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  1. Roden live results and points totals here https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/303/wk-langbaan-finale-3-roden.html
  2. yes Long breaks between the heats, though, but that's long-track racing. not much of a crowd there
  3. What a pity that Germany had to go into this meeting with such an understrength line-up. We had to replace the scheduled top three of Michael Härtel (of the Ipswich Witches), Lukas Fienhage and Sandro Wassermann, with unexperienced youngsters such as Wachs, Hillebrand, and Wessel. A couple of our boys, who were drafted in a late notice, were using loaned bikes provided by the Riss Brothers. Another top rider missing from the German team was our current national U21 champ Daniel Spiller (formerly with Eastbourne). With Härtel, Fienhage, Wassermann, Spiller, and Möser at reserve, the German team would have had much quality. Anyway I am glad that this meeting was so very entertaining fro the Glasgow Speedway folks. It sure is always refreshing to see some new faces on the track !
  4. Michael Härtel is ruled out for the German team by injury after breaking his arm last week's world long-track round in France
  5. Bavarian

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    It is gone because the synthetic oil that is used today has no "smell" It is sad that this "smell" has gone, it was so very typical for speedway. The clueless younger generation of speedway fans may not even know what we are talking about.
  6. Bavarian

    Team USA at the SoN

    True, I believe the Americans thought they had found a cheap solution with Greg Hancock and Luke Becker being based in Poland, and willing to ride. Problem arose when Becker was injured and a substitute was needed. Donators and sponsors from America never really warmed for the Speedway of Nations, no in the same way as for the Speedway World Cup.
  7. True Last year for the World Games Best Pairs at Wroclaw they had a sell-out crowd simply because the organisers did not charge unreasonably high entrance fees. And it is the same reason (money) that they can not find tracks outside of Poland willing to pay for the right to host the SWC.
  8. Bavarian

    Elitserien 2018, round 5, 12 June

    Are the Swedish Eliteserien attendances up this season? Seems to me that most clubs do generaly get good crowds, maybe because of the fine weather so far this year?
  9. Mike's mother married an Austrian some time ago and she moved from Germany to Styria in Austria, and has taken her son Mike with her of course. The Jacopetti's lives in Austria since several years now and Mike rides speedway with an Austrian Motorcycle Federation license, even though his nationality is still German.
  10. It would be the same with Rory Schlein being listed with ACU (Federation) and Australia (Nationality)
  11. AMF is his Federation (Austria) and Germany is his Nationality.
  12. ... and Edward Kennett has broken his arm in this meeting.
  13. True ! But what a stupid rule anyway ! Martin Smolinski is prevented from riding in a German 2nd Division meeting at Landshut today ! The local fans expecting to see him here are not happy !

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