gresham or Siggy
  8. briggo

    10 favourite British riders

    Martin Ashby, Bob Kilby, Clive Hitch, Pete Munday, Mike Broadbank, Mike Keen, Geoff Bouchard, Bernie Leigh, Peter Collins and Terry Betts. Slight Swindon bias I will admit
  9. briggo

    10 favourite Swedish riders

    The ones I have seen ride : T. Jansson, B. Jansson, S. Sjosten, Jan Andersson, Nygren, Michanek, C. Lofqvist, Holmqvist, C. Sjosten and T. Nilsson. Bernie Persson doesn't make it on my list for obvious reasons given my handle, LOL
  10. briggo

    Time for a change?

    As a buyer and subscriber also from day one, I think it logical to extend the timeframe. As a lapsed speedway fan who stopped attending in 1978, to fill in the gaps in the 80's and hopefully now the 90's would be a real boon. Just don't forget the 70's along the way, other than that go for it................
  11. briggo

    Pete Munday R.I.P.

    Very sad news. Pete was in the Robins team when I first started watching back in '71. Always good to watch. RIP Pete
  12. briggo

    BBC Sports Personality Stitch Up

    SPOTY has always been rigged. I have heard from a reliable source that there was a successful campaign to get Justin Fashanu in the winners circle. The Beeb quashed the results that year of course, and he never received the winners trophy. RIP Justin
  13. briggo

    George White rip

    Bought my first motorcycle from George Whites on Manchester Road back in the 70's, nice bloke. RIP George
  14. briggo

    Tv Times 27/7/63

    Looks like Odd Fossengen, Pete Smith and Ole in his '72 Wolves leathers
  15. briggo

    Bulgaria's Best

    Wasn't there a Rudolf Valentinov in the 80/90's?

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