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  1. Dave67

    Coventry 2017

  2. Dave67

    Coventry 2017

    Can I just say good luck to you & those working with you to restore the Bees. Grew up supporting them. Saturday night was speedway night. My interest has wained in recent years & I no longer live near Coventry but to me speedway is Coventry & a league without them is a poorer place. I can't believe Brandon is gone, so many good memories of the place. People like you are the unsung heroes of minority sports & deserve support not vilification..
  3. Dave67

    Sgp Wildcards 2018

    Time for some fresh young talent in 2018. There should be no place for sentiment. Hancock & Pedersen have had a fantastic run & should be remembered as great champions but there time has passed. Holder, Zagar & Iversen are just not cutting it this year & unless they find form & the hit top 8 should be dropped. Be good to see the likes of Lebdevs & Milick (sp!) in there.
  4. Good job Mr Cook. Looks like we'll have a proper Brit to cheer in the GP's next year...
  5. Am I right in assuming the ban will start once he coughs up the 3k fine, ala Danny Bird. I.e. If he doesn't pay the ban will just roll on & start if & when he does? If so the fine is more painful than the ban. Unless he crowdfunds it or has a benevolent sponsor?
  6. Dave67

    Lindback Arrested...

    FWIW for it to be rape in England & Wales child has to be under 13. Above that age it becomes unlawful sexual activity with a child. This is presuming consent either way consent cannot be given if under 13... Can't comment about Swedish law mind...
  7. Dave67

    Coventry 2016

    Spotted this on Twitter, is this genuine or pie n the sky.? Apologies if it is I have been away. @SaveCovSpeedway: Has anyone read the speedway star article about Mick Horton buying Brandon for £2 million? Any other details?
  8. One of the "originals" RIP girl
  9. Dave67

    Name Of Famous Rider Who Committed Suicide?

    In that case we shall have to agree to disagree. My personal opinion is that there can be no excuse for what he did.
  10. Dave67

    Name Of Famous Rider Who Committed Suicide?

    Suffering or not, the point, to me at least, is that he committed murder. Just as an aside, are you saying that those committing crime, murder in particular, but suffering mentally deserve sympathy? I can think of a number of names who have committed murder whilst mentally unstable, the name of which if mentioned only cause outrage/revulsion. Would they deserve "sympathy"?
  11. Dave67

    Name Of Famous Rider Who Committed Suicide?

    " Don't think it was an outburst, just my opinion. As for deserving "Sympathy", give me strength, he took a shotgun to another human being, let alone all the other problems that caused to those left behind, there is no excuse for that. I am not about to discuss MH issues on this forum, needless to say, I am well aware of MH & it's effect's I also deal with people genuinely suffering & allegedly suffering from MH problems on an almost daily basis. I maintain, he deserves no sympathy & certainly no eulogising(sp?), as a speedway rider, which some seem to want to do.
  12. Dave67

    Name Of Famous Rider Who Committed Suicide?

    This post is so wrong. He committed murder & orphaned two kids & no doubt caused considerable damage to other family members left behind. Whatever he did on a bike is irrelevant. he was a murderer & deserves to be remembered as such.
  13. What's it like living in the UK's biggest Open Nick then BFD?
  14. Perhaps compromise will mean that Cov will race, we'll have a 40 limit, the rules regarding the 8.00 will stand, however Pawlicki will keep his 4.00 average, this rule will be effective from 2011 & not retrospectively . PBoro get to race in the PL & finally we will get a full review looking into the possibility of an independent body to run Brit Speedway. Seem's like a sensible compromise to me.
  15. Dave67

    Club Websites Farce

    Don't you just get the sense there is something quite disgustingly corrupt within the inner sanctum of those currently running British Speedway. I get the feeling it's being run by a bunch of the dodgiest snake oil salesmen you are likely to come across. Something really needs to be done to oust these shysters.

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