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  1. Well pleased with the six riders Mark Lemon has picked to take on the Poles. Having seen Batchelor ride in the Bundesliga on Saturday, it is well deserved that he has not been selected for this Test Match. Poland will be favorites to win it anyway. Always tough for any other team to beat the Poles in their own country. I wonder when was the last time Poland were beaten in an official International Test at all ? Their current unbeaten run must be quite an impressive record by now.
  2. I hope the Aussies track their best Six for this International Test against Poland ... and beat them in their own Polish backyard !
  3. Hermann Gunzenhauser

    Interesting ! The reporter says this meeting counts as a semi-final of the German Championship (of 1951?), and at the end he refers to Gunzenhauser as the German Champion of the previous year (1950?)
  4. Unfortunately the first of this season's State title meetings, the Queensland Championship at Maryborough Speedway had to be cancelled today (Nov.18, 2017) due to the weather. This event was scheduled to be re-staged at Maryborough Speedway on February 3. https://www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/qld-sidecar-titles-cancelled-at-maryborough-speedw/3268904/ Other dates and venues for sidecar speedway championships 2017-18 in Australia are: Victorian Sidecar Championship (Jan.26, 2018) @ Olympic Park Speedway, Mildura Queensland Sidecar Championship (Feb.3, 2018) @ Maryborough Speedway was again cancelled / this event will not be restaged New South Wales Sidecar Championship (Feb. 10, 2018) @ Oakburn Park Speedway, Tamworth Western Australian Sidecar Championship (March 10, 2018) @ Pinjar Park Speedway, Perth South Australian Sidecar Championship (March 24, 2018) @ Gillman Speedway, Adelaide Oceania Sidecar Championship (March 31, 2018) @ Gillman Speedway, Adelaide F.I.M. Sidecar Speedway World Cup (April 1, 2018) @ Gillman Speedway, Adelaide Australian Sidecar Championship (April 13-14, 2018) @ Oakburn Park, Tamworth
  5. Hamburg Lokstedt Dirt Track

    http://www.d-rad.ch/images/Web/Rennen/r10_speedway.jpg According to this contemporary advert Franz Heck has ridden/tested this German-built Special Dirt-Track bike at Hamburg-Lokstedt
  6. Hamburg Lokstedt Dirt Track

    To confirm this Franz Heck of Berlin was indeed the rider who won at the N├╝rburgring in 1928. If he had been practising "dirt-track" in Berlin before making his debut at Hamburg-Lokstedt in that 1929 season, he can only have ridden on one of the Berlin horse trotting tracks at Mariendorf and Ruhleben (long-tracks of 1,000 and 1,200m length), which were used for motorcycle track racing at the time. In 1929 there was no shorter "dirt-track" speedway in Berlin. Such a track was eventually opened in Berlin in March of 1930, but was not a great success. It was a much smaller oval compared to Hamburg Lokstedt. The Berlin Dirt Track was only 333m long and was built inside the existing 400m cycle track at the Olympia-Radrennbahn in Pl├Âtzensee. Other tracks for dirt-track racing in those "boom" years of 1929 and 1930 in Germany were opened at Breslau, Munich, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Cologne, and a number of other towns, but soon the novelty factor wore off, and most of these enterprises did not last very long. In fact , Oberhausen was the only pre-war track track that was still used (revived) for Speedway after WW2, and well into the 1960s.
  7. True, but it should not be so. One man, one team. Each rider should only have one league club to ride for, but there should be other national representative teams for teh best riders to be selected to ride for. Just as it is done in all the other popular team sports, such as Cricket, Rugby, or Football. Create international competitions for the national teams, be it Test matches, Cup tournaments, or International tours. That's what's currently missing in Speedway.
  8. That's it - great post @RobMcCaffery Speedway is much more similar in ist fan culture to team sports like Rugby or Cricket, rather than other motorsports (F1 or MotoGP) were teh Team aspect is totally missing. Speedway has been most popular with league and national Teams racing. Look at Poland, where nothing is as popular as their speedway league. Individual or Pairs meetinsg are just a gimmick nobody really gets very excited about, except maybe for the national Championships and SEC/SGP.
  9. GB speedway team

    How much longer will Hans Nielsen keep his job as Denmark team manager?
  10. Taking a look at the Edinburgh fixture list for 2018 I notice that they do have a "Caledonian Riders Championship" on June 6, but I can find no date for the traditional "Scottish Open Championship" ! Will this most prestigeous of all Scottish Individual Speedway events not be held this year ?

    I love the new look, it is very refreshing, and more interesting to read as it is now. Great work, Speedway Star !
  12. Umbrella girls

    The President of the Monaco Motorsports Federation has said that he is all for retaining the tradtion of having glamorous grid girls. He said that there will be grid girls at the Monaco GP this year, come what may, in one form or another. If F1 demands Kids to hold the umbrellas and/or name plates for the drivers, the grid grils will be get other things to do but they will still be there at Monaco!
  13. GB speedway team

    Test matches could bring those international star riders back to the UK that don't ride in Your league anymore ! I guess there would be good crowds in the UK for any official Test Match when the Great British "Lions" take on the best of Poland, Sweden, Russia, or Denmark ! Now that there are so few of the world's best rider in the Britsh Leagues, it would be the perfect time to bring back Test Matches ! Club Promoters must cope with the demands of the Great Britain Speedway Team, just like in any other serious sport.
  14. Umbrella girls

    I'd rather keep the grid girls in speedway, but do away with the silly champagne splashing at the victory ceremonies. Why do we have to celebrate victory in a motorsports event with alcohol ? That is much more "embarrassing" than having a few good looking girls show the helmet colours of the riders at the start.
  15. The podium of tonight's FIM Speedway Sidecar 1000cc World Cup. A Final Results: 1. Darrin Treloar / Jesse Headland 2. Mark Mitchell / Tony Carter 3. Andrew Buchanan / Denny Cox 4. Trent Headland / Darryl Whetstone http://www.australianspeedwaychampionships.com.au/news/treloar-and-headland-claim-the-fim-speedway-sidecar-1000cc-world-cup-at-gillman-speedway/
  16. The 2018 F.I.M. Sidecar World Cup Final at Gillman Speedway in Adelaide is now under way ! Live scores and some pictures may appear on this Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/AustralianSpeedwayChampionships/
  17. Darrin Treloar is the 2018 Oceania Champion https://www.gillmanspeedway.com/news/another-title-for-darrin-treloar-and-jesse-headland/ Full results: https://www.gillmanspeedway.com/category/results/ 2018 F.I.M. OCEANIA 1000cc SIDECAR SPEEDWAY CHAMPIONSHIP Final: 1 - Darrin TRELOAR & Jesse Headland (AUSTRALIA) 2 - Andrew BUCHANAN & Denny Cox (NEW ZEALAND) 3 - Mark MITCHELL & Tony Carter (AUSTRALIA) 4 - Warren MONSON & Andrew Summerhayes (AUSTRALIA)
  18. Leon Madsen is really impressive today
  19. ... and three Regional Solo Championships: Canterbury - 3 February 2018 - Moore Park: 1st Andrew Aldridge, 2nd Jake Gillespie, 3rd Wayne Drake Auckland - 4 March 2018 - Rosebank: 1st Jake Turner, 2nd Ryan Terry-Daley, 3rd Dylan Hancock Southland - 10 March 2018 - Oreti Park: 1st Jake Turner, 2nd Andrew Aldridge, 3rd Jake Gillespie
  20. 2018 Warsaw Gp

    Czestochowa is the venue for POLAND v DENMARK
  21. Rhodesian Speedway

    Discovered this unique Speedway Videoclip from South Africa on YouTube - It is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and features Mr. Bobby Hack, a former Rhodesian speedway rider, now living in South Africa, where he is a promoter of flat track and quad bike oval track racing events. A few years ago he even attempted to revive speedway bike racing at a couple of venues in the Cape Province of South Africa - with little success, though.
  22. Belle Vue Abroad

    Not quite sure what beacme of it, but it definitely gone now and the grounds have been built on with probably houses or a super market, I can't remember exactly what it was. But for certain this speedway track in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) does not exist anymore.
  23. Belle Vue Abroad

    Above is a picture of Ove Fundin and the rest of the Belle Vue gang in the streets of Leningrad during their Russian trip of October 1967.
  24. Belle Vue Abroad