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  1. Pinstripe

    Crashes And Cock Ups 2007

    I personally loved Crashes and Cockups dvds though havent seen any since 2003. Regarding McAllans crash, a little hard by Morris but I have seen much worse moved pulled off and riders staying on.Nothing more than a racing incident.
  2. Pinstripe

    Andy Appleton

    Another rider who wasted his career in the sport, although out of him and Chris Neath, Neathy was always the better one.
  3. Pinstripe

    End Of An Era

    Its him again causing trouble is it?
  4. Pinstripe

    Middlo Remains At The Helm

    Well done Middlo.
  5. £2.00 a can of Carlsberg is a joke. Get them 85p down my local shop, not that I have looked at Carlsberg, but the best lager ever stella is only £1.05p and Carling 85p so Carlsberg must also be 85p.
  6. Aye. Was Carlsberg though which, although lager is lager, is rather vile and weak.
  7. Lager didnt run out Dietbowers. Was still slurping one before we were one of the last to leave the bar yesterday!
  8. And you said I couldnt afford a quid to get into the stand?
  9. Obviously you werent paying attention Sandie.
  10. Not a bad meeting. Harris in a class of his own. Werner was very impressive and was out to prove a point quite clearly. Not sure what he would be like as a Wasp, rumours were going round that he has been offered a contract. Two Poles were useless. Cant decide which was worse. Mroz looked alot "larger" than he did last time over, and the other one didnt have a clue how to ride the track. At least Rajkowski knew how to ride the track in last years classic. This Pole had no idea and looked awful. Really hope we touch neither of them for next year. Nasty crash with Bridger and Ashworth too. Hope both sustained no injuries. And finally, where was Shadders? The big man was nowhere to be seen and despite walking around the stadium a few times, he was not spotted. And he calls me the keyboard warrior? Ho ho ho.
  11. Pinstripe

    World Ice Racing Championship Usa

    All we need now is your Dad and it will be amazing.
  12. Hope ya nan gets a new handbag for xmas too.
  13. Hahahahaha. Comical. Scummy mrs? Bet mine would attract alot more attention than yours. I would actually put a grand on it. I heard yours has more spots than a dalmatian with downsyndrome, wears more Lonsdale than Alun Rossiter and sweats like a beaver.
  14. Agree but i dont live in one so doesnt affect me you twit.

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