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  1. bazaar3

    1 From 4

    Should be all there TNT. Cheers for making the forum a bit of fun.....I do find it lacks this sort of thing.
  2. Although I can't remember being reasonably young, I think this was around the time of early 80s when I first saw my first meeting at Weymouth with Wiggy at Weymouth and then Yeatesy. I noticed some on here are talking about the old MK track Elfield Park which I went to, to watch Poole in the late 80's and what an interesting place that area was.....let's just say I am glad some speedway has moved into a more eye catching, cleaner, health and safety and corporate kind of era even if it is a whole lot more expensive.
  3. bazaar3

    Can Anybody Tell Me ......

    Pritty sure that the late Ingar Hvamstad who rode for Poole in the 90s was Norwegian as well on the topic of Norwegian riders.
  4. bazaar3

    Can Anybody Tell Me ......

    Yes I am 95% sure there was.... I have an old video where there was a Norwegian called Atle? Knudson who rode with a young Lars Gunnestad, Arnt Forland, Robert Langeland and Einar Kylinstad in a World Cup meeting in the early 90s which also featured a very young Tomasz Gollob who back then was a super fast starter and Gunnestad pulling off the ride of the night to be last into the first bend in the top scorers heat but then overtake Adorjan, Riss and then Gollob to stop the young Pole from claiming a maximum. But Atle Knudsen was a Norwegian rider.
  5. It is a funny one with Kings Lynn. Obviously it would appear Birmingham have the crowds and sponsorship to give the top league a go because they are a city and speedway is popular in the midlands with a lot of defunct clubs ex supporters who may or have already jumped on the bandwagon. The reasons how I see Kings Lynn can afford to give it another go: 1) In the past they were a side that were not always competitive in the top league and I can't remember them winning too much hence the drop in crowds who obviously want to see their team to well week in week out and don't want to pay top league money to watch their team lose mose weeks. 2) Since they have entered the PL (or second league whatever) they have pritty much dominated it most seasons and the crowds have come back to watch the side and so obviously it has attracted more sponsors in the area because they have been a more successful side. Especially when there is a EL/PL League Final or Cup, it nearly always is a large increase in crowds compared to a standard league fixture. 3) They have wisely attained assets such as Darcy Ward and a few others and sold them onto EL clubs to have made enough capital to support a venture. 4) Perhaps as you say, they are still reluctant about entering the league as they don't want to be the bottom side again and lose crowds and drop down etc like before. Obviously much more cautious which is why they haven't joined earlier. Just my opinion.
  6. You cannot compare the Polish and British leagues financially because they are very different. The attendance figures which can be up to probably 8 times as big as are attendances make the 2 leagues uncomparable so you can't really think of them as top leagues. It's more realistic to think on crowd attendances as for example Glasgow Celtic FC have many more supporters then St Mirren, so obviously are going to afford a better team etc. Better to compare British speedway to British Basketball......both struggling at grass roots level financially and not the most popular sport in Britain and struggling to pay stadium rent and for minor quality professionals with some top pros using their bleak attendance money. New fans....what new fans. TBH if there are any new fans they are more likely to be confused by the ridiculous amount of rules and BSPA rule changes that happen each year and the rule I hate, a rider being excluded for tape touching isn't excluded but a reserve can be brought in, hence anyone new who had seen a red card in a footy match to be replaced by a sub is far more baffling then naming a top league Elite, a second league Premier and a third league National which is quite easy to follow compared to most of the @@@@ that goes on in speedway. Do you really believe more are going to watch over a name change......how many fans did the FA Barclaycard Premier League lost because it changed it from Div 1......probably about none.
  7. Semantics? How do you explain when wildcards have won GP's then? It's suppose to be the top 16 best but there is always a few riders who aren't in it but are good enough to be counted for. Martin Dugard was always an excellent rider in Britain but because he wasn't in the GP's or World Finals constantly, it didn't mean he wasn't good enough to be there and he was better then Andy Smith who somehow always made GP's and World Finals. Your conversation about rebranding is pointless and time and time again I have to laugh at this post. In legal terms, it's fine to use because it is the best league on averages in British Speedway so they can claim it as Elite. It also doesn't sound appealing to Sky Sports or businesses for sponsorship if you called it 'The slightly diluted League 1 of speedway'....I mean who on earth would sponsor that. Definitions don't matter......for the best interests of speedway, sponsorship and money matters and it is the best and that goes for the PL as well.
  8. That is not what you stated. You said an Elite League rider...not a GP rider. No league in the world is going to have best 100 riders in it anyway because there will always be a rider who will be a heat leader in his home country and chooses not to ride abroad but is better then a reserve abroad. Anyway to quickly prove a financial point. How many of these clubs have there own stadiums and do not share with a greyhound/stock car businesses and don't have to pay ludicrous extortionate rent rates plus probably charging cheaper admission due to the economy of their country so can afford to pay GP riders. Just because a league has more GP riders, doesn't make it better speedway.
  9. Nonsense. Define by what you mean as an Elite League rider? Tell me a TOP league in the world where all these so called 'Elite League' riders ride? Now if you say speedway in general is too expensive for the average fan/family I would certainly agree.
  10. Steve has a point though. He said Mick Bratley said a Midland club wanted Hans, so that could really be only Cov or Brum since Wolves have Lindgren and Tai. Even if his other sources are not true you could see Cov trying to fit in Hans, Harris, EK, Larsen on a low and Shamek on a 4 to build a strong team especially with Rosco's nouse for signing bargains. This was obviously being set up way before the AGM and that is why the Bees are steaming. The only other thing I would add that may have made sense would be for Cov to sign KK and that would probably have meant Hans by the midlands theory go Brum, but perhaps Poole refused to loan out KK to the Bees for another season since he had a say in the final.
  11. Ahh so that why the protest....only took me 100 pages (well I haven't read them all) to work out why the Bees stormed out. Bit slow at the mo. Fancy signing a rider before the AGM especially one as expensive as Andersen. So looks like Harris is off to Manchester then?
  12. Since I get the feeling you don't agree sounding by your posts, may I ask what you would do in the situation since your an ImpartialOne?
  13. Yes it's within freedom to challenge......although doesn't mean it's going to succeed. In this case do you not feel Sandhu or whoever was representing Coventry made a huge error or are you succumbed to being un-Impartial?
  14. Looking at this post.....it looks like something Authorised would write and post. Change of name Authorised?
  15. Not really....some of the thread is intellectual debate.

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