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  1. If palm toft is not fit and iversen declares himself fit to ride could Ellis guest in place of palm toft ?
  2. I did mine exactly the same way had to chase to get the vouchers but I received them in the end so all good.
  3. Kings Lynn vs Ipswich where Shane Parker split the Ipswich pair in heat 15 to win the meeting I think it was against Rickardson and Louis
  4. I know how you feel Danny, when I asked for a free program because I was losing out when BT where there and admission prices where reduced I was told not to be so silly ! never again will I buy another season ticket
  5. Can’t we fit in Max Fricke for iversen ?
  6. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    If Lynn want to win the league you have to be ruthless and get in Bjerre like I said. He would be an extra heat leader and with proctor or Palm Toft at reserve the title is ours becoming home !
  7. I would rather they sign Kenneth Bjerre and a two point Englishman like josh Bailey and replace Garrity and Simon Lambert should just fit now Iversen has a new average I think. The league title would then be coming to Norfolk
  8. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    After watching Garrity last night it proved we would be a lot stronger to sign K Bjerre and a young English reserve. We would then have proctor or Toft at reserve, I don’t think Garrity is going to cut it at Lynn but that is my opinion if he stays I hope he proves me wrong
  9. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Could we not fit K Bjerre and josh Bailey for Garrity and Andersen? Would make us alit stronger home and away
  10. The first time I watched Andersen race you could see he would not make it, he may be a nice guy but his style is too awkward reminds me of Simon lambert. There are not too many tall riders who succeed but the ones who do normally look part of the bike eg Lee, Jonson, etc hopefully they will find a better replacement soon. I only needed 4 laps to say he won’t make it, so who was the ones who watched him and gave him a contract surly they could see what I and many other fans see after watching him?
  11. It happened after the meeting the fan obviously must of said something to Sam but he was giving it back with banter between both then Sam wanted him outside in the car park to fight. then security had to be called in to calm it down. Don’t get me wrong the fan is not innocent but look at all the banter a footballer takes do they want to fight every fan who does so? Bet Sam would not be doing that sort of thing in Polish speedway !
  12. Disgusting behaviour from Sam Masters wanting to fight a 55 year old fan after the meeting. Guess it will be swept under the carpet, if it was a different sport he would be banned for that sort of behaviour.
  13. lynnboy

    2018 Warsaw Gp

    What engine tuner is ANT ? I noticed that iversen is using them Only one I can think of is anton nischler did not think many top riders used him anymore is this his first time on them or is this the reason he is off the pace this year
  14. Who is replacing Lewis Rose is it MPT ?
  15. I know what your saying but the football club get told by the FA when the fixtures take place as if they win Wednesday they have the final at home on bank holiday Monday

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