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  1. DutchGrasstrack

    European 85CC and 125CC Championships Sunday August 7th

    Dutch Lester Matthijssen won in Pardubice today.
  2. DutchGrasstrack

    2022 FIM Long Track

    Reserves: Julien Cayre, Tero Aarnio, Mika Meijer and Charley Powell. Jacob Bukhave is already in. Can't see Dilger riding. Malek seems to be OK according to Czech media. Franc still recovering from broken wrist, so doubt he is ready for Scheessel.
  3. SON pictures from tonight: https://fim-pictures.com/galleries/1175/2022-fim-speedway-of-nations-vojens
  4. Practice is off. Rain.
  5. SON2 pictures: https://fim-pictures.com/galleries/1172/2022-speedway-of-nations-2-vojens
  6. Werlte pics: https://www.baansportfansite.nl/nieuws/2272/romano-hummel-ook-tijdens-ek-semi-finale-in-werlte-veruit-de-sterkste
  7. DutchGrasstrack

    Speedway Camp Poland

    Torun pics from yesterday: https://www.baansportfansite.nl/nieuws/2271/succesvol-optreden-niek-meijerink-en-lester-matthijssen-tijdens-ekstraliga-camp-in-torun
  8. DutchGrasstrack

    SGP3 (Under 16s)

    And 1 American
  9. DutchGrasstrack

    European pairs championships 2022

    The Dutch can only send one rider so there will be a mixed team after all. EDIT: there will be a complete Dutch Team after all.
  10. Looks great FIM Europe are struggeling to get the 18 riders complete though. Many federations gave back their allocated slots.
  11. DutchGrasstrack

    2022 FIM Long Track

    2023 Qualifier this weekend in Bielefeld. Live results: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/525/fim-long-track-world-championship-qualifying-round-bielefeld.html Top 12 to the Challenge in Marmande in july.
  12. Live update link: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/545/german-speedway-masters-ronde-1-olching.html There will be some changes in the lineup though.
  13. DutchGrasstrack

    2022 FIM Long Track

    Rzeszow Final 1: 1 666 Romano Hummel 2 37 Chris Harris 3 111 Martin Malek 4 125 Lukas Fienhage 5 109 Zach Wajtknecht 6 444 Josef Franc 7 93 James Shanes 8 15 Marcin Sekulla 9 58 Stanislaw Burza 10 86 Hynek Stichauer 11 115 Theo Pijper 12 56 Mathieu Trésarrieu 13 333 Kenneth Kruse Hansen 14 44 Tero Aarnio 15 79 Jacob Bukhave ---- 16 16 Jörg Tebbe 17 17 Adam Skornicki
  14. DutchGrasstrack


    Pics & full results from Abensberg: https://www.baansportfansite.nl/nieuws/2239/anders-thomsen-winnaar-speedway-gp-kwalificatie-in-abensberg
  15. With probably wooden fence from Holland

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