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  1. Bavarian

    Speedway In Memoriam Website

    I have just seen that You have a Swiss rider listed as Max Aesi, the name is in fact Max Aebi.
  2. An Australian SGP at the EKKA would be awesome !
  3. There is a beautiful photo of the Brisbane Exhibition Ground Speedway (EKKA) on the back cover of this week's (w/e Nov 20) Speedway Star. What a great and historic venue for our sport.
  4. Bavarian

    Being called a 'bad name'

    Yes, Noah Moss is half Danish and half Korean. Thomas Sörensen was half Danish and half Sri Lankan. ... and that young German lad You mentioned is Mario Häusl (see picture below), whose father is from Munich and his mother from the Seychelles. He is even sporting the national flag of the Seychelles on his kevlars. He must be the first speedway riders ever to emerge form these Indian Ocean islands.
  5. Great film about Ray Tauscher (aka Tauser) just watched it again in full length here https://thevintagent.com/2020/12/07/the-vintagent-selects-ray-thauscher/
  6. Bavarian

    British Speedway

    Long Track does not get such big crowds here in Germany anymore. With one or two exceptions attendance figures are less than for the big speedway meetings. You are spot on with Poland. They price their league meetings low and affordable for youths and families to attend, which has a very positive effect on crowd figures, which attracts sponsors, tv etc. Riders are "stars" or at least familiar names with the public because they are omni-present on Polish TV and other media. And the Polish speedway stadia facilities are of a good quality, which is another important fact .
  7. keep it simple - no need for change - 3, 2, 1, 0 is best
  8. Bavarian

    Eastbourne 2021

    Eastbourne Eagles unlikely to return in 2022 https://www.eastbourne-speedway.com/eastbourne-eagles-statement-october-2021/
  9. Well done the British Boys. They have just beaten Poland 36-35 !
  10. https://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/20590/great-britain-poland-glasgow-2021
  11. Who will replace Woffy, if he is unable to ride? Cook?
  12. Has Berntzon been officially confirmed to ride for Sweden today, or is this just a rumour?
  13. German riders Tobias Busch, Valentin Grobauer, and Marius Hillebrand remain as seniors with Landshut. Landshut have signed 18-year-old Erik Bachhuber as their second under-21 rider (behind Norick Bloedorn), and have retained Mario Niedermaier as a back-up junior rider.
  14. Poland's prepartion for the SoN and it was also a farewell for former national team coach Marek Cieslak

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