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  1. pcthelegend

    Mauger Retirement

    Ivan was my first sporting hero. I was fortunate that when I first started going to Belle Vue was when Ivan rode there. To call him a legend doesn't really quite cover it. Enjoy your retirement Ivan.
  2. pcthelegend

    Peter Collins

    My username says it all get well soon Peter.
  3. pcthelegend

    Emil Kramer

    R.I.P Emil,God bless your family
  4. pcthelegend

    Barry Briggs New Book.

    Don't suppose there will be any chance of him coming further north or will signed copies be available to buy without attending one of the dinners
  5. £20 according to the ad in the PLRC programe.19.45 start
  6. pcthelegend

    Speedway Betting

    7/1 on bet 365
  7. pcthelegend

    3 Meetings In 7 Hours

    1985 we did Cradley v Belle Vue 11 am then Birmingham V Ellesmere Port ?2pm then Wolves v Oxford 7.30 all in one day
  8. pcthelegend

    El Vs Pl

    That is spot on for me,it doesn't matter what level i watch i just want to see good speedway racing.Although i have seen a better standard of racing at PL level over recent times.
  9. 1. Username and team supported? How long have you been attending matches? pcthelegend,Belle Vue,40 years 2.What was the first match you ever attended? Haven't got a clue i was around 2 years old apparently 3.Favourite meeting of all time? Too many to mention really unfortunatley not many in recent years 4.Best race ever witnessed? Pc V Michaneck ko cup run off 5.Best track you have ever watched speedway at? Hyde Road 6.Funniest moment watching speedway? Again far too many ,some i can't remember fully : 7.All time favourite rider? The one and only Peter Collins 8. All time 7 man team? 1.Peter Collins 2.Ivan Mauger 3.Briggo 4.Jason Lyons 5.Tommy Jansson 6.Larry Ross 7.Michael Lee
  10. pcthelegend

    David Mcallan Painting By Jim Blanchard

    Only 1 hour left for anyone who can't make the meeting.it really is a great painting.
  11. Check out David's site that should give you some answers.http://www.davidmcallanracing.co.uk/
  12. pcthelegend

    David Mcallan Painting By Jim Blanchard

    What you mean like this
  13. his main gripe was quality of the racing and the view, i did point him towards the grass banking on the 2nd bend where i believe the view is better but i don't think he will be returning ,shame really.

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