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  1. Bavarian

    British Riders' Championships

    I don't know. What comes next? Declare the winners of the Star Championsips of the early 30s as world champions as well? Don't mess with historic facts. Those meetings never were contested as world championships. I am against any retrospective change of historic facts.
  2. Bavarian

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    All I know is that Erik had talks with the Birmingham management, but I don't know how it went.
  3. Bavarian

    Edinburgh “24 Team

    Forget about Riss, as he might give the Championship a complete miss next year, and only ride in the Premiership, plus Polish League with Landshut, and more long-track racing on the Continent.
  4. Bavarian

    2024 Ice Speedway

    European Championship Final 24-25/02/2024 - Sanok (Poland)
  5. Jorge Viegas, the president of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme presents Barry Briggs with FIM Legend Award during yesterday's FIM Gala Awards in Liverpool.
  6. Tonight in Liverpool, England, is the 2023 FIM Motorcycle World Champions Awards Ceremony, which will be live streamed at 10pm by FIM-Moto.tv https://fim-moto.tv/
  7. Bavarian

    2024 Ice Speedway

    Swedish Ice Speedway League 05/01/24 Östersund 06/01/24 Strömsund 07/01/24 Örnsköldsvik 13/01/24 Gävle 14/01/24 Bollnäs
  8. Bavarian

    BSN Streaming

    BSN is live streaming tonight's FIM North American Final from Bakerfield, California. https://watch.britishspeedway.co.uk/watch/e60ab09c-607b-4f4a-9855-0f26b612892c
  9. Bavarian

    Swedish league 2024 signings, news Etc

    Is there any 190cc junior speedway competition in Sweden? I find it strange that excpet for the SGP4, there seem to be no other comptitions at all for this class, Tony Rickardsson and the FIM introduced last year.
  10. Bavarian


    Victorian State Solo Championship last night at Undera Park 1st Fraser Bowes, 2nd Jack Morrison, 3rd Patrick Hamilton, 4th Mitchell Cluff.
  11. Leif "Basse" Hveem could have been a world champion, the Norwegian was on a par if not better than most of the top Swedes in the 1950s. Olle Nygren is another who I think could have been a world champion in the 1950s
  12. Bavarian

    Oldest Surviving World Finalists

    The #10 on the list, Aage Hansen of Norway has passed away this week on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. https://www.speedwaynorge.no/index.php/component/content/article/aage-hansen-er-dod?catid=10&Itemid=101
  13. Bavarian

    Promoters Conference

  14. Bavarian


    After watching it again a few times I am not convinced that this is actually footage of racing in Mexico City, even though the title claims it to be so.

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