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  1. Second International Friendly Match @ Pinjar Park Speedway (330m track) Perth, Western Australia (Saturday, January 18, 2020) GREAT BRITAIN 54 1 Tai Woffinden - 15 (3,3,3,3,3) 2 Drew Kemp - 8+2 (2',0,1,2',3) 3 Dan Bewley - 12+1 (2,2,3,3,2') 4 Jason Edwards - 3+2 (1',0,1,0,1') 5 Leon Flint - 5+2 (F,2,0,1',2') 6 Jack Smith - 11+2 (3,1',3,2',2) TM: Simon Stead AUSTRALIA 36 1 Cameron Heeps - 9 (1,3,1,3,1) 2 Dakota Ballantyne - 7 (0,1,2,1,3) 3 Jason Crump - 10 (3,3,2,2,0) 4 Kayle Ballantyne - 1 (F,0,0,0,1) 5 Daniel Winchester - 2+2 (1',1',R,0,0) 6 Fraser Bowes - 7+1 (2,2,2,1',FX) TM: Steve Johnston Heats: 1. Woffinden, Kemp, Heeps, D.Ballantyne. 1:5 2. Crump, Bewley, Edwards, K.Ballantyne (fell). 3:3 (4:8) 3. Smith, Bowes, Winchester, Flint (fell). 3:3 (7:11) 4. Heeps, Bewley, D.Ballantyne, Edwards. 4:2 (11:13) 5. Crump, Flint, Smith, K.Ballantyne. 3:3 (14:16) 6. Woffinden, Bowes, Winchester, Kemp. 3:3 (17:19) 7. Smith, D.Ballantyne, Heeps, Flint. 3:3 (20:22) 8. Woffinden, Crump, Kemp, K.Ballantyne. 2:4 (22:26) 9. Bewley, Bowes, Edwards, Winchester (retired). 2:4 (24:30) 10. Heeps, Kemp, Flint, K.Ballantyne. 3:3 (27:33) 11. Woffinden, Crump, Bowes, Edwards. 3:3 (30:36) 12. Bewley, Smith, D.Ballantyne, Winchester. 1:5 (31:41) 13. Kemp, Flint, K.Ballantyne, Winchester. 1:5 (32:46) 14. D.Ballantyne, Smith, Edwards, Bowes (fell/excluded). 3:3 (35:49) 15. Woffinden, Bewley, Heeps, Crump. 1:5 (36:54)
  2. New Zealand's national sidecar championship at Gisborne this Weekend (Jan.17/18/19) was unfortunately completely rained-off (re-staging date t.b.a.)
  3. All of a sudden Perth seems to have become a top location for a speedway fan to be now with racing taking place at both Pinjar Park tracks AND the Kwinana Beach Motorplex.
  4. I have just watch the 3hr re-play on the Pinjar Park Facebook page of last night's second International match between Australia and Great Britain. Even though the racign wasn't overly exciting, this was a very enjoyable speedway meeting with lots of variety, not just the 15 heat match of the international solo teams, but also the support individual 500cc and 250cc solos, the 125cc Junior speedway pairs, and the big 1000cc sidcars racing. And great video coverage, too. Western Australia seem to be one of the few places in the world were solo and sidecar speedway is currently on the up again. Great to see that it is going so well there ! Keep up with it !
  5. Video of the events of the Friday night meeting at Pinjar Park can be found here https://www.facebook.com/PinjarPark/videos/vb.210176433026/2589982994579649/?type=2&theater
  6. Bavarian

    Team GB

  7. Bavarian

    Team GB

    TAI WOFFINDEN leads the Great Britain team in a couple of friendly Internationals at Pinjar Park Speedway this weekend January 17 & 18 more information Teams: Australia - Sam Masters, Rohan Tungate, Cameron Heeps, Daniel Winchester, Kale Ballantyne, Doug Scoble. Great Britain - Tai Woffinden, Dan Bewley, Drew Kemp, Leon Flint, Jack Smith, Jason Edwards. https://gbspeedwayteam.com/news/great-britain-back-aussie-crisis-effort-before-test-matches
  8. Bavarian

    Un-official World Finals

    Yes I have read it, but unfortunately it contains a lot of nonsense . Even the photograph of the Buffalo Stadium is wrong. It pictures the "old" Velodrome Buffalo, at Neuilly-sur-Seine, which was used only for cycle races from its inauguration in 1893 until it ceased operations during the First World War. But the motorcycle dirt-track racing never took place there, it took place in the Stade-Velodrome Buffalo, at Montrouge, which was a big multi sports stadium in Paris, built in 1922, that also hosted football, and rugby, as well as cycle races on a steeply banked concrete cycle track around the outer perimeters of the cinders track, which surrounded the rugby football pitch. It could accommodate 20,000 spectators. After the war the stadium even hosted stock car races. The Stadium was demolished in 1957. To give You an indication of how the Buffalo Stadium ("Stade-VĂ©lodrome Buffalo") looked like in the 1930s here is a picture taken during a football match there.
  9. Bavarian

    Un-official World Finals

    O.k., Jean Landru was a French speedway rider in the 1950s, but he did not feature in the pre-war meetings at the Paris Buffalo Stadium. He certainly wasn't a world champion!
  10. Bavarian

    Scandinavia v GB, Bislett 1955

    The result and point scorers for this international speedway test match can be found here http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/norscanvbr.htm
  11. Bavarian

    Un-official World Finals

    certainly not !!! why do You repreat all this proven nonsense again and again? Tell me who was this Jean Landru ? Never came across this name when researching the Paris speedway meetings of the 1930s ! And You claim he was a world champion in 1934 ! There were no more than FIVE World Championship Finals in Paris ! Champions du Monde de Dirt-Track 1931 - 1935 1931 Billy Lamont 1932 Arthur 'Bluey' Wilkinson 1933 Fernand Meynier 1934 Claude Rye 1935 Claude Rye An interestig note about Charles 'Pee-Wee' Cullum winning it in 1936. He did win the Grand Prix of Paris in 1936, and the trophy on offer for the winner was indeed the one that had been used for all five World Championships from 1931 to 1935. The winners of the World Championships had not been allowed to keep the trophy, and had to give it back to the promoters. But in 1936 it had become obsolete as the FIM now ran the official World Championship, and there was no longer such an event in Paris. Instead of their world championship, the French promoters staged a one-off big international Meeting in July of 1936, the Dirt-Track Grand Prix of Paris, and offered the former world championship trophy to the winner for good. Cullum won it and took the trophy with him back to America, were not so long ago it has been auctioned along with other Cullum memorabilia. The top three of that 1936 Dirt-Track Grand Prix of Paris were: 1st Charles Cullum (America) 2nd Leon Boulard (France) 3rd Dicky Case (Australia)
  12. Bavarian

    Un-official World Finals

    1934 Rye, Case, Killmeyer 1935 Rye, Murphy, Bellissent. That's all, there were no more than these five annual world championships from 1931 to 1935 in Paris. In 1936 the FIM took over and staged the first officially sanctioned world championship final at Wembley.

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