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  1. Bavarian

    2019 Swedish Eliteserien fixtures

    Is there a Swedish Cup competition at all? Don't think so!
  2. Bavarian

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Gunther Bauer has announced his retirement from the sport
  3. Major Aussie sidecar speedway events coming up March 30 : Gillman - F.I.M. Oceania Sidecar Speedway Championship April 6 : Gillman - F.I.M. Speedway Sidecar World Cup April 21 : Pioneer Park - Australian Sidecar Speedway Championship
  4. Bavarian

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    new riders for today are Marc Geyer, and possibly Jasper Iwema
  5. WIll Britain be represented in the up-coming F.I.M. Sidecar Speedway World Cup 2019 in Australia ?
  6. Bavarian

    Forgotten Europeans...

    Here is a picture of a South Africa speedway team touring Poland in 1994 The rider in the middle of the front row is Attila Stefani (alias Mark Frost). Next to him (the second from the left) is his brother Laszlo Stefani.
  7. Bavarian

    Forgotten Europeans...

    alias Mark Frost, who really was a Hungarian in disguise. What was his real name? Was it Attila Stefani, or Laszlo Stefani?
  8. Bavarian

    How Many...

  9. Bavarian

    Where was speedway

    The Story of Singapore Speedway was published in "the Speedway Researcher" a few years ago. Here is the online link http://www.speedwayresearcher.org.uk/10.4.pdf
  10. Bavarian

    How Many...

    I seem to remember that a rider from Switzerland, known as "the Crazy Butcher from Zurich", the one and only Jessy Inauen, rode at Exeter in the late 80's or early 90's. Not sure though if he rode for the Falcons in league speedway, or if he only rode there in an open individual meeting ?
  11. Bavarian

    Where was speedway

    Reynolds, who was from Western Australia, did not have much success as a speedway promoter. His Singapure Speedway venture did not last long as he ran out of money after a couple of months in May/June of 1930. It was much the same story when, together with Max Grosskreutz, he re-opened the Hamburg DT in the spring of 1933.
  12. Bavarian

    Somerset 2019

    Bergé has acted like a "spoilt brat" in long-track racing, too, when he was beaten by Smolinki for the world title last year. He is a very good rider, but at times he's not easy to get on with.
  13. Bavarian

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    sorry, forgot about that. Anyway, better twice than never

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