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  1. Lakeside 2018

    Typical numpties who couldnt wait to say they told us so I see! Ever kissed a girl lads? The bigger issue is that a rider has found himself unemployed, temporarily at least. I feel for Max Clegg and hope he gets a new club soon. On the other hand, it's good to see Alfie back. He was a highlight last season.
  2. Poole 2018

    Perhaps to throw himself in rather than go through with the transfer?
  3. Lakeside 2018

    A winning team will make people come back and it looks like we have that. Actual Lakeside supporters will surely return but the more casual speedway fan who prefers top flight racing may well opt for Rye (which is their right). Just wish they'd stop bleating on about it!
  4. Swc 2018

    Will Monster still be the sponsors??
  5. Lakeside 2018

    Thanks, will be interesting to see how he develops.
  6. Lakeside 2018

    Anyone know where Jason Edwards is riding next season?
  7. New Zealand 2017-18

    What about Mitch Shirra? Still a long time ago but would he classify as a heat leader?
  8. Lakeside 2018

    Haha, love it! Lakeside have probably been the fairest promotion in the country over the years...a lot of the time to our own detriment. Stop crying and I'm sure in due course, all will be revealed. Well, maybe not all of it but anyway .....!
  9. Lakeside 2018

    Potential top 4 material. As we at Lakeside well know, injuries play their part many times in a season so nothing is a given. Would be special to win the title with an (almost) all British team though.
  10. Speedway Music

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. A few made the cut... feel free to check out my list below and keep em coming! https://open.spotify.com/user/nickrushbrookpt/playlist/6Mt10snRAbque7YE3yUcdY
  11. Lakeside 2018

    Ah the old 'trick track' thing! Anyone would think the home riders left thumb tacks in their slip stream or that there were pot holes that only few know about!
  12. Speedway Music

    Good input. Thanks guys! Got a lot of 90s stuff on there. Reminds me of being at Arena Essex during the summer holidays of 93.
  13. Hey everyone. Just creating a new Spotify playlist and am looking for some inspiration. What songs remind you of speedway? Any track, any era!
  14. Lakeside 2018

    Thinking outside the box a little but could we see someone like Broc Nicol or Luke Becker coming in? Neither have raced at this level before. That is the only reason behind my thinking.
  15. Kim Nilsson for Newport.