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  1. lynnboy

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    As much as I like Lewis he is no good away. We need riders who can also ride the away tracks but unfortunately he does not cut the mustard away. And we had too many of them riders last year
  2. After watching Porsings display last night at wolves, where he looked like a junior just starting out could not turn the bike in the corners. I hope he rides better on Thursday night ! As From what I have seen so far of him It would of been better to keep Simon lambert in the team
  3. Step forward Mr Iversen I say !
  4. Great racing probably because we did not have tractor racing every 4 races
  5. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nickolas Porsing confirmed on stars website in place of Simon Lambert
  6. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Perhaps they are replacing more than 1 rider ?? Maybe iversen ?? Telboy will let us know if he can be fitted in
  7. EDP online say R/R for Jorgensen but he rode for Newcastle without any issues yesterday, guess the Lynn track will be too grippy for him ! Who can his rides will this make us weaker ?
  8. I am sure Tellboy is beavering away with his calculator trying to get the best team with at least 4 replacements. I await his reply with a new team inside the points limit
  9. Well what I have seen so far this year proctor, Jorgensen and kerr need to go as well as S lambert. Team needs a major overhaul Riss, Iversen and 2 others needed ASAP
  10. Tellboy for team manager is what i say !!
  11. Any links please and what channel is it on on polish Tv
  12. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Now that is what I call a team !! Mr Thrower the team managers job awaits you !
  13. That’s why I said he will do better than Kerr !
  14. Thanks for the info I was just hoping lol

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