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  1. Iversen has a problem with his shoulder after his crash in heat 1 and probably won't take any further part in the racing today. Tough for Tarnow.
  2. Bavarian

    SEC 2021

    It will probably be handled the same way as last year, with the qualifiers all cancelled and sixteen riders seeded to the SEC Challenge
  3. The American Flat Track motorcycle racing season of 2021 has already begun with a double header of events on March 12 & 13 at the Volusia Speedway Park in Barberville, Florida. Full 2021 season schedule https://www.americanflattrack.com/events
  4. Bavarian

    ICE 2021

    Is this the last meeting of the 20/21 ice speedway season in Russia ?
  5. Bavarian

    ICE 2021

    Spectacular crash in heat 7 - Kolenkin was the one who had problems on the corners, and unfortunately Burmistrov was to close and collected his backwheel, and Anisov could not avoid the pile up. All three back on their feet is good to see. Ivanov's defeat of Bogdanov in heat 6 may have already decided the overall winner of the cup.
  6. Bavarian

    ICE 2021

    Isn't it amazing how the Russians are able to run their ice speedway Meetings durign this oandemic, and with crowds in the Stadiums (not many wearign masks either!). Seems to be no problem there !
  7. Bavarian

    ICE 2021

    now LIVE on YouTube (broadcast started at 7am) DAY TWO of the Cup of Russia Ice Speedway meeting at Yugorsk
  8. Bavarian

    ICE 2021

    watch here (top quality!) live since 7am
  9. Bavarian


    at 1:50, leading the parade of the two teams, that' Bobby Beaton as captain of the Salisbury Monarchs
  10. Bavarian


    Yes, Laurie Etheridge is the guy in blue leathers seen walking back to the pits at 1:17 in the film. Where in the film have You seen Geoff Curtis?
  11. Bavarian


    Having just read this week's sequel of Brian Burford's excellent series in SPEEDWAY STAR on the History of Speedway in Rhodesia, I must say, I am absolutely fascinated. Sad but highly interesting was the part which described the fatal accident of Ricky Wolhuter as told first hand by Jon Bower, who was involved in the crash. Also this week some unexpected footage of Rhodesian speedway from 1971 has turned up on YouTube. Even though it comes without sound, this historic footage is in full color and is of very good quality. This could be the only Motion Pictures surviving to this day of speedway racing in Rhodesia. It is nine minutes with scenes of the 1971 league racing at Bulawayo and Gwelo. Easily recognizable among the riders featured are Barry Duke, Graham Plant, and Oivind Berg in his lightblue pullover. Please take a closer look at this film and let us all know which of the other riders You can identify. More info and pictures on the Rhodesian speedway history can be found on the excellent Speedway-SA website https://www.speedway-sa.com/rhodesia-2.php
  12. Bavarian

    IOW 2020

    Perhaps the Wight Warriors could join the French League this year ?
  13. Bavarian


  14. Bavarian

    World U21 Championship 2021

    Afaik this meeting has been moved to G├╝strow
  15. Bavarian

    North Brisbane Masters - 20/02/21

    You can watch the complete North Brisbane Speedway Masters Meeting (four hours) re-live on vimeo https://vimeo.com/512360942/0703b26b4e?fbclid=IwAR0XljSyycr1f2SZo3b46P95-VCI8m1wP_auOpFlCfEJc77TaoAbaNXN-Ks Darcy Ward and Davey Watt doing the commentary and some interviews 24 riders, 24 heats and 8 finals plus some 250cc Junior races.

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