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  1. Sandie

    Stolen Bike...

    Thanks for posting this Shawn. I tried a few names and passwords and eventually got in!!!!! Whoever stole this knew what they were after and it wasn't random. Taken from outside Steve Simmons house, a few doors down from son Nick Simmons. So any info please filter through any of us please. Or any member of the speedway fraternity - it will get back to Nick, Steve or Tony for sure.
  2. This has not been forgotten and if you are in Cardiff - look out for some special T shirts (hopefully)
  3. 47 i think Paulco. 48 on July 9th x So very very sad right now x
  4. Sharron ‘SHAZZYBIRD’ Hubbard It is with a very heavy heart that we inform all on the BSF that the ‘Bird’ has passed away. Shazzy was taken into a hospice earlier this week and sadly passed away today - Sunday 28th June at 1pm. The older forum members will remember Shazzy best for her forthright, often controversial but most definitely passionate posts. She loved her sport and has been a speedway ‘fan’ all her life. ~ She called herself MARMITE – you either loved her or hated her. But no one could ever doubt the passion for which she followed the sport and supported those close to her heart. I first met Shazzy at Cardiff when she stood up from her pub seat, still holding her large glass of something alcoholic and screamed “MUMMYFAIRY” Well, some 8 plus years on, Cardiff is still our thing. Hotels pre-booked early and normally cheaply due to inside information and then the bidding would begin. Our rooms would be full of handpicked family and friends and we have had so many laughs with so many of you over those years we could write a book!! This year will feel so very different. There will be tears and laughter and plenty of comforting hugs. She will be with us in spirit even if she cannot be there in person. I will miss my buddy so very much and I know many of you are the same. Speedway is an amazing sport with a supportive family. Spare a thought for this passionate Brit as the National Anthem is played on Saturday and then have a giggle as you realize she would have been wearing her Greg Hancock shirt with pride. See –that was our Shazzy and we will all miss her so very much. I am sure the forum joins me in offering our condolences to her husband Warren, her three children – Becka, Thomas and McCauley, her parents and her family. And of course all of their extended family and her so very many friends We will miss you so much my friend. RIP SHAZZYBIRD
  5. After the meeting on Monday the buckets were taken to Mick. Alan offered to take the money and bank it to where ever Mick wanted it to go. At this point Mick asked Alan if he would bank it and raise a cheque to Ryan and present it at the meeting on Friday. That was very nice of him to offer that. I wont be there but Alan will be on hand to pass the money over. Which is very very fitting as he has supported the Fish for many many years!!! And as posted previous on this thread - Its approximately £720 but this was a quick count on the terraces so apologies if we missed a pound or two. I'm sure if a young Aussie had spent £1,000's on visa applications that got refused and flights tickets that didn't actually get them into the country - without any hope of refund, then I'm sure the same type of collection could go ahead. And remember its one thing holding a bucket up for people to support. Its another thing to see if they support. Every individual that put into the bucket on friday made their own choice. And I am so pleased they chose Ryan and his family. Thank you all again x
  6. Ryan will make his own thanks in time but I just want to say thank you to all the Coventry and Lakeside fans that donated to his collection tonight. It was probably the easiest £700+ I have ever collected! If it were a case of Ryan simply having to pay for his family to get to Europe then some may say "Do it yourself". But the Fisher family have already paid out £1000's to apply for visa's that they were never going to get as they never had the full information. They paid for flights after Christmas that never got his family into the Country! -None of this will they get back. So, he has lost a great deal of money leading up to today and that is very hard to recoup. The fans spoke very clearly today about supporting The Fishers and the lovely comments made were simply beautiful. The choice was yours donate or don't donate. And I'm very pleased to say - so many of you did. Thank you xxx
  7. Sandie

    Swindon V Coventry 3/4/14

    I was there. (Just for clarity) It rained all the way down the A429 and I considered turning back twice. But as I reached the stadium I was amazed at how different it was from the journey, as predicted in the weather charts. There was a mizzle but nothing to stop the meeting from starting. It was a good enough meeting for me, which was helped by a Bees win. The weather did deteriorate as the evening went on and by heat 10 it was a good steady light rain. The interesting part for me was no remedial track work. I don't remember the tractors coming out once during the meeting, so obviously the teams were not complaining about the track, otherwise they could have delayed things and started messing with the track. The track was most definitely ride-able. The only problem was the visibility which got steadily worse.And that's why the meeting was abandoned. And I don't feel cheated. I went in knowing what could happen.
  8. Sandie

    R.i.p. 'nobby'

    sad news. RIP Nobby, my daughter knows how to paint white lines because of you x
  9. Just got up to date reading the last 10 or so pages and it just makes me so sad to see all this complaining / discussion, call it what you like about the track curator when one of the best sadly passed away today and there are only 8 messages of condolences on that thread. Just trying to get some perspective on all this I guess!!! :-(
  10. Just in case any Billy J fans are out there. The press release below is from Billy Hamill the USA Team Manager . . . . . Team USA Press Release I am pleased to announce Team USA squad for our Speedway World Cup Qualifier in Hungary on May 20, 2013. Ryan Fisher Billy Janniro Gino Manzares Ricky Wells We feel we have assembled a young, talented team that is capable of qualifying and taking Team USA to the next level. The date choice by the FIM made it virtually impossible for Greg Hancock to be there with his GP, Polish and Swedish schedule and all I can say is he tried his absolute hardest. Logistically it could not be done. He is helping out the team in other ways and plans to be back for Kings Lynn, if the boys can get us through Hungary. Ryan and Ricky are much more seasoned and prepared for this event than they were 12 months ago. The experience they gained from last year will be invaluable and we look for them to lead the team. Gino Manzares is in the team as he has shown true commitment and desire to further his career on and off the track. The experience he will gain is much the same as Ryan and Ricky did last year and we are looking towards the future. Billy Janniro is making a one off European comeback and is very enthusiastic and looking forward to this opportunity as I’m sure his European fans are. Janniro always brings a certain amount of team spirit which is a positive and when he is on song, look out! I would like to extend my personal thanks to all our sponsors and Stars and Stripes members who are making it possible for us to compete at the highest level. We are not underestimating the job at hand but we will give it 110% and do all we can to win!! Billy
  11. a subtle but naughty post or am I reading to much into it!!!
  12. Probably not as he said in one report that he didn't have any speedway bikes over in Oz. But he did say he had a pit bike and that he has hurt his heel whilst riding that.
  13. Sandie

    King's Lynn Stars 2013

    £40 of fuel for me and I wont be supporting the team, more like the rider! So the lower the better for entry fee! Wonder if I can pull off OAP rates yet?
  14. This £500 watch to start with. http://www.oakley.com/products/6625/24776
  15. Sandie

    King's Lynn Stars 2013

    Looking forward to seeing you on a semi-regular basis now Bagpuss. Save me a seat!!!

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