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    Bookbinder/Retired. Now 24/7 Motorcyclist.

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    Errrr Speedway. EKS Goggles.ESO/Jawa,GM. Ducati Scrambler.
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    Glasgow Tigers.

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  1. Topcat

    Now here's a funny thing....

    I know Brian and could ask him why he broke the tapes!
  2. Topcat

    Bikes for sale

    All still for sale,let me know if you are interested.
  3. Topcat

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    I used to stop there coming back from Scunthorpe amateur events,decent fish suppers.
  4. Topcat

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Jackie rode for Sighthill Hammers.
  5. Topcat

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Tam Daly rode for Sightill Hammers, Dick "Babbles" Barrie rode for Scottish Rangers. Both Edinburgh based teams.
  6. Topcat

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Dougie Noble,Tam Low,Ronnie Henderson ,Kenny Clark,Abs Dickson,Donny McKenzie,Ron Taylor and myself Jimmy Culbert we beat Hackney Cheetahs 49-43.
  7. Topcat

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    We,Ecurie Alba from Edinburgh won the N.A.C.S.A. team championship at Hungerford in 1968.
  8. There was in the day a wee bit controversy about track width at Love Street.
  9. There was in the day awee bit controversy about track width at Love Street.
  10. Topcat

    rocker bush setup

    Befriend Andrea Waddington on Facebook. They can certainly sort you out.
  11. Topcat

    Finn Jenson Needle

    Have you tried Joe Hughes.
  12. Topcat

    Bikes for sale

    My friend Martin has solved my problem,cheers.
  13. Topcat

    Bikes for sale

    Thanks for posting the pictures Martin. All good machinery for anyone that is interested,well looked after and maintained by an old school engineer.
  14. Contact me if you are interested as i can't post pictures.
  15. Topcat

    Bikes for sale

    Jawa two valve grasstracker,Jawa 895 twin cam speedway bike, Unused/rebuilt 894 twin cam engine. Two speed Norton/AMC gearbox conersion ( ABR) I can only post one picture at a time due to size constraints.

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