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  1. Come on, man, be fair and give Laguta credit were credit is due. He is a great speedway rider ! I woudl dearly love to see him ride as a wild card in one or other of the upcoming SGP rounds. He would ruffle a few feathers there, for sure ! Thomsen could rather challenge the referee's verdict when Woryna came down and he go the blame for that in the all deciding "last chance" heat. That was a harsh decision, that went against Thomsen.
  2. First reports from Poland say that Doyle has a broken rib and a punctured lung (to be confiormed). This would keep him out for some time.
  3. Bavarian

    2019 SoN Draw

    Both Moorwinkelsdamm (near Oldenburg) and Stralsund (on the Baltic Coast) are in the North of Germany, and thus very far, about 700 to 800 km away from Landshut in Bavaria, which is in the deep south of Germany.
  4. Bavarian

    2019 SoN Draw

    Pretty good meeting in far from ideal conditions it was so bitterly cold tonight. At least the rain stayed away. Would not have expected Sweden to win it, but Lindgren rode superbly and Ljung after a slow beginning did improve sufficiently during the meeting. Poland would still have won but for that last heat 3-3 against Germany, when local reserve Michael Härtel's single point against Patryk Dudek became the saviour for the German team and the match winner for Sweden. There was some decent racing on this track tonight, but the attendance was less than what it usually is for big meetings at this track, due to the uncertain and unpleasant weather conditions.
  5. Bavarian

    2019 SoN Draw

    All the latest up-dates are on the official Speedway of Nations website http://www.speedwayofnations.com/
  6. Bavarian

    2019 SoN Draw

    The Ukrainians had to replace both of their riders for tonights First round of the Speedway of Nations in Landshut. Karpov was injured on Thursday, and Loktaev for some reason is also not ridign, so in come Rozalyuk and Melychuk, plus the U21 Levishyn. Latest News from the track. Practice at Landshut is cancelled to leave the covers on the track. There were some rain showers this morning and more rain is expected for the evening. Track remains dry under the covers and can take some rain tonight. Meeting should go ahead as planned (Starts at 6 pm UK time).
  7. Bavarian

    World Games 1985

    You can watch the Highlights here on YouTube
  8. IS that concrete kerb showing up only on just one spot or on several around the track, on the straight, or on the corner ? But is that really such a danger to the riders? It's certainly nothing compared to the concrete walls surrounding many of the Australian speedway tracks in the old days. That was really dangerous for the riders! But this ? Come on, why couldn't they simply have covered that part of the Pila track with a fresh load of shale, and get on with the racing? Looks to me like some "Prima Donna" star riders flexing their muscles again, refusing to ride whenever something does not perfectly suit them ! Sorry, but to cancel a Live TV meeting on a beautiful Easter Hoilday with a big crowd already in the stadium, is a serious matter. This is very damaging for the sport. More so when the official say that the track is safe and ready for racing ! It's a scandal !
  9. Andrew Bucahnan in his farewell meeting. Glad to see that he has recovered enough to take his place after the bad crash he had in the World Cup meeting at Gillman
  10. Bavarian

    Danish GP/Euro quali, Outrup

    F.I.M. EUROPE 2019 EUROPEAN INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 (SEC) 27.04.2019 Semi-final 1 Gorican (Croatia) 27.04.2019 Semi-final 2 Poznan (Poland) 01.05.2019 Semi-final 3 Rivne (Ukraine) 01.05.2019 Semi-final 4 Krsko (Slovenia) 25.05.2019 SEC Challenge Nagyhalasz (Hungary) 13.07.2019 SEC Final 1 Güstrow (Germany) 27.07.2019 SEC Final 2 Torun (Poland) 10. 08.2019 SEC Final 3 Vojens (Denmark) 28.09.2019 SEC Final 4 Chorzow (Poland) EUROPEAN PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP 29.06.2019 Semi-final Terenzano (Italy) 29.08.2019 Final Balakovo (Russia) EUROPEAN JUNIOR INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP (U-21) 06.07.2019 Semi-final 1 Grudziadz (Poland) 06.07.2019 Semi-final 2 Nagyhalasz (Hungary) 06.07.2019 Semi-final 3 Holsted (Denmark) 31.08.2019 Final Rivne (Ukraine) EUROPEAN JUNIOR TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (U-21) 01.06.2019 Semi-final 1 Liberec (Czech Republic) 01.06.2019 Semi-final 2 Glumso (Denmark) 20.07.2019 Final Macon (France) EUROPEAN JUNIOR INDIVIDUAL CUP (U-19) 09.08.2019 Semi-final 1 Pardubice (Czech Republic) 09.08.2019 Semi-final 2 Güstrow (Germany) 11.08.2019 Final Zarnovica (Slovakia) EUROPEAN JUNIOR PAIRS CUP (U-19) 22.06.2019 Final Plzen (Czech Republic) 250cc EUROPEAN YOUTH SPEEDWAY CUP 17.08.2019 Semi-finals 1 & 2 Pardubice (Czech Republic) 18.08.2019 Final Divisov (Czech Republic) 85cc EUROPEAN YOUTH SPEEDWAY CUP 10.08.2019 Final Güstrow (Germany)
  11. The track must be licensed, so how can this be? League racing is regularly takign place there, so far with no complaints, and now this. Such a shame ! Sometimes speedway is its own worst enemy, and not just in the UK, as we can see here !
  12. Featuring the best of Poland's Under 21s This "Silver Helmet" meeting is the Poland's national qualifying round for the up-coming World and European U21 Championship rounds.
  13. Bavarian

    Pairs - pardubice 19th april ,on tv ?

    The Pardubice semi was cancelled because of a lack of participating nations for the European Pairs this year. May have to do with the venue for the final, which is Balakovo in Russia. Therefore the one semi-final round is enough this year. Three (or four?) nations are seeded directly to the final, and the others have to qualify from the Terenzano semi-final round.

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