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  1. Best Swedish line-up possible - I am looking forward to their performance against the mighty Poles !
  2. The current formula in the SGP with sixteen riders, twenty heats, two semis, and the final, and all points scored counting for the world cahmpionship is simply the best they ever had.
  3. Torun is a club rumoured to be run by the so-called "Polish Speedway Mafia". Some very unpleasant peole involved there, but they seem to have a lot of influence in Polish speedway. Lots of money on offer for the riders. Each year they can buy the very best of riders, but no wonder the riders don't feel happy riding for this club and often perfom below expectations when riding in the Torun colours. Last year they were nearly relegated, but escaped under suspicious circumstances. There was a bribery scandal when Torun were riding in the relegation matches with Gdansk and someone (said to be a sponsor of the Torun club) offered one of the Gdansk riders (Kacper Gomolski) lots of money if he doesn't perfom so well, has just been swept under the carpet. Gomolski went to his Team Manager and they informed the PZM. But nothign much happend. The Torun Club escaped without punishment ! It's a scandal ! By the way, the Torun team loses more an more of their supporters. Friday night's crowd at Torun for their home match against the league's number one Team Unia Leszno was disappointing to say the least (less than 5,000).
  4. World under 21 championships 2018

    Germany has Michael Härtel and Lukas Finhage still under 21 years old
  5. Holder didn't have a Crash in the Torun meeting last night. Did something happen to him in the pits?
  6. For a round of the Czech U21 Championship, including the 125cc U16 Championship round, at Plzen a couple of weeks ago, the admission prize was 60 Czech Crowns (ca. 2 GBP), and this was inclusive of a full coloured 12 page progamme. Still there were less than a hundred spectators in attendance.
  7. Could a new (fourth) rider come in on the secdon day (Saturday) of the final to replace a rider who was injured on the first day (Friday) of the final and is unable to ride on Day Two?
  8. An Overseas Final as an regional qualifying round before teh SGP Challenge would be a very attractive meeting in itself. As it would carry a title of its own (Overseas Champion) it is certainly more attractive than the current annonymous SGP Qualifying rounds. that we again have spread out across the continent, taking place in Slovakia, Germany, Denmark and Italy over this weekend. Imagine an annual Overseas Final with 6 British, 6 Australian, 2 USA, 1 New Zealand, and 1 Argentinean rider. (No places needed for Canada or South Africa at the moment) Top 5 from the Overseas Final to go through to the SGP Challenge. Add the top 5 from a Nordic Final with 6 Danes, 6 Swedes, 2 Finns, and 2 Norwegians, and with the top 5 from a highly competitive Continental Final with the top Poles, Russians, Czechs, Germans, and all the other European nations, who should probably contest some preliminatry roudns first, to give each nation a fair number of representatives. That makes 15 qualified riders for the SGP Challnege, plus one seeded rider of the host nation. Top 3 from the Challenge to qualify for the SGP as we have it.
  9. Agree, it would be better as some riders seem to have only one really outstanding good season, and are unable to replicate this in the following years. For the European Championship (SEC) they do the qualifying rounds at the beginning of the season April / May, before the finals series begins. There is no reason why it couldn't be done in the same way for the SGP World Championship series. I'd like to see something else changed. Why not return to regionalised qualifyiers ? Would spare many a rider much unneccessary traveling. Lets have three zones like we used to have many years ago, with a Continental Final, a Nordic Final, and an Overseas Final (in the UK), from where the top five riders qualify for the SGP Challenge.
  10. ... and Vadim Tarasenko is another nephew of the Laguta brothers, he is the son of their sister.
  11. Neil Vatcher doing a great job.

    Is Neil Vatcher part of that new Great Britain Speedway Team set-up, or is he working independantly from them ?
  12. It shows us that Denmark as a team are no longer on the same level as Poland, especially when they have to race in Poland. This 31-59 loss is a big one for the Danes and for their manager Hans Nielsen. Wouldn't it be an ideal opportunity now for the new Great Britain Speedway Team management to invite the Danes for short international series of three Test Matches to the UK this summer ? A British Lions Team, maybe with Tai Woffinden, vs Denmark would surely make an attractive Test series with crowd pulling potential !
  13. It is a 4,000 crowd today, understandably small for this match against the Danes, compared to the huge 17,000 the local club team had for their league meeting with Wroclaw the other week.
  14. but isn't it sad there is no Scotsman riding in this meeting ?