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  1. Tigerblade

    Sheffield v Berwick 19/5/19

    No, Cameron Heeps guesting.
  2. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    I think the Bank Holiday fixtures might be free because of Stock Car racing at Owlerton. Re: Drew at no. 4, I actually think it is better for the team at the moment, given how inconsistent Ty and Kasper have been, Danny King is more reliable as regards winning his heats (although not so much on Sunday!), so it's less pressure at no. 2 for Kasper, whereas I think Drew is more capable of rising to the occasion. But as others have said, there's only Drew and Zaine currently riding to potential, and at home at least, well above it!
  3. With him never having seen a lot of away tracks, there's going to be some disparity between his home and away scoring this season, mind. But he's certainly enjoyable to watch around Owlerton, that's for sure. Re Drew, he's riding today for Kent, so he must be alright to some degree.
  4. Well, maybe the "true" speedway fans who aren't able to stand up for an entire meeting don't have any other choice at Owlerton since the outside seats went?
  5. It doesn't take much I was only trying to be a good citizen and spread the word about the start time - apparently the day of the Redcar home meeting someone travelled from Leeds for a 6pm start because of the previous week's one off. Despite the fact that the Tigers' Facebook page and probably all other media had been advertising it all week and at least a dozen times over that weekend as 4pm!!!
  6. Tigerblade

    Sheffield's Track Woes

    We kept as many of our previous year's title winning side as the points limit allowed, and I don't recall much dissent about James Shanes and Charles Wright at the times we signed them. Nobody could have legislated for what happened with Josh Bates (well, I suppose they could, with it being Josh, but the point still stands)
  7. You can just turn up for the Carvery at a League meeting usually, unless they've changed the rules in there (usually only the PLRC you have to pre book as far as I can gather) PS - start time this week is 5pm, due to car park being needed earlier in the day for SWFC v Stoke.
  8. Tigerblade

    Sheffield's Track Woes

    What are you on about? Only time we've finished bottom in recent years was last year. Or am I having a sense of humour bypass? With regard to track time, I suspect the move to Sunday would have happened anyway, as the Thursday afternoon greyhound meetings were compromising it last season.
  9. Tigerblade

    Most friendly, approachable, modest riders

    Bent Mudegaard - real name Alan Hartley.
  10. Tigerblade

    Scunthorpe v Sheffield 19/4/19 CS

    Drew Kemp got 12 plus 1 with Ipswich last season, albeit at reserve.
  11. Tigerblade

    Sheffield v Redcar 7/4/19

    Not to the stadium owners, it won't be.
  12. Tigerblade


    From my view in the Panorooma Ram, it looked like it went over the roof and out the stadium completely! As had been said, not the most classic meeting you'll ever see, but I was impressed with Zaine Kennedy, given that there was only him and Drew Kemp in the 16 who were relatively inexperienced.
  13. Tigerblade

    John Chaplin

    I especially enjoyed his "The Story Of The World Championship" book, sleep well Mr. Chaplin.
  14. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    I hope he does come back well, it's just that Sheffield simply couldn't afford to take another risk after him being out for the season.
  15. Tigerblade

    Sheffield 2019

    So there's been nothing on official news, and someone I know on FB went to Owlerton in midweek and all the tractors etc. were still in situ. Nothing on social media except for a post by poolebolton. Hmmm.

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