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  1. Bavarian

    California name debate

    This is what Wikipedia has to say about the origins of the name California https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_of_the_name_California (but there is no mention of the place in England)
  2. I think this is a very good idea. No need to panic, that speedway would be all over and done with in just ten weeks a year. There would still be more speedway in the UK before and after the 10 week league season. Each club could decide for themselves on how many other meetings and how long a season they would want to run (individual, Pairs, Regional Teams comps, maybe a k.o.-cup, and of course the national Championships and international events). But the League would be an uninterrupted action packed 10 weeks in the summer time. I'd like it like that !
  3. Never mind, the Polish Ekstraliga Finals were just as one-sided (=boring) this year, Leszno beating Wroclaw.
  4. No need for change - every point scored on the track counts, and that's how it should be. The winner of the final is the GP winner regardless of the points scored on the night. Keep artificial points out of the game, because they can be quite unfair and will only complicate the matter unneccessarily.
  5. Probably more like what Emil Sayfutdinov did - who has got himself a Polish passport but is still representing Russia. An EU Passport makes traveling so much easier for the Russian riders.
  6. Disregarding Argentina, which is not at the same level as others, but there will be an inaugural F.I.M. Oceania Solo Championship in Austarlia this or early next year. And there is also an F.I.M. North America Final to be held on December 7 at the Perris Speedway in California. SGP wild cards for the European champion, Oceania champion, and North America Champion doesn't seem such a bad idea !
  7. Let's hope they get to face top class opposition, as I'd love to see them Poles beaten for once ! Come on, the Rest of the World ! Would be interesting to know, who chooses the riders for the Rest of the World team? Who is their team manager ?
  8. Bavarian

    GB manager

    They won't have much to do anyway. Why are there no International Test Matches anymore???
  9. Don't think so, I'd rather have Dan Bewley and Broc Nicol in this year's world u21 series, instead of Rafal Karczmarz and Tim Sörensen. The meetings wouldn't neccessarily become weaker with a limit for each nation.
  10. Bavarian

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    An International 4-Team meeting today in Lodz
  11. The dominance of the young Poles and Danes is too much. Limiting them to no more than three finalists in the world under 21s would be benefitial for the rest of the speedway world.
  12. Not a very good meeting in my opinion, not much passing at all. The dominance of the Polish riders is killing this year's u21 series. If You ain't a Polish fan, or maybe a Danish fan, it is not worth watching. There are five Poles and four Danes in this year's junior world series. Way too much! I want to see some more Brits and Aussies, and where are the Americans, and the Swedes? I'd like to see each nation limited to a amximum of three riders in the final series, that's enough.
  13. YouTube Video of last Saturday's second round of the FIM Flat Track World Championship in France To be honest, I am not impressed ! It is nothing compared to the AMA events in America!
  14. Bavarian

    2019 FIM Long Track

    France are red hot favorites. The track should suite them perfectly. Germany may win the silver, and Britain bronze, then the Czechs fourth, Holland fifth, and Sween sixth.

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