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  1. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I was thinking the same Tel, not many riders go last to first in heat 1. He rode well last year to for Lublin
  2. lynnboy

    2019 Extraliga fixtures?

    Anyone know the full line ups for this years extra league ?
  3. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    And Riss joins on a full transfer too !
  4. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Just go down to Jordan fitness in KingsLynn this weekend and see who turns up for training then you will know who is in the team lol
  5. lynnboy

    2019 PL Improvers

    Eric Riss will be a big improver this year when he gets announced by kings Lynn that is !
  6. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think you will find most fans know the team already
  7. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Trust me,he is not going England too start but may ride in Uk latter in the year if he feels he needs too and also if someone wants him, maybe Lynns team will drop enough points to be able to fit him in at a later date ??
  8. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Definitely no iversen next year I’m afraid.
  9. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I just can’t see how proctor and Jorgensen will improve there average we would of been better getting one of either cook or iversen in to back up lambert and ano
  10. lynnboy

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Well best start getting use to being gutted as if the team I heard today is the team we will be getting hammered by Peterbough no back up rider to help lambert in heat 13-15
  11. If palm toft is not fit and iversen declares himself fit to ride could Ellis guest in place of palm toft ?
  12. I did mine exactly the same way had to chase to get the vouchers but I received them in the end so all good.
  13. Kings Lynn vs Ipswich where Shane Parker split the Ipswich pair in heat 15 to win the meeting I think it was against Rickardson and Louis
  14. I know how you feel Danny, when I asked for a free program because I was losing out when BT where there and admission prices where reduced I was told not to be so silly ! never again will I buy another season ticket

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