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  1. DutchGrasstrack

    French league 2021 fixtures

  2. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn_k9yNNaK0
  3. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Live update link for todays first Final in Togliatti: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/450/wk-ijsspeedway-finale-1-togliatti.html
  4. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    FIM said Anisimov.
  5. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Anisimov to replace Niedermaier.
  6. DutchGrasstrack

    World U21 Championship 2021

    FIM press release: "Bydgoszcz to host the FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship on 27 August 2021 For the 5th time in Poland but the first time in its history, Bydgoszcz will stage the FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship and welcome the world’s best U21 national speedway teams on 27 August 2021. Thanks to the recent dynamic growing development of speedway sport in Bydgoszcz, the local speedway club has been given another opportunity to organize an international championship event. "Another big, international speedway event is taking place in Bydgoszcz. Our city appears in the FIM Speedway calendar again. The track in Bydgoszcz has proved repeatedly, that it is a place, where you can experience spectacular races. I strongly believe that this time it also won’t disappoint the fans”, said Jerzy Kanclerz. After the situation faced in 2020 (some teams could not travel because of the COVID-19 restrictions), the FIM Track Tacing Commission has decided to change the format of 2021 version with 7 Teams composed by 2 programmed and 1 substitute Riders. From the very beginning, the FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship was dominated by Polish Team, who won 13 out of 16 gold medals so far, with 7 victories in a row. But the last years were more challenging with the Danish and British young guns making troubles in the Polish’s road to gold. The team world championship is a perfect chance for young riders to challenge and present their skills in front of a broad audience. It is also an important test for future members of the respective senior national speedway teams. For many years the FIM consistently develops projects, which support the growth and competition of Youth riders."
  7. DutchGrasstrack

    World U21 Championship 2021

    Bydgoszcz will host the teams.
  8. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Jell and Simon finally crossed the border after 32 hours. They were at the Latvian border. Iwema and Zorn used the Finnish border.
  9. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Could have been faster. Iwema said there were some paper issues, but 8 hours wasn't too bad comparing to previous experiences.
  10. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    They have visa
  11. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Iwema has arrived in Togliatti. Think Zorn too. Jell and Simon were at the border last night.
  12. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Don't think that will be the final line-up as it's quite unusual. I guess Anisimov will move up to number 1.
  13. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Interesting is that Krivonozhko is the second reserve for next weeks world championship in Togliatti. This was his first meeting today. He is a 16 year old from Togliatti.
  14. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Junior Championship day 2 in Ufa: 1. Nikita Bogdanov RU 14 (3,3,3,3,3) 29 2. Evgeniy Saidullin RU 13 (3,2,3,3,3) 27 3. Nikita Tarasov RU 13 (2,2,2,3,3) 25 -- 4. Ivan Khuzhin RU 12 (3,3,3,d,2) 23 5. Savely Vedyanov RU 9 (3,3,1,1,3) 20 6. German Khanmurzin RU 10 (2,1,2,3,2) 20 7. Vladimir Fadeev RU 7 (1,3,2,2,2) 17 8. Artem Burmistrov RU 10 (1,2,2,2,0) 17 9. Elisey Vydrin RU 8 (0,2,1,2,1) 14 10. Vlas Nekrasov RU 4 (1,1,3,2,1) 12 11. Kirill Zevakov RU 5 (1,0,0,1,2) 9 12. Pavel Glotkin RU 2 (2,0,1,1,1) 7 13. Nikolay Makarov RU 2 (2,1,0,0,1) 6 14. Ivan Volkov RU 6 (N,N,N,N,N) 6 15. Ilya Krivonozhko RU 3 (0,1,1,0,0) 5 16. Andrey Anisimov RU 2 (N,N,N,N,N) 2
  15. DutchGrasstrack

    ICE 2021

    Finally some CAS / WADA info's: "The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) considered that in the circumstances, maintaining the FIM World Championship in Togliatti (Russia) was not in contradiction with the CAS decision mainly based on the extreme circumstances of the case, in particular considering that the FIM Ice Speedway World Championship is due to start in less than two weeks and only a few weeks passed since the issuance of the CAS decision in the Arbitration WADA v. RUSADA. WADA’s position expressed therein is without prejudice to WADA’s position in respect to other FIM events scheduled to be held during the Two Years Period (i.e. 2021 and 2022) in Russia. Among the measures taken by the FIM are, the removal of the Russian national flag from the visual elements (backdrops, race jackets, TV graphics). The Russian nationality of the riders will not be mentioned. The Russian national anthem shall not be played during these events."

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