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  1. I suppose this lull after the stormy winter was only to be expected, however, are we about to see any of the content of the agreement, a new rule book and details of the arbitration setup and procedures? I'm not intending to restart the vitriol but it does seem a shame after all that kicking, scratching and blood letting to know so little of what it was all for and whether it was indeed good for the future of the sport in the UK? Only by seeing at least some of the detail can we begin to make a reasoned judgement, not that we're much good at that here these days eh?
  2. Mylor

    Agm This Weekend

    I expect change. With Peterborough losing £140,000 and Swindon losing about £150,000, allegedly, change is inevitable. The question is, do the BSPA manage that change or do they allow the rest of the wheels to come off and cause, through neglect or incompetence, the top level of British speedway to crash and burn? I was once a member of a medium sized caravan club that had much the same problem. The ordinary members hadn't a clue what was going on at committee level but they did know there was acrimony and good committee members were leaving. The membership turnover was significant. Members just didn't like the atmosphere. I stood for Chairman, was elected, and promptly set about demolishing the culture of secrecy. Following the resignations of a few committee members who couldn't stomach working openly the club thrived and the membership were smiling again. Where's WikiLeaks when you need 'em?
  3. Mylor

    Agm This Weekend

    Oh come on Alex!! We know WHAT happened. What we don't know for certain is WHY. Why did they walk out? What efforts were made to persuade them to return? Did the BSPA not give any consideration to the backlash they'd receive from partisan and neutral fans alike over their handling of this? Is it actually cast in stone that they couldn't still apply to join whichever league they can afford to run in? What would you expect to happen now? They're not likely to return with their tails between their legs, they'd probably prefer to shut up shop for good. To who's benefit would that be Alex? The fans? Sky? The sport? The sponsors? The BSPA? This whole disgraceful episode and the stifling degree of secrecy surrounding the management of our sport can only wreck it's already battered credibility and it's ability to attract the level of sponsorship it so desperately needs to move forward at all levels.
  4. Mylor

    Agm This Weekend

    Oh, and so's Ben Barker.....
  5. Mylor

    Agm This Weekend

    Chris Harris is Cornish......
  6. Mylor

    Agm This Weekend

    BBC Spotlight in the South West tonight reported that Coventry have resigned from the Elite League but there's not a squeak from the BSPA? Can anybody confirm this? Apologies for the cross-post but as this has a bearing on this and the Coventry threads.........
  7. Mylor

    Disabled Access

    Just an update on Poole. We went again this summer. Two years ago I couldn't praise them enough but this year we came across a fundamental issue. The wheelchair space in front of the old (main?) stand was still there but some bright spark decided to put close-knit blue fabric all along the safety fence on the start/finish straight. We could see very little so we had to move. The obvious places were the bankings on the bends but we had to stay down by the fence as other spectators stand in front, as you'd expect. As you'd also expect we got showered in shale, well at least until heat 8 when the blue groove appeared..... If someone could let us know when the blue stuff's gone we'd be very grateful. As it's a 360 mile round trip we probably won't be returning in a hurry otherwise.
  8. I was uncomfortable with bomber's inclusion too but if you were forced to choose a brit on merit you'd surely have to go with the British Champion. With, hopefully, some dirt on the GP tracks surely he'll do a little better next year. Still not a top eight finisher though methinks but he should finish the year with more confidence.
  9. Mylor

    2009 Agm News

    "It was quite clear from the start that every single club in the country believes that the fundamentals of our sport are absolutely correct and we didn't need to spend our time tinkering with rule changes, instead we concentrated on taking the sport forward in a positive manner and the appointment of a youthful Management Committee reflected exactly that". This is all very odd............. Wouldn't you expect a new, youthful management committee to be full of new youthful ideas? Where's the roadmap for the future? Where's the vision? In what way are they 'taking the sport forward'? Excuse my pessimism but I get more than enough of this sort of non-management at work and from the government. It's all spin with no substance.
  10. Mylor

    Top Riders In The 1960's

    Good grief ianmartin! I was a Wolves fan then and couldn't understand why Mike Parker transferred riders around like that. He ran Newcastle, Sunderland and Wolves if I remember correctly. Can someone give me a potted history of what happened to him, and Bill Bridget etc? Ahhh..........those were the days. Guasco, sadly missed, Graham Warren, Tommy Sweetman (did anyone else ride wearing glasses?), Ivor Brown (we hated him too of course), Jimmy Squibb (who was still riding for Canterbury at 54!!) and others who didn't quite make it to greatness but gave us fabulous entertainment, Dave Hemus, Fred Priest (2nd halfer who once managed to stay on for all four laps, a bit like a half speed early Ben Barker), Kid Bodie,..........
  11. There used to be a site associated with Exeter which listed the historical league data and other useful stuff. Has that data all been lost now? All I can find now is recent stuff on Wikipedia. It would be a real shame if that data's all gone. You would have thought the BSPA could find room for their own records wouldn't you? I'm sure the data's still available from old year books. Could be a nice winter project for the forum members to put all this together and host it?
  12. Mylor

    Champions League

    Ahh.........but Tsunami you've not taken into account the sponsorship & TV income from such an attractive package. Riders, GP, EL and PL riders are already shipping kit and support teams around Europe. You'll find a pretty comprehensive thread on the European Club Championship here but I'll post a couple of clips from this 2006 thread to whet your appetite: Things have moved on since I posted these in 2006 but the last paragraph of the 2nd quote refers to the pain we will experience anyway this coming season. It would give us the opportunity to see these 'very best' riders live more often than once a year.
  13. Seems to me many residents of Cornwall want to fossilize the place. Hopefully the new Council will see it's roll as an enabler, not a discourager of initiatives to boost the local economy. The Councils seem quite happy to substantially expand an airport whose flight path goes right over the proposed site so this decision makes no logic at all. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cornwall/7813274.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/7816046.stm
  14. More tinkering? Surely they made more fundamental changes than this?? Among the major decisions made were: * The team points limit will be 39.90, as agreed at last year’s conference * A new six-team format for the end-of-season play-offs, where the top two will be seeded through to the semi-finals, while the third team has the pick of who they want to face, home and away, in the first round * A points handicap system to be introduced for the play-offs, rewarding the team that finished higher in the league table * A radical shake-up of the scoring, to reward strong away performances. Away teams that lose by six points or more get nothing, a point for finishing with six of the winners, two points for a draw, three if they win by less than six and four if they triumph by six points or more * ‘Doubling-up’ allowed for any Premier League rider with an eight or under average, with that rider occupying one of the two reserve spots in a team * All teams’ number one rider to ride in the number one position http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/sport/s...r_BSPA_meeting/
  15. Norris it is then............... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/motorsport/2...15875-20901794/

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