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  1. Tigerblade

    Peterborough Panthers 2018

    I would have enjoyed watching the double header planned on Sunday as well, but can understand why they chose to change things.
  2. Tigerblade

    What ever happened to team riding?

    I saw a good example the other week when Charles Wright had a heavy crash at Sheffield, he (maybe foolishly) came out for his next race, and Ty Proctor practically carried him around to a 2nd place in a 3 - 3. As a Sheffield supporter who saw Alan Molyneux's disastrous year with the Tigers, I have no doubt as to Ole Olsen's team riding capabilities, even if I only ever saw the Bees once a year at Owlerton!
  3. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2018

    Not a bit of it, it just frustrates me when folk contradict themselves in order to suit their own arguments. I've never even met the "establishment" in this case (the Sheffield promotion)
  4. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2018

    I couldn't agree more with you Rob, I apologise to those posters if it wasn't meant that way, but it seems like the Sheffield promotion are being blamed by many for the lack of home fixtures, when every team is suffering with the same thing this year due to the fixed race nights. Look at Peterborough - obviously I am aware that they have Showground availability issues as well, but they're racing at home Friday and Sunday this weekend, and then don't have another home fixture until August 5th, which is a double header, then the next home fixture is 9th September! At the Berwick meeting on 14th June I heard a group of people moaning like hell about the fact we'd not had a home fixture the Thursday before (we were at Ipswich, who have also had similar fixture issues), and the fact we weren't going to be having one on the 28th, saying all the stuff about people getting out of the habit etc. Then the same folk the week afterwards were slagging the promotion off because we'd arranged the Scunthorpe KOC meeting for the 28th when the England v Belgium game was on. Which was known about at the time of their original criticism.
  5. Yes, like you say, we got the other side of the coin last year with Richard Lawson at Redcar last August, who probably did better than Josh G would have done.
  6. I can also remember John Louis guesting for Shawn Moran in 1981 against Reading and getting 2 points, it didn't help that Kenny Carter was guesting for the Racers and got a maximum! Needless to say, the Racers won narrowly.
  7. Tigerblade

    Bradford To Return ?

    Me too!
  8. Tigerblade

    Bradford To Return ?

    It certainly is... the atmosphere at Odsal that day was sombre to say the least It was actually a World Team Cup Qualifier - England, Australia, NZ (notably both Ivan and Kym Mauger raced), and Finland. The Pairs meeting was 3 weeks later. They staged 4 meetings in 1985 - those two, the Overseas Final, and of course the World Final.
  9. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2018

    Re: Georgie - I did hear a story that he'd said the travelling was a bit much, therefore it might not have been down to the Sheffield promotion as to why he wasn't in contention to start this season. Anyway, it's nice to have him back, although I do feel a bit for Jack as he wasn't really doing anything wrong, had been struggling with machinery, and last week was his best performance of the season, but sometimes that's how it goes.
  10. Yes, stock cars were there on Sunday - the track is often a bit worse for wear after them, but when we share a multi purpose facility, I don't know what we can do. Someone who is old enough to know better was moaning about it last night, saying why do they have them at Owlerton etc... simple answer is, they probably bring in more revenue than the speedway, however unpalatable that is. Without knowing what is going on in the background, a couple of the Bandits looked utterly disinterested from the word go, had it not been for falls by James and Jack, and Danny Gappmaier having a storming performance from reserve by the Bandits, it could easily have been 60 plus. Nice dilemma for the Tigers' management with 2 of the reported 3 under threat putting in great performances, and the other one not doing too badly either. Also a mention for Charles Wright doing some great team riding to help Jack Smith in the early stages of Heat 7.
  11. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2018

    Grajczonek didn't ride for Sheffield in 2016, do you mean 2017?
  12. Tigerblade

    Coventry v Cradley 10-06-18

    I went to this one, as a long time friend who supports Mildenhall was there on her way back from Stoke the night before, and she had been raving about Drew Kemp to me. After yesterday, I now consider myself a converted fan! (Drew Kemp, that is, not Mildenhall!!) I really enjoyed it as a "neutral" as such, although as Smoggy said, the result was never really in doubt, was more convincing than it looked due to Coventry getting a 5 - 0. First time I've ever been to Leicester as well - Beaumont Leys, that is.
  13. Tigerblade

    Dull Danes

    Not totally Dane related, but I always thought of Dave Jessup as a dull rider, as he was the complete opposite of the Americans around at the time - how I wish that Team GB had 4 or 5 like him now.....
  14. I was just thinking similar myself!!!
  15. Home win by any amount, is 3 points to the home team, an away draw is 2 points as you say.

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