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  1. NickRushbrook

    Best Race Suit Ever?

    Leigh Adams' red Owen Bros number were a real favourite of mine since 1993....oh and anything with a crossed hammers!
  2. NickRushbrook

    lakeside 2019

    I'm not prepared to say goodbye to my team just yet....even if that means groundhopping while every avenue is explored with regards to a new stadium. It's not fair to judge the move to Rye House based on the past few weeks. Cold weather, rain-offs and electrical faults left a sour taste but I'd like to see a season with full preparation and then make up my mind. No, it's not Arena Essex and never will be but it's still OUR TEAM. Couple of positives is the pub next door and i can still have my pre match 5 guys via Harlow!
  3. The rain killed the momentum for Lakeside. All ifs and buts. At least we saw some racing and the Workington fans didn't have a wasted trip. A showpiece event it was not but the threat of rain and the cold unfortunately had it's day and nobody can be blamed for that. Lakeside have had a torrid season off the track but on it, they have been magnificent. Is 10 points enough? Anything can happen in a final and i expect the boys to raise it. Good luck all round.
  4. Looking forward to this! Fair play to the supporters coming so far. Hopefully be a great occasion and a win for the Hammers.
  5. It's hard to gauge too much from the past few weeks with regard to crowd size. It's all been a bit of a rush with massive fixture congestion and little variety in opponents. The stadium is a dump at the moment but I think it is certainly worth a season with the 'reset' button having been pushed. I think it can work in the short term. Anyhow, that's a concern for another day. Just want to enjoy my team in a play-off final and hopefully even a championship win.
  6. So it WAS the Panthers and not the SCB who 'made us' re-run the 2nd leg? Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for congratulations and I sincerely hope this rivalry can be renewed next season.
  7. Oh perleeze... I think we earned our place winning 3 out of 3 legs. Nothing against the Panthers fans or the team. In fact, the Showground happens to be my favourite venue. But that promoter of yours was trying his luck and thankfully it didn't come to fruition.
  8. Good job boys! Unlucky Mr Rathbone.
  9. You're being pedantic. Since when have rules, morals and fairness ever gone hand in hand in this 'sport'?
  10. I would hope that Peterborough do the 'honourable thing' and name the same team as Sunday. Anything else would be unfair surely. 20 points down on the night and get another crack at 0-0. Total joke. Surely if Peterborough pull this off, nobody in their right mind can say it's fair.
  11. Still think it's unfair tbh. Just race the remaining heats with the scores as they were. Perhaps not the rules but a darn sight fairer than this.
  12. Technicalities may well rule the day here but if anyone thinks that Peterborough deserve to profit from all of this by way of advancement to the final, then there really isn't too much more to say i guess.
  13. Yes, shame on Lakeside for trying to hold their home matches.....at erm...home... wait..what..?
  14. Can you imagine going to the cinema, the projector breaks down and have you waiting for 2 hours before declaring that it can't be fixed? No need for a refund or re-entry....you did at least see half the film and it's ok, we'll tell you how it ends....

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