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  1. Tigerblade

    Silly English place names

    My ex workplace supplied materials for the Trafford Centre when it was under construction, and the place's working title was "Dumplington", I still call it that even now. There is an area of Sheffield called Carsick. One of my favourites is Chipping Sodbury, it didn't help that my Dad decided to spoonerise it into "Sodding Chipbury" :-D
  2. Tigerblade

    Football 2019/20

    So far this season, the only time the Blades have been beaten away from home have been Liverpool and Manchester City
  3. Tigerblade

    Football 2019/20

    ... and look who's at the bottom of the list.... as if I didn't already know. Free weekend for the Blades as they were due to be away at Villa, we have been playing musical league positions with Wolves, Spurs and Man Utd for the last few months, or so it seems.
  4. Tigerblade

    Norden Stadium

    I did omit it, fair point, but everyone who was there would remember that. I still maintain it shouldn't have put PC and Mort off as much as it did though, surely in all the years it was their home circuit, they'd ridden it several times before when it was a quagmire?
  5. Tigerblade

    Norden Stadium

    I was also at both Norden and Amsterdam. It's all very well harping on about track time etc, I refer you all to the 1983 Overseas Final at Belle Vue - 3 Aces riders in it, and the one with the least experience of Hyde Road (Larry Ross) was the only one to qualify easily for the Inter Continental Final, Chris Morton did but had a struggle IIRC and Peter Collins was nowhere near. Nobody is telling me that Egon had more experience of Norden than PC did Hyde Road.
  6. Tigerblade

    Norden Stadium

    When they both would have raced against him numerous times before.... It is a classic case of because he didn't take UK speedway seriously (probably to be far, speedway in general), the UK didn't take him seriously. People talk about Egon, and Jerzy Szczakiel being not "world class", but in my opinion, Les Collins, with every respect to the bloke, would have been a bigger "shock" World Champion had he done it in 1982. He was certainly an excellent rider at his peak, but not one of the very top averaging riders of that era.
  7. Tigerblade

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Sadly not..... new working heating boiler in situ now, thankfully!!!
  8. Tigerblade

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    Boilers....... why do they always pack up in the winter????
  9. Tigerblade

    Football 2019/20

    Well, given some of the goals we have had wiped out this season eg at Spurs when it took them 4 minutes to decide John Lundstram's boot was about a couple of millimetres offside, it is well before time that we got a soft one in our favour! Snodgrass has previous for stoppage time goals against us, so it was hilarious when he was giving it the big 'un with cupped ears only for it to be wiped out
  10. Tigerblade

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    I seem to remember one against Oxford in the 1995 season when R/R for Sergei Kuzin was doing us proud, and we'd had difficulty assembling a team, and we'd been roundly criticised by the Oxford promotion at the away meeting previously, and the roof nearly went off when he won the run off for the bonus point. I remember the Alan Grahame one well, how Big Al was excluded for that one I'm still not sure, but he was almost as angry as Sean Wilson afterwards!! I also have a vague recollection of being at Newcastle one night when everyone was having to phone the referee from the start line phone, as Barry Wallace announced that Roman had smashed the pits phone
  11. Tigerblade

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    I'll second that one..... It's official, I support the team who has had the most decisions against..... Talking about VAR, I thought I'd quoted Blupanther's post.
  12. Tigerblade

    Football 2019/20

    His last club was the mighty Blades, he was signed as player/assistant manager to Harry Haslam in 1980, and ended up taking over earlier than planned due to the latter's ill health, sadly he was manager when we were relegated to Division 4 in 1981. It wasn't really down to him, the entire Club was a shambles at the time, but in that close season there was a change of chairman and manager. But of course I know of his place in English football and its history as a whole Not many of the 66 squad left now. As of the present day Blades, well, who would ever have thought when the season started we would be going into Christmas 5th in the table, undefeated so far away from home and above Spurs, Man Utd and Arsenal, this is the best they've been in my supporting lifetime. Although I won't hold my breath for the next 2 away games..... Man City and Liverpool!!!!
  13. Tigerblade

    Riders who stayed on in the UK

    Rene Aas married a Sheffield lady and was around for a few years after finishing racing, although I don't know if he is still in the UK now.
  14. Tigerblade

    Football 2019/20

    Not in the SUFC/Newcastle game - who the hell chose ex Magpie and Owl Chris Waddle for unbiased punditry???? Constantly referring to Ollie Norwood as a problem in the first half.... not for my team he wasn't Bad day at the office, and the VAR proved to be right, but Shelvey wasn't sure himself I don't think, he'd obviously not heard a whistle but he seemed to wonder if he would be booked for time wasting if he carried on.
  15. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2020

    I wouldn't really want those two either - Josh gets injured too much and Ty has never really won the Tigers fans over, mainly because in his first spell he replaced a popular rider (Adam Roynon) and was obliged to prioritise Wolverhampton's fixtures ahead of Sheffield, was deported the following season, and then was hit and miss this last season.

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