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  1. jackofdiamonds

    Newcastle 2020

    Any significance in this? Companies House has a new company called Newcastle Diamonds formed as a limited company in November 2019. The director is Alexander Robert Grant of Ponteland
  2. Some of us are gluttons for punishment.
  3. Still dry at the moment, but the forecast is poor.
  4. Steve seems to sorted himself out, at least at Birmingham last night. Four wins from five rides
  5. Hoping for good things from Thomas.,following his 5 ride paid maximum for King's Lynn on Thursday.
  6. jackofdiamonds

    Newcastle 2019

    Don't panic, we can put it right on Wednesday!!!!
  7. Sunthorpe provided scant opposition to the home side, Ben Barker apart, who almost scored half of this team's total. Newcastle winning 54-36. Josh Auty was mainly anonymous , 5 rides for 6 points. Danny Ayres, however was exciting, though inconsistent. Deserved more than his 5 points Ben Barker scored 17 points, from 7, including 3 wins. A joy to watch, especially his battles with Wethers. Jake Allan sorry to say was awful. Ryan Kinsley. outclassed. Simon Lambert returned to Brough with a point to prove, but still couldn't figure the track out. 5 from 6 from him. The home side took the lead in heat 1. The ever popular Matt Wethers top scored with 15, while Stevie Worrall missed out on a max in heat 15. Most eyes were on Jacob Buckhave, and he impressed with his all action riding. Missing for the Diamonds was Lasse Bjerre, due to illness. Some talk on the terraces regarding changes to the Diamonds side.
  8. After a decent night at Berwick last night, Newcastle look to overturn Berwick's 6 point advantage. Only one change from last night sees Berwick using Paul Starke as a guest for Kevin Doolan, rather than rider replacement,
  9. jackofdiamonds

    Newcastle 2019

    I thoroughly recommend this book, a must for anyone interested in Newcastle speedway. Joe has produced a labour of love, I can only marvel at the work he has put in.
  10. Jedd List looking very fast after the meeting, albeit racing alone. I would try and fit him in if we can.
  11. jackofdiamonds

    1980s junior leagues

    1979 League table 1 King's Lynn 12 9 1 2 124 88 19 2 Rye House 12 6 2 4 111 193 14 3 Leicester 12 6 1 5 112 97 11 4 Mildenhall 12 4 3 5 98 107 11 5 Peterborough 15 5 7 107 108 10 6 Milton Keynes 12 4 2 6 91 119 10 7 Ipswich 12 3 1 8 97 108 7 Home results, sorry no dates P'Borough v Ipswich 10-8, P'Borough v King's Lynn 8-10, P'Borough v Leicester 7-11, P'Borough v Mildenhall 12-6, P'Borough v M Keynes 14-3. P'Borough v Rye H 13-5. As I don't want to clog up the forum, please contact me by e mail kkkcdyer@aol.com for the rest of the results, and further info re .averages etc.
  12. jackofdiamonds

    1980s junior leagues

    When I get a spare couple of hours, I'll let you have what I know.
  13. I'll start this off as the there appears no one else has. First home match for the Diamonds against Redcar who took the spoils on Friday. Siince then Redcar went down heavily at Leicester last night, while Mattie Wethers came 4th in the Bordernapolis. Stevie Worrall looks as though he had a nightmare at Belle Vue in the Peter Craven Trophy, scoring just one point Newcastle Worrall, Lambert, Bjerre, Wethers (or Wethers, Bjerre) Jorgensen, Phillips, Clegg Redcar Palm Toft, Bacon, Barker, Stewart, Wtight, Greaves, Smith. First leg :~ Redcar 51 Newcastle 39.
  14. jackofdiamonds

    Newcastle 2019

    Jorgensen rode with no.3. No one else had numbers.
  15. jackofdiamonds

    Newcastle 2019

    Impressed with Max Clegg at the practice today. Jorgensen was very fast as well. Decent turnout to watch.

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