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  1. scottyfan

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    As I said.....Good move bringing the Track Record Holder in as a guest.....And wins the meeting for the Robins to boot
  2. scottyfan

    Swindon. V Peterborough. 06/05/19.

    Makes sense to bring the Swindon track record holder in as a guest
  3. Yep .... That’s him. In case you don’t know....I have re-done the line ups on page 2 (you need to scroll down the page a little to find it) of Confirmed line ups 2019...All teams and riders have the correct starting averages courtesy of the BSPA Web site
  4. Current league table looks good (early days yet I know). Robins look the strongest team, as they are currently holding everyone else up at the bottom.....
  5. Can only see another home humiliation 35-55 ish.
  6. If Wolverhampton don’t keep Nicholls, Poole should jump in quick, he’s on fire at the moment. And to think no Premiership team even went in for him in the close season
  7. Not by me he doesn’t, he’s one of my favourite riders.
  8. scottyfan

    2019 Premiership Confirmed Signings

    I have updated all line-ups, averages and team totals on page 2. They are now all correct curtesy of the Official BSPA website today 29-3-2019.
  9. scottyfan

    Poole 2019

    So who will Nico Covatti be riding for next week Somerset or Poole? If it’s Somerset and Poole need a guest, I hear Craig Cook is available
  10. scottyfan

    Poole 2019

    Press and Practice day is Thursday April 4th....The day after they ride at Somerset April 3rd.
  11. scottyfan

    Poole 2019

    1st meeting is in 10 days at Somerset on 3rd April, so not quite 2 weeks.
  12. scottyfan

    Poole 2019

    Looks more like Doyle’s replacement to me.....
  13. scottyfan

    2019 Confirmed Teams - Premiership

    Page 2 at the top of the page (2019 Premiership confirmed signings) has the listings and all known averages of the teams so far. Any help with the missing averages would be most welcome.
  14. scottyfan

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    I can see it now...Heat 15 will be another reserves race.....
  15. scottyfan

    Premiership Supporters Cup

    I was thinking exactly the same....vote for the opposition’s worst reserve...for example.

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