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  1. You're being pedantic. Since when have rules, morals and fairness ever gone hand in hand in this 'sport'?
  2. I would hope that Peterborough do the 'honourable thing' and name the same team as Sunday. Anything else would be unfair surely. 20 points down on the night and get another crack at 0-0. Total joke. Surely if Peterborough pull this off, nobody in their right mind can say it's fair.
  3. Still think it's unfair tbh. Just race the remaining heats with the scores as they were. Perhaps not the rules but a darn sight fairer than this.
  4. Technicalities may well rule the day here but if anyone thinks that Peterborough deserve to profit from all of this by way of advancement to the final, then there really isn't too much more to say i guess.
  5. Yes, shame on Lakeside for trying to hold their home matches.....at erm...home... wait..what..?
  6. Can you imagine going to the cinema, the projector breaks down and have you waiting for 2 hours before declaring that it can't be fixed? No need for a refund or re-entry....you did at least see half the film and it's ok, we'll tell you how it ends....
  7. Completely agree Chris. Someone needs to take responsibility for last night. Simply saying 'these things happen' doesn't cut it.
  8. Yes, take the moral high ground of it helps you sleep at night. I'm conveying how I feel about the matter without resorting to abuse and foul language on a public forum. I'm pretty sure that's fair.
  9. It's not about trying to be a tough man. It's embarrassing and immature that you guys are wetting yourselves with excitement at the prospect of being gifted a place in the final. I can understand that you have an issue with certain riders/promoters from Lakeside so go and aim it at them. I can even understand that privately, there will be some satisfaction there but don't come on here crowing about it and rubbing it in the supporters faces. Regarding Rathbone, his comments in the press release were smarmy and classless. He needs to understand that it will upset people and they will react. Just don't blame them when they do.
  10. Erm, not necessarily. Just that I'm happy to say the same things in person as opposed to just an anonymous internet forum. Are you?
  11. Don't care how you dress it up. That Rathbone fella is an odious little man. Yes, he's entitled blah blah. Opportunistic at best. I could say a lot worse that would likely get me a knock on the door from the police. Alas, anything I say on this forum, I'm more than happy to repeat to anyone's face.
  12. Honourable thing? Give me some of the crack your smoking please!
  13. Only way would be to have a double header next week! Workington would have to park up at a service station and await the result before resuming their journey!
  14. Should Lakeside be thrown out, I'd be on the phone to the lawyers. This simply should not be allowed to happen.

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