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  1. Topcat

    Wimbledon stadium

    I visited once in the 60's and once in the 70's.
  2. Topcat

    Glasgow 2018

    If we don't get more fans through the gate,it won't be for lack of trying and making people aware. There will always be more work to do and awareness is the key to success .
  3. My 890 Jawa 2 Valve doesn't have a silencer only a straight through pipe as originally made. Is this ok for the winter meetings.
  4. Topcat

    Scandic Belt Drive

    What would 27 67 equate to. With a primary chain i run 17 44 with a 14 on the countershaft.
  5. Topcat

    Scandic Belt Drive

    How do you work out the gearing. I know you can get various sizes for front end.
  6. It was a good night with close racing and sun,sun,sun. Good turnout too.
  7. Tigers to take the win,stronger all round this year.
  8. A great days racing with some amazing overtakes.
  9. Topcat

    Mk 1 Blixt

    If the setting is correct what other parts are suspect other than the mechanism. Spray tube or needle?
  10. Topcat

    Nylon / Kevlar Race Suits

    I still have the blue nylon/Kevlar suit for sale £65.00. Cheers.
  11. Topcat

    Parry's International Coaches

    If it was in Catford,it was close to one of the shortest at New Cross.
  12. I have three for sale. Ok for practice/ amateur riding all in good condition. One black with logo's,one light blue with logo's and one white with logo's. Would suit 5' 7" 32 waist with body armour. The black set would suit a slimmer rider,the blue has a wee bit more room and the white set a tad more. Prices £55.00, £65.00 ,£90.00 + whatever the postage would be. PM me if you are interested.
  13. Topcat

    Jawa 884 Longstroke

    Sorry,I totally missed your post
  14. Topcat

    Jawa 884 Longstroke

    I'm looking for a 13A Camshaft and an exhaust rocker arm 14mm plain diameter on the end.

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