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  1. Tigerblade

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Yes, maybe I should have worded the first part "the ones who have already been mentioned in relation to Sheffield" lol. I think it was Andrew who mentioned Jan Zabik, I liked him too, but he was 34 when he rode here, and whilst he did all right, didn't achieve the necessary average (6 points?) which enabled foreign riders to return for the next season.
  2. Tigerblade

    Forgotten Europeans...

    A worryingly large number of these riders rode for Sheffield!!!! As well as the ones others have already mentioned, I distinctly remember Lars Eriksson, Heinrich Sprenger, Trond Skretting and Hank Stemen having second half races at Owlerton, and also Lennart Bengtsson appearing in a 4TT at Halifax at the end of the 1978 season. Don't diss Allan Fog... he came in on a (I think) 7.00 average, then got injured and his rider replacement did us proud
  3. Tigerblade

    The name's the same!

    Given that I'm a Sheffield fan, how on earth could I have forgotten about Pete Smith (the one with the glasses in the mid 70s was from Sheff, even though he never rode for the Tigers), and Ian M. Stead and the other Steads! I seem to remember a Paul Cooper riding for Newcastle in 1986 as well, don't know if he would have been the same one at Quibell Park, bearing in mind the last time that place was used for speedway was 1978. I know he wasn't the same one that rode for Sheffield in the 2000s.
  4. Tigerblade

    The name's the same!

    Brian Clark the Peterborough Panther and Brian Clark the Scottish junior (circa 70s) Steve Baker the Halifax Duke and Steve Baker the Boston junior. Edit .... The Doctor - not forgetting Jiri (George) Stancl!
  5. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    I can't recall any particular instance, but it's hardly implausible, would be surprised if it was when he rode for Wimbledon as he was only reserve/second string then, but there would have been plenty of times from 1985 to 1988 when he rode for Coventry.
  6. Tigerblade

    R.I.P. Vikki Orvice

    Obviously not intending to doubt the sincerity of the OP, but was it not Janine Self who is/was the speedway correspondent?
  7. Neither had we, until Sheffield signed him!!! It is fair to say he didn't have the best of times with us.
  8. Tigerblade

    Peddlar Palmer

    Bumping this one back up with sad news unfortunately...... Ernest passed away on 28th December, a couple of months short of his 99th birthday, as reported by Phil White on social media. Apparently he (Ernest) was a veteran of D Day and Normandy, so a great hero off track too. RIP (Race In Peace)
  9. Tigerblade

    Riders Who Never Made It?

    There's some strange suggestions in here - Phil Collins I would say definitely made it - caps for England, and reached a World Final, Eddie Kennett has also done fairly well. It is fair to say with him, Josh Auty etc. that they haven't done as well as was first thought, but IMO this category is the likes of Richard Musson, Adrian Stevens, Chris Cobby, etc.
  10. Tigerblade


    Especially when some fans can't even agree if Tai is British or not .....
  11. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    It's Danny King and Ty Proctor, as per official Facebook page.
  12. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    Agreed, after the season we've just had, which was partly due to not replacing him earlier than they did, I don't think either the Club or him could take the risk.
  13. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    Zaine at second string would be somewhat of a risk IMO, he hasn't even been proved at reserve yet. **EDIT - realise that is the average he has to come in on, hopefully the other reserve will be as much of a steal as Drew!
  14. Tigerblade

    pairs 2019

    To be fair, the 2017 Pairs in October was a re-arrangement from the night before Cardiff being rained off at Somerset.
  15. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    Pretty much my reaction as well, I went to Cov v Cradley at Leicester in the summer, to meet up with my Mildenhall supporting friend who knows the Kemps, and came back being seriously impressed with him. That has really sparked my enthusiasm for next season.

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