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  1. lady s 2

    Newcastle 2020

    that I don't know you would have to ask the owner
  2. lady s 2

    Newcastle 2020

    i have it on very good authority that if the speedway cant run on a sunday the speedway will not be moving from the venue of brough park but will change race nights and league to premier racing on a monday night .the premiers ship is not the way forward its this or the speedway will close.
  3. lady s 2

    Newcastle 2020

    If it is true Rob grant has taken over at Newcastle it's good news or Newcastle might not have ran this. Year
  4. lady s 2

    Krystian Rempala....r.i.p

    So sad to hear and read about young krystian rempala thoughts go to all of his family and Rest in peace. Krystian .
  5. lady s 2

    Ticket Prices 2016

    At these prices we won't visiting Glasgow £20. Including programme then parking on top of that
  6. Have to agree Leon flint is one great young rider and one I'm proud to have sponsored and will do again omens from a great family .
  7. Good look to my little mates Luke McKenna Kean Dicken. Leon flint. James hitchen Would love to see them all win there. Classes. Stay lads
  8. Well my bets put on with another speedway fan and my Money is on the. Rebels. To win best of luck to. Them
  9. lady s 2

    Melgrens Departure From Rye

    Hope anders gets another team place
  10. You have to feel it for the Berwick fans who once again have been short changed can I ask any Berwick fans when they last saw a full meeting. I was not at Berwick so can't comment on the situation last night .but have a feeling there going to be loosing fans .
  11. lady s 2

    Workington Or Stoke

    Workington. As it the best track going to be one heck of a meeting and you will love it
  12. lady s 2

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    lou sansom ** kenny carter ** terry stone..
  13. lady s 2

    Tommy Roper

    sorry i dont but he has agreat surname same as my own s roper

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