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  1. Kings Lynn 2018..

    At the beginning of last season they promised they would start at 7:30pm and to be fair they tried for a bit then went back to starting when they felt like it and tractor racing, I am like many others will see how it goes at the beginning of the season if no different will give it a miss and save my Money
  2. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Did anything get mentioned about the poor racing and is buster going to do anything with the track to make it better? Eg. Proper shale
  3. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Fast Freddie would do for me and he is very good at Lynn
  4. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Would of preferred Richie Worral instead of proctor
  5. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I don’t agree with that I still think he could easily attain an 8.5 ave or higher
  6. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Maybe signing Nicki Pedersen is the way too keep Lambert at Lynn ? As lambert and Iversen did not get on riding together. and Pedersen was lamberts favourite rider and who he models himself on especially in his earlier days Read the link http://www.robertlambertracing.com/about/
  7. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Yes it is in his office upstairs but buster loves Nicki Pedersen and Pedersen loves the Lynn track that’s why there have been rumours of him coming back for the last few years. He said it did not fit in with his commitments back then but now they have fixed race nights things may be different
  8. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Is it me or is there a hint we may have Nicki Pedersen in the team since they are standing in front of his bike ?
  9. Kings Lynn 2018..

    https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6334708651948941313 On robin brundles LinkedIn page
  10. Kings Lynn 2018..

    I get the feeling buster is waiting to see if they drop the 2 league rule in Poland. as this is what was agreed would happen but they still have not authorised it in Poland, As I think he wants iversen in the team which is why the team is not being announced as he still does not know if he can ride. Matt Ford is also in the same predicament
  11. Kings Lynn 2018..

    You have missed out Lewis Kerr as it seems he has already signed
  12. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Will Jason Doyle be our number one now he has announced he will not be back at Swindon 🤔 lives local to us and one of his main sponsors poltec are a major Lynn sponsor too. Would help ease the pain from last season
  13. Kings Lynn 2018..

    Just seen this on robin brundles linked in page so he is involved in some sort of capacity at the speedway as a commercial manager or co promoter Follow Follow Robin Brundle Managing Director and Executive Officer 1 article Would you like to join me in sponsoring a UK Premier league Speedway team? Team naming rights for £40k through to just £1k for general sponsorship. Probably the most exciting form of motorsport in the world - come and enjoy the sponsorship experience.
  14. Kings Lynn 2018..

    He was the new bob brhel in the making 😜
  15. Agm

    Just been announced the green helmet colour is back for next season Joke lol 😂