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  1. DutchGrasstrack

    2020 FIM Long Track

    Challenge results: 1. Josef Franc CZ (4,4,4,4,3) 19 2. Romano Hummel NL (2,4,4,4,4) 18 3. Max Dilger DE (4,4,2,3,4) 17 4. Theo Pijper NL (4,4,3,2,3) 16 -- 5. Bernd Diener DE (4,3,4,1,3) 15 6. Kenneth Kruse Hansen DK (2,3,3,3,4) 15 7. Hynek Stichauer CZ (3,2,2,3,4) 14 8. Zach Wajtknecht GB (1,3,2,4,3) 13 9. Andrew Appleton GB (3,3,1,1,4) 12 10. Fabian Wachs DE (2,3,4,0,2) 11 11. Paul Cooper GB (2,4,3,2,R) 11 12. Stephan Katt DE (3,2,1,2,3) 11 13. Dave Meijerink NL (4,2,1,3,d) 10 14. James Shanes GB (1,1,4,2,2) 10 15. Tomas H Jonasson SE (3,d,2,4,N) 9 16. GaƩtan Stella FR (R,1,3,2,1) 7 17. Julien Cayre FR (3,1,1,R,2) 7 18. Henri Ahlbom FI (2,2,1,1,1) 7 19. Martin Malek CZ (1,R,0,4,0) 5 20. Jacob Bukhave DK (0,0,0,3,2) 5 21. Max Koivula FI (0,0,3,1,1) 5 22. Jordan Dubernard FR (0,0,2,0,2) 4 23. Marcel Dachs DE (1,2,d,R,1) 4 24. Gabriel Dubernard FR (1,1,0,1,d) 3 25. Alessandro Milanese IT (0,1,R,N,N) 1 26. Jarno De Vries NL (0,1) 1 27. Mika Meijer NL (0) 0 First four to qualify for 2021 series.
  2. Live updates from track side here: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/429/speedway-grand-prix-ronde-5-praag.html
  3. FIM has now banned the current Anlas tyre and they need to send new application for homologation.
  4. Prague will go ahead according to the club on facebook. They say the Gorzow paddock rumours is all 'fake news'.
  5. My country, The Netherlands, also joins the list of countries advising against unnecessary trips to prague
  6. DutchGrasstrack

    SON 2020

    Looks like this will be held in Poland
  7. Live updates from todays 4th GP round in Gorzow: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/427/speedway-grand-prix-ronde-4-gorzow.html
  8. For those who want to follow live results in a traditional heat schedule: https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/426/speedway-grand-prix-ronde-3-gorzow.html
  9. Epic timing SGB quote: "Anlas hit the headlines in the opening Grand Prix rounds of the season when some of the most successful competitors chose to use them." FIM quote: "The FIM has taken the decision to temporarily suspend the use of ANLAS Speedway tyre with immediate effect. The ANLAS Tyre can no longer be used until further notice in any type of motorcycle Speedway World Championship events and this includes SGP in Gorzow this coming weekend."
  10. DutchGrasstrack

    Valid Prague GP tickets

    Corona numbers are sky high in CZ at the moment. Germans already need to go in quarantine or provide negative Covid test when returning from Prague.
  11. DutchGrasstrack

    2020 FIM Long Track

    The Rzeszow round is moved by one day.
  12. DutchGrasstrack

    2020 FIM Long Track

    Thomas Jonasson is now out as well.
  13. DutchGrasstrack

    2020 FIM Long Track

    Up-to-date lineup here: https://www.longtrack-live.com/event/422/2019-fim-long-track-world-championship-final-1-morizes Strange that this event is still going ahead. Most countries have strict quarantine rules for people who return from France. Riders like Katt and Hansen already posted their mixed feelings on their social media accounts.

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