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  1. don't know why, but there were no sidecars racing today.
  2. Deserved win fro Ryan Douglas in the A-final of the Mildura Solo Masters. He was unbeaten tonight. 1st Ryan Douglas 2nd Jason Crump 3rd Jordan Stewart
  3. Probably a broken leg for Medson. Not too bad, he is concious, that's the good News. Could have been worse.
  4. Same here where it is snowing in Bavaria this morning. Isn't it great to see the people over there enjoying their speedway, not having to constantly worry about the Corona virus. Seems to be all pretty normal going in Australia. This was a rather tame race meeting so far until that nasty accident just now in the B-final. Rob Medson was thrown over the back straight fence after a collision, and so far has not got up to his feet again. Hope he's o.k. - it is a rather lenghty delay now, and they have not moved the injured rider so far. Doesn't look good.
  5. anybody watching ? that was a really nasty accident for Robert Medson just now when he was thrown over the safety fence after that collision on the back straight. Let's hope he is not too badly injured.
  6. Bavarian

    British 'Dream Team' 2021

    No need to be so negative here @Pinny Adam Ellis is not selected as a heat leader, but as a second string. He is a promising up and coming rider, who deserves to be in the team, but not in a heat leader role. The heat leaders in my select are Woffinden, Lambert, and Craig Cook - all three riders with SGP experience. I'd love to see this Great Britain (England) team in action - just give them a chance to prove themselves. For a start, a three (or even five) match test series with the Aussies should be run this season. I''m sure the fans would want to support this, gettin' the opportunity to see Woffy and Lambert riding in the UK. Maybe even TV would be interested to cover this.
  7. There is live coverage of a speedway meeting at Mildura in Australia this Saturday (January 9, 2021) and the Internet stream is free for all to watch ! It starts early in the morning at 7:30am GMT - just follow the link https://iframe.dacast.com/live/ba332cd1-4450-6e61-d904-b6d64465d538/4ef1764a-392a-de04-2cb8-1c24eec53302 ATPI Mildura Solo Masters (12) Jason Crump Justin Sedgmen Jordan Stewart Cooper Riordan Ryan Douglas Dakota Ballantyne Jack Morrison Fraser Bowes Robert Medson Aden Clare Patrick Hamilton Dayle Wood Support Solos (4) Brenton Kerr John Doolan Lachlan Hill Jason Stewart 250cc Solos (5) Jackson Milner Riley McCarthy Lewis Monaghan Riley Plum Mick Codgell Sidecars (4) Neale Hancock/Brendan Johnson Byren Gates/Mick O’Loughlin Simon Cohrs/Reece Farr Nathan Cock/Jack McMahon
  8. Here is a link to the LIVESTREAM of the Mildura Solo Masters on Saturday morning (Jan 9, 2021) starts at 8.30 a.m. (GMT) http://www.speedwaygb.co.uk/news.php?extend.38544
  9. Bavarian

    British 'Dream Team' 2021

    The two Test matches between Australia and Great Britain that Woffy helped to organise last January in Perth were a great experience for the young British riders. And it was a great event for the local speedway folk of Western Australia, too. Please let us have more of this. The British team should get much more opportunities for competitive action each year.
  10. Flat Track Canada at Welland, Ontario
  11. and at another track somewhere in India
  12. Flat Track practise at John Singh Speedway, Jaipur, India
  13. Same here. I only ever became a speedway fan because of the league and International teams racing. Just like the othe sports I follow, rugby, football, cricket, ice hockey, and most of all speedway. What I enjoy most in all of these Sport are the International matches. And therefore what I miss most in recent years in Speedway is a meanigful Team v Team competition / tournament for full international sides. Something like a Test Championship or a genuine World Cup tournament for the best speedway nations could be a flagship for the sport, just as good, if not better, than the SGP.

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