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  1. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2020

    Vojens seems to be postponed according to the ticket sales page: https://www.billetlugen.dk/2020-tauron-speedway-euro-championship-billetter.html?affiliate=DKA&doc=artistPages%2Ftickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&erid=2702468&fbclid=IwAR0rUdbuD07So07I9YcRwBZHbIuOpF3xsATHsQWEcNfQyLQYsLAsn-eRt3M Nothing official from One Sport or FIME though.
  2. DutchGrasstrack

    Grand Prix Tickets.

    A couple weeks he also suggested this 6 round thing in polish media.
  3. DutchGrasstrack

    gp challenge 2020

    GP Challenge is now postponed. No new date yet.
  4. DutchGrasstrack

    GP series in Poland

    Borders in poland won't be closed forever....
  5. DutchGrasstrack

    2020 FIM Long Track

    @f-s-p what are the chances of Forssa going ahead?
  6. DutchGrasstrack

    World U21 championships 2020

    First final in Poznan, on June 27, is postponed.
  7. Extraliga starts June 12th without spectators.
  8. DutchGrasstrack


    Teterow is now finally 'postponed' officialy.
  9. DutchGrasstrack

    2020 FIM Long Track

    La Reole and Muhldorf are both cancelled.
  10. DutchGrasstrack

    Prague SGP 13/06/20

    Ostafinski wrote on Sportowefakty today that BSI insist on having the GP in Prague on the original date. Not sure what's true about this, but it looks very unlikely. Czech federation also says it's impossible. FIM Europe cancelled their congress in Prague (beginning of July)... so that says already something.
  11. DutchGrasstrack

    gp challenge 2020

    Teterow isn’t going ahead in May for sure. But for some reason there is still no official announcement by BSI / FIM. I think they are waiting until they have a replacement date. Teterow club said something about September or even October.
  12. DutchGrasstrack

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    European championship will now be held on August 7, which is the day before Warsaw GP.
  13. DutchGrasstrack

    SEC 2020

    All 4 qualifiers and the challenge are 'postponed'.
  14. DutchGrasstrack

    gp challenge 2020

    Federations can send riders to the challenge.... FIM will chose however how many place each federation will get.
  15. DutchGrasstrack

    One Day World Final?

    Teterow is not going to happen in May this year. They are speaking of september/october, but no confirmed date yet with BSI.

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