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  1. 2,380 spectators at Linköping tonight
  2. But gets only one point as they are beaten by Zmarzlik and Vaculik, so it is 90-all and neither side gets a bonus point. Good match, enjoyed watching it!
  3. Last heat decider for the bonus point, Madsen and Woryna against Zmarzlik and Vaculik. The home team needs at least two points.
  4. Bavarian

    2022 FIM Long Track

    The F.I.M. has done a race coverage deal for the 2022 World Long-Track Championship with the UK based TAPES UP PRODUCTION company https://fim-longtrack.com/new-race-coverage-deal-for-fim-long-track/
  5. Injured in Denmark during the week
  6. Two great matches in the Ekstraliga tonight, Czestochowa v Torun, and Wroclaw v Lublin
  7. I read somewhere that Germany will be in the semi-final in Norway, replacing Denmark, who are already qualified for the final. It would make sense if it is Norway v Sweden v Latvia v Germany in the second semi-final at Elgane, and only the winning team qualifies for the final. Poland and Denmark are seeded, and Great Britian qualified as the winners of SF1.
  8. I did not ask him what exactly was teh problem for him to get a UK work permit. Perhaps there was just no other club interested to sign him this year, after he was left out at Berwick, I don't know. There is of course no longer an Austrian championship, with only Gappmaier and junior rider Seb Kössler as the only remaining Austrian speedway riders. Dany told me that he intends to keep on riding speedway fro many more years, but jokingly said it would be time to retire for him as soon as he gets beaten by an other Austrian. Not not much danger of that to happen anytime soon.
  9. I was attending the official practise session at Abensberg yesterday, but there were only five riders taking part, so it was all over in about 20 minutes. The riders were Chris Holder, Dany Gappmaier, Glenn Moi, Sandro Wassermann, and George Congreve. Congreve is very nice and friendly person, with a smooth style of racing, but his bikes looked to be not quite as fast as those of the top riders. Dany Gappmaier told me that he would love to return to the UK. He wants to continue racing in the league there, and said that he never intended to stop racing in the UK, but was forced to due to BREXIT as he now needs a work permit, which he seemingly has trouble to qualify for. Here You can see pictures of yesterday's training session https://www.baansportfansite.nl/nieuws/2238/fotoreportage-training-speedway-gp-kwalificatie-in-abensberg
  10. ... until Zmarzlik hit back, that is. Bartek now in the lead once more.
  11. Lambert continues with his good form of last night at Torun and sets the fastest time in the qualifying for the German SGP at Teterow.
  12. Lambert the match winner for Torun tonight.
  13. Yes, it was not a very good crowd, there were many empty seats, but tickets have become rather expensive since the Marketa Stadium has been turned in to an all-seater arena a few years ago. There are very few locals attending the Prague GP nowadays.
  14. Scorechart and live results here https://live.baansportfansite.nl/event/531/wk-speedway-u21-finale-1-praag.html

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