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  1. mel

    Oxford Spires 2024

    well Poole Definitely can't how many times have you failed to complete the jubilee cup Don't think Oxford have failed to run a meeting yet
  2. mel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Yeah seem to remember everyones negativity about the team before we started last year, remind me how many meetings did we go unbeaten?
  3. mel

    Promoters Conference

    That's great to hear my friends lads 14 and doesn't get to go as much as he likes and always watches the live streams with me also, but as a brand obsessed 14 yr. old he's rarely not got his oxford shirt on absolute loves it. I think speedway as a has a bigger growing youth support basis than they realise I see the same kids week in week out at oxford all with there horns etc.
  4. mel

    Drugs - Just Say No!

    Should that now not be the full 12 months ban as 6 months of it was suspended?
  5. mel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    I'd agree with that, Heeps was at best hit and miss this season yes he pulled a few vital points out of the bag but that only made up for all the 0's or 1's he'd managed at other meetings we can't keep baby sitting him I'd like to see Jordan back he gave nothing but his all on and off the track this season
  6. mel

    Playoff Final

    Interesting that all of the meetings that weren't completed all involved Leicester but the opponent's were all different teams, including one From 2022! Think that might tell a story over Leicester's overall Management especially after Sunday's farce … Best wishes to Max Perry
  7. mel

    Playoff Final

    conveniently both away teams are likely to be paying more per ticket hope there's an option to pay to watch either the 1st or 2nd meeting only
  8. mel

    Oxford Cheetahs 2024

    Its a difficult one with the new/rumoured Points limit, but id rather not have heeps back he got a 2nd chance this year and I wasn't overly impressed. as you say id be surprised to see Henry or Jordan going especially with the lower points limit which could see an improvement in strength.
  9. mel

    Brandon Update

    Yeah its quite a joke really when they know he didn't get his slot due to Goatley asking the same question repeatedly in a different format (perhaps Goatface is worried he'll be bring the evidence that they haven't been provided with)
  10. mel

    Brandon Update

    It appears to have started again but on tomorrow's stream
  11. mel

    Brandon Update

    Stream seems to frozen now ...
  12. mel

    Brandon Update

    Gareth hooper i think
  13. mel

    Brandon Update

    Could it be the re-branded arena Essex team - Thurrock hammers? they've had the backing of their council to move forward I believe, although I'm happy to be corrected
  14. How did you work that one out! was always coming back to Oxford!

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