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  1. He rode in Denmark on Wednesday and was practicing on Thursday, so thankfully he is ok
  2. Anyone seen DC2?? I do hope he’s ok after the Robins were shot down.....yet again....oh dear those wheels have really fallen off DC2.....glug glug glug p.s. How does it feel holding the mighty Pirates up....hahahaha hahahaha
  3. scottyfan

    Poole 2018

    Do you have the details for Leicester fans to send donations to Martin Vaculik, Danny King and Kyle Newman??
  4. RW 6.36 is correct....Check the Speedway GB website 30.05.18 averages when Richie came into the side....Clearly says 6.36...I’ll give you NK at 5.78 so an increase to 43.84...Still nowhere near 46.5 is it.
  5. Wish this wasn’t on a Thursday as I am unable to go on Thursdays due to working late....Same with the Monday (13th) against Somerset.
  6. You’re correct....The current 1-7’s starting averages add up to 43.79 BK 8.08 CH 7.63 JG 7.34 RW 6.36 NK 5.73 KW 4.65 FJ 4.00
  7. How did Swindle get on at Somerset on Wednesday??.....ooooooppppppsss another whooping .....glug glug glug..
  8. Have to say that was one of the best meetings at Poole for some time. Once they graded the track after the first few races, there was some good racing usually involving Bomber and Scotty with Hans always in the mix too.
  9. scottyfan

    Poole 2018

    Good to see Bomber out by the pit gate after races to pat the riders on the back as they came back into the pits.
  10. So Poole’s Chris Harris could guest for Hans Andersen against Poole?? Heats 4,13 and 15 could be interesting when he rides in the white and red helmet colours...if his left leg crosses the line first he scores for Leicester and if his right leg crosses the line first he scores for Poole
  11. If Kyle does well, he could be your replacement, he’s looking for a new Premiership team.
  12. Just looked at the Leicester v Rye House meeting from earlier in the season...... Chris Harris 0,fx,0,0 = 0 .... Hope he does better next Monday!! in 2017 he scored 9+2 and 6+1 from Rye House’s two meetings there...let’s hope for more of the 9+2 sort of score.
  13. One thing we agree on ... should never have signed Sundstrom and kept Hans instead, as you said, he scores good points on all tracks.
  14. scottyfan

    Flying laps.

    Remember Poole running the 1 lap dash races after the main meeting in the late 80’s early 90’s. The rider at the back dropped out until only two were left for the final lap.
  15. If you take current form as over their last 6 meetings, it’s still not title winning form:- Won 3 Lost 3.

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